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7-9 Bute St, Kensington, London, SW7 3EY

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Didn't even make it to the restaurant. After a seemingly good chat on the phone, a sub-par Party menu was offered to me for my sister's birthday booking (sub-par in that it in no way reflected what we had talked about on the phone). No effort was made to accommodate our groups' dietary requirements, and the only thing i had told them my sister really wanted, the lamb, was removed from the menu and changed to beef. Then, even though I was planning for a booking weeks away, CERU refused to accommodate our request to pre-order from their actual menu and said we could have the party menu or nothing. This was then followed up with another email saying actually we could have 3 portions of lamb, but only at a grossly increased price. Maybe there was a good reason for this, but we were not told it. Also, i asked repeatedly if we could have fish removed off the menu as no one eats it and it would be a waste, and this was just flat out ignored. We kept being told the Party menu was designed to give the best experience of the restaurant's food - which is nonsense because a customer who is familiar with Levantine cuisine, as we are, knows what they like and don't like or want to try. The restaurant was only concerned with making life easy for themselves. Perhaps there was a communication barrier somewhere in there too, as so much of the stress and upset could have been avoided with a few understanding or placatory words from the restaurant's manager. No customer wants to feel like a burden before they even get there - doesn't make one want to go. Anyway..., I hear the taste of CERU's food is lovely... unfortunately i will never give them my money now to try it. A most disappointing encounter as we were really looking forward to trying this otherwise wonderfully reviewed restaurant. Oh well. Onwards.

1 by Review source

Food: I ordered the lamb shawarma and it certainly wasn't worth it. The lamb was a little bit on the dry side, but there was a general absence of flavour. The lamb was not seasoned whatsoever and the sauces were pretty bland. The salad was okay and I liked the amount of mint, but there was very little flavour and I prefer my shawarma to have some kind of pickled veg in there to cut through the richness. All in all, pretty poor. I had lunch with two of my buddies and they had similar experiences.

Ambience: The cafe style place is open and spacious and the layout is very nice. It's a very colourful blend of yellow and woody décor.

Price: A reasonable price to pay for the size of the wrap had it been made well.

Service: Friendly but a little slow to deliver my wrap which they had pre-prepared earlier in the day which they only had to toast. This may be down to this place being relatively new so I'm not going to judge too harshly here.

Worth the visit: I was bitterly disappointed. My folks grew up on Edgeware Road so I've always eaten middle eastern cuisine and I have not found a place that sells a decent fast food shawarma around my office. I thought the price and ambience of this place would have provided me with a new regular to add to my list of lunch places; but alas, it was a bit of a let down.

2 by Zameer Hassam Review source

I walked into this restaurant based on the Google reviews and do not really agree with most of them. This place is expensive and not reasonably priced in my opinion. I felt that the menu in the window should say clearly that the portions are small and 3 to 4 dishes are recommended for each person. I left having paid £20 per person and neither of us actually felt full.

The houmous had a harsh lemon aftertaste that was too bitter for my liking. The pitta bread was quite nice. The potatoes on the side were not to my liking but I am informed that they were flavoursome, fluffy and soft on the inside. The shoulder of lamb was exceptional, the meat coming away without the need of a knife. The potatoes were a good side complementing the shoulder as the sweetness of the potatoes worked well with the saltly tart of the lamb. The chicken skewers were actually a bit dry and nothing special.

All in all, I wasn't impressed especially with the price. Perhaps my expectations were too high going in.

2 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

Best coeliac restaurant I've been to. In fact it's the only predominantly coeliacs restaurant I've visited. Staff are awesome. Friendly. Excellent selection of wines and food. I'd rest her every day if that were possible. Apparently there opening another restaurant in Soho this week I think. Every morsel of food was devoured by me. Don't expect typically Cypriot food as it's a culmination of Middle Eastern and the surrounding areas influences with a huge twist designed by the chef. I'm always going to eat here when I'm in this part of town. No gluten free pitta bread but a good selection of crudités are served as an excellent alternative. It gets packed so be prepared to wait!

5 by lisa kalloo Review source

Stumbled in here by chance for a late lunch. First impressions show a lot of thought in the fitout, which is something similar to the Heathrow Qatar Airways lounge (inviting, welcoming, calming). The food is mezze styled, so we ordered about 7 items between two and they arrived progressively. The highlights were the carefully cooked fish, the chicken shiish, the red peppers with halloumi, the salads and our #1 was the feta and zucchini fritters. WOW. The waiter was really enthused, as was the chef! It's an open kitchen, kind of like the Palomar but not as intense. I love it here and will be back. The origins of Ceru is from a series of pop-ups - this appears to be a restaurant perfected on day 1.

