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3 Jerome Place, Charter Quay, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HT

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Browns advertises Thursdays as “Lobster Night”. I hadn’t had lobster in years, so that tempting invitation to something special meant my friend and I were really looking forward to a good meal. Despite arriving shortly before 9pm, no one was greeting customers. We made our way to the bar but the three employees huddled in the corner disappeared without acknowledging us. Finally, we tracked down a staff member who told us the kitchen was closed! Strange we thought and a pretty unwelcoming attitude. Nevertheless, the lure of “Lobster Night” meant we lingered. Realising that we were not easily dissuaded, the staff member returned telling us that we could have a table after all. We were very thankful to her for doing such a great job! The food arrived too quickly, indicating Browns knows how to muffle the ‘ping’ on its microwave ovens but, since we were hungry, the starters didn’t seem too bad. However, my friend’s main course, lobster thermidor with scallops, was inedible. It was not fully cooked and arrived cold. Best described as “one prepared earlier”, it was well past its best. We were seated near the kitchen and my friend is braver than me, so she took it back and asked the cooks to heat it up! In record time, a new dish appeared but with half the amount of food as the first plate and the smallest lobster ever! Was this a dish another diner had returned? My friend had one mouthful and realised it was best not to go there. Even the chips were horrible and cold. To me “Lobster Night” does not suggest a re-heated/microwave meal and neither do Browns’ prices. This was not value for money and we left feeling we’d been had. Browns may not be troubled. No doubt its prime location means a steady flow of new punters but we shall not be eating/drinking there again until it makes an effort to live up to what it promises.

2 by Review source

Most disappointing Christmas dinner we have ever had. Every year I take my parents out on Christmas Day for a meal. This year I picked Browns in Kingston (which I regret now very much as it's the worst Christmas meal and service we have ever experienced) ... considering it's Christmas Day we were expecting something very special... but the food was frankly awful, I wouldn't be happy with that kind of food on a normal day let alone on Christmas Day when it's supposed to be even better. For starter we had a beetroot tart - my tart was soggy and disgusting, I had one spoonful. My parents had the lobster tart, very boring, bland and sickly tasting. The mains were turkey and lamb - the turkey itself was ok nothing special though and we've had way better in every other place we've been to. The gravy was overpowering, vegetables bland and I had 2 potatoes on my plate. The lamb was also the same - very bland and really nothing special. For dessert we had a chocolate trio which again none of us enjoyed. Considering the price you pay the food is truly awful, We were shocked at how bad the food is there and we had to wait about 20- 30 minutes between each course - the wait would have been fine had the food actually been good. There is no real Christmas spirit or excitement in the food served or the service. Just very boring, bland, disgusting food. I 100% would NEVER RECOMMEND this place for Christmas Day. We have always enjoyed our Christmas meals we've had at various different restaurants over the years and it was a real shame that our first experience at Browns was so bad. I paid an extortionate amount to leave feeling sick and still hungry. Whoever designed that menu should really come up with something a hell of a lot better on Christmas Day!!! Worst Christmas meal ever.

1 by Review source

Well First we have to wait for 1.5 hours for table finally we got the table weather was good so we enjoyed walk on bank side...

1st we order drinks (Pimms Jug) & starters (Lavash Breadsticks) it was ok and then again order was repeated as we were hungry Both drink and starters were servered differently. Drink was served with different fruits and starter was not cooked and was servered with 3 different sauces the round one.

I Guess repeat order should have exactly same how it was server on first round of order !!! Main course was not worth it at all.....tasted awful

I personally ordered Ricotta, Beetroot & Truffle Tortellini and it tasted horrible. My friends she order Classic Caesar Salad which was not fresh at all.

In total we were 8 people and not a single person enjoyed food over all it was very heavy though we had very little food and not tasty at all... finally it is overly priced for taste and quantity.

I would say view and atmosphere good but food and cocktails were horrible. Only focus was on presentation not on food taste.

2 by Siddharth Shah Review source

The dishes were very delicious, the places to chat with friends are very pleasant. the staff are polite and approachable to require for further service.

Although some dishes' prices might seem slightly pricy, the quality and portion of food was very delicious.
The fish pie was amazing, The staff would kindly warm up the dish again after it got cold ( I was outdoor). I found the service was very professional.
The soup especially was very thick and rich thus extremely delicious.
the pasta has a rich of taste with some lemon but they can continue to improve the recipe to sever a better dish.

The overall experience with the food, staff service and space to enjoy with friend was great. I would recommend to try this restaurant.

5 by Michiyo Kurosawa Photography Review source

Had a fillet steak. Steak came and tasted heavily burnt despite there being no obvious reason it should, it was not burnt. In fact the steak appeared perfectly cooked (medium as I requested). With some nimble knife work I removed the edges of a piece of the steak to taste only the inner part, as I suspected it tasted lovely. I have no idea why this occurred but it is my reason for such a low review.

Sticky toffee pudding was delicious, the use of ginger ice cream added to the experience heavily.

I have given two stars for the generally good service and the rest of the accompaniments to the meal being satisfactory. The location is also lovely, so despite not serving the best food it is a worthwhile stop for the location in the least.

2 by OmniTitan Review source

Last Tuesday afternoon my friend and I decided to have afternoon tea, well when it came it looked ok not the best we have had but it got worse, the sandwiches were so dry I would not have given them to the swans outside in fact they would have have chucked them back, we was given new ones when we told them how dry they were but this time they were so cold as the bread had been taken out of the fridge. The tea was loose leaf but we were given no strainers until we asked so our first cup of tea was full of leaf. The rest of the tea was no better the piece of sponge was dry and the scones were very small and very dry and the rest of the cakes were not really fresh. We paid £12 each for this tea we felt really ripped off would not go again.

