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Back in February my fiancé and I visited Hotel du Vin, met with their wedding planner, and were pretty set on getting married there. As we are planning a summer wedding, we wanted to see the hotel and grounds in the summer before we made our final decision.

My fiancé is from Kent, but we both live in Chicago now. While we were visiting family/friends we decided to spend a night at Hotel Du Vin so we could finally see it in summer. Unfortunately, my grandfather broke his hip, arm, and several ribs and was rushed to hospital so we had to cancel our stay in order to fly back to Chicago early to care for him.

Hotel Du Vin has a policy that cancellations need to be made 24 hours prior to arrival, however I thought that if I informed them of our family emergency, they might understand. I would have had no way to cancel within the 24 hour period as my grandfather had not been taken to hospital yet, so I did think this was an extenuating circumstance worthy of an exception. Oh was I wrong!

Not only was the employee who I spoke to on the phone incredibly rude and aggressive, it turned out (based on the manager’s response to my fiance) that she lied to us about her name!! She apparently also made up some weird story about how we called within the 24 hour period to cancel and then chose not to… I don't see how I could have called 24 hours before my grandfather actually got sick... I cannot see the future so that is just a bold faced lie and honestly I don’t understand the point of her making that up.

I politely explained the situation with my grandfather and was told, very rudely, that “it was not her problem”. Some empathy would have been nice. 

To make matters worse the manager went on and on basically called my fiancé a liar when he wrote about our experience. I have never been treated that way by staff before.

If I was told nicely that they understood the situation and unfortunately were unable to refund any of our night’s stay that would be one thing. But the fact that I was subject to such crude behavior from the front desk employee and then the manager assassinating my/my fiance’s character is just unacceptable.

Perhaps if the manager would have done his due diligence and known what was going on he could have responded with something helpful instead of making assumptions/accusations that only made our opinion of him and the hotel that much worse.

Also its worth noting that they have deleted my reviews and my fiance's from several review sites. Arent we entitled to share our experience?

1 by Review source

The hotel staff are rude. It's as simple as that. In all my years of staying at nicer hotels, I have never been treated in such a poor manner as the customer service representative (Lisa) treated us. With their outrageous cancellation policy, it seems that any request to cancel is taken personally as if it's an attack on the customer service rep.

I will honestly say that the hotel looks nice, but when you come to stay at a relaxing place, you expect to be treated as a human. Here you are not. Aside from most people looking down their noses at you, you then have to deal with the chip on many staff members shoulders. We were denied speaking with a manager, and frankly that doesn't sit well. However I would assume if we were allowed to even speak with a manager, we would have been given the same treatment.

The laughable part is that we had planned to look at this place for an international wedding and now I cannot wait to take my business elsewhere. Literally we were going to group book the hotel and venue. I feel sick in the fact we had come so close to spending the most memorable day of our life with such terrible people such as the staff from Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells.

When I lived in Tunbridge Wells, I spent many a time drinking and eating at the restaurant. When I moved away (Internationally) and decided on a wedding venue, this was top of my list. So I'm not just upset at the poor customer service, but I'm upset at the fact that all my memories in this place have now been replaced with the terrible service I received and unfortunately no future memories will be had there.

To sum it up. If you want to stay somewhere where the staff members think they are vastly above you and if any error occurs, then be prepared to take the brunt of it. I personally much prefer a relaxing environment where I can enjoy my holiday, not feel like every step I take is not good enough for the team at Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells.

1 by Phillip Shilling Review source

We booked a room for a weekend asking for a quiet room and were unhappy to have been located in a room facing the road. The management swiftly offered a wonderful room at a wee higher price facing the lawn; however there was a festival in the park with live music until late on top of a daytime private party in the hotel itself. We decided not to stay the night as we were after a rekaxing weekend and went back home. Due to the obvious deep disappointment, I would normally rate low or very low, but the management contacted on our behalf Expedia and managed to get us fully reimbursed (which with Expedia is near to impossible). The hotel has missed out on our money and us on the weekend - so did not work on both parties, but another hotel would have probably kept the money and said we were being difficult or something.... I was very impressed by the honesty, fast intervention and understanding of this hotel manager and would give a go at this hotel again in the future given there are no summer parties nearby! Thank you Hotel Du Vin!

