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Not a bad hotel, but in need of some TLC. Yes the hotel has a dated feel to it, but that is Britannia Hotels - the idea is that the hotels have an 'art deco' feel. If you don't like this kind of thing, I'd seriously suggest a Premier Inn or Travelodge instead.

The main problem with the hotel is that it the carpets and wallpaper need replacing. The carpets are worn, both in the rooms and in communal areas. The carpet in my room was stained too, with what looked like very old wine stains. The wallpaper looked a tad grubby, just showing signs of age. The window was open slightly and wouldn't open or close (with a notice taped to the window advising not to use). It wasn't a problem as the room was warm so it did let some air in.

Another problem is that the bed was rock hard, like sleeping on a table, as the mattress was incredibly firm. The bathroom was not bad, and was actually very modern in appearance, a stark contrast to the rest of the hotel. Everything worked, and the shower ran fine.

Staff were very friendly (even if the receptionist sounded like a Bond villain when we arrived... 'we've been expecting you!'), not a problem there. We opted for the buffet breakfast (£10 with the room, so not bad given there were three of us). Plenty of choice - cereals, fruit, yoghurts, toast, Full English - and was very nice, hot, and well stocked, quickly replenished when required.

On the whole it was ok, and it did the job. Would I stay again? Not sure, the Travelodge around the corner is much nicer and we only booked here due to lack of availability elsewhere. And beware - a Sea View room doesn't guarantee a full sea view! We could see the sea, but was difficult as a tree and another hotel were in the way.

3 by Review source

The hotel was cheap and cheerful and crap. But I would still go back.

The free wifi was by far the best part of the stay. You need to pay £3 per day parking if you require parking at the start of your stay, however there was never any spaces to park in and no chance of a refund.

Hotel was in a great location, near the beach and near the town centre. We stayed room only and from what we saw the food looked poor and overpriced at £10 ph for breakfast.
The Weatherspoons breakfast 5 minutes walk away was by far better quality and value.

I liked the whole art deco theme and decor of the hotel, however it was quite poorly maintained. The plumbing in the place was diabolical, constantly too hot as Radiators and pipes in the room got hot even when switched off, and the toilet needed to be pumped to flush. I also cannot say it was the cleanest hotel I ever stayed in, but I bet the poor chamber maid is only given 5 minutes per room.

By far the biggest problem for me was that the lifts, only took 2 people at a time. I have mobility problems and struggle with stairs, so checking in at the same time as a coach load of seniors with suitcases was a nightmare. I had to climb the stairs to the third floor with a suitcase or I would still be waiting in the queue for the lift queue now.

Like I said great location, good price, quality reflects the price. Beats camping anyway.

2 by Lynne Horton Review source

Me and my partner have just done a night stay iam very disappointed with the service there was a argument between a couple after going to receptoon the night porater inform myself and my partner that it would be sorted shortly after I heard them talking to the man in question and it all went quite than he started again by kicking the door in all because I never went bk down to the reception area I had no sleep unfortunately iam night shift and had 2 loose a night pay because people have 2 take there agreements away or Purley can't handle there drink when speaking to the manager this morning he said Purley what do you want me to do he said he could give me a free meal if we go back oh well no thanks i would step foot in that place again it proves what kind of people they allow in there hotel

1 by Review source

Room was lovely with sea view. I had to wait over ten minutes to check in while a bunch of staff just sat and stared at me through the office door while one man rushed around trying to take bookings and man phones. I have an allergy to dust and had to take antihistamines the whole time as the lamps and furniture was dusty even after room was serviced. I asked to pay access to leisure facilities and was unable to do so and instead of being able to to add items to room bill as i have at every other hotel i was made to pay up front for accommodation and parking. For room only good value for money if you dont have any expectation and don't mind being treated as if you have offended staff with your presence. Will not be visiting again as I was traveling alone on business will not be recomending to others.

