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3 Barking Rd, London, E6 1PW

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Food was good however the customer service was appalling. I went to Fatboyz to meet friends, however I wasn't going to sit and eat. Instead I wanted takeaway for myself and the missus. So I telephoned the restaurant to order my takeaway. I was told to wait a few minutes because they were busy. I waited and waited, it got to more than 5 minutes before I hanged up! I can wait a few minutes but not longer than 5 minutes and be forgotten about. So I hanged up and made my way to the restaurant to order in person and see my friends.

When i arrived an English/European lady took my order over the counter. She said my food will take 15 minutes before it's ready. She looked so zoned out and didn't look like she was with it. I was going to pay with card but unfortunately they did not accept card. There was another gentleman in the back who confirmed the same and appeared to be the business owner.

I asked how long they had been running for and they don't accept card? At which point he, the business owner replied; for over a year in a disgruntled manner. So I paid in cash. I repeatedly said to the lady and the gentleman that although I will sit down with my friends who are already eating I will be taking my food home as takeaway.

Almost 30 minutes had passed and I was still waiting for my food. I got up to ask how long it will be. The lady pulled my food out from under the counter. I asked why I was not called when my food was ready? The gentleman said 'oh I thought you were sitting down'. I couldn't understand what he meant or what he was implying... as far as I'm concerned my food was ready long time ago and even after telling them that it's take away neither the woman or the man behind the counter decided to call me. So upon checking my order I realised a burger was missing. I asked the lady where the burger I had ordered was? She was quick to tell me I had not ordered it!!? I was so annoyed. It explains why she was not paying attention when she took my order and I've had to wait even longer for my food whilst it gets cold.

The chef at the back saw how frustrated and angry I was and reassured me my gormet burger will be ready in 3 minutes. So I waited and it was ready pretty quickly. As a good will gesture the chef offered me a free drink which was nice of him.

Sorry but this is my first experience at this outlet and it was a very good experience. Props to the chef though he saw my concern from a mile off. Sorry this deserves a 1 star rating. I may change it in the future if I visit again.

1 by Khalid Malik Review source

I reserved a table today for iftar. The bimboo/server was lost in her own world, she forgot to process our order to the chefs, she forgot to serve us water upon two requests. Finally, water came in 20 minutes after iftar time in half plastic cups, she served other tables two bottles of water twice and ice and then came to us when we became agitated and of course without ice. Food was served to everyone who came at the same time as us and after us, we were served 45 minutes after our initial order, this place is not a restaurant, it's best described as a takeaway with awful seating plan. We hoped the food make up for the wait and bad service, however the mains were served before the staters which was the worst quality ever. The starters came in when we were almost finished with mains and to our disappointment it was cold and tasted tesco/Iceland quality, I could have done a better job myself at home with £10 for these starters. We had to remind the bimboo/server to give us our drinks, she looked very puzzled and gave it to us after she checked the order. Overall, APPAULING SERVICE, POOR QUALITY FOOD, SAVE YOURSELF AND GO TO A LOCSL CHIPPY INSTEAD!

1 by Review source

A hidden gem

Location has parking outside, which is a huge plus! Inside you welcomed to comfortable seating and TV entertainment.

The food is amazing, I especially enjoyed their chicken burger! It begins with the sweetness of bun against the creaminess of the mayo. It's off to a great start, the chicken is crunchy yet soft. A balance of crunchability, along with fresh salad and slaw. It's perfect!

Also I would recommend the dirty fries, to be straight to the point fantastic. Spicy mince with creamy cheese and do choose the skinny fries over other options, as they do balance texture of this dish.

Honesty is the best policy, my only advice is please be generous with the side options. They bring us back again and again.

Yummy food!

5 by Review source

The last time I ate here it only had been open for a week and I thought it had potential. I found myself around the area and a bit peckish so decided to pop in.

There have definitely been improvements. I ordered the American, which is basically a cheeseburger and it only costs £5. The taste of the beef was really good and I loved the sweetness from the onions and the bun. A simple but really well-cooked burger. The beef was cooked on a flat plate grill so it kept the juices there and really enhanced the flavours.
I enjoyed it so much, I ordered another! That’s a first
At only £5, pound for pound, it could be one of the best and most enjoyable burgers I’ve had. I

5 by Halal Food Guy Review source

No complaints whatsoever! First time going there and the owner Mohammed was so polite and welcoming! The restaurant was clean, menu was simple to understand and plenty of choice. I went for the hot dog with skinny fries, whilst my missus chose a burger with chilli garlic fries. Everything was perfect! The portion of fries was tooooo generous but I guess it matched the Fatboyz theme, the garlic fries were amazing! Her burger was juicy asf! Ordered a Oreo milkshake to takeaway, not the best but good attempt. Atmosphere was great too and music playing brought back some memories...Staff were so great and friendly! Overall really good joint will Defo be back soon!

