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Can't give less unfortunately.

As many say here the gym is not all bad, yes it has no TVs, its expensive, always overcrowded and something is always broken, but it is not because of the gym that they are getting a star. It's the 'Fitness First is always right' policy that they are running that irritates me.

Been living in the UK for more then 3 years and this is by far the worst customer service i have had so far.

Im halfway trough my contract and now decided to move abroad. When i wrote about cancelling my membership i was told that because its a year contract i need a plane ticket (one way ticket by the way) as proof. This was also the first time i found out that im in a year contract by the way. The person who signed me up did not mention it, because if i knew i would not have signed up since i was not planning to stay in UK.

So i got proof and gave it to a staff member in the club and i was told that it will be processed and they will get back to me. A week later i wrote to customer service and they are saying they know nothing about this and i need to send them proof as well.

On top of that, because my ticket is for september the 3rd they wont cancel august. And i cant freeze it for some reason either so i have to pay for no reason. But then i called customer service and asked to freeze it and they did so, so now i dont know what to expect because they also take more then 1 day to respond and more then 30min to answer phonecalls.

Honestly this is all a joke and at this point i have no expectations from them. If you are planning to stay in one location for at least a year and you are happy to over pay for a mediocre gym then this is the place for you.

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From the best, to the worst Gym in bath in less than 2 years!
Been using FF now for over 6 years and slowly and steadily the emphasis has gone from your personal fitness to the greed of the company.

The Bath club is over subscribed to the point where going between 4:30-7 is no longer an enjoyable experience. The equipment is regularly broke with no maintenance department to service anything. Currently the Sauna has been out of action for over 9 weeks with a different excuse every week. Last year it was no air con all summer and until last week there was no water tap in the gym during the hottest week since the 70's.

They've done away with all the club perks, all the Tvs, Sky sports etc, its now just stripped to the bare bones but still charging over £55 a month. I could go on but whats the point nothing down there will change all they care about is signing people up to 12 month contracts and pocketing the cash, no reinvestment.

There's a few good personal trainers down there but other than that this gym is not at all worth the money. If another gym opened in the area with decent equipment i expect many would jump ship!

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I have to agree with Cory below. This gym has gone from bad to worse in the last 18 months.

It is constantly overcrowded, there is always and I mean ALWAYS a key piece or several pieces of equipment broken, you can't find a locker at peak times because they're all either taken or broken, the toilets ALWAYS smell terrible and the staff don't care. Every time I arrive for a workout there is something that will annoy me about this place. Every time.

A redeeming feature is that there are some great personal trainers there. But that is down to the trainers and not the gym itself.

It is just simply not good enough to be charging premium rates for a gym that can't even meet the most basic of standards.

If you are reading this and thinking of joining, then the most plain piece of advice I can give you is DON'T.

Don't take my word for it though by any means. Just book a walk-around appointment and see how many 'OUT OF ORDER' signs you can spot. Trust me, you won't have enough fingers to keep count...

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Agree with the other reviews that this is too busy with too little equipment to be enjoyable for much of the time even outside the obvious peak times. Which makes the price a bit toppy.

Not helped by much of the male clientele being the kind who spend too much time in the gym and much of the time they spend there sitting on the equipment, on their phones and chatting.

Too few free weighs and equipment generally. The markings on some of the free weights and weight machines have rubbed off. Given that the kit should be inspected for safety periodically this is poor reflection on both the manager and area manager.

Otherwise pretty much as expected from a mid market gym.

On the plus side the showers and changing rooms are clean and without the resident mould you get at most Virgin Active Gyms.

I’ll report back if and when I find somewhere better in central Bath!

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Never particularly liked the gym itself, it has most of the equipment one would need but is very busy at peak times, the toilets are vile, I didn't find the staff particularly friendly but generally just had a work out and got out -the biggest issue I had was in cancelling, membership, it took a number of phone calls and emails to do it in the first place though then I received an email after leaving that I had outstanding fees, then I called a number of times again and was told I would be emailed a response which never came, I called a few more times and was told it was resolved and nothing to worry about, then a month later I received a letter from some debt collecting company that I had outstanding fees, so I called head office and explained to them and they said 'we can only apologise', I'm sure you could do more, if I was this incompetent in my job I wouldn't have the job anymore!

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I used to be a member there for many years, mainly using it for yoga classes. However, last August, whilst in a yoga class, I was racially abused by another member. I reported it to the front desk, filled in an incident report, reported it to the head office (and cancelled my membership), and called the Police.
The Police dealt with it as well as they could, they told me that the gym didn't deal with this case as they should have done at the time. Nobody from the gym has at any time contacted me or followed up the report, as if this kind of incident was a norm there.
I have since found a wonderful yoga studio (Yoga Bodhi), which is very clean, very friendly, with fantastic variety of yoga classes, and most of all, whose members are much more civilised. All that is completely opposite to the all the standards at Fitness First Bath!

1 by Anna Morgan Review source

Fitness first.. is the worst!

Words can not express how disserpointed i was with fitness first.. not only do they headlock you into a contract for a year.. with no ability to 'tap out' of your contract.. and the gym its self is dark, small and crampt.. the people are unwelcoming.. the staff just expect you to 'get on with it'.. with no proper induction providing i had no gym experience previously. Although.. they would known that if they got the chnace to build a rapport and discuss physical status.. like most gyms would.
Overall a VERY dissatisfying experience.. good luck to who ever goes there.

