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A friend and i (I’m Black she’s Pakistani) have been to Sketch many, many, many times over the years. It’s our favorite place to do tea,which we like to do often. We went there on a Saturday afternoon which was admittedly very busy. When we entered and we spoke to the hostess. We asked her if there where any tables available. She curtly replied no, and then looked away as if the conversation was over. Me and my friend awkwardly stood there for a few moments as we were used to a much more friendly standard of service. After several moments, I asked if it was possible to wait, which were are used to having to do about 50% of the time. She said no because it wouldn’t be possible to predict when a table would become free for us, said sorry she couldn’t help us and with a taunt smile turned away, I assume signaling the conversation was once again over. At this point I was flustered and embarrassed as I felt we were being treated with clear disdain. However I needed to use the bathroom and therefore asked her if this would be ok. She said it was so I went in. When I came back shortly later, I stopped by the door to quickly check somewhere else to eat so we wouldn’t have to brave the cold and snow and check outside. While here two white women came in, dressed much more casually than us (jeans, trainers). The hostess smiled and asked if they had a reservation. They said no. She said that’s fine and the wait was roughly 15 minutes and if they wouldn’t mind waiting she would try and get a table for them as fast as possible. With that she led them to some seats around the corner where they could wait, that I previously hadn’t noticed. I’ll admit I was and am still very upset about the discrepancy in the service. It was upsetting, embarrassing and to me appeared quite biased and discriminatory. Once she had finished seating the other people. She came back towards us and pointedly ignored us by looking at a little book until we left. It’s a real shame I can no longer visit what was one of my favorite places in London, as I have to much pride to return to an establishment which clearly prefers it dinners to look a certain way that I most certainly do not.

1 by Review source

It had been two years or so since I visited Sketch and once again it was completely different. This time with dusty pink interior, I got the feeling like I was stuck in the 1960’s- all I needed now was big hair and a classic pin-up dress to match.
Opening the menu, I was startled to see paper cutlery pop up, which was pretty cool! As a consumer, I felt like I was gaining an experience rather than just having dinner, I like that it has a museum feel rather that a restaurant.
To begin, I had thinly sliced tuna with Avocado, which was absolutely divine! By now, you should know that I am in love with Sashimi! This was accompanied by a glass of white wine- Pinot to be precise, although I did move onto cocktails in the latter, which is always a bad idea. (Bouji Tip: Never mix cocktails and fish based dishes!) British designer David Shirley designed the plates and his artwork can be seen throughout the restaurant- classic, monochrome, but childlike which is a great conversation starter.
For dessert, I chose Malabar, which has to be the best dessert that I have tried in a long while. I will definitely be back solely to have dessert and cocktails as this was just what my taste buds required; Lemon foam, bubble gum ice-cream, Panna cotta, Orange blossom and strawberry marshmallows. I felt like a little child again
Oh and you must visit the toilets, which was the highlight of my night! Although that sounds rather weird, which it was, but the toilets are designed into alien egg spaceship capsules. Once inside, something strange happens, you can hear the sound of birds tweeting as you pee. How thoughtful of Sketch!
I never noticed at the beginning but there is actually hopscotch on the floor at the entrance of Sketch. I don’t know what possessed me but I actually attempted to hopscotch on the way out! Live a little. Carpe Diem!

Price: £££

5 by Tonique Campbell Bouji In London Review source

This place is awesome. It has 4-5 different rooms with completely different themes, purposes and rules. Obviously, don't forget to check out the bathrooms (women are on the right and men are on the left, btw). We came here for afternoon tea and since we were here during the week of the royal wedding, it was a bit of a special edition. We opted for the champagne tea - note, everything (except the caviar and alcohol) are all-you-can-eat so don't be afraid to ask for more. Also, try as many teas as you can while you're there.

All the food was fantastic, we were even served a small piece of the same royal wedding cake that Meghan and Harry had at their wedding just a few days prior! The service, however, was a little bit spotty. It took about 10-15 minutes for someone to come by our table after being initially seated. The waiter never came to check on us, only to serve us our different courses. He also forgot to bring the additional food that I had requested (I ended up being full by the end so gave up on asking for it). It ended up being about 250 pounds for 2 people (quite pricy IMO). The courses were spaced rather far apart and with that, and the waiter hardly ever coming by, we were there for about 3 hours in total (maybe 30-60 minutes longer than I would have liked). There's a couple other places for afternoon tea that I want to try, but I'm just hoping that we had a stroke of bad luck for our service and that wasn't the standard for this place.

