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The Rolls Royce of Plumbers

The second time in three months I’ve used Pimlico Plumbers, the first time was for an electrical emergency and this week for a major plumbing one. On both occasions the service was outstanding.

For me the gold standard for customer service is John Lewis and Pimlico Plumbers exceeds this – professional, calm and reassuring, a can and will do attitude, neat, tidy, quick access to the necessary parts and best of all they fix the problem, and tidy up properly afterwards. Let’s be honest many of us use PP when it’s an emergency and we are panicked and anxious. On both occasions I felt immediately reassured that I was in good hands, and the problem was going to be fixed, important when water is dripping into the flat below me.

This time, Brendan, the engineer, immediately identified the problem of a leaking water tank and associated pipework. He gave me an estimate for the work, I agreed it. It needed two engineers so Bradley arrived shortly thereafter and both stayed to get the job done - taking out and replacing the old tank and old pipework from a very tricky and difficult to access cupboard in the bath room - from 7.30am to 7.30pm with only half an hour lunch break. How much did I like Brendan and Bradley? Both left with a substantial tip with the job done. It’s not cheap but worth every penny. If my regular plumber had been available I know it would have taken him at least three to four days to sort this out.

5 by Maria Pedro Review source

After ascertaining that my old Servowarm boiler was no longer safe to keep running, Neil Pearce set the ball rolling, asked Lloyd to come and join him, and placed an order for a new Vaillant heating system which arrived very quickly. The two young men worked very efficiently and almost without a break, getting rid of my old boiler as well as the huge water tank in my airing cupboard plus header tank. The flat looked in complete chaos, with all the pipes and hoses etc , neighbours thinking it would take a week to finish the job. In fact it took two days, by which time the whole heating system was working beautifully and everything was tidied up. They took all the discarded stuff away. The two men were reassuring and pleasant to have around and I felt complete confidence leaving the flat in their hands whilst I went out. Neil was always prepared to go the extra mile o help me. I hope, should need a plumber in the future, he would be able to come to my aid. A job well done.
invoice no.NP1000815

Now he has replaced my complete shower and bathwater system, and it is working beautifully. He worked hard to get everything done, including replacing corroded pipes in a tight space underneath the bath, all in one day. Again I felt confident in leaving the flat in his hands while I went out.
invoice no.NP- 014639

5 by Review source

I have recently had two separate occasions where I have required the services of a Plumber. Initially this was due to a faulty gas boiler preventing my central heating from functioning, and most recently a problem with blocked drains failing to carry waste water away from kitchen and bathroom.

In both instances, Pimlico Plumbers staff were helpful and efficient (both telephone contact staff and the field staff actually attending my home).

The engineering staff arrived on time and proceeded with the work required without delay until the job was complete, and within the time stated, leaving the work area clean and tidy.

The staff-member concerned was able to produce an invoice on completion for the sum quoted, and was both willing and able to accept payment by debit/credit card without any issue arising.

On the basis of my experience to date, I would have no hesitation in using this company for any future work at my home. I would also feel quite happy to recommend their services to other people.

[**** Four stars is effectively top marks ]

4 by Review source

They tried to charge me a total of £2,780 to unblock a kitchen drain! I called and asked for a drainage specialist and knew that the drain needed jetting (as it had been blocking regularly) I asked if they would be able to jet the drain before they arrived and was reassured that they could do all in a single visit.

They never turned up that evening as was planned. The following day a man visited who said he could not jet on his own and instead charged us for two hours time to partially clear the drain. He said we would still need to get it jetted. £360.

Sink blocked again and again I called asking for my drain to be cleared with a jet. Exactly the same thing happened and I paid £180 for someone to partially clear the drain. He then after much haggling with my wife and i offered that two could come the next day and jet the drain at £2,200! But he was willing to discount to £1,900. It was clear that he was exaggerating what needed to be done.

Today my drain was completely cleared with a jet in 1 hour for £190.

Never again.