However, since then i have joined a good gym.. no contract.. nice people and lots of space.

#Goodnight Fitness first
#notogymcontracts.. They will ruin you.

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I joined this gym whilst I was at university, given the information that I would be able to cancel my contract if I needed to. Unfortunately, I dropped out of university and went back to live at home and thus tried to cancel my membership. I was told over the phone that there would be no problems in cancelling my membership and I'd just need to pay a final cancellation payment.

However, I have now been charged for another payment. When investigating the error, I was rudely informed by Head Office that it 'was not their problem' and that no refund would be given despite being told otherwise.

I hope that Fitness First can invest some of the money they are wrongly keeping into more thorough skills and interpersonal training for the staff.

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I came to use only the pool last night and I couldn't believe the price it is an ABSOLUTE RIPP OFF I had to pay 15£to go and swimming for45 minutes he did say I could use the Gym as well but I am ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERESTED in the gym. We are a group of live-in carer in Bath and we never know for how long we are there so no use to pay for a membership either so it was the first and the last time I visited fitness first and I have just been told that there is a pool by the university of Bath that costs only3£ evenwith the bus fair still cheaper than 15£

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Very homely feel, staff are excellent, service is top notch. Only failing is that the range of facilities seem to suit more those of the public whom want to body building than those who want to keep fit.
Comment to Fitness First Bath
Its suppose to be a fitness centre not a body building gym. Facilitate the centre properly. And Please Please just get that engineer in to fix the sauna and steam room the excuses have been going on for way too long now

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Ridiculously expensive for what it is. Equipment is worn out, clearly hasn't been updated in a very long time. The best part is that you can't even ever get on any of the equipment because the gym is always so busy it's basically shoulder to shoulder with people in there. It's deceptively small too, they really haven't utilised the space like they should have. Very easily the worst gym I've ever been too, avoid at all costs.

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Having joined this gym as I needed one in bath, have to say I have never been so disappointed in a gym in my 4+ years training.
Not enough equipment for the amount of members, space not utilised well and weights are NEVER put away or in the right place. Equipment is outdated and the toilets are disgusting, half the lockers never work. Would never reccomend this gym to anyone serious about training

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do not join this gym they will scam you out of your money, i have an on going injury and they told me when i joined if it flared up again i would be able to cancel my membership, when this happened i called them, sent them my doctors letter and they are refusing to cancel my membership, i have been paying for months now £40 a month to not even be able to go! DO NOT JOIN!

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Good gym but a little small, so it can get very busy. The staff and trainers were very helpful too. However, when I tried to cancel my membership the online customer services team was incredibly unresponsive and I ended up paying for 3 months when I wasn't even using the gym - hence the two star review. Be careful if you join here.

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It may be a bit on the expensive side, but it's worth it. The gym is never too busy and the equipment is good. The classes are also really good, namely the FGT Core, and the swimming pool, sauna and steam room are amazing. A great gym to start the day or end it. The staff are also lovely.

5 by Joe Capper Review source

Great gym and good price per month. But it really does feel like you have to be in with the gang to get anything done there. Nearly every session I tried to join on I couldnt because the regulars all get there first. I think there should be a better system

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The gym is fine, it just suffers from large groups hogging heaps of equipment at one given time. Some times I'm unable to do anything on the muscle category I'm training that day, I expect it's first time resolutions sort of thing.

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Alright gym, but hardly any equipment compared to others I have been to. The classes are really good, but slightly intimidating. Didn't get any induction when I first joined, and think the price is way too expensive on £45 for a student.

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Staff very detached and seem unconcerned when things are wrong. Machines are often broken and popular machines like bikes and rowing machines are, like the pool, very busy. Showers not particularly good

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Terrible standards of maintenance. Equipment and facilities often out of order for months. Little real commitment to customer care little real interest in customer experience. Not good value.

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When things break, they fix em. When stuff is overused, they get more. After seeing loads of gyms through the years, this crew do a pretty good job of keeping it well maintained (mostly!)

4 by David Moore Review source

Very very busy during peak times. Very very very over subscribed, am told quantity of members is 4 figures... Not well maintained and not a gym for anyone serious. Going down hill fast.

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The gym is not very nice for what it is worth and more than a sports center it looks like a posture center. The girls go to make up. There are many better places in Bath

1 by Susana Marzal Peñas Review source

Good selection of equipment and quite a lot of space. Can get very busy at peak times but I've been going here for a few months and its great

4 by Léon Cieslik Review source

Good gym but terrible customer service. I was charged for 2 memberships and trying to reclaim the money I was overcharged is almost impossible!

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Excellent range of equipment and facilities. Good range of squat racks and benches. Multiple rooms for classes. Does however get extremely busy

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Very big and clean gym with a large swimming pool where there are kids lessons as well. The only think are the changing rooms too cold

5 by Fausta Sorvillo Review source

New app makes it impossible to get into lunchtime & afterwork classes without booking weeks in advance...nice gym but huge shame

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Great gym with a wide range of equipments for weightlifting, cardio, spinning & they have a nice 4-lane swimming pool.

4 by Slocum L Review source

A quite nice gym in Bath city centre, including a pool and steam room too! With fitness classes for you to choose and join.

4 by Caleb Wong Review source

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