4 by Katie Yamada Review source

Sketch, a two star Michelin restaurant gives a sense of great expectation before anyone tries it for the first time; however I was neither impressed or disappointed. To achieve one or more Michelin stars, I believe a restaurant needs to really push the boundaries of the culinary world and create beautiful and unique tastes and sensation, and a service to really blow you away.
From my experience, I had a subtle hint of this, and perhaps in the pass this restaurant truley did manage to achieve this but I felt that they have long forgotten that sense. I struggle to see them holding onto their stars.
I had the tasting menu with dover sole and duck as two mains, the sole was cooked beautifully but slightly tarnished with a sort of beetroot yoghurt on top. The duck was thinly sliced along the tendon lines which created chewy lines across soft delicate sous vide duck. The tasting menu was filled with, what i would describe, as incredibly strange and disappointing. There was one side dish that stood out the most was the mackrel jelly which left a horrible fishy and gooey taste. Overall the menu was crammed full of gelatine amd gimmicky ways of presenting raw food. We informed the sommelier,who was our first point of contact for at least 15mins, that we didn't drink alcohol. this information did not get passed on and unwittingly when ordering the tasting menu there was alcohol in a number of the side dishes.

2 by Duncan Fung Review source

If there was an option to give less than 1 star believe me i would. I booked sketch for my friends 30th birthday as a surprise months in advance. I was so excited to woo my friend with a great afternoon tea experience. Everything was fine entering we were greeted by friendly smiley faces and taken to our table immediately. Our appointed waitress served us our tea and platter and that was it. She kept walking past looking at our plates noticing we had run out of sandwiches. 20 minutes had past until we had to ask for some more sandwiches. She replied back saying you guys must be hungry. She asked us ehich ones we would like and returned with one each and not the sandwich we asked for. Tea had gone cold no top ups were offered. Our desert platter was also very different to other people sitting next to us. At the end we were not even offered the desert from the trolley and was told that our 2 hours had been up. I asked why we didnt get the cake from the trolley and the response was you can have a slice each to takeaway. Now if id never had afternoon tea before i wouldnt know what to expect. I know for sure that sandwiches are topped up and so is the tea. I felt that the service was poorer than poor and felt rather embarassed towards my friend. I will definetly not be returning to this overly rated place.

1 by Review source

Tonight me and 3 of my friends went to sketch based on the obvious hype. Although we were cynical we decided to give it a try. Upon our arrival, the door man patronizingly glared at us and asked if we had been drinking and what we did that night. Completely truthfully, we said we were coming from dinner and each had a glass of sangria and were by all intents and purposes, quite sober. To that he responded “im just asking cause you all look like you’ve been drinking for 2 hours”. My friends and I are young but completely of age, and were not by any stretch of the imagination intoxicated. 1) I think it is extremely unprofessional to question new patrons on what they had been doing that night, and to ask for a specific figure of how much alcohol we’ve consumed is a violation of privacy. 2) it felt as though the bouncer was attempting to assert dominance over a few obviously young American girls. Maybe we didn’t fit the vibe of the clientele that sketch aspires for, however that is not a smart way to conduct business at all. This place is overhyped and the employees, barring one who was exceptionally kind and accommodating, were all pompous and rude. Sketch needs to ensure that their employees treat all customers with kindness and respect.

2 by Review source


Literally more amazing than the photos.

I had a 10pm reservation, so the atmosphere was that of an upscale NYC club scene. The Doormen were extremely welcoming, well groomed, and well dressed, with perfectly tailored suits. The greeters were just as gorgeous in their matching dresses.

My reservation was for The Gallery, but as I waited for my table, I could see just how GORGEOUS The Glade was as well.

The Gallery is so pretty (as I am absolutely in love with the color pink). It's design is well-done, with spacious tables, comfy couches and chairs, and amazing artwork to gaze at as you wait. The ambiance was perfect, with lowlight, and the roar of happy patrons' voices.

