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On arrival my family and i were greeted by a very pleasant and cheerful member of staff, who seated us with no issues at all. The meal choices we had in mind from the varied and reasonably priced menu had already been decided and we ordered without issue or effort.

The server took all the details we gave and duly repeated them back to us correctly and efficiently, ensuring all our requests were met without error. After waiting a short time (about 15 minutes or so) the starters were presented to our table speedily and politely, and we began to eat . A waitress then appeared to enquire as to whether or not we were ready for the main course to which we answered sure bring them out. The main courses were served piping hot and fresh from the kitchen, with the waitress being cheerful and informative providing the condiments that were requested promptly and accurately. After finishing our meals we lingered over a few drinks and chatted with the staff who were all willing to engage in pleasant and varied conversation, ranging in topics from local wildlife to speciality and guest beers.


There is a more than adequate play area for younger children with open viewing to watch your children while waiting for the meal. A spacious car park and easy access from the A419.

An outside area for dining on those hot summery evenings with little to no noise to disturb you.

All in all we as a group and there were at least five of us with special dietary requirements were 100% satisfied with not only our meals but the atmosphere and ambience of this lovely but out of the way establishment. I would highly recommend visiting at least once if you are a visitor to town or repeatedly if you are local i will certainly be returning not only for the food but for the company that we were given whilst dining.

Many Thanks to Matt, Bev, and the assistant manager (whos name i should remember but for the life of me escapes me for now) for making our experience a great one to remember

5 by F Pits Review source

Went to Robins Farm for a birthday meal with my partner. We booked a table on their website however had an error where it booked for the 29th instead of the 8th. Booked again for the 8th and and put a comment saying what happened and asking for the 29th date to be cancelled.
When we arrived, we were asked if we had a reservation, to which we said yes but they couldn't find it. Luckily as we were a party of 2, they got us a table very quickly.

To start we had Nachos to share which arrived very quickly to our surprise. The nachos were lovely, had a good amount of cheese, sour cream and salsa, and had just the right amount of spice.

For our mains, both my partner and I ordered the macaroni & cheese topped burger, with me asking for mine without a bun. The burger was medium rare, juicy and tasted good. The macaroni had some pulled pork mixed with it and was delicious. The chips that accompanied the burger were almost perfect, however some were overcooked.
After the starter and main course, we were both full so decided to get Robin Farm's 'Cakeaway'. We were going to try the Carrot Cake, unfortunately they were out of stock so we decided on the Red Velvet for us and the Toffee Waffle for our roomate.

All of the cake slices were enormous. The Red Velvet was delightful if slightly dry. Our roomate's Toffee Waffle cake looked gorgeous and was apparently very enjoyable.

Overall, our meal to Robins Farm was a great experience. The food was delicious and filling, the environment was welcoming and friendly. I would recommend Robins Farm for an evening meal.

4 by Review source

Came from Southampton to drop off a lorry to be repaired and decided to Google a greene king premises to aquire some nosh.
Well up came this place and as we have one in Southampton we headed to it.
First impression nice place couple of other pubs very close one being harvester.
So ordered tomato and basil soup and extra bread and for my wife she had a prawn cocktail.
Well ok hear goes soup cold, Bread ie what was supplied with the soup one small slice well you could break the plate with it !. Extra bread lovely and soft ?.
When I paid for food I had greene king vouchers and when staff looked at them she said never seen them before and took them to her boss who said we don't take them ???? So how can greene king not take their own vouchers ???.
Oh well onto carvery now, hard roast potatoes, cauliflower NO cheese and Rock hard, stuffing balls so solid broken tiles come to mind, cremation bangers in burnt bacon,ROTTEN CARROT, do I need to carry on we have been told the chef on carvery has only been on two days and is new heaven help you guys.
Another woman has just had all her money back and her drinks refunded for all her family and I was offered a free pudding oh greene king you crease me up.
Come on greene king pull your so called chefs by the balls and show how food should be cooked and served.
Your food should be as good at 8.00 pm at night as it is first cooked in the morning.
Oh and as show of my good faith i paid for all of my food and drinks and did not shout about it I politely told the staff and manager of what happened.

