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I absolutely love the Brunswick House and pop in often for coffee, informal meetings or lunch. Quite apart from the fact that the food is genuinely excellent every time, it is all ethically sourced and beautifully prepared and presented and there are always interesting and unusual options on the regularly-changed menu.

Among the finest things I have eaten at the Brunswick House are beautifully cooked salmon with clam sauce; smoked cod roe with sour-dough toast; an utterly melt-in-the-mouth piece of pork belly served with sour apple and many others. The pickled rhubarb that comes on the side of the ham hock terrine was such a brilliant addition I immediately asked for (and was given!) the recipe. Even the lovely fresh bread and butter is wholesome and delicious.

Though you are served this lovely imaginative food in often bizarre and fantastical surroundings, it never, ever feels pretentious and I love that. The staff are funny, engaging, knowledgable and friendly. The decor is ever-changing and the coffee is superb. In the often barren wasteland that is Vauxhall, The Brunswick House Cafe really shines as a haven of warmth, welcome & great food and drink.

5 by Review source

This is a fantastic place in what is a dead spot when it comes to interesting eating. The building is gorgeous; from the giant wood/glass doors that you enter through to all their reclaimed lights and furniture that fill the place and if you like anything enough you can buy it and take it home with you. Wonderful food, very British in style (or at least it was the day we went - menu changes regularly), delicious flavours nicely presented but nothing too fancy. We had 3 courses, I just managed to eat all of them at lunch should have settled for 2 really but dessert sounded (and was) too good to skip. So I'd say portions are just right but a man with a large appetite might disagree. Service was very good, and they were fully booked.

£25 for 3 courses is an expensive lunch (for me at least) but you can pay a lot more and eat a lot worse in London. So I think for what you get it's reasonably priced.

All in all a great place for a delicious yet relaxed meal with friends in delightful but unpretentious surroundings.

5 by Hannah Hope Review source

If you like chandeliers then you'll love this place - the ceiling of the main dining room has dozens of chandeliers and other interesting light fittings hanging from it - some are for sale as well (there's a sort of antiques / interior design shop attached). A wonderfully eclectic interior which I'm sure most people will enjoy, and really a very unexpected find given its not particularly glamorous location, a stone's throw away from Vauxhall station.

I enjoyed our lunch here - the gnocchi were tasty, although they do seem to be slightly of the school of cookery of making things taste good by adding lots of salt, oil and butter. They're certainly not alone in that.

The staff were very nice, the place is quite child friendly too (we weren't the only people there with young children on a Saturday lunchtime) although I noted the baby change facilities are only in the Ladies' toilets - not very 21st century! (Although, again, lots of restaurants are guilty of this).

4 by John Hawkins Review source

This would be the ideal location for a date: dark, sophisticated, luxurious and stylish. It's a really beautiful Georgian building that sells architectural bits and bobs at eye watering prices during the day - you can see some of the wares in the restaurant too, and it's fun to play 'guess how much this thing costs'. Whatever you guess, the answer will be more.

I've been three times since it opened a few years back, and each time the cooking has been better than last time. Initially it was too much ambition and not enough skill, but over time the standards have really improved and it's now very credible.

The service is slick and friendly, and the staff are every bit as hipster as the patrons, with full sleeve tattoos, ironic brogues and waistcoats in abundance.

The only thing that stops me giving Brunswick House five out of five is that it's pretty expensive. But if you want to splash out this is a good bet.

4 by Harry Brooks Review source

The end of Wandsworth Road near Vauxhall station is pretty ugly - certainly not the type of area you'd expect an eclectic bar / restaurant like Brunswick House Cafe to be hiding. I spent a few hours in the bar area which had a deliberate ramshackle appearance and not very comfy chairs, but still cosy enough. The cocktail list is pretty interesting too, although most are around the £8 mark. I went for Oh Gosh, a cocktail of rum, cointreau and lime juice that's every bit as strong as it sounds. They also do an interesting line in champagne cocktails (£10) including one blended with St. Germain. If you live or work in the area then definitely keep Brunswick House on your radar - it's a really impressive and unusual venue for evening drinks or a date.

4 by Alexandra Sheppard Review source

Staff were pleasant but service was very disorganised and bit shambolic. Venue is an interesting spot and could be good fun. My food was fine but unremarkable. That said my wife thought hers was good and worth going back for. Main issue was the service. Took forever for someome to take our order. After a long wait they came out and said that the Chef had burned the beef and it was the last one so would we pick something else. Mysteriously after making a second choice that dish appeared almost instantly making us think they just cooked the wrong thing. To top it off, when the time came to pay they told us their card machine wasn't working and could we go out to a cashpoint - something it would have been helpful to know before we ordered!

