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6 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EJ

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Wow ... no really ...WOW ! What a stunning peace of architecture , a true testimony to what man/woman can achieve. I don't condone the history of any religion , nor do I support the beliefs in any religious following , but because of ruling through fear and hatred, buildings like this are still around for all to see today. A building like this could not be built today in a modern thinking country, it just wouldn't be economical possible , so we have to look to the past to show us just what is possible.

As you would expect the place gets really busy at times , queued to get in and asked if we get a discount for EH members (as you do in many place like this) to be told you don't ... however as EH Members we were entitled to the tower tour for free , although this was not available as it was too busy (totally understandable on this day ,so no problems here) ... however was told that the entrance fee show was only a 'suggested' donation and it was actually free to get in, and we didn't have to wait in the queue we could have just strolled in ...handy to know, and there are plenty of points where you can donate inside , should you wish to be so.

Unfortunately words or pictures can't truly do this place justice , it's just something you have to experience in the flesh ... probably more than once , trust me , no bolt of lightening will strike you non-believers down !

5 by Phil Clarke Review source

My wife and I are touring the Cathedrals of the UK and recently spent several hours in and around this one. The best so far. I went on a tower tour which was very interesting and informative. My wife joined the midday Eucharist and then we went on a guided tour of the interior with Elena. She pitched it perfectly with lots of information and some humour. Then we looked at the Magna Carta exhibition, again there was a very informative guide. The Stonemasons in the Cloisters were busy making new stonework for the outer east end walls. They also spent time answering all our questions. The cafe serves lovely food and drinks too. All in all a value for money experience. We were more than happy to pay the suggested donation. The only way to keep these beautiful buildings, religious or not, is to invest money in conservation. Well done Salisbury Cathedral.

5 by Review source

I'm not that interested in churches but this one is spectacular. The age and history engenders awe, it's a beautiful place. We took the tower tour and I highly recommend it, the details about the architecture and manner of construction are amazing. It is difficult to believe this kind of detail could be produced by human hands alone. There are so many sculptures, every one different, even when they serve the same purpose; even every newel post is unique. And of course there's the Magna Carta.

There are tombs dating back to the 1200s or earlier, preserved grave markers, incredible stonework, and much more, all embued with a deep sense of history. I left with feelings of how transitory we each are and yet how permanently we humans persistent.

This is grandeur at its finest.

5 by Review source

A magnificent Cathedral in any season, and a wonderful place to visit. Awe inspiring as few places can be. To really appreciate the structure, and the craftsmanship and labour that have gone into it, take the Tower Tour. You can book online, or if you are lucky, at the desk. In special seasons it is certainly worth booking in advance. Only small parties are taken on the tour due to the physical constraints of the spaces visited. You will get some idea of what you will see from my photos, but go and see it for yourself! A cream tea in the refectory afterwards will round the day off perfectly. It's also worth noting the availability of parking in the Cathedral square, which is limited, but if you start your day early it's a good option.

5 by Mike McCombie Review source

I just hate the way this glorious building has been turned into a turnstile tourist trap by the Church of England. You would have to shoulder past a kiosk to not pay the 'recommended' £7.50 per adult - to enter a supposed house of prayer. Worse - you are treated to false implications of poverty by Britain's richest landowner. The shop is more of the same - highish quality over - priced tat aimed at the Japanese with some 'Christian' stuff sprinkled in. The cathedral close was full of families in the snow, numerous single people hanging out on a Sunday - all effectively barred from peeping in by the price. I bet they have a separate 'outreach' to the very same people they are putting off!

3 by Mike Sweeting Review source

We spent 7 months in England and tried seeing as many historical sites that we could. Many stunning beutiful history rich sites but this was my favorite. We had just finished reading Ken Follett´s book ¨Pillars of the earth¨ which our tour guide told us was inspired by the construction of this cathedral...whether that is true or not the book did bring a certain backdrop to the lives of those that lived there and created such an edifice. Absolutely beautiful. We have traveled all over Europe and visited many of the magnificent cathedrals, this is our favorite. (Sagrada Familia is right up there as well) I would recommend studying up on the history of the places you visit. This was a five star site for us..

5 by John Lundberg Review source

This is truly one of the best cathedrals in the UK and one of the stunning beauties. The ongoing restoration and conservation work is ensuring that it continues to stand for generations to come as well as returning the site to its former glory in parts. The cathedral is truly awe inspiring and reminds you of the feats the people back then were capable off.

