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I understand that Lidl have moved from their old location as this store is far larger, yet the car park is not particularly big in comparison and can get filled up frequently.
Firstly, the store itself is pretty poorly designed, with the conveyor belts ridiculously high up. If you were in a wheelchair, I doubt you would be able to reach the conveyor belt whatsoever as it placed so high. The area at the end of the store where you are meant to pack your bags is practically non-existent, and this can be a nightmare when in a rush or the area is busy. There are also lots of security guards prancing about inside who seem to stare at everybody, making it feel like you are being watched all the time. When we arrived at the checkout we realised that we had picked up a milk bottle with a small hole in, and that the milk had leaked onto the conveyor belt. We informed the nearest staff member, who just ignored it and told us to carry on loading our shopping, which meant the milk covered the conveyor belt without being cleaned and then everyone else had their shopping put onto the milky area.

Also, considering I visited this place on the second day it was open, there was a ridiculous amount of rubbish all over the car park and this issue is not dealt with often enough. There are too many security guards when some of them could be keeping an eye on the car park.
Overall, a negative experience and I will not be rushing to return.

2 by Joshua Hedley Review source

Customer service isn't key here but with it being a chain of shops that work the same way that's to be expected, lidl mainly focuses on cheap prices and the best bakery in the land. Like seriously, try their vanilla crowns! Oh my life they are so good! And cheap as well!
I should point out that lidl have never been rude to me it's just with them getting paid on how quickly they can serve customers its a little difficult to build up a customer - worker rapport easily unless you are a regular there

4 by Ryan Ranshaw Review source

Used to shop at the Lidl old store on Ropery Road every week. Tried the new shop for the first time on Saturday as this was the first time we could get a parking spot. Car park is way to small for size of store and the aisles are so narrow it takes twice as long to get round. Good range of products but not a pleasant experience so we won't be rushing back.

3 by Review source

I'm only giving a 2 star rating as a member of staff serving at the checkout sneezed into both his hands and not a tissue or the crook of his arm. May i recommend hand sanitizer at the checkouts for the staff or at least for members of staff to have a couple of tissues in their pockets.

2 by Review source

Great in-store bakery. Very reasonable prices bit remember that most produce is own brand (which is usually great quality). Some to be moving location to a larger store opposite Marshalls Yard. I prefer Lidl and Aldi to other supermarkets.

5 by Review source

Supermarket is brilliant the only downside is that sometimes when gone to the supermarket I've had two park in another car park as a lot of people use their car park for free parking very inconvenience

3 by michael chapman Review source

Good service quite friendly & lovely food etc!!!!! Will be closing down shortly because they are moving in to the centre of Gainsborough Town where their Huge Parking Facilities are!!!!!

5 by Wendy Tester Review source

This is by far the most poshest Lidl I've ever seen. Ditch those ideas of dowdy, drab, maybe even dirty. This Lidl is as good as any high end retail outlet. Try it !!

5 by Review source

Staff are lovely, but it's so small compared to other Lidl stores, the selection isn't great. Although, they will be moving to bigger premises in the future.

3 by Joseph Lumley Review source

Lidl choice, little choice. Products aren't actually that cheap and it can be difficult to find a suitable alternative to items you may have become used to.

3 by Daniel Luther Review source

Some bargains to be had but don't trust the quality, bought melting middle fishcakes which were edible but wouldn't buy again regardless of the price.

3 by Samantha Bragg Review source

I love the new lidl. Its huge compared to the old store. The isles are really wide an they have a lovely big range of cooked in store an they are gorgeous.

5 by Review source

The new Lidl is a great place to grab shopping. By the way, the cookies in the bakery are the the best I have ever tried, and I tried a lot of cookies.

5 by Review source

New store is a inconvenient to get to, car park is just a free for all and getting out is worse. The store is bigger but not better.

1 by Review source

Lidl is a great supermarket you can get just about everything you need here food clothing flowers seeds garden stuff and tools

5 by Review source

Looks nice and fresh. Big place. If you like LIdl it's great but it's just another large supermarket taking over.

3 by paul anthony robinson Review source

Nice new superstore with good wide range of food and drink at good prices. Good free car parking (limited) in centre of town.

4 by Clan Ayre Review source

Used the shop for years, worst bit about the shop is that they don't like you packing your bags at the tills

3 by Review source

Its just opened but I felt it still lacked a full range. Also feels cramped although larger than previous store.

3 by Mark Dowden Review source

Great place to shop but just be careful of prices on shelf as sometimes they are different when scanned.

3 by Chris Rawson Review source

Enjoy shopping there everything well laid out good fresh produce excellent prices and helpful staff

5 by Janet Sheriff Review source

Love it has lots of goods nice layout good parking and buy some cheap bread to feed the ducks :-)

5 by H Cloud Review source

Great place to park and shop. Looking forward to new store opening in town in months to come.

4 by Adele Lowe-Hall Review source

Prices cheaper than tesco and morris ons. Helpfully friendly staff.pleasure to shop there.

5 by Review source

Always good value good produce ,bit of a grumpy cow on till though, would always go back.

4 by Review source

Executive shop excellent service often pop in to try the many different foods you stock!

5 by Phil Everitt Review source

Great, looking forward to the new shop but will miss the riverside location of this one.

5 by Pete Kennedy Review source

Good amount of stock. Long waits at the tills. Has 8 tills but no more than 2 ever open

2 by Review source

Good lidl store but car park is always full with people shopping in the town centre.

4 by Magma Animations Review source

I love Lidl. Their cheese twists are the bomb & their coated peanuts are great.

5 by Bec Fawcett-Howitt Review source

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