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12 Winsley St, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8HQ

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We arrived at about 5:45pm and it was fairly quiet so we got a nice comfy table with cushions tucked away in the corner in which to peruse the menu. Given that there was so much choice we decided to share a few mezze dishes with the option to order more if we felt we needed it.

We had the hommos; thick, creamy and utterly delicious I can’t stop thinking about it, falafel; which were some of the best I’ve ever had and totally moreish and the halloum meshoue; grilled Halloumi cheese with tomato, black olives, fresh mint and olive oil because who doesn’t love squeaky cheese? There was also a small pot of complimentary olives and pickles on each table which I thought was a nice touch.

By this point the restaurant had completely filled up and there was a nice happy buzz to the place as friends caught up on each others lives and shared the delicious food. Mezze (and indeed tapas) works really well for this as we found out and the portions were pretty decent for the prices. Especially as everything was fresh and delicious to the point where we were almost licking the plates clean!

We’d planned on also sharing the chicken shawarma but found that we were actually quite full. This was good news though as it meant we could have pudding instead and both opted for the yalla jou jou; vanilla mousse speculoos covered in velvety dark chocolate and dark chocolate sauce with a very vanilla ice cream.

It was nice but the mousse was frozen which I wasn’t expecting and wasn’t too keen on. I thought it would be a light and fluffy end to the meal when instead it was quite heavy and in the end I didn’t finish it. Given that the entire bill came to just over £30 between us I thought Yalla Yalla was very good value for money and I’d definitely return. Perhaps with a bigger group of people so that I could try even more of their delicious offerings!

4 by Ms Leanne Fraser Review source

Yalla Yalla essentially offers really high-quality restaurant food, as a takeaway, at a price that seems very reasonable when compared to other food options in the area. I ordered a felafel wrap and it came with a side of the most delicious humous I have ever tasted and some warm soft pitta breads - it blew me away. I am a big fan of humous but I can tell you, there is a huge difference between Sainsburys humous and Yalla Yalla. It's a bit like the difference between a 99p McDonalds burger, and a luxury gourmet deluxe costing 15 times as much. Plus, the felafel came with two dip pots of its own, which I almost forgot in my joy at the humous. One was spicey red sauce and the other was creamy garlic sauce. The portions are generous, especially for the humous, and even though I lavished it on I still couldn't use it all up. And all of this for a mere £6.50, when other outlets such as Pret will charge you far more for much smaller portions. All in all, I came away very pleased with Yalla Yalla. This is a cut above the competition in my opinion, and I will be back for more.

5 by Elliott Holley Review source

Have been a fan of YY since they opened on Green St..worried about them for the 1st few weeks but a good Time Out review set them abuzz. Food was great then and still is. Unfortunately growth hasn't maintained the once family feel customer service. Arriving 20 minutes early I was told I couldn't sit anywhere until all my guests turned up. This was at 6.15pm and the place was virtually empty. No seats at the bar but sneaked onto a stool in the tiny waiting area once the other waiting person vacated it. Felt hustled for orders once we were all assembled and doing introductory chats .. restaurant busy but not full , a Monday night, and 7pm - we were 5 and alcohol was involved (£26 a bottle for the recommended but v. av. red).. Food is always terrific, but if you want to adopt Wagamama's serving approach and 'non-destinational eating station' policy, best do it with a bit more style and a smile.

4 by dale evans Review source

Reasonable Lebanese food, but nothing to get over excited about. If you're in the area and just looking for a place to eat, it's not bad, but if you're specifically looking for a Lebanese restaurant I think you'd probably do better elsewhere. I think it attracts a slightly more mainstream clientele than other Lebanese restaurants in London and so the style of the food is perhaps a bit less authentic accordingly, to cater to palettes not so familiar with this cuisine. Whilst none of the mezze were particularly bad, the portions were a bit small compared to other places in London, and they all sort of lacked 'zing' for want of a better word. Also you have to pay for additional pita bread which is not the norm elsewhere.

Perhaps the biggest issue for me personally was that there wasn't any foul medames on the menu!

3 by John Hawkins Review source

The food was far too expensive for what it was. Set menu £27 per person for a few dishes that are very cheap to make (hummus, falafel, tabouleh etc), this wouldn't be an issue if it was a quality dining experience but the service was bad, our waiter was entirely preoccupied the whole evening, singing to himself and forgetting our requests. Even when we asked for the bill (as the only remaining table) we finally got it, we had the card ready, waiter was nowhere to be seen. We asked a different waitress to help and as we were leaving our waiter was sat outside talking with friends. There was no ambience in the place, the music was inconsistent and the candles on all tables had gone out and not been replaced. Badly managed operation.