For dinner I had their Aubergine and Black Garlic Tortellini. The pasta was al dente (just as I like it) and the sauce was incredibly flavorful.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well last time, and did not stay long enough to fully enjoy this chic atmosphere (luckily I have a reservation during my next trip to London)

5 by Dee Small Review source

Peoples go there so they can take pictures and selfies and put it on Instagram.
The food:
I had sole meunière it was good but definitely not worth the price we paid for.
Dessert: weird selections.
The Mille feuille was really queasy after 4 spoons.
The panacota tasted sickly of malabar. It is disgusting. It is nothing “raffiné” not so in finesse.
The wine list: Exaggeratedly expensive. No good range in between in price and bottles. Having wine with screwtop in this restaurant is so wrong.
The service:
Overdoing. There were ladies looking more like hostesses than waitresses.

It is suppose to be French cuisine well let me tel you that for a French I find it outrageous to put on your menu “basket of bread (for £6)”.
It is ridiculous, bread come on a table naturally, well at least on French tables.

It is nothing more than a pretentious place which is missing the purpose of making good food a la française.

It was disappointing !

2 by Niravone saignavongs Review source

Cute, comfy yet somewhere to go to see and be seen.
So incredibly kitsch but so tasteful - this place is full of confusion and excitement.

Very very instagramable, and if you’re keen for a “look at me I’m in a cool place” picture, you’ve come to the right place. Post to your social feeds and tag the place - make your friends think you’re cooler than them and know better places than them. Go on. Enjoy it.

As for bookings, book in advance (call them an hour before hand) for a cocktail, and book a day in advance for restaurant. People are dressed to the 8s - they look cool and exude ‘effortless chic’ that took them (myself included) an hour to perfect. Basically a really lovely place that’s not too pretentious - more like a place that knows how to not take itself too seriously!

Ps the bathrooms are something else, not to spoil it but they are space themed. Go check them out.

5 by Anastasia Yakovlev Review source

Great top quality / expensive restaurant for an unusual and memorable dinner with a big caveat (horrible artwork), we had a party of 4 adults of all age groups and one child and we all found them horrible / amateur / pathetic.

Loved - Service, Welcome, Staff, Decor (some), Toilets, Food Choice and Quality. Like the alternative style (apart from the childish 'artwork' images everywhere in the main restaurant). Toilets have the 'wow' factor

Didnt like - 'Alternative' / Horrible artwork (includes some offensive images and words regarding bodily functions) whoever commissioned that should reconsider it as a plain wall would be favourable, we had a 9 year old with us that really didnt like seeing such images and words.
Didnt like £26 for a glass of wine or £40 added to bill for 'service' (total £363 that includes discretionary tip / service charge).

4 by Delicious Webdesign Review source

This review applies to breakfast. tl;dr It's not worth it. If I didn't know it had been around for a while, I would bet on this restaurant having been created solely for the purpose of 'influencers' converting money (ostensibly spent on food and drinks) into social media-ready photographs taken in weird bathrooms. Upon arrival there was a seemingly endless chain of people just photographing themselves outside the place. The food was forgettable and overpriced and the drinks were genuinely a waste of money, costing about 40% more than you would pay at any neighboring cafe or bar. Others have reviewed the staff as being unfriendly; I didn't find that, but it wasn't epic service either. The bathrooms are indeed photographable and other dining rooms weird - there's a non-zero chance you'll be hassled for trying to visit them even as a paying customer. 'Enjoy'.

2 by Thomas Leeper Review source

I quite liked it when I first arrived and most of the staff were lovely ( great decor) . I enjoyed the pod room even If small and didn't really see the point of the DJ. I think probably do better with some nice background music I have to say the types of woman I encountered were so self obsessed it was worrying especially in the Loo area. Okay the loos are unusal but these girls and their selfiies are really worrying. Not sure why people are quite so vain here. I have visited other glamorous hotels/ bars and restaurants in the area and never experienced it quite as this. I actually commented on it when I couldn't get to the basin to wash my hands very arrogant as well as vain. Food was nice but not special. (Very expensive ) Not sure if I ll go back may just pop in for a cocktail as they are very nice.

3 by jane stewart Review source

Atmosphere was spectacular with the classical music being in the background and with the creative lighting! I was an half an hour late but I still had one and a half hours to spare. The Afternoon Tea + Champagne set was ordered and each individual sandwich and dessert were delicious! Scones with jam and cream were amazing especially when eaten warm! Re-fills are available for cakes, sandwiches and scones, but you will unlikely get them because the initial ones given will fill your stomachs! Before they served the cakes and sandwiches, a little caviar+egg appetiser was given. Champagne was lovely as well.
Servers were very kind and my personal server made the experience a nice one. A bit of a splurge but worth it! Would love to come back as I found the meal very mouth-watering.

