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54 Holywell Ln, London, EC2A 3PQ

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I was invited to the Village Underground as a guest for a concert. Upon arrival, I joined the 10 minute queue, that led to me my first contact with the club - the bouncer. Having been an experienced clubber in the 2000's, I know the drill. But as I approached him, the badly organised queue led me to tripping and giving the bouncer a remark that the fence is too far from the pavement and as such is dangerous. This is where the bouncer felt inclined to comment I was 'spaced out!!' He proceeded to search me thoroughly including all my pockets and a bag search with a 4 inch flash light! He felt authorised to dispose all he thought was trash in my bag, like bits of paper or empty water bottles. He stole (took for him self and put it in his pocket) the last remaining dustings of my 420. Finally, having checked every little pocket of my wallet and the amount of money I had on me, he cattled me through to the club.I felt utterly harassed and violated. This is where my visit ended. On the exit, I spoke to a few friends who all seem to agree this behaviour is usual and, as such, normal. I disagree. I was there to spend a good evening with friends, enjoy some music, have a drink and go home reminiscing a pleasant experience. That can't happen if the club chooses to proceed with Drakon entrance policies, that I do understand have their healthy and safety role, but their execution is law violation. Even the police needs a reasonable grounds of suspicion for a search. I wouldn't recommend this club to anyone.

1 by Review source

I have been to the Village Underground twice for the Blitz Party. Both expereinces were a trip back to 1939 without the bomb threats. This was a serious party, where people took pride in the way they dressed to ensure they complied with the time's fashions. No one looked like they in costumes, and if anyone was, it was obvious and strange. People really went out of their way to wear authentic clothes from the that time. Men wore uniforms, women wore dresses with bright red lipstick and their hair up in Victory rolls. The setting is also perfect because the Village Underground is an old warehouse with only windows on the ceiling, so you did get the feel you were in some kind of shelter. There was a live swing band performing that were so very talented. There were ladies there doing girls' hairdos for free with Victory rolls and such. The people are creative, relaxed and friendly. My only recommendation is make sure you dress in layers when you go to the Village Underground. Outside can be cold and inside can be scorching hot. I highly recommend the Blitz Party at the Village Underground.

5 by V Theiss Review source

It's no coincidence that Village Underground is in Shoreditch as it really is the epitome of a hipster venue.

The exposed brickwork walls stretch upwards for an eternity and coupled with the archways and two tiered floor space create a cavernous effect despite the building being above ground.

It's only big enough to hold two or three hundred people but this increases it's allure. The sparse interior design also adds to the appeal, venues like this don't need dressing up and filling with trinkets.

However a venue is nothing without an event, right? Well it seems the folk at Village Underground have got this well sussed and you will find a myriad of things going on here.

Lots of up and coming artists lined up to play small intimate gigs at cheap prices which usually sell out. They are helping the hipsters of London fulfill their mission of being able to claim 'I saw them before they were big' and they are doing it well.

4 by Michael Longley Review source

A generally good crowd (though not too enthusiastic), with a large, spacious dance floor that never gets too hot and has an interesting light show. Hosts some great techno nights. Clean toilets.

My gripes: the drinks are ridiculously priced, one of the most expensive I've ever seen (£6 for single mixer, £8 for double) and the queue for the bar is huge! (20 min wait sometimes). The toilet queue is also about a 10 minute wait. The bouncers aren't friendly and walk heavy-handedly through the crowd. There is also NOWHERE to sit - please fix this! In a club that fits 1000 people I found one bench that seats three. The smoking area is also way too small.

4/5 because the music was great and people stayed partying until the early hours.

4 by Anna Seale Review source

I have been to this place twice now, both for techno nights. The room itself has great potential as it has atmosphere - high ceiling and a dark cavernous appearance. The sound system could be better - uneven, with high freq. being muffled likely due to the size of the venue and brick walls.

The biggest problem in this place is that event bookers or the manager can't seem to set a limit for capacity. Both times I have been here it has been overcrowded to the point where it was impossible to enjoy an evening for what it was. Added to this the loo's are a joke - far too small for a place of this size.

