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34-36 Bank St, Belfast, BT1 1HL

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Ate here in Belfast last night and was really disappointed with the service. Won't be returning again. Booked a table for 9pm for a party of 4, and we were left sitting/standing beside the toilets for 15 minutes until a table cleared with no apology about the wait. The tables to the right and left of us ordered after us and were served their food before us. Three of our mains were brought out, and we were waiting then for 5 minutes on the fourth main to come out meaning our own food had became cold. The tables to the right and left of us were constantly getting water refills, and we had to ask for water refills 4/5 times without it being offered. Spoke to the manager who 'apologised if you feel that way' and offered no sign of compensation/ complimentary services for the terrible but expensive experience we had. Definitely, DEFINITELY won't be returning nor would I recommend this place.

1 by Review source

Good seafood, service a bit chaotic. 1 Heverlee beer ordered but 2 brought. Was not taken off the bill though we sent it back. We didn't notice because at end of meal when we asked for the check they crossed out the 'service not imcluded' and added on their own 10 pct. I brought this to their attention and was told this normal. However I asked another table who just got their bill and it not normal as they didn't have it crossed out. That said they did themselves a disservice as we normally leave 15 to 20 pct tip when it not included. Seems only for tourists. Good meal but this left a bad taste in our mouth. So yes the food was good, but I felt tricked at the end of meal.

4 by Review source

Mourne offer a direct to home service which is extraordinarily good. I'd placed an order for stuff including dressed crab for my sister as a birthday present. They contacted me the day before the order was delivered to say the bad weather had prevented crabs being landed and asked whether I'd like a refund or for them to replace with other products. The fish they added to the order was well and above the value of the original order.
I work in Customer Experience and Mourne Seafood have just delivered a world class example of how to deliver a great customer journey! We will certainly be using you again and recommending Mourne to our friends and family in Ireland.

5 by Review source

Delightful place. The staff were efficient and effective but polite too.
The Popocini peppers stuffed with crab meat that I had as a starter took me very close to the third heaven (I came again ... 2 years later ... and had them again!.. So much wow!!!)
This time I tried the roasted fillet of monk fish. Exquisite taste. Healthy portion control.
I loved the whole 'first-come-first-served' vibe.
I don't know what I was expecting but I suddenly view potatoes, bread and even tagliatelle as seafood. I guess presentation affects perception.
My host recommended this restaurant and so did Google Maps!

5 by Åkpö Gårenssøn Review source

Popped in late in lunch service and got a table straight away. Had crab claw starters and seafood casserole main. My wife had squid starter and crab linguine main. The food was fantastic. Very tasty and just the right size portions. For a seafood restaurant the prices are very very good, with wine, water, assorted bread and an espresso we thought it was exceptional value. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. Crab claws can not be eaten with any elegance whatsoever, so sorry about the mess.

5 by Matt and Lottie Review source

It is very rare that I review a restaurant 5/5, but I think the Mourne Seafood Bar deserves it. Whilst visiting a friend, I mentioned that I was going to Belfast for work & he told me to check out Mourne. A great recommendation it was too! My starter was a Pepper stuffed with Crab meat, which was simply superb (quite hot though!). The main was a Sole-like flatfish that I ha never heard of before, covered in sauce and mussels. It too was excellent. All in all, the best seafood I think I have ever eaten!

5 by Michael Warner Review source

We had a great visit. We came a bit early. They asked us to return after an hour. When we came back a second time, they promptly sat us and brought out a menu. The staff were very knowledgeable about each product we asked about. The waiter made a number of fantastic suggestions that proved mouthwatering delicious. They have a great bar selection. The bathrooms were especially clean. Mourne Seafood Bar does make sure that it is accessible for everyone.

5 by Oski Nathon Review source

Great place for seafood. I visited twice and would happily go back again. Service is friendly and attentive, even when it gets busy (which it does, booking advisable). I had an excellent fish special in one visit, and the fish fingers on another. Both had a different twist on a traditional recipe with some new and different flavours but it worked really well.

Wine list was solid, and they also have cocktails. Beer list isn't great.

4 by Rob Garrett Review source

I don't understand the great rankings. The food tasted okay. The Chowder was not salty enough and for 4,50£ a cup, it is very small (see picture). The Casserole was okay, too. But there were no shrimps, prawns, lobster or cuttlefish...just normal fish with potato and some mussels for 12,95£ at the lunch time. The toilets were dirty and the light in the restaurant is very bad. One customer even used his phone light to see the menu better

2 by Anastasiya Broytman Review source

I love this restaurant! You will need to book if your planning to go fri-sun as that's how busy it gets! They always have a special on which is the catch of the day. Everything on the menu is tasty, the mussels are my fav!
Seafood risotto was amazing! Not bad priced either for the quality of food. They also have the original restaurant out in Co.Down which does have more fresh off the boat seafood.

5 by Pela Mcdougall Review source

Service was terrible in this place .didn't even get greeted really at door was just told to follow him to the smiling no hello how are you? Then waited for 15 mins to be asked for a drink I would get over it if they were busy but they weren't . And when I asked what a certain thing said in the menu I was made to feel stupid for daring to ask such a question .the food was really nice though

3 by Review source

The best place to have seafood in Belfast! All the fish is fresh from the day and the food is really nicely prepped and delicious. Their seafood chowder is very creamy and rich, the mussels in white wine and garlic are always perfect and their fish is delight-full. It always goes really nice with a fresh glass of portuguese white wine. Better book your visit in advance because is quite popular and busy.