5 by Hamdun Sheikh Review source

Great new place opened right next to the crusty Boleyn Cinema. The place is situated on a main road, parking can be difficult in the day however in the evening after 6.30pm plenty of places to park close by. The food was excellent and prices were great for what nice portions. I ordered a 6oz burger, cheesy fries and a coke for £10. One of my colleagues had the pizza fries which he said was immense. Negative factors were: the restaurant was super cold, there was a electrical heater but wasn't doing much work as the inside of the venue was the same temperature as outside at 2 degrees. In general good food nice setting and staff were nice also.

4 by Batista PowerSlam Review source

5* without hesitation.

That champ burger is the lick. The best Gourmet burger I have tasted IMO. Me and one other friend like to think so although he has this tendency to try every new shop around. Don't be fooled by IG pics for any ones restaurant but trust the review.

You need to order a champ burger with chili garlic fries. I suppose the price is OK £10-£11. Decent portion and great tasting food. Staff are great and its generally a nice place.

To the owner, keep doing what your doing I don't normally like to rate anything highly unless I feel its worth it. Word of advice. Don't increase the prices.

5 by Oz Oz Review source

Probably the best value for money burger place in East London! Absolutely love this place, feels humble with great food! From the appetisers (the chicken tenders in particular come to mind) to the burgers (if I had to pick one 'The champ'), all round awesome quality and taste! And to top it off great value very very decent prices! They just need to maintain consistency and keep the value the same. Too many places now a days trying to hard, fat Boyz is a throwback to a good place to eat in a grab a bite without paying over the odds and keeping it simple. Also the staff are friendly and allow you to customise your burgers!

5 by Adil Nasser Khan Review source

I ordered an American with double patty, chicken strips, cheesy fries and a hot dog, it's a very clean establishment, the only messy thing I could see was people stuffing there faces (which can only be a good thing!). I met Bilal who was fastudious in preparing and presenting the food, he said there were a few things being added to there menu. The burger was delicious, I think I'll make it spicier next time, the chicken strips with sweet chilli sauce were excellent. The cheesy fries and hot dog also get top marks. Overall it looks like I'll be a regular here if today is anything to go bye!

5 by Ashraf Fathah Review source

I went there this month...never really expected much. Ordered a champ burger and some garlic chilli fries.

The first bite was enough to rate the burger and say it's the best gourmet burger I've had anywhere. Too many places trending out with gourmet burgers in London and they have not impressed me.

Definately will go back very soon. Prices were very reasonable. Friendly staff.

I hope they can continue their style and quality because I will be back and at this point March 2017 I suggest you take a visit and eat that juicy burger.

5 by Usman Chaudhry Review source

I requested a medium rare American burger. It was tasty and succulent, only caveat being that the brioche bun was cold.

Steak chips were not nice and tasted undercooked. Cheesy fries was meh. Cajun fries were very nice (I highly recommend this over any other chips from Fat Boyz)

Burger (double) cost £7 and chips roughly cost around £3-£4.50, so wasn't cheap, but wasn't particularly expensive either.

Service was fine and atmosphere was also good.

Overall rating: 7/10

4 by TA IS Review source

We dined her today for the 1st time and it was great.The food is of good quality and taste, its reasonably priced for a burger. In my opinion the brioche buns should be lighter texture so you can actually taste the chicken or meat patty other than that can't fault it. Service was brilliant they take care you during you dining experience. Cost for a family of 4 incl. 2 kids came to under £25. Overall good food had a relaxed atmosphere for families or couples.

5 by Review source

Staff are nice, tables and stuff are clean and is a nice place to eat at. Cash only is a bit of a shame. Pricing for food is very good though

Ordered the American double burger. Onions could’ve been caremelised more and a bit more mustard on the burger would’ve been great too, but overall a good burger.

Ordered the Skinny Fries which were overdone and Buffalo Wings which were so sour. Soft Drinks appeared to not be chilled as well.

