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Today I have ordered Vita Mojo and my bill was almost 45£ for 2 persons via UberEATS!
Driver arrived 1.5h sonce my order was placed. All food was cold , but however that wasn't the mail problem. The food was like a MESS! Apparently my order was dropped and all food was smashed and who knows how the food was placed back in the boxes!!
Driver didn't even apologised for being so late.
I have informed UberEATS what has happened and sent all the pictures with that mess.

Very upset with the servises provided!

I was ordering food previously from Vita Mojo and after that experience it puts me off completely to order it again!!!

1 by Review source

Foods tastes great and good quality.
Portions are dependent by weight. I paid £8.50 for what you see in the picture.

Card accepted only and must use in store tablet to order. When you pick you food it gives you the option of increasing each ingredient by weight and thus increasing/decreasing price. I would have to order around £13 to have a decent meal here.

I would vote it higher if it wasn't so pricey.

3 by R Review source

I'm shocked this is regarded as a 'healthy' food place.. even though the food tastes amazing and it's high quality, none of the individual portions mentions the amount of salt put into it, also, most of the pre-made portions have a shocking 5g of salt, whilst the recommended maximum intake for healthy people is 6g for the whole day. A bit disappointed :)

3 by Alex Danciu Review source

The whole concept of everything at Vita Mojo is great, it's really handy being able to count your macros. Food is great, plenty of options and different flavours. I would however like to see more options for the salads... Like a roasted carrot, beetroot, sweet potato and quinoa salad. I'd also like to see some cheese on the menu.

5 by Review source

Was recommended this place by a friend when I was in the City for meetings one day and have been back a few times since. Fast, healthy and deliciously cooked food where I get exactly what I want. I am desperately hoping that they open one in the west end near my office so I can add some quality into my usually poor lunchtime options!

5 by Review source

21st century. :) build your own meal online beforehand or at the place. Great interface, all the details about the food you are selecting, adjust quantities and see the macros and price adjusting. If not for a very good quality healthy meal, then for the fun of ordering you have to try it at least once! :)

5 by Alexey Drozdetskiy Review source

This new concept is truly great. Not only can I have a natural and healthy meal but it is also absolutely delicious and fresh. You can tell that the food is made with passion and care. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the service is amazingly quick and efficient. Will come back for more!

5 by Review source

Decent prices, good choice of food. Nice to be able to get healthy meals in London when on business. Don't take cash, card only. Enjoyed this place and will return as it's great for the diet conscious. Essentially they are producing the same foods I do at home when on a diet.

5 by Tim Robins Review source

Really good food, and very friendly helpful staff. Great to be able to pick your own meal and portion sizes (and avoid gluten, dairy, etc). Only comment would be the food isn't always as hot as it should be - so if that could be improved would get 5 stars from me!

4 by Russell Holliday Review source

Tasty, clean, food, with everything customizable - London needed this. Luckily I work nearby... I wish there was one near my flat so I could go all the time. A healthier option for anyone who works long hours and doesn't get to cook as much as they'd like to.

5 by Review source

Outrageously small portions for the price. Sure, the salad is palatable, but what's the point when you're still starving afterward?

Sort out your prices, overhead costs, or whatever. Paying £6 for, what is basically a side salad, is unacceptable

2 by Zainul Jafferji Review source

Probably the best bang for your buck lunch spot in the City which is why I end up eating here about 4 times a week. So hard to find good healthy lunch options that keep you coming back and seeing what's new. Been to both locations and both very good.

5 by Review source

Overcooked, overpriced, everything is dry. Worst take out I have ever had. I paid 26 pounds and got a tiny meal that tasted like it was made on Wednesday and reheated on Sunday. I could have made shoes with the hake.

1 by Review source

Custom-build your salad with the app and skip the queue. Small portions but high quality ingredients. Lots of nutritional information online. For regulars like myself, a little more variety would be nice, however.

4 by Jackie Chan Review source

Amazing quality food with deep flavours belying the overall healthiness of the dishes. Great value and a thoroughly enjoyable and zero hassle experience even during busy lunchtimes. Definitely a regular now!

5 by Review source

Brilliant lunch spot where you can personalise your order in detail. You can either order in advance online or do it at the restaurant via the tablets. This is the future of healthy and personalised food.

5 by David X Review source

Quality and healthy food that is very inexpensive. The staff are also very friendly and always seem happy to help. For a quick meal that is actually health, this is one of the best options in the area.

5 by Tom Ridge Review source

A bit pricey considering the portion size, but tasty and healthy (the loyal customer card is great though as I spent a lot of money here). I love the fact that I can eat here according to my macros.

5 by Adelina Radu Review source

Fast, efficient service & health, nutritious, customisable meals. Perfect concept for people who want to eat clean & know the ingredients they're consuming.
Highly recommended!!!

5 by Review source

Used this place when I was in London and I couldn't fault the food or the service. I am just gutted that there isn't a Vita Mojo in Tyne and Wear... we have healthy people too!

5 by Gavin Liddle Review source

Love the concept. I can choose exactly what I want to eat. It counts my calories tells me how much of that is carbs protein or fat. It's fast and very tasty!!! Nice people too! :)

5 by Review source

A cosy place to have a casual lunch. The portion is relatively small, but I guess that's enough. The all the food looks really fresh and healthy. And friendly staff too!

5 by Judy Zhu Review source

I’m gluten-intolerant and have just started a low-carb diet and this place is a godsend. You can control exactly what goes into your meal and the food is really delicious!

5 by Review source

The food is ok, nothing special. A bit overpriced for what it is. Wouldn't go here often. Though if you are looking for healthy food, you'll surely find it here.

3 by Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel Review source

Never thought I'd find myself saying this but the kale salad is a thing of dreams with an amazing burst of flavours...tastes almost too good to be true.

5 by Review source

I recomand this place,food is simply delicious and staff are all very friendly and experienced,always there to help.For a healty life visit Vita Mojo!!!

5 by Review source

Healthy options, extremely convinient if you are busy, you can choose what you want to eat. It's on a slightly more expensive side for a lunch.

4 by Gyusub Chung Review source

Amazing restaurant! You can customise your food adding more of what you want and less or removing other stuff while it's not expensive!

5 by David Escobedo Review source

Delicious and yet healthy options for those who like to eat well balanced meals. Turkey meatballs is a must! Totally gluten free menu!! !

5 by Review source

Great tasting and very healthy food you can order from your desk. Chicken and avocado mash are amazing. Good for tourists near St pauls

5 by Gregory AJ Review source

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