5 by nicola c Review source

Awful service, considering its high reputation i was expecting a lot better. The staff in the Glade were not at all pleasant and could not get an order right between them. We had to ask for our coffees 3 times before they arrived and when they did they came with no coffee in, just milk and hot water. i was expecting a high standard considering the pricing in there. The toilets were cool to look at and take a picture but they were disgusting, it is men and womens shared so there was urine all over the toilet seats and pod floors. I also thought the food was very average, we had brunch and i feel i could of cooked something up better myself. overall i wouldn't recommend unless you want to take a picture in the toilets.

1 by Imogen Ridley Review source

Beautiful place, very nicely designed and lovely for pictures and drink.
Been here on two occasions, once for drinks which was great and second time to try out their afternoon tea as I've heard so much about.
We arrived and I was happily surprised they had my favorite White Jasmine tea. Food was not more than average, as I have a gluten free and dairy free diet (which is actually, not that hard to accommodate) they seemed to struggle.
Sandwiches was alright.
Scones was very bad, served with margarine.
Cakes ok but nothing more. With a bill over £200 you would expect a bit more. At least champagne and tea was nice.
Recommended for drinks and beautiful pictures.

3 by Agnes Julia Review source

Very much enjoyed Sketch. The restaurants atmosphere is sophisticated, cozy, and inviting. We dined for 5.5 hours and all of these hours were very enjoyable. The service was very good, with the exception of a sommelier who had an attitude. The food was very creative and delicious. The ingredients were excellent - you could tell from the dishes. They brought out a truffle mushroom for us to smell and look at before deciding if we wanted to supplement our tasting menu with that. We loved it and will certainly return! P.s. we dined in the lecture room - it’s the more sophisticated one. The first 2 pictures are from the other room. I preferred the lecture room and glad that that’s where we dined.

5 by Helen Erikson Review source

Last weekend we made reservations for dinner at The Gallery to visit Sketch, and we were very happily seated. The food was very tasty but considering the prices we were not expecting anything less. That said the service was beyond phenomenal and the food presentation and decoration was an experience on its own. Yet considering the touristy rules of a dinner reservation counting a max of two hours we didn’t consider it a 5. However we were lucky that to not be ushered out, and even had time to enjoy a cocktail and tea as our dessert after we finished our first two dishes. If anything should be a staple order, it would be the 3 b’s. Without a doubt the best cocktail I ever had!

4 by Fernando ARG Review source

Well designed restaurant, with incredibly beautiful and eclectic spaces. I love the thought and details given to each dining area. I had dinner in the gallery, and loved the soft pink and copper aesthetic. The cheese board starter was delicious and offered a good assortment. I had a vegetarian pasta dish with carrot reduction sauce as a main and was not impressed. It was far too sweet and did not offer a great flavour. Service was quite lacking. We asked for the wine list partway through our meal and it never arrived. In another moment, I asked for black pepper and it never transpired. When I asked a server to describe one of the cheeses she was totally lost.

3 by Amye Parker Review source

IN. CRE. DI. BLE. I've never been to a place as beautiful as Sketch ever. From the entrance to the walkways to the toilets to the staff, every design detail was considered and executed so beautifully. If you want to fit in, follow their dress code about being 'art smart' and get that gram, girl!

My friend booked us a reservation for brunch, so we sat in what would be their cocktail room in the evening which was themed like a moody garden. Food and drink are more on the expensive side here, but worth it. Service is impeccable. Also if you want to see an amazingly quirky washroom, go even if you don't have to.

5 by Gracelle Mesina Review source

My partner and I had a late brunch on Valentine’s day. A very warm welcoming as soon as we arrived and were told we could leave our coats and bags of shopping out of the way. All in all, the interiors and service are out of this world! Wonderland would best describe the themes rooms, you walk out out of one room where the carpets mimic grass to a bathroom of eggs. Highly recommend you give this place a visit, I will certainly be heading back. Impeccable taste in music for each foom, however, the menu could use a few more vegeterian options with more interesting display, as the salad I ordered had huge leaves.