1 by Gary Baker Review source

Went here a few weeks ago on a Sunday. Told it would take twenty minutes to be seated. It took over forty. Ended up queing to order whilst we were waiting to be seated because that line was a further fifteen minutes. Mostly people complaining they had ordered the carvery but there was nothing left of it. This was followed by over an hour's wait. During this time someone complained that they had been there for close to three hours (one hour of which was just waiting to get their seat) and still not gotten their food. But you can't just up and leave because you pay at the till when you order. During the wait we also had to deal with two staff having some kind of personal argument across a seating area. When we got the food, some dishes were hot whilst others were barely luke warm and it was all underwhelming. Asked why it took so long to multiple staff, as did many other patrons, but all just gave insencere apologies and wouldn't give us an answer. Got desserts to go, which led to a further ten minute wait despite there being no one else to serve at the time and all the cakes already made and ready to be boxed. It seemed like they were clearly understaffed in the kitchen but overstaffed at the bar as most staff would just stand around behind it whilst only one served people.

1 by Review source

Went yesterday, I must say I'm incredibly disappointed. When trying to purchase a drink we waited like 5 - 7 mins just to have someone to serve us. Then when ready to order our food, we were left literally over 15 mins in a queue not a single member of staff willingly to serve us. Then one of the customer made a complaint to ask if we were ever going to be serve they finally did! They've not once apologied to keep us waiting. After we paid we pretty much got serve quite quickly but the food was severely over cooked and ask them to make another one it came like 5 mins after! We bought some cakeaway, we noticed the slices are getting smaller and smaller. Pretty disappointed as we paid almost a fiver per cake. I must say Robin Farm have going spiral down the hill since it first opened. It's such a shame as we're a regular every fortnightly. After two weeks and last night was the final straw. Not a single one of us enjoyed the experience dining there anymore apart from the children obviously enjoying their microwaved pizza and the play area. I very much doubt we'll be returning unless we are that desperate. To Robin Farm manager - pull up your socks and put more effort in training your staff to smile with a service. They looked miserable.

1 by Review source

Visited on a Saturday at 11.45 with my elderly mother. Ordered 2 x salmon fillets with new potatoes, hollandaise sauce, peas and side salad. The new potatoes turned out to be boiled potatoes, and one of the portions of salmon was half the size of the other with both ends absolutely rock hard and inedible (and covered up by the salad of baby leaves and bits of carrot only). I would say judging by both meals, they had been sat under a heat lamp for far too long as the sauce had a thick skin on it and the potatoes were hard on the outside. Was offered 'cake' as an apology but I don't eat cake. No doubt if I had pushed, I would have had money knocked off, but to be honest I just wanted to leave. I am sure the lady who came over to our table will mention this to the kitchen, as I could tell she felt very uncomfortable. I was extremely polite, and as I say, didn't make a fuss...but suffice to say I won't be returning! The staff behind the bar were pleasant and polite on arrival and for this reason only I will give 2 stars.

2 by Vanessa Buckley Review source

Today we went to Robins Farm to celebrate our wedding anniversary with our family, 6 of us.
We all opted for the Carvery, First in the queue was my son who opted for Pork and Beef, as he was handed his plate I joked with him that he didn't get a lot of meat. In my absolute amazement one of the staff that were carving the meat said to me 'so what do you want, the whole joint?' I was absolutely gobsmacked!! But not only that he went on to mock me to his colleague whilst I was in front of the meat counter and beyond not realizing that 4 members of my family were behind me even calling me a 'fat git' as my family informed me after we had left the building.
We did go to the Robins Farm regularly previous to this incident but be assured because I have never been so insulted in all my life there will not be another visit, I am disgusted and shocked at the way I have been treated today.

1 by Review source

Last night my family eating bill was £150.pounds for some disgusting food. The carvery was awful, veg was slimy, roast potatoes hard and dry.had to ask several times for fresh items, but still not fresh. The salad bar was far from fresh. The condiments of mustard , mint sauce was dry and mixed up with different sauces being spilt into other sauces.
The play area has seen better days. Needs a good clean and the cushioning is ripped and foam spilling out into the play area, card not working, electric sockets not protected. Dirty tv screens. The tree house has.bits missing off and some.bits left jagged.
Customer service was rubbish.
A birthday party spoilt.
Thank you robins farm

1 by Maria Lynch Review source

Usually on a Wednesday morning I and my 2 daughters come for breakfast. This time me 1 daughter and a friend came for breakfast. Unfortunately I was served my breakfast 15 mins later I had finished mine and my daughter and friend still was not served their breakfast. But on a lighter note the 2 ladies working Beverly and Jackie are run ragged and work really hard. They are both very nice ladies friendly too. The other 2 breakfasts arrived 40 mins after I had eaten mine. But they were extremely busy. The ladies couldn't be more apologetic. On a whole we enjoy Robins farm and will come back again. They have done a wonderful Halloween display also.