1 by Review source

Well what can I say... Having worked locally for years this once was my favourite lunch spot, visiting sometimes thrice a week . Not only was the food delicious but very reasonably priced,the take away lunch meal deal at 6.50 was perfect. However over the last 8 months I have noticed a complete change in staff I think it may be under new management but either way I visit no longer.
The food is just no longer up to standard. The wraps are consistently hot on the outside and cold on the inside, even when I have requested a longer toasting time Harrissa chilli sauce is completely different I could go on. I only hope that they will find their feet again.

3 by Review source

I ordered falafel and the waitress was quite blunt and I felt like she wanted me to order more (probably not hitting their target financially to order just a starter and a drink).

Falafel was dry (cooked from frozen?) and pita bread was dry and stale. Really disappointed.

Nobody checked in on me during the meal and I waited a long while to pay. On top of this, they added a 10% tip for themselves. I don't get it. They must have a 10 pound target per customer minimum.

So sad as I had heard it was a nice place, but I agree with previous comments that it seems like the customer is not the priority here.

1 by David Smith Review source

Took longer than 1 hour to have lunch, having to apologies for being late at work. I will go to the Yalla Yalla at Green's Court - much better service, atmosphere, overall excellent experience everytime. Yalla Yalla at Winsley has awkward, unfriendly, rushy and petronising service. It looks pretty busy, and the staff probably can't cope with demand, but customers shouldn't have to pay more for their frustration and desire to capitalise as much as they can, nor be ignored in a group of 5 people after having to wait over 20 to be seated with large tables available.

1 by Review source

A tiny little resaurant but well worth waiting for a table!

We got a table by the window which was interesting for people watching and it was so warm and cosy, if there hand't been a line waiting for food we would have stayed a lot longer.

We ordered way more food than we could eat and to be fair to the waitress she did tell us it was too much but it's so hard when you want to try everything! I particularly liked the baba gannoujj and the arayes.

On the whole the prices are pretty good too! I would definitely recommend.

4 by Tara Mansfield Review source

I am disgusted by the customer service at this establishment, went today and due to miss communication about a wrap deal I thought I had been over charged £2. After enquiring with the manager I was shouted at and told I was wrong and that i would never have been told what I thought I was.
I asked to talk to the lovely women that served me and was told I couldn’t.
I’m disappointed regularly visit this place after work but after this never again, it’s upsetting how disrespectful a manger treated me.
Don’t visit!

1 by Georgia Deller Review source

It's a sweet little venue that's off Oxford Street and just about far enough to be away from the madness of shoppers.

It was still quite busy though when our group showed up without a booking on a Wednesday evening after work. My friends loved their food. What I ordered was good...I'm a big okra lover but I wouldn't give the okra dish full stars I'm afraid. It felt like it was missing a spice to give it depth of flavour.

Would love to go back and try more staple Arabian food.

4 by Faten M Review source

Fantastic fresh Lebanese street food that is a high step up in quality above the typical (far better than anything on Edgeware Road). The ambiance is casual, but still quite urban and sophisticated. The staff are also very friendly. I can't fathom any of the low reviews are about. I've lived in the neighbourhood for many years & this has become a regular 'cheap' local place to take guests for a 'modern West End' light bite.

5 by Aaron Fortune Review source

We were looking for a reasonably-priced restaurant and ended up at Yalla-Yalla in Fitzrovia, just off Oxford Street. After a short wait, we got a place and could place our orders. We selected a number of starters and shared them among the table.

All in all most of us quite enjoyed the food at Yalla-Yalla. If you look for Lebanese food in central London, this is definitely a place you should check out.

4 by Götz Bürkle Review source

We had dinner there, it was really good street food. We ordered mezze with some fresh juices. The food came quickly, with some dishes before the other The humus with lamb was really tasty and the chicken wings were delicious. We could have used a tiny bit more pita bread (we had 3 pieces for 3 people). We'll probably go back just because it's too good. I'd like to try the big dishes.

4 by Denis Jacquerye Review source

I went with my wife and 2 teenagers and we had a great meal. We tried a variety of dishes and they were all superb. The best, however was the Lahem Casseroule, which was amazing. We shared three appetizers and three main courses and it was plenty of food. The place is tiny so we had to wait a while, but we all felt it was worth it. The decor was simple, yet the atmosphere was still enjoyable.