5 by Serena Marija Review source

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing a team meeting at Sketch for high Tea. The Kooky, eccentricity of the entire establishment is initially bewildering! ;-) However, after taking in the hip and unconventional artwork and entire setting, it began to feel both surreal and uplifting. We agreed to feeling as if we were in a scene from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' or simply a fantasy world of truly scrumptious chocolate fancies presented in a quirky manner. Definitely put Sketch on your 'To do List in London.' It's fun, funky and unconventional. Heidi Moore

5 by Heidi Moore Review source

Sketch is the top. The menu is extremely refined, the high level cooking art make you experience very intense pleasure and you will be surprised by their way to 'research' perfection in balancing shades of different tastes. At the same time, the design of the three rooms is art. The first one reminds me Dalì, the Glade one reminds me fantastic northern forests, the third room is the pure elegance. Everything is studied to give you a top level experience. Even the bathrooms are actually an 'artistic gift' to the customer's eyes!

5 by Review source

This is an upscale restaurant and pricey. I'm not a fan of afternoon tea themed foods or desserts so the food wasn't enjoyable for me. However, it was a great and unique experience. I went with my girlfriend upon recommendations from friends.

The teas were beautiful, I recommend vanilla bean black tea.

Inside, the design and architecture is so unique and beautiful. It's quite a romantic place to take your partner.

The service was awesome and there are unlimited tea refills and choices.

4 by TB Dang Review source

A spectacular restaurant with magnificent decor and sophisticated ambience. The staff are incredibly attentive and well trained in every hospitable practice. If you want to feel like you're eating in the grand hall of the Titanic, this place will not disappoint, and it's also not short of all of the theatrics you'd only expect to receive if you were royalty. The lecture room truly is splendid and nothing short of incredible. The food 5 stars. The staff 5 stars and the memories out of 10. Bravo.

5 by Phillip Pulling Review source

Innovative decor and good food let down by poor service. Can't speak for the Gallery room but we sat in the Glade room for brunch and we were constantly let down by poor service including having our drinks order taken but not brought to the table until after the mains were delivered. We also waited half an hour after our mains were taken for a dessert/coffee menu by which time we chased the waitress for the bill and left. Shame as better service on the day would have definitely made this a 5-star visit

3 by Suneil Aujla Review source

This is a very interesting place and I will definitely be visiting again. They have a few bars in here and a restaurant. I visited the bar The East Bar, very cool and a nice take on a bar, it's a circular bar where the staff are on a slightly lower level which is fun especially when you've had a few. The drinks are good, service is pretty quick but seating quite limited. I would recommend visiting this place and I'll definitely be returning to check out the other bars and restaurant.

4 by p4rma Review source

I love this place! The whole setup is an artistic piece. Each room has a theme, with the bathroom especially delightful with its otherworldly feel. The afternoon tea is amazing, with the cakes and pastries a mix of different things for different people. Plus, the food and teas are all refillable! The customer service is excellent and I love their outfits, which range deliberately from the mundane to the elaborate and classy. I highly recommend sketch to try this quintessentially British tradition.

5 by Alia Luz Review source

Amazing place, really well decorated and fun for a visit. Prices are too high for the quality of food and service. I had cream tea and had to spread jam and clotted cream with a spoon as they didn't provide me with a knife. For how much money you play they should have this details sorted. Staff, though correct, wasn't very friendly. Overall, go for the décor, but not for the food. Also, £15 for a cocktail that wasn't even great is a lot of money even for London. A bit ridiculous.

3 by Alba Lage Review source

Hands down the best experiential dinning experiences of my life. Every step, every moment is perfect curated and thought though; there’s no detail too small for the creators of sketch.

The food is perfect. The drinks, are so fresh and fun; we had the Rose Buds of May and it’s absolutely fabulous.

My wife got the veal and she said it’s a must try!

The toilets are crazy it’s like you go into a different world.

Must try! And you’ll be a fan for life.

5 by Darryl K-M Review source

The girl on the door was very friendly and welcoming and invited me to use the walk-in bar as you had to reserve a table in the big rooms and they were full. All the fixtures and fittings are quirky/arty. The Gallery room is mind blowing. Different to anywhere else I've been. A bit pricey but the experience is worth it. Egg shaped pod toilet cubicles.The journey to the toilets through the Gallery room was memorable. I had to stop to take photos. A place you won't forget in a hurry!

4 by Review source

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