Due to the loving care and work you can step back in time to look at things past and marvel at the grandeur of times past. The grounds are kept immaculate and allow you to sit and enjoy the scenery, have a spot of lunch or just relax by yourself or with your family. If you are in Salisbury this should be a must in terms of visit.

5 by Andrew Kaufmann Review source

A gorgeous medieval cathedral. Car park is £7.00 all day till 11pm and you get a free coffee or tea and 15% off the gift shop. Or there are other carparks with in 10 minutes walk. The guides here are brilliant. Very knowledgeable and engaging. Although entry is free, there is a suggested donation. Please pay it. You can easily spend 4 hours plus here. A fantastic tea room with a gorgeous glass roof looking up at the cathedral itself. This cathedral holds the original Magna Carta. Written in Latin on parchment. Still holding up British laws today. Also a working example of the oldest clock in the world. Truly an amazing place to visit.

5 by Terry Dalton Review source

Astonishing cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen (and I've been in quite a few). Adjacent is a magnificently preserved cloister (used as parts of Hogwarts for the Harry Potter movies if you're interested) and a beautiful Chapter House with one of the four remaining original copies of Magna Carta. Note: plan ahead as the place closes at 5pm in the summer and 4:30 in the winter, and you need a good 60-90 minutes to look at everything. On summer days, add an extra 30 to get something in The Refectory coffee shop and sit in the cloister, admiring the blend of architectural and natural excellence.

5 by Adam Dobay Review source

If you are into big, old, historic buildings then this is definitely a must visit place. Its nearly 800 years old. It is a working church (So services still happen) There are toilet facilities, helpful staff, gift shop and cafe.
The only negative point is the donation. You are made to feel that you have to pay it. I could afford £22.50 (£7.50 X 3 people) and it does say it costs approx £14000 a day to maintain, however there are a lot of people in the country who can't afford it and so will never see the inside (Not wanting to be embarrassed by admitting they have little money).

4 by John Smith Review source

With the tallest spire in England you simply can't miss Salisbury Cathedral. Rather than stating the obvious I'll mention the pleasantist, most helpful parking attendants I've ever dealt with. Also a lovely, cleverly hidden, if a little expensive cafe... It's between the cloister and the Cathedral itself with a glass roof, and so the most wonderful view of the spire, but none of the cafe clatter leeks out into the lovely, serenity of the cloister. The modern font is also breath-taking in a Lord of the Rings kind of way. Very beautiful. An unexpectedly thrilling day.

5 by Jane Lowe Review source

This for many is the best cathedral in the country. It is centrally located in this historic old city. The approach from the city centre is outstanding and the gardens around it tranquil and pretty. It is free to enter, although you can leave a donation if you wish. The interior has no fixed pews and is airy and huge. There are a lot of historic windows and wall plaques to admire and regular services. There are also guides on hand to answer any questions. Highly recommended.

5 by philip paine Review source

Loved the tour. The guides were all very helpful and answer questions nicely. Couldnt go to the spire due to winter season and they take less people for Winters. But if you want to take the spire tour, go to the counter first thing and book it early in morning. Very well conserved over the years. The surroundings of the Cathedral are also good and for a historic buildings lover, its a must place to go to.
Highly recommended.

4 by Fiza Abbasi Review source

Even among English Cathedrals Salisbury has special features. First of all the area around it (The Close) which is amazing even compared to, say Canterbury. Secondly this Cathedral's singing tradition make Evensong an amazing experience, again compared to many cathedrals in larger cities (though make sure a Cathedral choir is doing it and they don't in school holidays). And the Refectory is very good too.

5 by John Roberts Review source

Excellent guides describing\\u200b the cathedral's details of the building, the tombs and the steeple. Could have spent many hours there as there are so many interesting things to see. It houses an original copy of the Magna Carta with background information and additional details to read.
Then we ended our visit by eating a hardy lunch of soup, salad, bread and a pot of tea. All for a great price.

5 by Janet MacNab Review source

A must see if you are in Salisbury, it has one of the 4 copies of the Magna Carta preserved here for display in the chapter house adjoined to the cloister. It's the best preserved copy in existence. It's free to visit however always best to make a donation. The gentleman on the desk was very friendly and the guide that you are given is very comprehensive and gives all the necessary information.

