Orbital Shopping Park - Swindon

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Thamesdown Drive, Swindon, SN25 4AN

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With online shopping & the stores on this retail park, living in North Swindon I don't really need the town centre for shopping, which is great for time, traffic & parking cost.
Parking here is free & there's plenty of it.
Shop wise; theres a massive ASDA, a Homebase/Argos, Next with Costa, Boots, Outfit, M&S, Costa, Carphone Warehouse, Library, McDonalds & new Nandos soon
There's also DW Fitness (gym/health centre with swimming pool etc) which is okay.

4 by Craig Thomas Review source

The orbital has recently undergone improvements. There is a new improved kids play area, aesthetic improvements and a new information centre with clean toilets and an ATM. With a good selection of stores, coffee shops and facilities it's quite easy to spend time here. McDonald's on site and a new Nandos currently under construction (May 2018), The Orbital has vastly improved in the last couple of years to make it a desirable place to shop.

5 by Rob Blain Review source

Well maintained site with friendly staff working either as part of the site maintenance or in the stores located on the retail park. Large range of stores to visit, with a handful of choices of where to grab a bite to eat. In all great for a half days worth of shopping. Car park can get busy mainly weekends and festive periods however, the site supply car parking stewards to assist users safety and to increase flow of traffic.

5 by Review source

Too many lazy gits using the pickup / drop off parking as long stay parking.
These lazy selfish gits would park in the store if given a chance.
Too many lazy gits using the family parking and the disabled parking because they are closer to the store.
Too lazy to park in a normal parking spot and walk.

1 by jeremy davies Review source

This retail park has a multitude of different shops to chose from, plus a cinema, 2 pubs and several fast-food outlets (two of which are drive though) and open till very late. Due to 'Boy racers', barriers are lowered at night to stop racing, however all the food outlets and cinema are fully excessable.

4 by Philip White Review source

Perhaps the best place for a day of shopping in Swindon. Not only does it sport a massive supermarket with a wide range of products but there is also a handful of designer retailers, play park, gym and plenty of coffee shops. With regular bus routes and free parking it's easily accessible.

5 by Jamie Bond Review source

ASDA.NEXT.HOMEBASE.M&S.BOOTS +other stores. Free parking. Easy access....though queues at Xmas. Plenty of Disabled parking. Well lit. Two fast food outlets. Petrol station. Bookmakers. 2 x Pubs nearby. Library + gym. Good public transport too(Swindon Bus Co./Thamesdown transport).

5 by Ian Findlay Review source

Good shopping park, park is a nightmare on a Saturday though, gridlock through the car park. But plenty of food outlets and clothes stores, they've done a new park for the kids as well which looks much better than previous. And there's supposed to be a Nandos being built.

4 by Kirsty Ferguson Review source

If there is something you need for your home, you are very likely to be able to buy it here, from either Asda, Next, Boots, Argos, Homebase, M&S (they are the main shops). If you don't need anything you can always have a coffee break in Starbucks or Costa!

5 by Gemma Tevendale Review source

The shopping centre has Asda, Boots, the library, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Homebase, Mcdonalds and a gym. After shopping you can take the kids to the playground if they need fresh air!. Great parking space. I'd recommend this shopping centre to anybody.

4 by Review source

One of my favourite supermarkets to go shopping a real treat. But .. it's so large
You can get yourself lost looking for what you want . Which can be exhausting If you
Children nipping at your heals. But this is the supermarket with it all !!

4 by elizabeth priebe Review source

Easy access but can be a nightmare trying to get out when really busy . Very large asda wallmart with other units nearby like homebase , large m&s , new look , boots and so on . There are food outlets like mcdonalds and a costa and soon to be a nandos .

5 by Review source

There is a big Asda Supercentre, Homebase, Argos, Boots, Costa Cafe and clothes shops. There is plenty of parking and it is always clean. A great place for family shopping, you find everything you need for your home!

5 by Raquel Torralba Review source

Visiting here weekly for the comic shop and other places. The food court is expanding, I do like the noodle place and even an expanding vegan speciality places which I do not use myself but have heard good things.

5 by Steven Matthews Review source

Great selection of shops. Children's play park, info centre, toilets and public library. Lots of parking although during peak times there can be a queue to leave. Currently building a new Nandos restaurant

5 by Natalie R Review source

It has a nice selection of shops as well as McDonald's and PizzaHut. Lots of free parking too. There is a Costa shop and a small playground, which is convenient when you are out there with small kids.

5 by Maciej Socha Review source

Handy for a bit of local shopping. Good to be able to shop at M&S and Homebase without having to go into town. Can be a bit busy at weekends, often need to queue in traffic when leaving.

3 by chappy nippish Review source

A very good place to basically chill and relax and buy everything that u need with over 2 major superstore brands. There is also free WiFi all over the area, a McDonald's and a Nandos.

5 by Review source

Massive Asda Walmart (almost too big). Best place for me is Homebase, we forget with online shopping that you can pick up simple household things for much cheaper in a store like Homebase.

4 by Review source

It seems to have most anything you would need in quite a good selection of shops. Just found the journey into the centre a little confusing but I would know where to go the next time.

4 by Review source

Basically live in this place, love coming here especially when they have the water fountain on so all the children can run and play, a near by park and a place where people can meet

5 by Review source

Plenty of parking best time to go is between 3-4pm weekdays
Extremely busy on Saturdays and shelves are quite sparse. Good deals . Plenty other shops to look around also

3 by Michelle Hinic Review source

Great selection of stores. Just a shame the ration of Parent-Child parking bays is disproportionate to the other spaces, including the vast rows of unused disabled bays.

3 by Rye Wilcox Review source

It has plenty of free parking and a good selection of shops from Asda Wal-Mart to M & S plus a lot more to have a look arround and get something to eat and drink

5 by Ivor Humphries Review source

Very good. Lots of shops here Asda is huge. Too big for me as I have health problems but I know that I can get most things there so can go straight to the area I want.

5 by Carol Archer Review source

One of the most used shopping places in Swindon I would say. My only gripe is family parking and disabled bays are not monitored and are misused on so many occasions.

3 by Dean Barnett Review source

Good for all types of shopping. Full range from Asda to Marks and Spencer to next to homebase and argos. Well maintained car parks. Worth using but avoid busy times

4 by Andrew C Review source

Great variety of shops ,from clothes to groceries. Has a Costa and Starbucks. Also has fast food outlets. There is free parking. There is also a petrol station.

5 by Review source

only good place is George asda. The whole place looks run down... pizza hut is ugly and a betting shop!!! weird. it wasn't what we thought it would be.

2 by Sally Coles Review source

It's a shopping centre that had a revamp and still not fixed the eyesore of stairs that are just boreded off. Shops, some food and petrol nothing fancy

2 by nic bingham Review source

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