1 by Tarek Nseir Review source

Desperate to find an honest plumber and carpenter . Google the nearest plumber find pimlico plumber . Wow very friendly voice answer the phone and send me a plumber within an hour. Name John keays very friendly very professional honest and tell you what need doing and ask your opinion if you agree to the
work that needs doing inform you. He will get all the material he is going to need with discount . Very honest and inform you in advance if he discover any complication will suggest solutions and ask you what you think.
Women that been treated like we do not know anything this is the man that will guide and treat you right.
The finishing work, very high in standard clean the mess and collect all the rubbish.
The fee is expensive but the work is first class. Sure Pimlico plumber is now listed in my emergency book. Just ask for John Keay . Thank you Thank you
Pimlico plumber especially john

Terry Ilano RGN
Flat 4
Maresfield Garden

5 by terry ilano Review source

Called an electrician out from the company, in my view very inexperienced, took a stab at a fault, said part could only come from Germany at nearly £300. Weeks later part fitted by another one of their electricians and still no lighting circuit. Two more electricians then come from Pimlico and after another £300 or so all they want is more money to trace fault. I call a halt to the nonsense as I had told them where I expected the fault to be and they still not looking at that part.
Spent three months trying to get problem sorted, finally in desperation call in an independant electrician on a Sunday, fault found and fixed within 1 hour at a £200 cost, this is after spending close to £1,000 with Pimlico. Yes, you can guess the next bit, lots of phoning, emailing sending in report from other electrician and being totally ignored. Just in the process of starting court action now to recover my money from them.
Im in the trade and I would stay well clear of using this company.

1 by Review source

They had a Romanian guy who came to my flat to replace boiler thermostat. Their office told me this is a straight forward job should only took no more than 1hr they also gave me a quote on the part which I thought was reasonable. Got the same quote from another plumber but decided to go with Pimlico Plumbers for its good review. However when this Romania guy turned up in my place with the part (thermostat) he quoted me almost the double the office quoted me for the part. I was suspicious and asked him for a receipt for the part which greatly annoyed him. He said they don’t provide receipts for the part. I let it go thinking let’s just have the job done. But, this guy became vengeance, he deliberately slowed down emptying the boiler. Took almost 1hr just to empty out my boiler! Then another 1.5hrs to replace the thermastat. It was almost £300 for the job just to replace a thermostat!! Crooks no ethics. Avoid!!!

1 by Review source

BEWARE OF THESE REVIEWS. Some sound like an ad campaign! 4.4 stars with 2,200 reviews for any organisation is hard to believe, not least a plumbing service with a 9-5 hourly rate of £95! What do these people do – fit a new bathroom? Cook you breakfast? I suspect some of these reviews for Pimlico Plumbers are written by … Pimlico Plumbers. Our toilet had a constant stream of water flowing into the bowl. We were charged £280 to fix the inlet, which did not fix the problem, constant stream of water still going, they asked for a further £460 for replacing the siphon and push button. In total, £760... After this, another plumber informed us this was a common problem and we’d been had. I find it highly unlikely this is the exception. Anyway, I am sure this review will be drowned out in a sea of miraculous reviews: “thanks for the 5-star service Pimlico, you guys made all my dreams come true”.

1 by William Weston Review source

Excellent service all round. The initial contact phone call was promptly answered and the appointment was set up easily and quickly. The workman arrived on time, assessed the situation and offered a solution - always including costs and potential time involved. Once the job was completed satisfactorily I was also advised as to what else could be done to stop such problems in the future - again including potential costs.

On this occasion it was a plumbing problem involving my water tank, but I have also used Pimlico plumbers for other plumbing and electrical problems - on every occasion the standard of service has been fantastic.

I would highly recommend the service to any one. The staff care and are always calm in your crisis. I also have to say that the follow up from the rest of the team is great. They keep in touch and make sure your job goes well.