2 by Tom M Review source

Definitely the most interesting and pleasant place to get a drink in this part of town. Lassco is an architectural salvage company, but it looks like they figured out you could make more money on food and drink than architectural salvage so now you can sit in a pleasant used-industrial interior surrounded by antique coffee grinders, amp-meters and Turkish lights... From my recollection there's probably some giant apothecary chests lurking in the backrooms somewhere, enough to make any would-be apothecary go weak at the knees...

5 by Adam Connors Review source

Been to this place for a few times and I was delighted with the dinner - service & food were always good. This time wanted to give a breakfast a go.

It is not a regular English breakfast. It is something more. Much more. Even a simple dish like bacon bap consists of organic Tamworth bacon and homemade brown sauce! I went for baked eggs - Turkish style. Delicious and you can definitely feel the Turkish vibe. Servers are really attentive (that's how we found out about brown sauce!) and coffee is very good.

5 by Review source

We instantly loved the place. It feels very good inside, warm and cosy. It went even better when one of the waiters took care of us, explained us the menu and that his colleagues brought us our drinks and food. The food is delicious and they have a very nice and long selection of wines from accross the world.
We don't give it a 5 stars because of the location (the surrounding it not really exciting) and also because the size of each dish could be a bitbigger. But this is one of the best place to eat in this area!

4 by Fronck Review source

I'd been here for tea a few times for tea as I like exploring the overpriced but inspirational architectural salvage from the company in the same building (LASSCO). For tea the prices here are OK but I went to take a friend for lunch and we actually walked away as the menu had mains for around £10 each which seems way too much for the area - and for what was on offer. The restaurant was empty at lunchtime which says a lot too. Sure, it's a fun place to visit but eat elsewhere unless you have deep pockets.

2 by Laura Porter Review source

You could easily miss Brunswick House on the Wandsworth Road, in Vauxhall. It's nestled in against the St George's Wharf buildings, just by the main road heading out towards Battersea power station.

The food here is really well cooked, the menu has something for everyone. Though the interior definitely splits opinion. I find the upcycled, quirky recycled furniture a bit uncomfortable, but others I dined with fell in love with it.

Some antiques and items are also on sale here.

5 by David Marshall Review source

Delicious food, simple ingredients cooked very well! We all went for the pork with crackling and courgettes, but glad we also ordered vegetables on the side as it was needed. Cocktails were also very nice, would recommend the Pliny. The restaurant's ceiling was cool with all the lamps but the rest of the furniture was not as tasteful as I expected for such an amazing building. Looking forward to going again as the menu seems like it changes every month.

4 by Samuel Eccles Review source

Unique building in the Vauxhall gyratory mostly unknown by both locals and Londoners. Excellent restaurant and bar with friendly and charming staff. The function rooms are incredible and would make for a memorable and striking event. Linked with the antiques business next door most of the objectsbin the restaurant are for sale, including the overhead lighting consisting of 50 plus chandeliers and various retro light fittings. Go, be amazed, then go again!

5 by Guy Kendall Review source

Been to lunch several times to this place , the food is amazing. the chef is a genius. his or her choice of ingredient makes for a very memorable lunch . to top it the venue is a reclamation yard full of collectables . A dear friend has taken me many times only for me to pay by carrying some heavy lump of stone or bronze back to his place . no such thing as a free lunch ! but we have found many objects that have ended up in his courtyard or apartment.

5 by Andrew Vassallo Review source

Super quirky Oacis in the middle of Vauxhall. Recently tried the lunch menu after already knowing the place as a cafe. The food was really and truly incredible, very small plates but incredibly flavourful.
Cocktail menu also looked appetising (but it was lunchtime on a workday, so I resisted the temptation)
Totally worth stopping to grab a coffee and read a book during the day, or go for the full meal with a couple of friends or colleagues

5 by JD Mesquita Piquard Review source

Worth a visit just to see the building now there are so many skyscrapers popping up around. There's tons of antiques and curiosities on sale, though they're not cheap. In fact, it seems pretty much everything including the furniture could be sold to the right buyer. The food is very good, though once again not cheap, and the bar stocks the seldom-seen-on-these-shores strong Spanish lager Alhambra, a particular favourite of mine

5 by Iain Houten Review source

Probably great for food but coffee is awful. Asked for a flat white, got served something in a giant bowl cup - either it has four shots of espresso or the ratios are wrecked and its a big bucket of milk. Asked for a normal 6oz flat white and got another bucket of milk in a smaller 10oz cup. I like the taste of coffee, a FW is six, maybe 8, with a double shot. Giant cups wreck that. Please train your baristas.

