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Couldn't thank Kerry enough for helping us after having a table & chairs set delivered but when we came to assemble it the bolts were the wrong ones included so after a quick call to the store, Kerry managed to locate some replacement bolts and called me back within 15 minutes. I arrived at the store and was quick and painless swap over and we had a giggle over the bolts as ours were over an inch to short!! Clearly not the ones that should of been in the box in the first place.

Thank you very much for helping so effieciently and mother in law is now happy with her table and chairs set!!

5 by Review source

B&M Eaton Socon Store not the biggest Store but carries a crosssection of what the larger stores have limited wheelchair acssable parking (2)&p/c places (2)std parking covers other stores on the site peek times can see you struggle to find a spot close to the Store but a place can be found at other times good for discounted toys a lot of the bargins are one off offers so stock is always changing staff are helpfull and frendly

5 by life bank store Review source

Saw the manager chase a shoplifter out of the shop. For a minute I thought they had finally chosen a female James Bond and were filming the next movie. The highlight was when she rugby tackled this huge black guy and practically made him cry. Don't shoplift from this shop unless you want to get a serious ass kicking in public. Great selection of cleaning products too.

5 by Review source

This is typical B&M shop, little bigger than other, it is well stocked, it has a wide selection of things for home, kitchen, cookware, children and garden. Just a little complaint, but the paying section is very tight and close to the door, during winter isn't so hot in this area especially during windy days!

5 by Isabella Gottardi Review source

Quite a lot of good bargains, hence the name, like stationery and things for home. Layout is a bit strange and could do with some more really interesting, quality bargains, but all together a good place to do a bit of shopping for many different items.

4 by The Chase - The Best Chases Review source

I do like B&m, they have a good range of products and the prices are lower, service is pretty good. Just one complaint, when the weather was warm, the chocolate melts as there is no air con

3 by Nigel Smith Review source

Quite surprised with the range of products sold. Good place to go for those little props for home decration. Lots of mirrors, candles and bed linen at reasonable prices.

3 by Simon Howard Review source

So many bargains. So many different departments in one store. 95% of the stock is soo much cheaper than other stores. The staff are very helpful and cheerful.

5 by Neil Williamson Review source

This is a typical bms but the paying section is very close to the door which in the winter is a pain because it's freezing. Go with a coat.

4 by Chanelle Skadi Review source

Good store, wide range of products, mostly reasonable quality but it is a case of you get what you pay for, checkouts usually have huge queues.

4 by John Williams Review source

Good prices lots of free parking close by KFC Costa coffee and for pub lunch three places plus nature wall down Miller street .

4 by Brian Allen Review source

Has a wide selection of things for home,children and garden lots of electrical items and also sales food at great prices

5 by kimmie Goodes Review source

Great place to come buy your branded stuff without supermarketed prices! Just look out for short dates!

5 by Luke Ellis Review source

We we're not able to use your toilet a shop at that size should have customer toilets

1 by Review source

Brilliant store. Very big, clean and tidy. Huge selection to choose from. Great staff.

5 by Sharon Endersby Review source

Great shop with loads of stock. I always walk out with stuff I never intended to buy.

4 by Mark Fletcher Review source

Great prices but you get what you pay for good on food prices terrible staff though

4 by Chris Ashford Review source

Great size store, clean, helpful and friendly staff, great deals, great free parking

5 by Liane Lisk Review source

Nice store, big and laid out in a simple way. Clean floor, happy and helpful staff.

4 by isaac sw Review source

Not as good as it could be, bargains sell out fast too - apart from they are fine

4 by michael mc donald Review source

Love this shop it's excellent always in there at least 2-3 times a week

5 by Review source

Great prices and quality. Sells most things and would definitely recommend.

5 by Rebecca 2754 Review source

Some real bargains in here, great for things like cleaning products etc

4 by Sami Cooper Review source

An absolute drain on my wallet but i do love a good binge shop here

4 by Tom Beech Review source

Handy for bits and pieces you don't want to pay a fortune for

5 by Garry Royle Review source

You¬ll be surprised at what you find in their shops. Interesting!

4 by John Worth Review source

Always good deals on food and necessities, toys etc. Good prices

5 by Shirley Lewis Review source

Always come out with something. Great place for bits and pieces

5 by Bola Akisanya Review source

Love the shop. But wish the tills were further away from doors.

5 by Review source

Great store for buying vertualy anything at reasonable prices.

5 by Jean Ferguson Review source

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