5 by Juliet Z. Review source

Unfortunately the manager thought that he knew what we wanted/should be having and did not listen to our requests.
He did not ask the sommelier to help us find the special wine we were looking for but rather had a poor attempt himself to suggest wines which he incorrectly presented and had to own up after I said that he must have the wines the wrong way round.
He made us feel as if he was doing us a favour serving us and the rest of the waiters was according to him still in training.
The meat was cold and the worst peppercorn source ever. Even after asking the manager if it could be changed to be more creamy with peppercorns he brought out a red wine sauce. When we stepped into the cab home the taxi driver confirmed or feedback from other passengers. At work the next day a friend said that they had a wedding reception there and also had a problem with the italian manager.
Please Hotel du Vin sort out the manager, do not let one person let down your reputation.

2 by Review source

I have been to Hotel du Vin in Tunbridge Wells several times for occasions ranging from business meetings to celebrating my daughter's A level results. We have always been made to feel very special. It's a great setting for a business meeting, coffee or lunch: quiet and smart. When we have had family celebrations there we have all had positive experiences, from children through to grandparents. I also had a fabulous evening celebrating at a Christmas party - great food (hard to do well for large numbers), lovely room and dancing until late. But my absolute favourite event was the Master Sommelier wine dinner: exquisite wines and amazing food. The bistro menu gives you a reliable range of dishes to choose from, but if you want to know what the chef can really do, go along to one of their special events.

5 by siobhan stirling Review source

I took my husband here for his birthday. We have the Sunday 4 courses for £26.95. Starter was cream if cabbage soup but because I can't eat cream they gave us both the tomato soup. For 2nd course you have a choice of smoked salmon, mussels, prawns, crab, stuffed vegetarian mushroom, dried meats and salad. For 3rd course we both had the roast 1/2 chicken with stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cheesy cauliflower. We had to have a break before dessert and had a cup of tea as we were so stuffed. For dessert my husband had profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce and I had the Apple tart. It was all amazing. Make sure you give your self at least a couple of hours to eat everything. We were there for 2.5 hours. The whole hotel is very beautiful and worth a walk around.

5 by Ruth Richardson-Child Review source

We spent our wedding night here, the entrance hall was amazing and walking up those grand stairs made it feel so special in my wedding dress! The only thing I would add that should have been done better was I arrived in a different dress holding my wedding dress. My 2 friends had booked in minutes before me (which I didn’t know at that moment) and they gave my friends the bridal suite.. and not the bride. My parents had made it known when booking who we were and it obviously wasn’t checked on the system. We had a small room which yes was lovely, but when we realised what had happened the next morning seeing the much larger/ nicer room we felt very disappointed.

4 by Naomi Dartnell Review source

£56. After noon tea for two, the best part was the G&T and champs for herself, the pot of tea was ok too.
There it went down hill NO little sandwiches at all, the savouries were jaded and didn't seem that fresh not very tasty either but the scones were very nice although no Lescure butter (as advertised) followed by Sweet Treats which were very disappointing to say the least, certainly would not do that again.

2 by Oliver S. Dechano Review source

A very nice hotel with a great polite and friendly team. I stayed here on the night of our wedding and again for our first year anniversary. It’s always lovely to go back their and stay. Breakfast was excellent all cooked fresh as-well. We had one issue on one of our stays that was put right by James the hotel manager. I am already planning our next visit and always look forward to staying their again.

5 by Aston Coleman Review source

A stunning hotel. The staff were friendly, especially David who went out of his way to take time to recommend local restaurants. Breakfast was well stocked with plenty of options. The room was well presented and the bed comfy. The double bed was an actual double bed rather than 2 singles joined together which most hotels seem to do now for some reason. All in all it was a delightful stay

5 by Jonny Stewart Review source

Went there for a meal recently and were honestly a little disappointed. We got married here 8 years ago and loved every minute. But the food this time around was only okay. The game pudding I had was nice enough, but it turns out came with nothing. I would have expected the waiting staff to point this out and suggest some vegetables it salad. They didn't. I think you can do better!

3 by David Marshall Review source

Lovely setting, extremely posh (though that's just a matter of opinion) and just a brilliant historical building. As the name states the wine selection was top notch - only thing that kept me from a 5 star rating was that I'm a beer drinker and I thought the selection on that front was a bit generic. Would love to see something a bit more crafty, being in Kent.