5 by Review source

They replaced our boiler for a set cost which was sky-high, but I agreed to it because I have no knowledge of plumbing and I had already booked them so did not want to pay the cancellation fee. The boiler cost about £1000, and the installation service £2000! I think the job was well done, and they did stay at the site for about 10-11 hours, without charging extra for the time, which was good. They also 'offered' to flush the radiators for £1200, which is more than double the price others offer for the same job. The plumbers were polite to me but very noisy throughout the day- for some reason using extra high-pitched voices at random times... I think we would only use Pimlico in an emergency as they are very quick to come, but otherwise the prices are too much. Not taking the price into account, the new boiler seems to have been installed and working fine.

3 by Review source

I’ve had too many times in London of paying for shoddy work, waiting in for people who don’t turn up, and more. I decided to try Pimlico Plumbers (not just plumbing) and haven’t looked back - my experience (3 visits so far, covering a range of jobs) is excellent. The very nice and professional engineers are on time or early, or they keep in touch with you explaining fully what’s going on (in Central London, traffic is not always predictable); the only delay I’ve experienced was brief and wholly understandable. They turn up prepared, they know good local places where they can get the materials needed - and they get it quickly. The work is completed to a superior standard and then they go through the invoice with you and you can pay at once - all sorted! I recommend Pimlico Plumbers and I only wish I had found them sooner!

5 by My Scheutz-Spence Review source

On the morning of 11 April 2018 I had an awful experience with another plumbing company: they came to my house to fix a minor issue, completely hammed up the problem and made a drama out of it, quoted an extortionate price and then when I didn't agree to it they capped my gas. Following this I called Pimlico, who sent someone round within 90 minutes and fixed both the original issue and re-connected my gas supply with the minimum off fuss (Invoice number BL-01959). While the issue was simple enough, what I really appreciated was the extremely professional manner of their call centre employee and the engineer who visited my house - they were both thoroughly calm, knowledgable and provided a lot of reassurance. If you need something done quickly and competently, I wouldn't hesitate to call Pimlico. Rohit Grover

5 by Review source

Invoice JB-007425, 26/2/18. Cold streak in London started and heat decided to start working non-stop without control. Called Pimlico from work on Monday morning and they were available within the hour, so fast that I had to reschedule to later in the day so I could get back home! John showed up on time, was friendly and explained the possible problems. Once we got to the outside cabinet with the heater he found the problem, but then also found that a secondary safety valve for the water tank - to keep it from possibly exploding - was not installed correctly. I needed information to pass along to my landlord and John was able to email me details which I forwarded on. John and Pimlico will be back later this week to sort out - safely and correctly - the plumbing issue. I cannot recommend Pimlico enough. Thank you!

5 by Daniel B. Brunk Review source

Outrageously expensive beware! Avoid because they intentionally run up the bill. The bill for a day's work was £2500, and materials were only £82.50! The rest was labour, which was unbelievable. The guy dragged his feet all day, had to call in a second plumber to finish the job. They disappeared for a long time to get parts and lord knows why they had to go together.

If you scroll down to read the bad reviews, you'll see that they have a method to call in a second person, making the bill much more expensive. Also, you'll notice that people are offered a financial incentive to write a good review, skewing the actual results on this page.

Pimlico has responded saying that I requested funds to take down this review, which is pure lies and slander. Avoid or you will be fleeced.

1 by Review source

We were very disappointed with the work done on this occasion, the length of time it took and the cost (£696), all the moreso because the problem was not resolved. The issue was that our shower/hot water pump wouldn't activate when the hot taps were turned on. The plumber speculated that this was because the pipework had been incorrectly configured and needed to have manual bleeds installed. We pointed out that it was Pimlico who originally installed the pipes! Anyway we reluctantly agreed to the work being done, as recommended, only to be told 5 hours later that it hadn't solved the problem and that we probably needed a new cylinder, costing a further £1,500, to which we said, 'No thank you'. We have since had the pump fixed by a different company without the need for a new cylinder.

