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Rubbish. Had a look around and tried to buy two bottles of Monster Hydro but got accused of stealing a lollipop. I looked perplex as I had nothing but tissues, wallet, phone and keys but in a foul fashion he said 'Empty your pockets' I was clean but I don't think his manager was impressed. Had the cheek to ask me if I had fuel. Didn't even apologise or show any respect after how embarrassing and uncurteous he was. The Subway and Greggs are amazing in there with great food and staff with bright attitudes but the Esso staff need kicking out and a complete reboot.

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Petrol and diesel is ridiculously expensive. Unfortunately, with no competing supermarkets in the local area, it's usually 8-10p more per litre which soon adds up. The new store layout is a bit of a nuisance as well. Whereas before you could just waltz up to the cashier and pay, now you have to queue (for longer) in what feels like an last-ditch attempt to get you to pay over the odds for confectionery and drinks. My advice: plan your journey and find cheaper, quicker alternatives for petrol.

1 by Dan Cross Review source

This garage is the worst garage in the country, you are indeed lucky to find it open, if it is open you stand a fifty fifty chance of it having petrol & considerably less chance of the car wash working. On my last visit, and it will be my last, i was shocked to find it open. Went to the checkout with a carton of milk, to be told by one of the ignorant staff, ' we shut' no explanation just 'we shut' avoid at all times

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Thame's only 24 hour shop. I've been here in the middle of the night for cigarettes and found staff to be very friendly. Not sure if I would be so nice if I were working at 2am!
Good food and refreshment options, with a Gregg's and a Subway inside (just during the day of course).
Plenty of pumps keeps queues down.
Not bad at all.

4 by Ian Davidson Review source

Easily the most overpriced service station I have ever been to. There is nothing particularly special about it either. Much to my annoyance I discovered cheaper alternatives almost within walking distance. Good if you are desperate, avoid unless so.

2 by Review source

rude staff!! disgusting toilets looked like they hadn't been cleaned In a year. asked for toilet paper they said they had run out although they had loads on special offer they wouldn't let me use any for the toilet.

1 by sophie haider Review source

Customer service is disgusting! Couldn't be more rude if she tried! Will never go back there even if I ran out of fuel and was a 2 min walk away, I'd rather walk an extra 5 miles then give them my money.

1 by Deeez Nuuutz Review source

Good place to refuel both for your motor vehicle and yourselves great selection of high street food branded stores such as Greggs or Subway. Prices seem to be a little higher.

4 by London Roof and Guttering Review source

Used to be one of the cheapest to fill up petrol, nearly on par with supermarkets. Since new owners have taken over, the price is nothing short of appauling. RipOffBritain

1 by Al Chemist Review source

Not the best fuel station I have ever been to, although they do have a Subway and a Greggs to keep that smile on your face.

3 by Mickey Laws Review source

Changed recently. This place now has a subway, Greg's and a Starbucks coffee machine as well as the garage shop.

5 by Andy Wickens Review source

Geez, overpriced petrol and diesel by as much as 7p litre ! compared to locals in Thame town and Aylesbury.

1 by Review source

Expensive, but there is a good range of products in the garage and there is air to pump up your tyres.

4 by Robin Gemmell Review source

Very nice services. Couple restaurants, petrol station and small Starbucks as well.

4 by Maciej Rusek Review source

Terrible car wash. Went for the £10 one and still covered in soap and bird foul.

1 by Review source

Much better now it has more eating options such as Subway and Gregg's.

4 by Lisa Sell Review source

A useful stop on my way to the M40. Has a Greggs and Starbucks machine.

5 by Redshift Media Production Review source

It's an overpriced petrol station. What more do you want to know.

1 by Jim Mitchell Review source

Nothing special. Just a garage reasonably stocked with other stuff

3 by Emrys Willis Review source

Lots of pumps and a big shop. Little Chef and Burger King as well.

4 by David Gosnell Review source

Never had fuel. Hopefully new management can fix and improve this

1 by Review source

Great place to get fuel and extra bits like food and drink.

4 by Martin Russell Review source

Often large queues, and the car wash is often out of order

3 by Simon Clinch Review source

Shop that sells everything from subway to coffee to gregs

3 by Martyn Smith Review source

A great bunch of workers always thoughtful and helpful

4 by Steve B Review source

Very expensive fuel. Use BP at the other end of town!

3 by Patrick Watkinson Review source

No petrol or diesel, so cross as no sign outside

1 by Dawn Fudge Review source

Over priced fuel and the service is terrible

2 by lee jones Review source

Parking not great but in shop service is good

3 by Review source

New management so it could be better now.

3 by Jam Mon Review source

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