4 by Angela Mcgurk Review source

First and last visit, Chosen to eat the carvey, went for the beef which had no taste what so ever, the broccoli tasted like it was from frozen, the mash had the texture of hard porridge, the Yorkshire puddings where tough to eat, the gravy had no taste what's so ever, not a patch on the Toby, choose to have a desert as was still hungry from the very poor main meal, went for the lemon drizzle cake, which can only be described as dry as a cream cracker, and was sent back for a refund.. Which they did moan about doing... In my choice go to the Toby much cheaper and very very much better

1 by Cotswold Carper Review source

Good chain of food based pubs. This one is a big site, with a lot of parking and a lot of indoor seating. This is split into pub seating and family seating so you don't have to be surrounded by other people children if you don't want. There's a normal menu and a carvery menu, with three different sizes of plate. Would be handy if you could see the sizes somewhere before ordering, but I couldn't see them anywhere other than the carvery itself. Quality is decent enough, and it's all mid price, so it's a fair balance.

3 by Shaun McCran Review source

Took my little girl after school and this was our first visit. Disappointed is an understatement! Opted for the carvery and was looking forward to it. Yorkshire puddings rock hard! Meat very chewy and grissiy. Mash had a skin on it! Maybe I chose the wrong time to go - it was 15.45 and think food been stood on hot plates since lunch time rush maybe! Only saving grace was my little girl enjoyed the play area. Next time I’ll trust my instincts and stick with Toby (was more expensive than Toby too!)

1 by Denise Wilkins Review source

We've been here several times and admittedly the carvery section can be hit and miss during the week but after visiting yesterday our faith was totally restored. Really lovely veg, cooked well. The children's play area makes family dining an enjoyable experience. We were accommodated as a large group yesterday and weren't under any pressure to hurry up and leave the restaurant. As a result we stayed for 4 hours, had our meal, dessert, and drinks while the children played on the machines.

4 by Sarah Nash Review source

Very dirty and noisy. We were there recently on a Sunday evening as a family of 4. We waited about 20 minutes for a table. The queue at the bar was so big we didn't bother queuing for a drink while we were waiting.
We were taken to a table right next to the kids play area. The floor under around the table was covered in food and cutlery. We couldn't hear ourselves talk. So we left and went to a much nicer restaurant a couple minutes away where everything was 10 times better.

1 by Review source

Came on Saturday afternoon for a family tea. Beer was warm from the fridge. Our main course was served as a starter leaving my daughters meal and 1 other main to be served. 40 minutes later our food had not been served and my wife's food had gone cold. When chased no one knew where our food was. It came 45 minutes later with no explanation as to why. On top of this there were hardly any customers in. This is the 2nd time we have received service like this. We won't be returning.

1 by Review source

Came for breakfast and it didn't disappoint. All freshly cooked everything tasted amazing. I had the farmhouse breakfast and my wife and son had the giant pancakes and it was delicious. As we were the first customers everything was cooked and on the table within 10mins. This is the first time we've been for breakfast and we'll definitely be back. We've been a few times for their delicious roasts and incredible cakes cannot wait to plan our next visit.