2 by Review source

Arrived very late ~1am and thankfully they had a room available when no other places had vacancies after searching all afternoon and night. The room was adequate, the staff friendly and helpful. Bed was perhaps a bit firm but clean and tidy, bathroom was clean aside from the shower fittings which looked to have quite a few water marks and may not have been thoroughly cleaned since the last guest. The bath/shower itself was otherwise perfectly clean. Room (123) had a light switch but it didn't appear to have an overhead light it connected to leaving the switch doing nothing. I suspect it was connected to a lamp in the corner which looked to be unplugged but given the late hour I didn't bother investigating since I was going straight to bed anyway.

3 by Review source

After reading some of the reviews before we went to this hotel with National Holidays last Monday we were not looking forward to going. After staying there until Fri l can't understand why people were complaining so much about it.
Our room and bathroom was clean with fresh towels every day albeit a bit too warm and couldn't regulate the radiator but we left the window open all the time and it was fine.
The food was fine with lots of choice at breakfast and a varied menu in the evening.
The staff were very helpful and sorted a problem out straight away for our friends after experiencing noisy neighbours in early hours of the morning.
Perhaps some people were unlucky but it was fine for us and would certainly go again

3 by Andrew Wilson Review source

The rooms were dated, windows and radiators did not work and there was a lack of cleanliness we had sand in the bed even though we had not visited the beach yet. The clean towels were dirty before we used them the toilet was dirty on the outside there was lime scale and mould in the shower cubicle. Before I could use the bath I had to clean scum out of it. There was limited choices of buffet food although the menu stated a selection of desserts there was only one at a time and no one highlighted the fact there was a lunch carvery available on the Sunday so we missed out on that. The WiFi although available would not connect. The views were nice if we went out of the hotel and when it rains there is no entertainment so boring if stuck in.

2 by Review source

mould in room, stains on carpet and on sofa, ripped chairs, paid for double room got two singles beds, toilet seat slid all over place, basin coming off wall, 2 lights out of 5 worked in bathroom, shaving foam on bathroom ceiling, had to go and buy cleaning wipes to clean room all wipes ended up black, broken tiles, parking is horrendous its cheaper to park on side of road, evening meal was bland and the mince stuck together, plates dirty, waiter looked like he just got out of bed with clothes on, breakfast was ok.
checked out no smile from man on reception or have a nice day or did you enjoy your stay nothing, lift takes 2 people and 1 bag only with a squeeze take the stairs.

1 by Review source

Staff are guarded... They get a lot of abuse here so it may take effort to form a relationship with them but it is worth the effort. Unfortunately it's predominantly a stag and hen hotel, hence the low overnight price but expect noise, selfish fellow patrons and drunken / rowdy behaviour.
The decor is dated, the soundproofing is non existent and the room doors do not meet current fire regulations as they aren't fire doors and they don't fit fully into the frames to form a seal.
We did query with management and the answer was... If you want a better standard of stay pay the extra £20-£30 pounds per night and book their sister property the Royal Bath. We'll be trying there next time.

1 by Brent Sharp Review source

I stayed there Tuesday and Wednesday 12 - 13 August 2014 room 422 room was too hot as no air con.
The breakfast was stone cold and that was at 07:30 when it opened its doors the same goes for the evening meal as well.
I think it needs to closed down in the winter and be completely re renovated right out inside and out more so inside with air con rooms. Plus also sorts the lifts out ok, for one person in em.
We need to send the hotel inspectors in but other then that a had a good 2 days away the best place to go at night is the casino or the irish pub 10 minute walk away.

P.S. don't stay out too late your be locked out and your card key won't work.

