Boojum - 19-27 Chichester Street

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Londonderry House, 19-27 Chichester Street, Belfast BT1 4JB

+44 28 9023 0600




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Yum! I was in Belfast for one night for work and had a hankering for something reasonably fast food, but healthier, fresher and spicier than the usual chain burger joints and cafe's - That's when I stumbled upon Boojum. It's a Burrito bar (though they will do other Mex/Tex-Mex culinary delights such as Fajitas, Chilli bowls and Nachos) with a variety of fillings all freshly made in front of you. You can opt to sit in with a soft drink or choice of speciality alcoholic beverage or take out if you prefer. I opted for a vegetarian burrito which was filled with a choice of rice, fresh peppers and onions, pinto beans, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese and a little guacamole - so vegetarians are in luck. If you prefer meat though you aren't spoiled for choice. The food was hot, delicious and the service was friendly and fast. It was also really busy, something I generally take as a sign of being a popular place with quality that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. If you fancy something that isn't too expensive, won't keep you waiting long and with a bit of a kick, i'd definitely recommend visiting if you're in central Belfast. Big thumbs up!

4 by Robert Moore Review source

My second visit in as many days.

Vegetarian food is wholesome. The Salsa Verde is full of flovoir and same for the tomato Salsa.

The guacamole is included in the price as is the cheese and the source cream. All of these items are optional extras at Mission Burrito in Bath where we live. Watch out mission Burrito Bath a Boojum may surpass you.

Health advice to customers: please control your portion size. If one persistently eats their huge portions ill health may follow. Mexico is a nation with a huge obesity problem, please take care of your health.

5 by Bharat Pankhania Review source

Being originally from Dallas, I've had a lot of Mexican food...both good and bad. Tried this place because locals raved about how it tasted like 'real' Mexican food. It was disgusting! The meat was cold the beef tasted like a mouth full of cheap chilli powder. The pork tasted like cinnamon. The chicken tasted like nothing. It was literally all cold. 4 out 5 of the people eating in our party got sick. I heaved and puked. And puked in their already yucky toilet. Nope. Do risk it. Go ear somewhere else.

1 by Review source

People who do not eat meat can visit this restaurant (I guess, vegan can). Also I was satisfied with the taste and the quantity that I expected. Cause of these strong points, there were many teenagers and so crowded at the dinner time.

Those who do not eat meat can also feel free to visit. In addition, it was satisfactory that the amount of taste as well as sheep were more than I thought. So, most of the local teenagers were in the shops in the evening and it was quite crowded.

4 by 최기훈 Review source

It's hard to put into words how much I love Boojum . This is my favourite one in terms of consistent quality, friendly staff, portion sizes and the most important aspects in a Boojum for me.... The quality of the Guacamole, stock of Guacamole and stock of peppers at all times as I'm a veggie (Boojum had previous reputation for running out of peppers/onions at busy times and you'd have others be served in front of you until peppers were cooked - but seems sorted now )

5 by Review source

Don't know why it's taken me so long to explore Boojum. My daughter loves it. Very busy at lunchtime but their Subway style production line clears quickly. High turnover of shared tables so easy to get a seat even when it's busy. The food was fresh, tasty and reasonably priced. I had the chilli bowl which was very tasty indeed. You can add lots of toppings. Black beans were a nice addition with sour cream. Highly recommended for a fast but great food experience.

4 by Jonathan Spence Review source

Literally amazing! There's a really long queue everyday, although they are really quick and you never wait longer than 10 minutes(it's the price to pay for great and cheap food). Food is not only good tasting but you can definitely feel it's also good quality and you don't get it often in fast foods. Definitely the best mexican fast food/restaurant I ever tried. Recommended!!

5 by Antonio Guerriere Review source

Great place for a quick lunch. Mexican version of subway where you pick if you want starting with
1. Burrito, salad bowl etc
2. Your meat
3. Rice, beans or peppers
4. Salsa
5. Extras
Got portion size and good selection. Could be a lot more spicy but does the job. Don't forget your loyalty card. Fill it up and get a free meal and eventually a T-shirt!

5 by Jonathan Harper Review source

Tables and floor were very dirty, how this place got a 5* hygiene rating is beyond me. Staff had no counter customers and still didn't clean any tables. I asked the guy at the till for something to clean the table with before we ate, as it had leftovers on and was filthy. He pointed over to where the cutlery, bins etc are and said 'there's napkins over there'

1 by Review source

Boojum is fantastic for food. With a quick turnaround on making your burrito. There are a variety of options for what to get in your burrito, including vegetarian friendly options. The one fault of the business is the small property, often leading to long queues and a lack of seating space.

In short, lovely food, fast serving time, but could have a larger shop.