5 by Review source

The food here was great and they had wonderful gluten free options. We started off with some Hummus w/ Cucumber and Carrot Batons and Spice Roasted Potatoes and manoeuvred to the Lamb Shoulder and Persian Kafta. Hummus and Potatoes were as one would expect. The Lamb Shoulder was the opposite. Surprisingly tender and moist yet so rich in flavors, it is a definite recommendation. Persian Kafta was also great!

Dish sizes are perfect if you want to try many things and it is worth the money for the nicer meal. Has a very warm and cosy ambience and staff are super friendly. Would definitely be back!

5 by Jason Chong Review source

Just had dinner at this fabulous new restaurant. Lovely attentive and personable staff, great atmosphere with lovely booths for two, and exceptionally good middle eastern food. We loved everything we ate - the menu was concise yet interesting, and nothing was a disappointment. Halloumi and red peppers divine, rose petal lamb perfectly cooked and succulent, even the side rice dish was fantastic. And I can't even begin on the desserts.. Chocolate mousse and Baklava ice cream truly superb. Best meal out in S Ken for a long time. Very much looking forward to a return visit, and would highly recommend!

5 by joe clark Review source

What a gem - the restaurant is stylish, the service friendly and informative, and last but very much not least the food was incredible! We followed the waiter's suggestion to have a load of sharing plates which was great - only problem is once you start to tuck in, the food is so lovely you may not want to share any more ;) Definitely try the dips - all of them were great. And if they've still got the apple and mint salad on the menu do try that too as it was some way the most delicious salad I've ever eaten! Ps and the prices are very reasonable, esp for South Ken

5 by Sarah Decent Review source

Couldn't fault this place. Stumbled upon it and shared dinner for two.

We went for 5 plates total rather than the recommended 6 and this was ample. Each dish jam packed with flavour.

Certainly when I go again I'd go for the slow cooked lamb plus the halloumi and red peppers again. Delicious.

The music was really other worldly. Do you guys have a play list you could share?

Thanks again for a surprisingly tasty evening.

5 by Alex Terry Review source

The food was quite expensive, for 3 people starters, sides, mains and drinks was over £80! I ordered pitta bread and it tasted like Naan bread and was very dry. Portion sizes are quite small, and part of the dessert menu has been removed such as the ice creams. The orange juice I had was quite bitter and it didn't taste as good as I thought.

Other than that the food was quite good, especially the halloumi cheese. Mains were a little small though.

3 by Adam Melloul Review source

A real discovery: an interesting cuisine inspired by Lebanese / Mediterranean with a touch of innovation. Presentation of dishes never banal, young staff, efficient, polite and purposeful. Quality raw materials that translate into excellent dishes: even a simple chicken breast fillet, laid on a bed of lentils with mint, becomes an interesting experience. A very thin apple salad with pomegranate, beautiful to look at, is also sparkling to taste. Standing ovation.

5 by Gianna P Review source

Absolutely wonderful food, cocktails were delicious and some had a quirky touch (love the curly cucumber slice on the martini), and the general atmosphere of the restaurant was very chilled and had an authentic Middle Eastern feel. The music was subtle but definitely gave off a chilled vibe. And to top it off, the food and drink is very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend, and will definitely be coming back soon (Brunch menu looks fantastic)!

5 by Review source

Walking in West end on the bottom of Charlotte Street where I usually go for something nice to eat I stopped by little lively place called Ceru. Looking at the menu from outside waiter popped out and handed me a menu and smiled.
I gave it a go and I could not believe how nice it was.
I will definitely give a good star for a place like this. Atmosphere was great which make me thing that I will return again soon with my friends.

5 by Review source

Adore this place
The cuisine is mediterranean best bits.
I admire the menu being halal since its cuisine is predominately levantine

highly highly very highly recommend the lamb shank
soft tender, and the pomegranate touch makes it burst with flavour

Price matches quality and size of portions
Service was fantastic, and the waiters are really helpful.


5 by Food ie Review source

Our visit to CERU was a highlight. Very rarely can you not find fault with something, but here for us it was a perfect meal. We had small mezze dishes to share between two of us and we order almost everything on the menu. Our favourites were lamb shoulder, merguez chicken, squid and grilled haloumi. Cocktails are great too and prices incredibly low!
We will be returning, such a brilliant place and beautifully design too.