2 by Review source

HORRENDOUS.....this is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, I have 3 pages of complaints about this AWFUL hotel, so I will just mention a few...
We were in a superior room, (I wouldn't have let my dogs stay in the standard rooms) The food was like slop and gave me and my friend upset stomachs. The room, 3 legged chair, curtains held up with blu tac and often came off, filthy bath, bare wires showing, heating off during day, dirty pool, to mention a few. Staff dismissive, unhelpful, when I complained to the manager, he said 'well leave then', I could go on and on and on. PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THIS HELL HOLE, YOU WILL BE SORRY :(

1 by Review source

Knew we had a dog yet put on 3rd floor. Stained carpet, dirty toilet. No wifi access
Reception were helpful & moved us to better room
Housekeeping virtually non existent. Room not cleaned or made up properly.....daily
Shower was good but leaked into room below. Needed repairing. Wanted to move us again or use shower in different room
Very small tv in room.
Lifts very small & grubby.
Reception area not well presented though staff at reception did try to help.
Outdated & very tired & overall a big disappointment.
Could be a good hotel if care & attention were given & money spent.

1 by Review source

Good if your requirement is simply a roof over your head, and a bed. The room decor was very dated but clean, unlike many public areas of the hotel which looked neglected. Food tasted ok but was limited in range and very 'school dinner' in its serving and presentation. Breakfast was abandoned - far too many items missing (run out) had caused large queues to form and no indication that replacement food was coming was given. Early check-out time a bit of a negative point, but now I'm just being fussy. On the whole a pleasant stay, with no MAJOR problems, and what I'd expect for the price - however I wouldn't come again.

1 by Matthew Scrivin Review source

The hotel car park is too small they seem to charge you for everything £3.00 per night for parking in their car park and I was horrified when they said we would have to pay to use the swimming pool and towels I can understand this if I was not staying at the hotel for my husband and son to swim would cost £8.00 I have stayed in lots of hotels with swimming g pools and none of the have every charged
The Breakfast is very basic and not much choice we stayed there one night
The room was clean and so was the bathroom
The staff could have been more helpful and friendly not sure o would stay there again

3 by Review source

Simple hotel would improve the WiFi

Well located near the beach and a step away from downtown

Breakfast and dinner varied. Miss some fruit at breakfast and hot milk, and another variety at dinner salads. The set I have to emphasize that it was good varied at an interesting price

All charming, friendly and efficient staff

The facilities and the rooms although they had their time, were nice, (the bathroom a little small ...)
The room ... Beautiful! Luminous and big ... very big!

Overall I liked the stay
It can be repeated

3 by Review source

Lower rooms smell of damp.
Higher rooms are really hot even with Windows open way to turn the radiator down and no fan either. Four nights of hardly any sleep due to heat.
I didn't eat there but work colleagues said it was OK but catch it early as the don't keep the buffet well stocked.
A lot of youngsters stay there and few times IV stayed there have been woken early hours to screaming and shouting and once even 3 cop cars.
Digs are cheap and your close to wetherspoons.good sometimes for cheap digs for work.I stress sometimes.

2 by Adrian Taylor Review source

Run-down and dingy, not very clean. Shower curtain was changed upon request, but not the mildew on the shower wall. Not enough outlets - had to unplug much needed fan to plug in laptop or cell phone charger. No A/C - so even when cool outside it gets quite warm in the room.

MAJOR COMPLAINT: smoking, which is illegal in this hotel, is tolerated - even when the smoke permeates other guest rooms. After lodging multiple complaints with the management and receiving no satisfaction, I cancelled the remainder of my stay and went to a much nicer hotel.

1 by Review source

You get what you pay for. It was clean and comfortable. Stayed two days clean towels both days but tea coffee etc. was not replenished on day two. Also parking is terrible, had to use their sister hotel down the road as an overflow carpark...hate to see what it's like during peak season. And I think it's cheeky to charge parking separate when they can't guarantee parking! To be fair, I don't expect anything more with Brittannia....stayed at lots of Brittannia hotels all over the UK and you do get what you pay for!

3 by Max Lee Review source

Service was fine, but our first room had no lights working, so we had to go back down to reception to get a key for a different room. The second room, the bathroom was *tiny*, and although everything was clean and nothing was falling apart, it was all a bit faded and would benefit from a refurb.

They provided a kettle, fan and electric heater in the room, which was good, plus the room was really cheap. Given the price, it almost could have been four stars, but we had to park nearby 'cos the car park was full.