5 by Paul Mclean Review source

Having visited in the past I can agree that on those occasions, service was slow, but today was completely different. We were seated at our table within a few minutes of arriving. Our food came within 7 minutes of ordering and our dessert arrived before my hubby came back from the bar having just paid for it. The lady that looked after us on table 49 was lovely.
The only negative was that the bar staff need to learn the art of knowing who is next

5 by Dawn Humphrey Review source

Very poor service..qued for 15mins to order food and drinks only 1 till behind bar being used... food not great chips hard ,steak overdone, peppercorn sauce bland, onion rings tasteless , waited nearly 30 mins for puddings n for table to be cleaned tgen chocolate eclair not fresh cream was squirty cream and had custard in which shouldnt be, mint madness was too creamy n not minty...but on upside sons chicken wings starter were nice.. waste of £80

1 by Review source

Not impressed with the food every time we come it gets worse and worse plus come here for the Robbie Williams night asked a month before if we could reserve a table to be told we didn't Nedd to on the night we were told we needed to reserve a table got put in the kids section to sit and listen to screaming kids all evening this is our local but will be finding somewhere else in future not impressed

1 by Review source

Absolutely brilliant place to take the family & amazing choice of food especially their desserts & cakeaway menu. Love that there is a kids play area with a variety of activities including Xbox's for the older kids. Staff are warm & welcoming & it's a very friendly atmosphere. Will definitely be going back & it is now our favourite restaurant to eat at. Highly recommend

5 by Review source

Good food fast service.
Since I wrote this review I am very sorry to say standards have dropped .We had not been for a meal for quite a few weeks because of commitments. We went on Sunday 18th Feb at 1145 and what a let down. Slow service ( not the fault of staff) veg undercooked roast spuds and parsnips undercooked gamon just about cooked not anywhere near as good as it use to be.

5 by Gerald Wall Review source

Popped in for dinner around 5pm Sunday quite quiet. I chose carvery my husband had burger. Carvery was lovely beef was cooked perfectly and the choice of vegetables was very good. Husbands burger was very good also would definitely recommend. Good value for money took puddings home with us as we were well full. And they were massive also. Will definitely be back with the family.

4 by Review source

We had a meal here this evening. The meat was to thick and to tough. The veg and gravy was cold. We sat with almost full plates infront of us . Obviously finnished for 45 minuites as i had a pint of cider to finnish and although 4 members of staff came by , not 1 cleared our table. 1 cleared a table next to us, returning to it 3 times with different things . Never came near us.

1 by Annette Wade Review source

Quite quiet when we came In I had tje carvery which had to wait for as chef was busy in the kitchen, veg very very dry lunch times I expect! Couldn't eat the Yorkshire pudding as the top was rock hard!! Slightly disappointed as been looking forward to this all day as been working and out on the road all day
Not the best today have to say x sorry

3 by Beccy Wills Review source

Food was good when we got it. Ordered 2 main meals and 2 carvery. The queue for the carvery was 15 minutes long which is to be expected of a busy carvery pub. Our other 2 mains however arrived another 20 minutes after that. Which meant the carvery meals where finished before the other 2 meals arrived! Puddings where much quicker and of a decent size.

3 by Review source

Went for the childrens Christmas party. Not enough tables set up even though tickets were required before the event so numbers known before start of the event. I've been here 5 times with my family since becoming a mum, all 5 rimes the nappy bin had been overflowing on every occasion, stinking out the place. Other than that it's great! Lol

3 by Samantha Wincote Review source

Looks like the cost cutting exercises has started, the soft drinks are only 3/4 full and when queried staff said it was the new measures. Jacket potatoe was half the size of what it used to be, virtually no cheese as well. Very dissapointed, I expect they will be losing customers at this rate. We left very dissapointed and wont be back for a while.

1 by Matt Kaye karmaan360 Review source

First time visitor today. Brought the family to eat and was very disappointed. Ignored by staff when we entered...and same staff walked round chatting while we were there...not working. Carvery was very disappointing. Meat was ok but everything else was very poor. ..overcooked veg and oily potatoes.
Definitely won't be going again.

2 by Paul Dollimore Review source

Very poor customer service waitress walked past our empty places 5 times and did not take our plates. Plates were eventually taken away once our pudding was brought out. Chocolate brownie Sunday had no vanilla ice cream and no hot fudge sauce very disappointing not worth £4.49 was a scoop of chocolate ice-cream with loads of whipped cream.

1 by Review source

Service was a bit shabby. I seated by waitress then abandoned. No explanation about weather it was table service or order at the bar.
Food was undercooked... beef definitely wasn't cooked for 14 hours. Broccoli and cauliflower was almost raw.
Pudding was amazingly large. But had no cheesecake or strawberries for Eton mess.

3 by Review source

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