On the plus side the security and staff in here are attentive and friendly, not something you find everywhere in London.

3 by dem Vergangenen zu Review source

This spacious, slightly cavernous venue has played host to some pretty big names, as well as more generic, low key nights. It's grimy in a way that only works in Shoreditch - expect a lot of Red Stripe at the bar and sticky surfaces.

The dance floor is huge and although it's a very open venue, the toilets are totally inadequate - there aren't enough of them. It's also a total nightmare to get out of here in a hurry, which is quite dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Last time I was here someone actually dropped pepper spray resulting in a scary stampede of wheezing, coughing people all heading for the exit at once.

3 by Sophie Draper Review source

A fantastic mid sized venue. Acoustics are great and sight lines are easy to find (no annoying pillars will block your views, and the stage is set high enough to account for even the tallest of fellow gig goers). More importantly, the bar and loos are easy to access and don't force you to wander far from the action.

To top it off, the venue features enough exposed brick, warehouse appeal, and vaulted archways to appease even the most hesitant hipster.

5 by Adam Beck Review source

Ever been through Shoreditch and wondered why there are tube trains on top of one of the buildings? This is that building. It's a beautiful creative space for arts and music. There are regular gigs here from up and coming artists and established artists looking to treat their fans. The last time I went it was for an 'unplugged' gig - no amps, no PA, no microphones - even the room was lit by candles! A beautiful setting for some diverse culture.

5 by Xander Wood Review source

Went here for Village Underground's 'first in-house theatre production' which was 'Cat and Mouse' by Village Underground and Paul Barritt of the 1927 theatre company. I had a small re-usable bottle of water in my bag that I was told I could not take into the venue and had to empty out onto the road. Completely ridiculous attitude for a venue to have. Once inside I could buy an overpriced disposable bottle of water or an overpriced beer.

1 by Jonathan Stephen Review source

A trendy arts and music space situated close to Shoreditch High Street Station. The venue is quite large with a very high roof and has a good sound system and accoustics however when seeing a gig there is a bar to the side which makes the capacity bigger but if you find yourself stood there you will have a massively restricted view. The drinks are quite pricey when I was last there, it was £3.50 fro a small can of beer which was outrageous.

3 by David Allen Review source

Strange place! A big open space one side with very high ceilings and then a bar under some archways.

Not the easiest place to find as I walked right past it! Needs a little more signage at the front for sure.

Atmosphere is really good and the sound pretty decent if occasionally effected by the cavernous ceilings.

Drinks are really really expensive. Ridiculous really.

Defo unique!!

4 by benny hawes Review source

Old street area has changed a lot last few years, most used-to-be-good club turned very touristy, mainstream and commercial these day... but luckily seem Village Underground is still one holds it's' underground' vibe, providing good live, electronic and experimental music events .... drink price is not cheap, but it is still a fairly reasonable for London standard. It is one of my favourite club in London.

5 by mySimone Y Review source

If you frequent Shoreditch, you'll know this place from the infamous old Tube carriages it has on display on its roof. The curved tunnel brickwork inside is very cool, and the high ceilings mean that it stays relatively cool even when really busy. Drinks are pretty expensive for the area, but it has a good sound system and hosts fun nights. It is also handily located next to Shoreditch High Street station.

3 by Paul Lynch Review source

A great place for a night out.

They said no to plastic straws before it was trendy. Good work

The place is very well run, you don't have to queue long for a drink as the are enough staff to serve and there are plenty of toilets too.

They generally get great house acts on, can't say I have seen any bands here. The sound system is always on point too.

5 by Paul Review source

Village Underground is an impressive venue with a post-industrial vibe, just make sure you have a few drinks before you go. Went to see Public Broadcast Service (who were very good) and the only beer available at the bar was in small aeroplane sized cans.
Why don't venues learn that decent drinks at a fair price, means people might get there early and spend more over the bar?

