NCP Car Park - Belfast

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Montgomery St, Belfast, BT1 4NX

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Feel as though I now own it.
£11.50 for just over 2 hours on a space so small you have to be a contortionist to get out. Long time since I've been in an NCP Car Park and likely to be a long time again.

1 by Steven Boyd Review source

Great weekend prices approx £5.50 for a full day. Pay machines are located in the stair wells and accept card and cash. Weekday prices are 4 times as expensive.

4 by Brian S Review source

Extortionate - £12 for just over 2 hours! Need to take out a mortgage if you want to park there all day!!

1 by Momcco Review source

Very expensive compared to other city centre alternatives. Narrow spaces and difficult to drive around.

2 by Review source

Bit expensive although no more than other parking in the area. The car park was tidy

3 by Kenneth McInnes Review source

Very convenient in Belfast City Centre, but a little on the expensive side!

3 by Chris Wynne Review source

A rip off. I left after my first hour and found somewhere better priced.

1 by Philip Ellison Review source

Handy and great prices but pre booking and gate instructions very vague

3 by Review source

Brilliant structure for parking in city centre, close to all amenities

5 by Fiona Nic Giolla Phadraig Review source

Just about right place, but very expensive, almost € 12 for 2 hours

3 by Mathieu André Review source

3.50 an hour to be charged 5.50 for half an hour. Furious.

1 by Review source

7.90 for less than 2 hours. Completely full at busy times

1 by Supun Dasanayake Review source

Parking spaces very tight for most family cars

3 by Neal Myers Review source

Good central location but a bit expensive.

3 by Mike Ditchfield Review source

Great Saturday rate of £6 for the day

4 by Cherith Doonan Review source

White lines show where the cars go.

3 by John Wood Review source

Expensive but handy to city centre

3 by Peter J McMullan Review source

Good place to park in city centre

5 by Review source

Expensive, but in a good location

4 by Rob Nicholson Review source

Handy to visit the town!

5 by Antonio Nogueira Review source

Far far to pricey.

2 by Christopher Donnelly Review source

Its a car park!!!

5 by david johnston Review source

Car park heaven

5 by Review source

Too expensive

2 by Review source

Decent spaces

5 by Marc Anthony Review source

Always full

1 by Robert Nawrocki Review source


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5 by Review source