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Market Cross, 8 Market Ln, Selby YO8 4YR

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Shambolic utter unorganised chaos today in Selbys Morrisons on Christmas Eve this morning.I dont know anyone who wants to stand in a queue of 50 people for an hour to receive there Christmas food order which we do each year but wont be doing again,for it then not to have everything you had ordered a month ago in it.Then the look my wife got off a lady who worked there when she asked where the mince pies were to be told we have none left was comical,its not hard to keep a store full with mince pies at Christmas and i have managed departments in Morrisons years ago and for Safeways before it became Morrisons and managed and duty managed in Sainburys before that.If you cant make sure you dont have too many customers in each Christmas Food order pick up window you are given to prevent chaos and keep a supermarket stocked up with at least one type of mince pie its embarassing and no wonder senior management seemed to be none evident or simply in hiding from the embarassment today.From Damon Moffatt.

1 by damon moffatt Review source

The cafe is terrible. If you like burnt bacon toasties, UHT milk and service with no smile this is the place for you. Not only do they not put the whole order through, and therefore you're sat waiting for food that will never arrive, and then it is your fault for that mistake, but they will argue you down until you pay for that mistake. Don't worry, because when you order a coffee and it only fills the cup half full you can fill the rest up with the plastic UHT pots they offer on the side. Heavens forbid you ask for real milk, because that will cause uproar!! You will not get it. The staff are better than you, remember that, and if you're waiting for a smile and a please and thank you from them...well you'll be waiting a long time.

1 by Kayleigh Harvey Review source

I used to shop there often, but not anymore after one of their managers was rude to me. Deffinitely won't be shopping there again.

Update: came today with my friend who just wanted to pop in for an energy drink.absolutely not busy and it was literally a two minute shop. Security guy that came out kick me out from in front of Morrison's and said it's a drop-off point only I can't even pick up from there. Funny enough when I came back to pick my friend up there was some cars waiting in front and security guy didn’t do anything about it? So f***k you Morrisons.

1 by Kamil S. Review source

Not much to say really it's a Morrisons. As Morrisons go it's quite small but it's got everything you need from a small supermarket in a in a relatively small area. Be careful of the car park it's got very aggressive parking cameras which will catch you out if you stay in the car park more than 2 hours.

4 by Robert Kendal Review source

went to have lunch, a bad experience! ordered steak n ale pie with chips. ACTUALLY got 19 chips. the biggest of which was an inch and half long.a table spoon of peas and the PIE was the size of an egg cup.£5:75 I took it back asking if it was a childs portion. they did not offer exchange got money back. What do think.

1 by AMRICK SHER KHALSA Review source

Rob, the grocery section needs you. You were it's life, it's soul, it's zest.
I now see many a sorrow customer pass by the oranges without your cheery smile to pick up their mood.
Morrisons and it's customers need you back on the shop floor. Bring back the Rob. He is dearly missed.

5 by S D Review source

Fresh fruit vegetables fish meat milk and bread as well as all the tinned and packaged food items under one roof also has an outside and inside plant and flower area then when you have been around all this there is the cafe unfortunately you may not have enough time your only allowed 2 hours parking

4 by Pauline Walker Review source

If you can get in the car park you'll find a good clean supermarket however I always seem to be shocked at the price at the till. I don't know what it is but at times even a basic shop costs more than I anticipated in here and more than what it would have elsewhere.

3 by Ben Horsfield Review source

Morrisons in Goole is quite spacious. Is always busy. Staff are polite, helpful & knowledgeable about the store. Plenty of aisles not just display, but 'Counter Service'. A spacious Car park. There could be a few more disabled bays offered though.

3 by Rosalind Stevens Review source

A good Morrisons. Well spaced out and you can usually get what you want.
Avoid lunch times for busyness. School children from the local high school are in and indecisive idiots in suits make the queues longer.

5 by ach b Review source

Newly refurbished, nice looking, very difficult to find anything if your used to the old lay out. Car park always busy. Often baby events on. Sells a very basic electrical goods selection.

4 by Thomas Speight Review source

I think it is a very well equipped and well-stocked business. That's why I get 5 stars from me.
I even found Békéscsaba sausages in their offer, which was a great surprise to me

5 by Suhajda Tibor Review source

It's an ok supermarket. Love the salad bar but half the time there's nothing in it or it's shut. Staff friendly and there's a wee cafe. Sometimes get good bargain.

3 by Iain McGrattan Review source

Clean store, usually well stocked, helpful staff, good cafe. There are toilets, self serve check outs, a meat counter, a fishmonger, a cheese counter and a counter to order pizzas.

5 by Rachael MacLeod Review source

Always a busy supermarket, lots of items on promotion (as seen on TV!). The staff are happy to help with any questions/problems you may have; a tidy well presented supermarket

5 by Andrea Bartell Review source

Morrison's on the whole is quite abit above the other supermarkets,but the cafe menu needs to be set out more clearly as you don't always recivce what you expect

5 by Kevin Heafield Review source

Its a good example of a Morrisons, usual food retail offering, central to Selby with good parking (if you can get parked). The fresh meat is usually good.

4 by Miles Hebden Review source

The prices on the shelf were wrong asked member of staff to clarify it for me accepted error i paid for the item with the cheapest price after insisting.

3 by Review source

Always enjoy this super market, didn't have to ask for help when looming for items, staff came to me and the fresh meat on offer is well above par.

5 by Darren Storey Review source

Good selection of groceries and great in store bakery, fresh fish and meat counters. All fruit and veg well displayed and fresh. Lovely friendly staff.

5 by Jillian Leadley Review source

Unfortunately the staff in the cafe are always grubby. Some with manky hands scruffy uniform. Not what you want serving your food at your table.

2 by dawn jackson Review source

Excellent range of produce..great floral bouquets and choice of garden plants. Friendly helpful staff..good for coffee and freshly prepared meals.

5 by Katie Crow Review source

Although parking is usually horrendous the store is well laid out and offers a good cheap range of baby/children clothing! Ideal for any budget!

4 by Andrea Lawlor Review source

Car park is always full, people abuse the parent and child spaces of which there are very few, loads of unused disabled spaces,

3 by Marcus Tarry Review source

Best supermarket in town. Nice friendly helpful staff with good quality products only downside is parking specially on Mondays x

4 by Sharon Marshall Review source

Butcher Pete advised rump steak on offer leading to a great deal Thankyou for a great meal service experience excellent

5 by Review source

Has got better now its been updated. Now opens until 10pm which is great. A lot of choice but still quite expensive.

4 by louise sellars Review source

Large, modern, well stocked supermarket. Excellent facilities. Toilets and a cafe.
2 hour max stay car park.

4 by Peter Lane Review source

Good clean store with wide variety of choices on all food. Very courteous staff who are always friendly and polite

5 by tony gregg Review source

Parking is not great,shops a little mixed up everything you go in, prices are very high for a budget supermarket!.

3 by john barwell Review source

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