2 by Mike MacCana Review source

part salvage, part restaurant, brunswick house looks different with each visit as all the furniture is for sale. Great cocktails, a nice sunny patio to enjoy a summers evening, sheltered from the main road noise by a large wall. The food menu changes daily and choice is limited so i'd advise against taking a fussy eater or vegetarian here to eat, but what's on offer never disappoints

5 by Jessica Love Review source

Despite this place bizarrely only selling beers in half measures and a bottle of wine being served from a tap and less than 75cl, this is really a jewel in Battersea's crown. The décor inside is fascinating (maybe due to it neighbouring a second hand furniture store) and the outdoors is enjoyable and intimate considering it sits on a busy junction. Well worth a repeat visit

4 by Ryan Kelly Review source

Came in and waited for a table - no one cane over so we asked if we should seat ourselves and were casually told that we would but an uninterested waiter. Waited at our table but no one came to serve us. Went up to order at the bar but no one came over. The place was quiet but it seemed like none of the staff could be bothered with us. We left to go for breakfast elsewhere.

1 by Hannaa Bobat Review source

Came here for brunch a month or so ago. The decor is pretty eclectic and it seems like anything and everything is for sale. If you have the money for it, old church pews and rustic chandeliers could be yours to take home after a tasty meal. The Bloody Mary or two we had with breakfast was extremely good, though a little slow in coming.

Would visit again.

4 by Martin Hutchinson Review source

If you didn't know it was here then you miss it (and if you do know it's there you can nearly get run over getting to it!) but the food is great - very different the menu is constantly changing. Personally I can find the food a bit rich so be mindful of how muc you order. Lovely atmosphere in the place with antiques and general tat knocking around

4 by Andy Tonner Review source

Given this is in close proximity to Vauxhall's dreaded grey roundabout, it's ever so pretty, and full of overpriced architectural treats for those with houses and purses deep enough to carry home the odd stone cherub or graffitied school desk. I personally don't rate the cafe that much; coffee is just OK and staff can be a little precious.

4 by Sarah Drinkwater Review source

Brunswick House is as much a museum as it is a bar/restaurant; the place is crammed with exciting and expensive antiques that can be investigated before or after consumption, depending on the time. The bar staff nonchalantly serve good cocktails in luxuriant surroundings, and waiting staff are happy to take you through the delicate food menu line by line.

5 by Paul Colpitts Review source

I had a mixture of the salads that Brunswick house offered at Frieze art fair on Saturday. I have to say this was the best food I have ever tasted. I'm 48 years old and have never experienced such a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Each mouthfull found a new treasure. I will certainly make sure I visit the restaurant

5 by Review source

Really love this restaurant. Ive lived in London for 10 years and been multiple times and its never failed me. Really tasty, well cooked food - unusual ingredients, but never pretentious. The setting is fantastic and truly unique. My friends had their wedding party here and that was also incredible. Highly recommended.

5 by Becky Rowe Review source

Opaque menu - most of it needs translating, and the dish we waited so long for (45 mins+) wasn’t adequately cooked through - had to wrestle the meet off the bone. Beautiful setting, but wish the focus was on straightforward food that tastes great. That said - loved the buffalo mozzarella and rhubarb starter...

3 by Review source

Surround yourself in vintage oppulence and be served lovingly crafted cocktails. Brunswick has an excellent constantly evolving menu of food to choose from all at prices that belie the quality of care and ingredients. With attentive lovely staff as well this place is a diamond in Vauxhall's rough.

5 by Nick Smith Review source

I adore the strange and curious mix of architectural goodies to explore - it's like stepping into another world! The food in the restaurant is also pretty decent and middling expensive (~£25 for brunch), and changes often. I've had salt beef, langoustines and mussels here at different times.

4 by Cheryl Hung Review source

Definitely the setting alone is worth the trip. It is a step back in time from the modern buildings around it.
The staff were very knowledgeable about the gourmet ,menu which was a great help as we had fun trying out new taste experiences.
But most of all the food was amazing!

5 by Review source

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