3 by Review source

Small exposed brick club that seems over trendy. It attracts some good music, particularly electronica. Decent range of drinks that doesn't include the main stream rubbish. I believe it is run as a charity so kudos for that since I think most clubs are out just to rip punters off, hence I won't complain about high prices of drinks in this case, this is London after all.

4 by David Buckle Review source

Probably my favourite night venue in London! The brick walls and vault gives it so much character and makes it a very versatile venue. I have been there for club nights (djs) live concerts and private events such as art previews and dinner events and every time the venue was perfect. I have only recently found out that there are huge windows on vault and they can be opened!!

5 by Bibi Todaro Review source

AN AMAZING place just 5 min from Liverpool Street, this incredible venue hosting affordable artists studios in former shipping containers and metro tubes, incredible live music shows, thought through conferences, epic parties and great exhibitions. This independent (one of the last ones in this neighborhood!) cultural center is worth wile supporting! X

5 by Review source

Beautiful venue - tube carriages on the roof, really high ceilings, gorgeous loos (much prettier than most club ones) and two interlocking rooms that are used by club nights, gigs, brand parties and all sorts - if you've been out in Shoreditch more than a handful of times, you're likely to end up here.

4 by Sarah Drinkwater Review source

Striking and unique space with the old brick walls and high narrow room making it ideal for gigs and events alike. The sound had been pretty good in my experience. As is often the case in East London however, the drinks prices are painfully inflated, especially when you get given beer in a 330cl can

4 by Benedict John Ridley Belward Review source

Great big airy venue but when the music is right you'll still end up a sweaty mess and find yourself staggering out into the cool night air with wobbly legs and a smile on your face.

Drinks are a reasonable-ish £5, at least they are cold, which isn't the case for most venues...

4 by Marc Knox Review source

Stock up at the bar because you'll be waiting a long time to be served. Sound system is very good, toilets are far too small for the number of people they cram in at the events. People mainly here to take selfies and videos of the light show not really here to dance. Not like it used to be.

3 by Neal F Review source

A great creative space that's probably best known as a live music venue, but in fact offers a programme of all sorts of cultural activities. Beautiful to look at and a wonderful space, although the cavernous shape means that the sound isn't fantastic when live music is on.

4 by Tom Hoare Review source

Great venue. Went to see a 5 piece band and it was so intimate, fantastic.

Definitely a great venue for music, but also a really cool venue for other events.

And for us girls... The toilets were clean, paper available and the sinks were clean too!

4 by Vix Proctor Review source

Brilliant gig venue. Beers are expensive (£4 for a 330ml can) but are of a good quality. Atmosphere is great however there should really be a curtain between the bar and the concert hall as the chatter and general bar sounds during a concert can be very distracting.

4 by Ben Harris Review source

we celebrated NYE here and it was a blast from the past!
The thema was Blitz (for the ppl that don't know....its 1940 and the Germans bomb London). Swing dancing, ration cards, everyone in 1940 gear.... we loved it. Best NYE party since I was 20.... ;)

5 by Daniel The determine German Review source

This is the perfect club, polite, respectful security, amazing sound system and lights and an all round great atmosphere - smoking area is a bit tight but hey, that’s no biggie. Highly recommend this great independent venue run by respected industry professionals

5 by CityofLondon Dweller Review source

Visited the Village Underground for the first time to see the most excellent Kate Tempest. Incredible show in a fantastic space which was beautifully lit and had an ass kicking sound system and even a few tasty beers to sink during the show. Well worth a visit!

4 by Oli Jenkins Review source

One of my favourite venues in London, truly bizarre layout but the quality of the artists on the lineup are really the cream of music scene in London. Tip, when you get in, just make your way for the far wall - way less people and more room for dancing!

5 by Minh Giang Review source

Gah. I want to love this place, the staff are lovely but the sound quality just isn't good enough to get over the fact that I want to punch most of the people that go there in the face. They do at least have cracking cider which is rare for a club!

3 by Chloe Golden Review source

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