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Evolution Reptiles are easily one of the best reptile shops I have used. They have a great range of different species and all the essential supplies. The staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful offering their advice freely.

Their help and advice meant that the school I work for has a beautiful live terrarium coming together for the science department. Evolution have been with us every step of the way to get this established, offering excellent customer service and putting up with our numerous questions!

I highly recommend Evolution Reptiles to anyone interested in buying and keeping reptiles, it is a fantastic shop.

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We went into Kidlington Reptile store wanting to buy a reptile but not having one clue where to start, what to buy, anything! The shop is very clean and tidy, items are easily found. The animals are great and well looked after. They even have handling days which are amazing! Everyone in there are very friendly and helpful and brilliant! We now have a Bearded Dragon called Bodge who is pretty cool!!! The staff are very good at what they do, they helped us get everything we needed and recommended all the food, supplies etc. They even do boarding which we are currently using now! It's perfect! We would highly recommend this reptile shop to anyone.

5 by Review source

A truly wonderful exotic pet store.
The animals in this pet store are all beautiful and looked after with the best products on the market.
Anyone looking for a reptile for a pet for the first time need not look to google for ambiguous advice, Pete the owner and the fantastic staff at Evolution reptiles know their stuff and will spend as much time as you need to encourage and help you with your choice of pet.
They also have a fantsastic varied selection of live and frozen food.
If you want a seriously well looked after animal with first class advice then this is the place for you.
I would'nt buy from anyone else!

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This is a great reptile shop. Pete and Andy are always ready to listen to problems, give advice, or just help a first timer to choose the right reptile for them. And choose the correct equipment for its species. They have special days when you can bring in and show off your pet snake or lizard or tortoise. Both are devoted to reptile welfare and well informed on it.
You couldn't do better than to get your snake/lizard/tortoise from them.

5 by Celia Haddon Review source

I went to evolution today as I had a few problems with my tortises.
Well it is the best shop dealing in reptiles I have every been to,
Excellent staff .only shop I will ever use now when deal with tortises stuff .so helpful and experience
Made me feel so welcome .
No more internet site for me evolution all the way..a big thanks to Andy and the young lady who was thier aswell sorry didn't know her name xx

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In my 15 months of keeping reptiles, I have learnt so much from all of the staff and, as a result, both my beardie and snake are healthy and thriving. They are all very passionate about reptile husbandry and are always happy offer advice when asked. I would strongly recommend visiting if you are thinking of buying a reptile- the knowledgeable advice, aftercare and spotless conditions set this apart as an outstanding shop.

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A great shop, i have been in some reptile shops where you walk out thinking.. 'there is no way i would buy anything from in there', Fortunately EVOLUTION REPTILES is not one of those, it is a fantastic shop, everything so clean, all animals look really healthy, staff knowledgable and friendly. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

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I don't need to say much else about this shop, it's like going down the local, in there almost twice a week, the staff are all extremely knowledgable and friendly, service is second to none, I've spent well over a grand in there since they have opened in kidlington, no doubt will spend thousands more

5 by Review source

An excellent shop for your reptile, arachnid and amphibious needs. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff, good stock at reasonable prices. Great selection of live foods as well as a good range of decor and viv options. Prefect for my beardie, I will likely be buying a snake soon!

5 by sumpop420 Review source

I bought my first viv set up from here and was really impressed with the help and knowledge I recieved from Andy and Pete . Now my dart frogs are thriving and doing really well . Always use their live food supply service which is always top quality and promptly delivered .

5 by Review source

I would not recommend this service. I had to email my respondent, Pete, several times each time in order to get any responses. Whenever I did finally receive responses, they were rude, unhelpful and blunt. Will never attempt to purchase an animal from this provider again.

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I bought my first Bearded dragon from Evolution reptiles. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and polite, they’ve often been available for advice a couple of times since I brought Spyro home. I’d definitely recommend them to others!

5 by Review source

Excellent service, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. You can get all products delivered on subscription and they are very flexible about pausing or modifying orders. I have been really happy with their service.

5 by Review source

Bought our Rankins Dragon from Evolution Reptiles. Staff very knowledgeable and helpful. Good variety of reptiles, snakes, frogs etc all housed in a very clean environment. They also offer reptile boarding.

5 by Mark Wigmore Review source

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, good range of animals and products. A wee bit pricey but it's a very specialised field and they are definitely experts in it so I guess you should expect that really.

4 by Robin Moore Review source

First of all I would be lost without this shop! They are always friendly and always happy to help you. I always buy my live food as it is of good quality. They certainly know their stuff about reptiles!

5 by Review source

Very impressive and high standard of advice by the man called Pete and the beautiful blond lady. Pete seems to have knowledge based on own research and experience in reptiles and their products.

5 by Review source

Today, it is hard to find great customer service, subject passion and endless subject matter knowledge. Pete and his staff offer all of this and more. Love dealing with you Peter.

5 by Review source

Fantastic Shop, Staff are very friendly and extremely helpful, they have everything you could possibly need for your reptile and at great prices too. We will not go anywhere else.!

5 by Debbie Coleman Review source

Friendly, helpful staff who actually know what they are talking about and clearly love the animals that they sell. The after sales help and advice is second to none too.

5 by Jason Singleton Review source

Amazing place. So helpful. Also really freindly. I love the way you can pay for larger items in parts then pick them up. Wouldn't go to any other reptail shop.

5 by Review source

they are a helpful shop all the staff are so kind .I have had a bearded dragon and a lopard gecko from them and they are very help ful and give you good advice

5 by Review source

Great shop, friendly staff that know their stuff when it comes to reptiles, alway a pleasure to visit, highly reccomend this shop for all of your reptile needs

5 by Darrell Brain Review source

Nice shop with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good range of unusual pets to consider, with all the required food and equipment to support them.

5 by Blue Bird Review source

Great shop with fantastic staff, livestock and goods. Always something to tempt the imagination. Very well run and always our first port of call.

5 by K WP Review source

They are so helpful and friendly they know what there talking about love looking at the animals looking to buy a crested gecko from them

5 by Review source

A great shop with friendly staff and brilliant advice from someone with a lot of experince with reptiles. Good quality products too.

5 by Melissa Cutler Review source

Fantastic service - they've sent me supplies for my bearded dragon for years, and they are always friendly and willing to help.

5 by Review source

Knowledgeable friendly staff. Animals are clean and well cared for and I always pick up something that I didn't go in for!!

5 by Neil Hirst Review source

I get worms for my axolotl here. The staff are great and know what they're on about and we enjoy looking at their reptiles

5 by Vicki Jarrett Review source

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