5 by Andy Cambridge Review source

The Salisbury Cathedral's beautiful, narrow, Gothic steeple towers over the rooftops of the quaint City of Salisbury, an obvious center for its population. Inside the cathedral are hundreds of tombs, a rich historical record of the region. During our visit, the Magna Carta, cited as one of the most important documents in English history, was on display in the cathedral’s chapter house.

5 by Chris Poore Review source

Great historic English cathedral. The sheer scale of it is really impressive. Not only does it have the tallest spire of any English church, but also the largest Cathedral Close, with a beautiful array of historic listed buildings.

And to cap it all, it also has the best preserved of the 4 surviving original copies of the Magna Carta from 1215.

Well worth a visit.

4 by Steve Phillips Review source

One of the most beautiful autumn days I've ever experienced was here at Salisbury Cathedral. Go see the oldest working clock, and the Magna Carta (well, one of them).
Parking is very easy if you're driving in, and I highly recommend having a walk through the attached greenscape. The entire town was lovely, but the cathedral really made it all just perfect.

5 by Dani Vennes Review source

Glorious grounds with some interesting sculptures, and the cathedral itself is a spectacle! Stunning architecture and a variety of informative displays inside, and chance to visit the Magna Carta exhibition (we will definitely do next time). A choir was rehearsing when we visited, which sounded ethereal with the echo. A very interesting and enjoyable visit, will be back.

4 by Amy Collier Review source

This is a beautiful cathedral with some fascinating things to see. One of the copies of Magna Carta is kept here, the modern font is worth seeing for its reflection and there is a beautiful glass engraving by Whistler.

Also, keep an eye open for the plug which, when removed by its keeper, shows how high the water table is under the cathedral!

5 by Ian White Review source

Incredible Anglican cathedral completed in 1258 - it only took 38 years to be built! It has the tallest church spire in the UK at 123m which was constructed in 1549.

It is home to one of the oldest still-working clocks in the world and has one of the only four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, signed by King John in 1215.

5 by Simon Willmore Review source

It is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. It loses two stars for the guilt trip of 'suggested donations' at point of entry. £15 for a family? We paid but I felt it was aggressive and unnecessary. I purposely avoided the gift shop afterwards when I would ordinarily spend a few pounds. A pricing rethink is required.

3 by Simon Evans Review source

Stunning cathedral! The interior of the church is not overdecorated, it is quite modest but still very impressive. The architecture of the church and the chapter house is stunning. The latter holds the best preserved Magna Carta. You can come in an walk around the cloister anytime to grab some food or just find a little peace.

5 by Adam Knauz Review source

Nicely kept cathedral. WC in the outer corridor. Restaurant + souvenir shop. Better to make reservations in advance if you want to climb to the top of the cathedral. Only set number of ppl are allowed each day. Entry to the cathedral is free(exept the climbing to the top ofc). Donations are appreciated.

4 by Imperi4 Review source

This a must do in Salisbury. This monument is absolutely extraordinary both inside and outside.

You must also visit the room where you can see the original of the 'carta magna'.

You'll find many guides who are very kind and could provide you any information you want

5 by Thomas Fenet-Garde Review source

I found the church very beautiful, especially from the outside. as an atheist I don't often have conversations with the local clergy when going to a church. but here the priest present was a very nice man with whom I had a very nice and interesting conversation. this made the visit very memorable

5 by Merijn van der hoeven Review source

The Salisbury Cathedral is a must see when visiting this quaint little town. It is quite touristy and but worth every minute. Beautiful architecture contrasted against the small little houses - be sure to check out the Magna Carta when you're there too, a fascinating piece of history.

5 by Jamie Kennedy Review source

The cathedral was great! We went as part of the inclusive ticket out to Stonehenge. While we were tired and wanted to head back, I'm glad we didn't skip the stop. It is full of great history and has one of the few copies of the Magna Carta - not something you get to see every day.

5 by Lloyd Branch Review source

Spectacular, excellent combination of skilled hands and well-chosen materials, is timeless, incredible as some internal columns have bent under the immense weight without breaking. Precious work of various master stonemasons inside makes it unique, wonderful interpretation of Gothic art.

5 by Marco Mistrangioli Review source

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