4 by Jez Kay Review source

What was probably once a beautiful hotel is now worn and tired and in desperate need of a refurb. I stay in the upgraded rooms but they still feel very dated and a bit grim. Service, though friendly, can be quite confused and unpredictable. For the prices involved this doesn’t feel like a good value hotel at all. The grounds are lovely in the summer.

2 by Laura Turvey Review source

My extended family celebrated a very special 80th birthday party at Hotel du Vin and enjoyed a fabulous meal at the bistro. The staff were fantastic and went out of their way to make it a memorable experience. The setting and ambiance was outstanding and I will treasure the memory of our visit. A big thank you to everyone involved.


5 by Review source

DOG FRIENDLY!!! Lovely welcome and stay at Hotel du Vin, Tunbridge Wells. Great Sunday night value. Lovely dinner and great cocktails. The room was spacious enough for us and our pooch. Dog bed & water bowl provided, Nespresso coffee machine, Bonne Naman biscuits, REN bath products. Coming back again soon.

5 by Tanya Edwards Review source

Awful. Waited over 1.5 hours for our food. Had to send back our cocktails they tasted so bad! Service was awful the staff were unable to understand us and still insisted there was nothing wrong with the service. Food came out burnt, and different to what was ordered! Bad birthday choice!

1 by Review source

Exquisite food accompanied by wine with subtle tanginess, and cheeseboards that delight, the starter at the Hotel is great. Followed by a beautiful meal, and the finest service, going to bed. In bed, the quilts and linens are sublime. The Hotel du Vin is a true slice of la dolce vita.

5 by OK Drone Review source

Very much the best restaurant in the Tonbridge / Tunbridge Wells area. Nice garden too if you wish to wander outside during the day time. Nice dishes in the French style. The Hotel du Vin is considered the leading hotel in this area. Parking is tight. Really tight.

4 by Alfred Li Review source

Beautiful hotel, very comfortable beds and lovely rooms and bathrooms. Very clean. What let's this place down is the service. Not to the standard it should be. They should get French waiters who would know how to treat customers. The food is very good too.

3 by S FK Review source

Absolutely lovely rooms, with all the essentials plus a very hot shower and an espresso machine in the room. The food in the bistro is fantastic, and the staff are very attentive, one of the bar staff in particular is brilliant, highly recommend a stay here.

5 by Mitch C Review source

Old hotel with character. Good breakfast. Dîner also recommended. Nice view over the nearby park. Around the corner at station. In about 45 minutes you are in the heart of London. Tonbridge Wells itself is also worth a half day visit.

4 by Review source

Nice restaurant servicing relatively good food. Service was a little slow/ not reactive but extremely friendly. Lovely garden area to sit in if the weather holds.

Parking can be an issue unless you reserve parking spot!

4 by Omer Moghraby Review source

Beautiful location. We were in a private dining area but unfortunately out food took quite a while to arrive and the side vegetables were late. A number of our party were ill the following day. Normally this venue is excellent.

3 by john hitchcock Review source

Great rooms, pleasant friendly staff. Breakfast good but evening meals leave a lot to be desired. Tamla motown music playing during evening meal seamed a little out of place and did not set their scene for a quiet relaxed evening.

3 by David Roy bowden Review source

Had afternoon tea here for a baby shower on a Sunday. It was nice, food was lovely but it took a while to come out and we were pretty much left to ourselves (not always a bad thing!). Would go again for a special occasion.

4 by Siobhan Hards Review source

Superior room was ok, it had nice period decor but it was quite noise. Room service however was poor, food virtually cold and one steak wasn't covered either. Not what I'd expect from a hotel of this quality.

2 by Phil Stavri Review source

Good location to town, good service, room (standard room) was very much on the small side however nice enough and overlooking the gardens was a bonus. Appreciated the later than normal check out time of 11am as standard

4 by Daniel Owen Review source

This venue used to be just Faulty Towers... service and food is just appalling... Restaurant furniture and decor needs updating. All very sad for Tunbridge Wells.
Best renamed Hotel Faulty Towers.

1 by Geoffrey Owens Review source

Absolutely 1st class, the staff are all friendly and welcoming and extremely professional, clean and tidy with staff around, should you need some help, this is a definite place to stay and well worth a visit.

5 by Simon Mccrodden Review source

Popped in to ask about venues for a party, although very nice and staff were helpful the rooms were not big enough for our needs, but as a venue it looks lovely and would be ideal for the more cost gathering

3 by christopher horn Review source

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