1 by Review source

I will never be using their services again. I spent over £2000 on a sewage issue; the blockage itself was fixed in a little over an hour but I agreed to go to considerable extra expense for two guys to spend a full day clearing out the grit/limescale build up in the pipe, on the understanding that this would protect against future problems for the next five years. Two months later, the same issue reappears and I'm told that Pimlico will not even come out to look at the issue free of charge, and that they do not guarantee their work - in other words, that I have paid £2000 for nothing. Instead I was offered a 10% discount on their call out rate, which is laughable compared against their fees. It is outrageous that you can spend £2000 on a job and get this level of after-care service.

1 by Review source

My first contact with Pimlico Plumbers was at 19:20 on a Monday to ask for help with a leak from a boiler. An engineer attended within the hour and by 17:20 the next day a new boiler was installed.

The engineers were erudite and polite and inspired confidence.

The response time to answering the telephone was excellent.

The price of the installation was cheaper than I had expected.

Pimlico Plumbers is a company of which to be aware and my experience is that their claim of a twenty-four hour service is genuine. Knowing that they exist gives peace of mind that if another problem occurs, there is at least one company who will answer the phone quickly and attend promptly

5 by Review source

I have never had to call out a plumber before but found i had no water going to my cold water tank in my loft. I googled local plumbers and got Pimlico Plumbers details. I had heard of the company having seen the owner on TV and seen their smart vans about. My phone call was very professionally handled and a price given for the first hour. Their plumber arrived within an hour dressed in company uniform and was very polite and explained what needed to be done. Jason proceeded to fix the fault with new parts and then explained the total cost. The work was carried out by Jason in a very professional manner and i would not hesitate to recommend Pimlico for future work. Thank you for a very professional service

5 by JEFF DIXON Review source

Your plumber has switched off our water since 2 PM today without asking our permission and has also broken our stop cork. No one asked for our permission before cutting off water from our property and we have been without water for more than 9 hours. When we called to complain at your 24/7 number, someone advised us that there is nothing the company or he can do to help (even though they have switched off water from our property without asking us and in process broken our stop cork!). I also left a message on Facebook and Twitter and with half an hour our message was deleted but no one got back to us. I am very sorry to say that is very shoddy, unprofessional and irresponsible conduct by the company.

1 by Sameera Singh Review source

The work to be done was the replacement of a lavatory pan with associated work on piping. My enquiry was rapidly and efficiently dealt with and I was able to select a time suitable to me. The plumber - Michael Painter -did an excellent job, consulting me on options and detailing exactly the work he would do. I felt that my wishes were fully respected. The result was very pleasing.
I know that I could probably get a jobbing plumber in to do the work at a lower price, but I would not feel secure about the quality of the advice and work I would receive and the guarantee of any comeback if problems arose.
I would certainly recommend Pimlico Plumbers.

5 by Review source

The quality of the job was very good, but they were not diligent with the cost. I called for two engineers as one of the jobs involved heavy furniture. They both stayed 6 hours even after that big job finished. Both of them went to buy supplies together and both of them put silicone on the sink, etc. One engineer recommended to replace the wardrobe, I got a call next day from the office to ask if I will change my wardrobe. When I said no and started discussing about cost, phone was cut and nobody called me back since I am not replacing my wardrobe. In summary, very good quality work, but you have to be careful to make sure that they charge the fair amount.

2 by Review source

RIPPED OFF! £933 for minimal work, no result and no explanation of cost.

My electric shower wasn't running hot in the morning. The plumber came and replaced the stopcock, non-return valve and shower. This made no difference, and I later found he'd fit a shower 1kW less than the original!

Despite asking twice, Pimlico didn't explain the breakdown of the material cost (£213) for a Triton 80Z which is £87.52 on Plumbworld, stopcock and non-return valve (minimal cost). And I paid for his time to go to the shops twice to pick the bits up (easily 2hrs).

I feel really taken advantage of.