5 by Chloe Hardinge Review source

An interesting take on Levantine cuisine (some of which are very nice), however, I felt some dishes were too different from the original, so much so I struggled to find any similarity between them. I would still recommend Ceru if you enjoy Levantine cuisine and wish to experience it with a modern twist.
The staff are friendly and the interior matches the modern take on the cuisine.

4 by Alex Kittredge Review source

We found this tappas place when we Googled places to eat that were within walking distance of our hotel. They manged to fit us in (we hadn't booked ) and we chose our food. We weren't disappointed. It was delicious. The service was friendly and unobtrusive ,the wine was very nice and the atmosphere was very informal. Would go again but it's a long way from home!

4 by Reina Haskins Review source

Delicious food, great service, highly recommended. We visited early for a pre theatre dinner. We chose a handful of dishes, which were presented at intervals throughout the meal. Every dish was an explosion of taste and we washed it all down with tasty homemade lemonades. All was reasonably priced too.
Can't wait to go back to CERU again soon.

5 by Clint White Review source

Love this little restaurant. Intimate nice atmosphere. Delicious simple food. Great value for money and Mediterranean salads are particularly colourful and fresh. Been there twice and love the food. This is the kind of restaurant you can go again and again after a long day's work to help you wind down. Seafood dishes are my favourites.

5 by Bella Verdemela Review source

Food and atmosphere are very nice. However we felt so rushed and stressed out by the service. We went in for dinner at half 6 in the evening, when it was not busy and still were rushed through every plate, everything was removed from the table without asking and we generally got a negative vibe. A shame, as the food was very nice!

2 by Cris Roda Review source

Awesome little place with modern middle eastern food. Great flavours, great prices. This place is tiny so not for big groups but great spot to eat if you are alone or with a friend or a special someone on the love seat at the bar! I'll be back! Just wish there was some rice and a little less cinnamon on some dishes.

5 by Alex Ikonn Review source

We ate at the new resteraunt in South Kensington and all I can say is WOW. The food is truly special. If you are thinking about going, just GO! There's simply no way you only visit this restuarant once after trying it.
Leave room for the spiced pear at the end of your meal. It's something else.

5 by Review source

Their chicken kebabs were very moist and tender. You can also never go wrong with halloumi- which was nice and simple- the flavours were understated- which was good. I'm not keen on the aubergine dish however, and the lamb was sweet- definitely not to my taste. Thought it was very nicely cooked.

4 by Charisma Dhimar Review source

If you like to try something different for dinner you're good here. The flavours of the food are tasty and surprising. Some dishes are actually really spicy so if you don't like that ask the staff whether it will be really hot or not, they are very friendly. The price is also good.

4 by Romie Wisselink Review source

The restaurant is very characteristic, a lot of care and refinement in the details. The kitchen is visible and I found an excellent level of cleanliness even in the bathrooms. The food was very satisfying and appetizing. Excellent value for money. Maybe the quantities a little bit scarsine.

5 by Monica Platania Review source

We came across this little cafe by accident and what a find! The shakshuka and lamb dishes are amazing, the best we've had! The staff are great too. They offered advice on dishes and were just generally warm and friendly, and understandably passionate about their food and restaurant.

5 by Review source

The best service we have had in a restaurant in a long time. All the staff were so friendly , welcoming and knowledgable . Lovely selection of dishes with brunch items which we choose to share. Shakshuka with Halloumi cheese was very tasty. Highly recommend and will be back with friends.

5 by Review source

Just had a fabulous meal at CERU- everything we ordered was beautifully prepared. The lamb, chicken kabobs, walnut cauliflower and all the mezes were simply delicious. Very reasonable prices for the quality of the food and presentation. Good service. We will be returning!

5 by Stephen Olsen Review source

We were very lucky to get a table here on a busy Sat. The food is excellent and high quality, the ambiance cozy and we completely forgot we were in cold London. Do try their special blend Turkish apple tea, it's delicious! Very friendly staff too. Will be back soon!

5 by Review source

Amazing food and service. Fantastic vegetarian options. We ordered all the veggie mains and a couple of veggie sides and the variety and flavour of each on really complimented each other. Highly recommend going for the freshly made lemonade! Overall, a fantastic night.

5 by Guerman Botten Review source

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