4 by Review source

The staff arent the friendliest and I think they were a little understaffed while I was there. The mezze's seem like they have a large variety of vegetarian alternatives, but it's more dips than anything. But the food was tasty and they are always busy for a reason. This is a great cheap and cheerful eat just off oxford street where you can sit and have a good chat with your friends.

3 by Priya Grewal Review source

Been here a few times now. Tasty, good quality mezze in a nice-looking restaurant just off Oxford Street. Great for lunch when shopping. Downsides are that the 'light lunch' is a bit expensive for what you get, and the Timeout recommended chicken livers aren't all that. I wouldn't go too far out of my way to eat here, but it's always an option when nearby.

4 by David Knight Review source

Menu choice is good, with 17 different mezze dishes to choose from, plus nine other mains and 11 various wraps/pittas. Among my group, there were a couple of vegetarians too, so it's definitely suitable for the veggies out there.

On average our meal among the group came to around £21 - not bad considering how full we were and how much food was on the table.

4 by Anthony Hua Review source

Second time I’ve been here. First visit was enjoyable so I decided to make a second visit after several months. Both the main dishes that were ordered were so bland, literally had no flavour. The falafels were okay but not fresh. The pita bread were also not fresh and maybe microwaved. The waiter asked how the food was I said it wasn’t good and he just smiled and walked off.

1 by Kamal Miah Review source

Went for lunch, food is really delicious, it's a great spot for lunch or a relaxed dinner. We got five small platters to split and tea which cost £17 each person. You could get a tasty, filling, and healthy lunch for about ten without a drink. I gave it four stars because it took a very long time to get service. Once our orders were in, the food came out promptly.

4 by Review source

Not bad, service isn't great. Giving it 2 stars as it is very very over priced. Portions are a bit on the small size. Everything looks paired back , the meat is smaller, the accompaniments are minimal.

The waiter even asked whether we wanted a garlic or chillie sauce then gave one to share. Very stingy at that price....

Not bad, not great.

2 by Shaz Gently Review source

I had low expectations beforehand, but I really enjoyed the meal.

We chose many dishes from the mezze menu and for a group of 5 we tasted almost everything. Nothing was left, there was something for everyone. The food was very tasty.

Service was fine, nothing to write home about. Decor was good, however the seats were a tad uncomforable.

4 by Paul Gallagher Review source

The service is really bad, we had to wait for 50 minutes on the table for the food, starter and even water after the order. The wait was not of any worth. The food was too bland, no flavours. No pickles, olives were served with the mezze. Better to go to some other restaurant for middle eastern food. We regret coming here. Quiet disappointing!!

1 by Review source

Damiano was great and helpful! Generally service is quick for food and slow for drinks.

Food is decent, but expensive. I'd much rather go to a less fancy place on edgware road for better food, but given this is central and it's commercial it was good.

Portions are okay too, nothing huge!

4 by Gurtej Singh Review source

Offended by one of the waiters in the resturant and to make matters worse the food was plain I order the kufta it was so dry and tastless . The waitress was disgusting in his approach . I asked for a side dish and he turned around and said “ Unless you want to explode “! Arron “Nasty piece of work”! Beware!

1 by Review source

Disgusting place. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY
Food was cold and just a plate of onions
Bread was stale and undercooked
My meal was swimming in oil and cheap ingredients
MANAGER DOENT LISTEN TO CONPLAINTS and is just defensive and didn't take any comments on board

1 by Review source

Good location near Oxford circus
The shop is crowded in the evening
,seats are very close to each other
Still a nice place to go to and food is very good
It is normal London prices for this kind of food , you expect to pay between £20-30 per person for a dinner with drink

4 by Imad Alqasim Review source

Informal restaurant with nice Lebanese food. Good 6.50 wrap and dip meal deal which you can also take away. However service is slow. Staff putting food down and having a chat before bringing it out. Ages to get bill (having to ask twice). But it's not fine dining so all in all not that bad.

3 by Emma Davidson Review source

Fun place for a quick bite near the hussle and bustle of Oxford Street. They have seating indoors so it's good for a quick chat with friends or work colleagues.
The food is middle eastern. We had Hummus, Pita Bread and a range of mezze. Service was quick and friendly.

4 by Tal Potishman Review source

The vegetarian platter was sooooooo gooooood! The taboulah is delicious one of the best so far, very sour and lemony just like my preference.
The sambousak jeben is a must. The Lebanese fries was ok.
But overall a good food/delivery experience Recommend.

5 by Review source

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