1 by Review source

I have been using Pimlico Plumbers for many years - they're certainly not cheap but they are extremely reliable, polite and the work seems to be of a high standard (even though I always seem to need to spend 1000 GBP on my boiler). The issue I have is that I have now had 2 landlord gas safety certificates done by them , but despite promises and multiple calls, have never received either of them: as a landlord I need them for any tenancy. The website tells me not to pay unless you're satisfied - stupidly I did both times. I would suggest you don't until they fufil their end of the contract and don't fob you off!

2 by Al Edgington Review source

The service I received was excellent - they arranged to come at very short notice between a specific 3 hour window due to us having been out of the country. The heating engineer was great, diagnosing and resolving the issue quickly, before making all arrangements for a return visit with the required part himself, 2 working days later.
My only criticism would be that it wasn’t immediately obvious on your website that call-out/labour prices didn’t include VAT so whilst it initially appeared your prices were considerably more competitive than British Gas (for example) it turned out to be more expensive than I was expecting.

4 by Review source

I had my underfloor heating go out just before Xmas. I called Pimlico Plumbers and they had someone there within hours. The plumber came and spent nearly 2 hours trying to solve the issue and finally said he couldn't find the problem but likely a valve would have to be replaced (then entire system is less than 3 years old). The charge was just under £500. A friend recommended a plumber to assist with the follow up, he arrived yesterday, within 5 minutes saw a valve had been switched off and charged £20. I question the professionalism with such a glaring discrepancy of time/effort/expertise and at such a huge cost.

1 by Review source

I have used Pimlico plumbers several times and have never been disappointed by the quality of work or service that they have provided,
Just yesterday I needed someone to fix a hidden leak and the plumber managed the job efficiently and was never without a smile even though it involved removing floorboards and moving a toilet and coping with a lack of water as Thames Water had turned off the supply to the street.
. Along the way he fixed a few other small problems and gave me advice on other potential issues.
Pimlico plumbers are not the cheapest firm in town but you definitely get what you pay for.

5 by Review source

Very easy to deal with, Sam on the phone was highly professional and as I explained the issue she was very reassuring that Pimlico Plumbers could resolve. Paul Smith the plumber set the bar very high, on time (which helps) knowledgeable, good advice about the best way to fix the issue, didn't make me feel stupid for asking basic questions and no pushy sales to increase the cost. Can't rate Paul and the team highly enough. The price is slightly higher than most (I've been quoted higher than Pimlico) but you truly get good service and quality workmanship. Will be using again in the future.

5 by Raj Taylor Review source

We had a water pooling problem on part of our flat room which was causing the water to leak into our conservatory below.
Richard Russell came around and after assessing the problem recommended just repairing the problem area without having to rip out the whole roof which is in very good condition still.
Richard is a lovely, calm and a pleasant guy, who explained fully what the problem was, and how he was going to tackle it. We now have to wait and see if the repair work he did will withstand heavy rains.
We will definitely be using Pimlico if the need arises.
Invoice No: RR 908106

5 by Vimla Westwood Review source

Plumber rang to say he could fit me in earlier than arranged, which was great. He gave me two options to deal with leak/overflow from external overflow pipe ;and suggested replacing worn parts in lavatory cistern. I told him to do what he thought best. He worked for ages and am sure has done an excellent job - he was very courteous, nice and efficient. Of course the PP final bill always comes as a bit of a shock (although they are careful to tell you what you may be in for at the beginning) but, as in all things, you get what you pay for and the service is fast, efficient, reliable and excellent.

5 by Anne de Courcy Review source

I contacted Pimlico on Wednesday to arranage for work on Friday 13 April between 15:00 to 18:00. The contact centre was excellent, helpful, concise and informative.

James (the plumber) arrived at the specified time on the Friday. We had already had to rearranage the timings as we had been stuck in traffic, the contact centre helpfully rearranged for us.

James did an excellent and high quality job, and spotted a number of other issues in the house which he was either able to resolve or provide us with advice on further work.

Would use again.

Jack Goodwin.

5 by Review source

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