3 by RiCo Review source

It is not the best hotel to be in. for those who want comfort and silence, without doubt that is far behind. There is the sound of the corridor as well as other guests. There are no sockets on the nightstand to charge the electronics. The sink is inside the room and therefore, the rest of the toilet is in the own division. the light from the bedroom is closer to the window rather than the middle. the room has carpeted which makes it stained. And it is not a hotel for those who have physical limitations, such as wheelchairs

2 by Ana Sofia Santos Review source

Worst hotel I've ever seen:
Lack of parking spaces in the area and how it already charge
No one at the front desk in the back seat
1 passenger elevator or a lift for disabled people
White color yellow was replaced here
Pool Lord have mercy course closed
Great views if someone loves branches and blocks
The level of standard hotel workers is lower pazymiechy QWA
Overall rating - total bottom!
Avoid, for similar money you can find something better

1 by Review source

Terrible, no internet service in the room. The elevators sound like they're going to break down any second. Had to change rooms three times. Mould is in everyroom. Had no soap. There was someone's used soap bar in the shower (had to tell them twice and it took an hour to get soap). Beds are uncomfortable and sketchy. The closets(wardrobe) stink. Room 207 stunk of cigarettes. Room 227 was full of mould and stank. Room 205 is alright, still mould.

1 by Review source

What a dump,
I don't think the smoking ban has reached this part of the world. Thye even supply ashtrays in the bedrooms.

Stained carpets, windows that don't work fully and you can't open...burnt plastic around the windows where people have stubbed their fag ends out..then left the smouldering stubs on the ledge.

We did not even stop, I looked in three different rooms...all the same crap standard.

1 by Review source

The worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Rooms dated and dirty. Lifts not bigger enough to fit a pram in. They had 2 highchairs one high chair was broken so was unable to feed my baby. My partner nearly hurt himself as his chair was broken. Went to complain no one cared, all staff were miserable and openly said it was a rubbish place to work. Had booked for a weekend but could only stand one night. Couldnt wait to leave.

1 by Review source

The Britannia hotel in Bournemouth was an average hotel. The price was alright after comparing other hotel prices (£92 Friday's-Sunday)
The hotel was dated, furniture a bit old and the room generally just a bit 'dull'
Alright for the money

3 by Holly Johnson Review source

Stayed in the penthouse and it was mostly great. Good views and lots of space. Some technical issues with switches and lights however time spent was still overall enjoyable. Sheets and towels were clean as expected. However carpet and couches did smell a bit like cigarettes. Could do more with technical checks every quarter to ensure everything is in working order. Also a little more work on the cleaning end.

3 by Review source

Absolutely shite! Room stank of piss, carpets covered in stains. Chairs were broken and filthy. Toilet roll holder broken, bed was like sleeping on a slab of concrete. Lifts were tiny and stank of fart. Nowhere to park. Definitely won't be staying there again. Very over priced. The furniture looks like it came out of a skip. Crap TV. Rubbish WiFi. The staffs English was extremely poor too.

1 by Review source

Positives. Great location, parking, good size bedroom and bathroom.

Negatives, not very clean room, carpet needed hoovering, dirt on the socket's. The hotel need updating, the decor is very tired and the carpets on the stairs are thread bare.
Saying all that, the price was £60 for the night. Not expensive but, I still don't accept that hygiene to be neglected.

2 by J Currington Review source

Small room. Shower extractor unfit for purpose. Shower curtain is blown out of the cubicle by water pressure and floods the bathroom floor ( a known fact as they posted a sign to say that the floor may be wet) Room is very cold and would suffer in the colder months. Staff unfriendly. Car park too Small, may need to use hotel parking across the road! not great value for money.

2 by Review source

The room is OK to me clean But no soundproofing at all!The most insufferable thing is the loud noises from people knocking on their friends doors lushing the doors AND people shouting jumping running in the corridor .It feels like they are knocking on my door AND these people who stay here dont have manners at all. It starts from 6 lasts for a hour.

1 by Review source

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