3 by Review source

Myself and a few others decided to go to Fat Boyz to eat, we called in advance to have a table reserved. Unfortuantely when we arrived, they had given our tables away without consulting us. We were anticipating a fun filled evening with burgers to accompany this but were disappointed when we couldn’t due to Fat Boyz unorganised manner. I would recommend going to Rustix instead who had a welcoming manner.

1 by Review source

Would recommend

* American themed diner which actually
* Great variety of tasteful food on the menu
* Service comes with a smile, which most places often don’t have.
* Space is limited can often be crowded
* Food can sometimes be rushed, giving a ‘quantity over quality’ vibe.
*Not the cheapest but instead a more than what most customers would pay for

4 by Review source

Came here during ramadan with a few friends; booked a table in advance but when we got there was told by the manager that the tables needed to be filled it wouldve been understandable if we was really late but we werent...ruined our evening had to change our plans to alex's further down the road; highly recommned small turkish family resturant with good food.

1 by Review source

Only reason why its a 4 is because they dont accept card payments.
Food is great although i thought the BMT has too much going on even though each part of the burger is great quality.
I wasnt a fan of the bbq wings, they are southern fried chicken with average bbq sauce splashed on top.
Overall a good experience and would love to go back again.

4 by Mohammed Adris Review source

Extremely slow service, only 5 customers and our food came nearly an hour later.. Found hair in the cheesy fries. They were nice enough to give us a replacement, but they completely forgot to give us the bbq bites (starters) when we requested twice... overall very poor experience and i wouldn't recommend.. probably better off doing a takeout...

2 by Review source

Disappointed in this place, i went here on a saunday evening, order a american double which wasn't cooked properly, food was overall cooked in a poor standard, service was terrible didn't even give us tissue for our hands to be wiped. I strongly recommend you DO NOT go here. I highly recommend you go Brioche Burger instead.

1 by The VooDoo SuperHero Review source

Not all that great . Some of the items eg Boneless chicken pieces & fries are expensive for the portion that you get.
Also Watch out where 'barbecue' is mentioned as all this means is the item is loaded to the top with Sweet Barbecue sauce & is not actually 'barbecued'.. T

2 by Review source

had a booking for 8 people arrived on time spoke to a member of staff was told to wait only to find out 5mins later that table has been filled without any reasonable explanation even though we made in time when addressed to the manager nothing done. very disappointing definitely not coming back here again

1 by Review source

Only come here if you wanna be let down! I went there for a reunion with a group of friends, only to be told our bookings were cancelled. How embarrassing! I was told they gave our table to someone else. Not happy at all. I highly recommend ‘Rustix’ down the road, really saved the day.

1 by Review source

I have moved out of this area but whenever I go to see my friends, I try my best to eat here. We just love this place. Champ is the best burger to try, I like it because of how juicy it is!! Don't forget to try oreo milkshake with it. Thanks for starting this place guys.

5 by Ron Ba Review source

Order '' The Champ'' for £7.00 for take away.. and had to bin it cause bun was very sogy and tastes really ordinary. ... and seems like they just rushed my order. Too much sauce cheese is also not nice. .
And there was also no bacon in my burger...

1 by javed mirza Review source

Burger was lovely and service was quick. Portions were decent. Love that they accept all cards and contactless which is a welcome change from all the other greedy burger huts opening. Either avoiding tax or too stingy to pay the 0.25p. I think it's the latter.

4 by Samie Miah Review source

Came here placed a booking for ramadan, booked for 8.45 came on time, manager simply had no regards at all & replied “we had to fill spaces” what was the point to even book? Missed my iftar extremely disappointed & upset with the service received

1 by John Cena Review source

We drove past this place and decided to stop for dinner. I chose there BMT burger which was massive. The pattie was slightly bland and needed salt and pepper. The menu is pretty interestig. Would recommend to anyone wanting an American style burger.

4 by Abu Mukid Review source

Absolutely ridiculous ! Booked a table for Iftar for a group of friends but they turned us down on arrival.

First time I’ve ever experienced such poor customer service in my life. We had to actually go down Tesco and break our fast.

1 by Review source

Have eaten here multiple times and always impressed, with the food and service, waiters and guys at the main desk are always lovely. Their burgers are never dry, and good portions for the price, especially compared to other burger places.

4 by Review source

Glad it's so close to home, I'm going to be a regular.
Prices looked a tad steep, given number of other nearby establishments, but the food more than made up for it.

Boneless bites are 10/10.

5 by Review source

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