5 by Maria Figueiredo Review source

My mate and I ordered clam chowder at same time as our wives ordered other dishes. Mine came out but no one else's. I asked why the server said it was because we split the bill so have to prepare separately. His came out 10 mins later with wives order. Mates looked a lot chubbier. Maybe I got the last of an old batch. Wife said mushu peas were cold and hard . Other than that food good.

3 by Review source

Starter's lovely, The mains not great I got fish tagliatelle not much fish just more of soup , my partner got hake was nice but other things on the plate were cold , desert was lovely , The staff pleasant ,As we were stuck for time we did not raise the issues with the mains , I have been here a few times and I will be going again, If you visit you should reserve a table

3 by Review source

We had a very good time there, the food was just excellent: the oysters japanese style were just as good as original, the mussels were perfectly cooked and the fondant au chocolat was delicious. Bad point is we had to wait for 15 minutes to be seated because they don't accept the reservations for lunch. So I recommand you either get there early or book for dinner.

4 by Christopher Hazemann Review source

Personally I'm a seafood lover and have rather high standards for seafood and this place delivered perfectly. The oyster Rockefeller was delicious and even my girlfriend(who doesn't normally like oysters) loved it. The pasta was firm and the seafood chowder was packed with delicious bits of seafood. Overall, really nice place and will definitely come again!

5 by Zachary Chua Review source

Very tasty food and wonderful service. Small place but we got seated right away. Order seafood. Oysters are local and very fresh, and huge. Seafood chowder is some of the best we ever had. And main course fish dishes... yum. Prices are pretty good. Three starters, three mains and three drinks ran us about 90 pounds. Recommend seafood casserole (picture below).

5 by Review source

Our group enjoyed a very tasty meal in this small restaurant. The service was good, and all of the dishes were cooked perfectly. The salt and pepper squid to start was particularly nice, and it was very nicely spiced. We all enjoyed the restaurant, including the member of our group that did not eat seafood (they enjoyed a perfectly cooked steak).

5 by David Thomas Review source

If you love seafood this is the place to go in Belfast for the best, their mussels in garlic and cream are to die for..........and lump of crusty bread makes sure you don't miss any of the sauce!!!!!!!!! There is plenty to choose from the menu and washed down with local beer if you of my first stops in Belfast for lunch

5 by Review source

Finally made it in for lunch after trying and failing to walk in for dinner on several occasions. They don't accept reservations for lunch and we were seated immediately. Fantastic food (fish and chips and seafood chowder were especially delicious) and great service to boot. We'll be back!

5 by Lee Nathan Review source

Excellent tonite both of us enjoyed it and also club. Lovely coctails. Been there 8 times now over 6mths never dissappointed and we all enjoy friendship and hospitality. We had a special celebration anniversary dinner for us and our golf club dinner. Thank you so much ... love .. rita newberry

5 by Review source

Bit of a (delightful) surprise. This is easily one of the best seafood restaurants I've ever eaten at -- and I'm from the West coast of BC, so it's a strong comparison group. Some of the best mussels I've ever eaten... Reservations recommended, this place is busy.

5 by Michael Kehl Review source

Really great seafood in belfast. Whole fish of the day worth a try. Seabass, crab and oysters are highly recommended. People are nice here. They always be prepared before you ask. But need to book a table early when you plan to have a dinner out coz they are really busy at night time.

5 by Winston Asingioro Review source

Thoroughly enjoyed our lunch today. Although my husbands choice was great( seafood chowder and prawn&chorizo risotto) i so enjoyed my beer battered oysters followed by spicy fish fingers. Yummy ! Still one of my favourite restaurants in Belfast and has never disappointed.

5 by Review source

Always good, one of my favourite restaurants in Belfast. If you get the timing wrong you’ll have a long wait for a table.
All the fish is good. Served up with good wine or beer. Excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere.
Great pint of Guinness, always crucial.

5 by Paul Bannon Review source

Fantastic local sea food cooked excellently and all at low prices for the quality of the food. Service is fast and highly friendly even during a packed lunch time. Beer selection could be wider to match to the food more thoroughly (as the wine menu does).

4 by chris smith Review source

I've been in mourne sea food belfast plenty times and love the atmosphere. I would highly recommend! The food is so fresh and the staff are very helpful! I have also bought fresh fish from their shop and it was the nicest salmon I've ever had!

5 by Review source

Really lovely food and waitstaff. Able to be seated on a busy evening even though I didn't have a booking (don't recommend that, book in advance). Would definitely eat here again. I ask my waitress for suggestions and she was spot on.

5 by Eric Dickinson Review source

Poor service, small portions and sub par taste. I tried 2/3 appetizers (the 3rd was sold out), they were all less than appetizing. My entree wasn’t fabulous either. I expected a better experience from a restaurant that requires reservations.

3 by Review source

Lovely food . . BUT . . to be told after i paid my bill by card, that they had added 'a tip' onto the total . . without asking me . . i tip quite often here and there, but just for the arrogance of that, i wont be going back

2 by Review source

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