5 by Review source

What else can be said? Boojum is a Belfast institution, becoming a must-stop when visiting the city. While they open at 11:30, it's pretty much impossible to get through the door within 20 minutes, though they always manage to get every served and fed with great service and friendly staff. The food is always fresh, great quality, and incredibly reasonable.

5 by Conor Mallon Review source

Massive portion in my opinion - price is much more than a sandwich-depends on what your after and if your hungry or very hungry.....but you get what you pay for. In fairness tasty and very filling. Staff were very nice. I can understand why it is so popular.......

Without a doubt - if your after a Burrito - this is a great place to go.

5 by Ciaran Connolly Review source

Fantastic place, great veggie burrito - if you're used to Chipotle you'll love it, sadly they don't do sofritas though. Only downside - it's basically a total rip off of the US Chipotle, which is a little bit meh. And seriously 'Cash Only' in 2016? There's no excuse for not accepting credit/debit/Apple Pay.

4 by Locus Solus Review source

We couldn't get a seat at a few restaurants, seems like you really need to reserve in advance in Belfast, so we decided to check out this fast food Tex Mex place. It tasted great, we had three different tacos and the best taco was the chilli with spicy sauce, all for a low price. Everything seemed fresh and clean as well.

5 by Michel Condoroussis Review source

Great quality time and time again, queue moves fairly fast for being so popular. It's a bit of an institution and one of the must have eats in Belfast. Occasionally portion size can be a bit of a disappointment - wraps and boxes are usually filled to bursting, then the odd time you get one 3/4 full.

4 by Anthony Livingstone Review source

God but I love this place. Just order everything, it's all good. If you miss the usually lunch/schools out times you won't have to queue long. The queue also goes down fast.

If you are from the West Coast of the US and are missing your burritos then this is the place to visit

5 by Ray Johnston Review source

At this point, boojum is such a Belfast institution you'd be forgiven for thinking Burritos are traditional Irish food.

Boojum do great Burritos and Burrito bowls for those a little too messy to handle a burrito. Avoid the busiest part of lunch though as the queues can be big.

5 by Emmett McKenna Review source

I think the long queues every day speak for themselves. Really good food at a decent price. Don't let the long lines put you off as the queue does move pretty fast. Worth the wait anyway for something convenient that is more filling and tastier than a shop bought sandwich.

5 by David Hayes Review source

One of the smaller boojums now but still offers great food. The best burritos in Belfast, Ireland and maybe even the world outside of Mexico! Tends to be very busy around lunch time so expect to queue, but they are very efficient at serving so it shouldn't be too long.

5 by Luke Holmes Review source

What can I say, it’s Boojum it’s excellent busy as hell at lunch time but worth the wait, reasonable prices and it’s epic portions so you left well satisfied. Great for a filling lunch, work right beside it so I’m a regular can’t overstate the queues at lunch tho lol

5 by Darran Debond Review source

Never really understood the fuss and queues around boojum. Probably just about does the job if you've just had a clatter of beers, Not a place to visit sober if you actually like Mexican food (if that's what it is supposed to be!) It's all too bland.

2 by Review source

Phoned to make and order for 5 people for collection and they said that they can't because they are short staffed. I didn't get to say when or what time I wanted it for, learn to listen please with out being rudely assumptive.

2 by Review source

Very Bad Salty Food. I definitely had much better tasting Mexican food. This is an extremely poor representation of it. It feel like eating mushy leftover dinner mixed with some peppers wrapped in a burrito. Don’t bother trying.

1 by MIN XUN LEE Review source

A great addition to Belfasts array of multi-cultural cuisines on offer. Food is delicious, staff are friendly, large queues dissapear in no time due to the efficiency of the operation. Fantastic value for money. Boojum Addict!

5 by Review source

Best mexican take-away I have been to by far. Very good value for money, it will get you full.
Friendly staff, can get busy on fridays but the service is really fast.
There is vegetarian/vegan option.

5 by Review source

One of my favourite places to eat in Belfast. Even when the line is to the door, the service is quick. Everyone is always really friendly and the food is always really good. You can't really fault booj

5 by Review source

Absolutely great food, ranging from sweet to extremely spicy and anything in between, good service and even a loyalty system you can earn free burritos and shirts with. Good work guys, keep it up!

5 by Review source

Awesome place for lunch or dinner. Proud owner of Boojam Aaddict T-SHIRT.
Really good food, friendly staff, super quick service, total value for money. Suitable for vegetarians as well.

5 by Review source

Amazing Mexican food. Quick and the staff helpful. You pick your style, meats, beans etc. Quite a large portion for the price also! They also serve beer so you can wash it down with a sol!

5 by Pela Mcdougall Review source

Used to be good but now that so many barrito places have opened it is now over priced and lacking service. They're not keeping up with competition and that could be their downfall.

2 by Paul McMullan Review source

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