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I have been frequenting this visitor centre for the last 20 years as a visitor and now a resident of the forest, I have always found the staff and volunteers extremely helpful and friendly although after the actions of one disgraceful member of staff I will not be returning. The centre is supposedly welcoming for families although one member of my party ( a four year old boy) accidentally dropped a small plastic toy from the upstairs gallery. This was a silly unpredictable action from a small boy whom was instantly reprimanded and understood he had made a silly mistake, however the lady in charge found it necessary to vindicate the small boy insisting he had 'thrown it at a baby' this was completely untrue however she continued to harrass the poor boy whom was extremely apologetic along with his mother and father until they were all tearful and felt they had no choice but to leave the facility. It only made me realise how awful it would be if say we had happened to be with a child or adult with special needs as this disgusting woman would have made it completely impossible to enjoy the facilities on offer.

1 by Caleb Thorne Review source

A pleasant way to lose a few hours of the day finding out a little (or a lot) about the New Forest, from its ancient beginnings, to modern day ways.

Fun fact finding trails for the younger members of your group to do; displays of local (?) art in the gallery; find out who was the real Alice in Wonderland and her connection with Lyndhurst; the role the area played in both World Wars, and lots more.

A welcome recent addition in the space previously occupied by the Visitor Information Centre (crazy why it was shut by the council), is the Tip, Leaf & Bean Café. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the other tea rooms/coffee shops (ie Costa etc) in the high street, then perhaps purchase a souvenir in the gift shop.

The museum is run by a trust, most (if not all) of the visitor facing staff are volunteers, and entry is free. That's right, I said FREE! As such, consider making a contribution to the running/upkeep of this little treasure in one of the voluntary donation boxes before you leave.

4 by Michael Mintram Review source

We stayed in a hotel in Lyndhurst on a recent coach trip and visited the Lyndhurst Visitors Centre, which is a real must for all visitors to the New Forest. The centre has lots of information like a tourist information centre and gifts to buy but it also houses a very informative exhibition of the history of the New Forest which is very educational for school children too with lots of hands on items. There is an extensive reference library also. Whilst in the town it is worth going to the church yard to see the grave of 'Alice' a lady who Lewis Carroll based his character of Alice in Wonderland on. A delightful part of the country!

Visited October 2012

5 by Roella Trudgill Review source

Lovely information centre in a prime location adjacent to the large, but chargeable car park.

There is a tourist information centre, a gift shop that has lots of lovely gifts & informative books to purchase, a local crafts exhibition, plus a free museum to gain so much knowledge from about this very historic area of the New Forest & surrounding areas, the staff could be happier, but overall a wonderful experience!

4 by TRACEY ARMSTRONG Review source

This centre really is worth visiting. The displays are informative and interesting, giving a great overview of the New Forest. There's a huge amount of information here, much about farming practices and management of the National Park, so possibly not of interest to everyone. The short film is worth a watch though - we learned how many people are still managing the animals and the land today.

5 by Midas Gordon-Farleigh Review source

Great place to learn about the history and wildlife of the new forest and local area whether you are on holiday or local. I went there with my 7 year old daughter and we both found it very interesting and informative. There is lots to see and do especially for the children. Friendly staff, nice little shop and good for parking as next to Lyndhurst's main car park

5 by gerbuk Review source

Situated by the main car park just off the high street, the New Forest Centre has a well stocked shop full of souvenirs to buy and take home as gifts. The staff are helpful too. There is a bike rack round the side near toilets. The Centre is just a couple of minutes from the main shopping street and a few minutes more from the open countryside.

4 by tom taylor Review source

It is truly a child friendly, charming little museum. Children's toys include toys, books, costumes, puppets. We can get acquainted with the New Forest fauna and the lives of people living there. Alice's mirror, the inspiration for the tale in Alice's Wonderland, is not a plus. It's definitely worth to visit when we go.

5 by Andrea Tamás Review source

Nice place to spend a few hours. Get there early if you want to enjoy it being quiet as you will get families and group's later in the day.
The longest walk took about an hour or so. Spotted a few dear which was nice. Worth utilising the BBQ area if the weather is Clement.

4 by Mark Cadier Review source

Donation suggested but otherwise free. Quite low key but nice for a stroll round. Most thought provoking is the story of King William Rufus getting accidentally shot with an arrow in the forest while hunting. Oops! I can't imagine the culprit was let off with a telling-off

3 by Jan Be Review source

Loved this little museum. Visited with family including toddler. Just enough to look at and to interact with. Good parking. Toilets. Cafe. Nothing massively in depth so good for children. If your an adult you may be left wanting more knowledge but it's a start.

4 by Review source

It's a nice visitor centre. Museum provides introduction to the history of the area. At gallery worth a visit. Staff are pleasant but weren't able to provide information on some sites we asked about that related to the content in the museum.

3 by Colette Wilson Review source

Great place for a visit and to discover more about the New Forest, check out the website for seasonal special activities for kids of all ages.
Also, now the information centre has gone there's a great cafe inside the museum building too.

5 by Alan Meade Review source

A nice little museum offering information about the forest and there are interactive displays to educate the children. Staff were polite and helpful. Excellent cafe within that offers a range of gluten free cakes as well as the normal bits.

4 by J R Bray Review source

Incredible place. Very friendly staff, superb museum (free) with lots for the kids to do. Lovely shop with gift ideas and reasonably priced. With the bonus of a great cafe. Please leave a donation this great little place is charity run.

5 by Review source

Good location, just by the town car park. when we visited there was an excellent museum showing the history of the New Forest and explaining the local crafts and activities. There seemed to be plenty of activities for children to do.

4 by Mark Hawes Review source

Situated perfectly in the town this visitor centre offers a great source of information for the area.

Also close by is one of the best cafes around with an incredible range of milkshakes!

5 by Mark Beharrell Review source

Very interesting information and displays which covered what happened in the New Forest from the Stone Age to Modern times. I especially liked the Roman pottery and Iron Age coins on display.

5 by Mark Sawbridge Review source

There isnt much to see here. Move along. The New Forest is generally underwhelming and will be unlikely to interest anyone who has ever done something exciting in their lives.

2 by Fraser Welsh Review source

Closed for staff training but no notice on website. Went all the way there to go back again
Looked interesting though from the outside and toilet facilities were good.

1 by Lauren Review source

As visitor information centres go you'll find all the information here, and if you're looking for a souvenir you've come to the right place, too.

4 by Max White Review source

The museum is well worth a visit. And is dog friendly even in the cafe, where our dog was spoilt with treats and fuss from the owners and customers.

5 by Peter Higgins Review source

Just went into shop and cafe but the staff were really lovely! Got a take out cake and coffee then set off for a r nearby walk. Reccommend.

5 by Review source

Good visitors centre to get acquainted with the local area, and what's available to do in the local area. Lots of paid parking.

4 by Nathan Wrigley Review source

Visitors should definitely visit here first to get information and maps on activities and walks around the New Forest. Helpful staff.

5 by Maxim Armour Review source

We were expecting a little bit more from New Forest Centre Museum. I hoped to see more information about Alice in Wonderland.

3 by Kuba Rożek Review source

Good little museum to learn the history of the park and have a chance to purchase maps before you head out onto the trails

5 by Chris Stantis Review source

This place is in the town not out in the forest say I must admit I did worth a visit but it needs more to see

4 by michael clements Review source

Small but interesting. Gives you a taste of the area and points out some of the local points of interest and nature.

4 by David Pollard Review source

Lovely centre. Helpful staff. 9 minute film. Well worth watching about the area. Free entry to film & museum.

5 by Review source

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