2 by Review source

We only usually visit Browns for drinks and they have always been really great. There is a particular guy that works on the bar & you can tell he is so passionate about mixology. Cocktail menu changes a lot which is good as you can try new things. A couple of years ago, we regularly had afternoon tea here. The Champagne afternoon tea used to be only £20 for two! that included cakes, sandwiches, 2 x scones, 2 x pots of tea + 2x glasses of champagne! Shame somebody must've discovered that the whole thing was less than one glass of champagne each haha so now the price has doubled.

4 by A - Review source

Place needs to shut down and allow for a more ambitious restaurant to take over;

The service is incredibly slow - three waiters cover service to the whole restaurant and stumble around aimlessly. This hurts when you get stung for 12.5% service and you’ve had your finished starters sat in front of you for 45 min with waiters just ignoring them.

Food is very greasy/ overcooked and overpriced for what you actually get.

Compared to Côte / Busaba / Cau this place can’t compete. Go there instead for the same price and a better evening.

2 by Review source

My experience was second to none, made only possible by the great service and food. The lady who served myself and my partner was called Valerie, she clearly loved her job and loved serving customers, a real joy really, this kind of service is very rare nowadays and I hope Browns look after her. If I was holding cash on me at the time I would of certainly left her a generous tip. I actually feel guilty not doing so.
To sum it up - Food was great but Valerie was amazing. Will definitely be returning real soon.

5 by Steven Lampshire Review source

Awful! Arrived and our table for 5 was not a table for 5 it was two tiny round tables shoved in the corner... table for 4 at a push!! We had booked in advance so that was very disappointing. Once we had sat down we were ignored for 10 minutes and then a child begun playing the grand piano loudly. It was then we walked out and went somewhere else.

Incredibly disappointing, awful service.... or should I say non-existent? We will not bother going there again.

(If I could give 0 stars I would).

1 by Review source

The food was very below par... the fish and chips were basically cheap bland frozen perch which was chewy, watery and tasteless served with a free undressed rocket leaves, and the the smoked mackerel fish cake was little more than deep fried mash potato.
However i didn't complain, just couldn't eat the food and left it but the staff i think are used to people not eating the food as they refunded my main even though I didn't ask them to, which was very nice of them!

2 by Matthew Berry Review source

Nice food but ages too get food and attention sometimes between lunch course or wanting bill so more attention needed. Big annoy is pricing is not clear. Ordered 2 ceasar salad which just has 8.5 on menu (to cheap or posh for using £8.50?! with egg, tune or chicken and so get chicken, asked if want egg, yeah sure. Bill arrives 8.5 + £3.50 for the chicken and £2 for 2 eggs?! Isnt the cost is the deception and hidden cost for a rough chicken salad. Can get better for less elsewhere.

3 by A Kelly Review source

Lovely afternoon tea however appalling service.
The waiter didn't acknowledge us once.. took us a lifetime to order our food and then when we wanted to get the bill, he was nowhere to be seen. I asked the bar staff if I could pay with them however they said the waiter has to take your payment. Found it offensive that they want to take a 10% service charge when they do not offer welcoming service. Wouldn't return to this branch again.

2 by Hannah Jones Review source

Can not even rate this place less than 1 star unfortunately, it deserves no more than a 1/4 star.
Was there on the 24th of Jan 2016.
Ordered a Roast Lamb Sunday lunch and received a plate of utter slop.
The most disgusting food I have ever been served, a greasy spoon cafe would have been 100% better.
Do not recommend this place to anyone.
My dog got the so called food for her lunch instead it was that bad!!!

1 by Review source

My girlfriend and I enjoyed Sunday lunch here today. The waiters and waitresses were pretty friendly and attentive and the food was good (the chicken was tender and seasoned nicely). It was a brilliant atmosphere as we were sat outside, overlooking a sunny and vibrant quay and there was a man playing the piano (very nicely) inside. I could have enjoyed a few more beers here if it wasn't for our time restraints. Will return again most likely.

5 by Scott G Review source

Love Browns. Admittedly I've always come here off peak: week nights, Sunday. It has a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful view and classy interior. Similar priced to a nice gastro pub. Food is gorgeous! Loved the red wine gravy with my shoulder of lamb. Staff are very friendly without overdoing it if you know what I mean :) My partner loves it too - our first date was here and where we got engaged.

5 by Leo Li Review source

Amazing food and great drinks. The service is fine and fast, no problems here and is nice for a date or a night out. The quality of food for how much you pay is great and filling and the drinks are cheap and nicely chosen, however some of the non alcoholic mocktails are not mixed very well. The environment is clean and people are friendly and attracts a young adult crowd.

4 by StudentEternal Review source

As a regular to Browns over the years ive lived in Kingston , Browns has always been reliable - the food is always standard and nice , they fail to change up their menu and have had the same things on there for years. Saying all that whats kept me going back is the ambiance , choice of drinks and selection of 'DRAFT BEER' , service is great and attentive.

4 by Jonni ishka Review source

Very poor quality food, including the veggie option. More like wet sprawling stuffing. Cabbage dried out, and I could go on. Disappointed we had our group meal there. Other guest not happy. Nice waitress, but how they could find it in themselves to take food like that to guests, is another story. Needs training, chef and service staff.

2 by Review source

I have heard about Browns for Their cocktail variety and their food being very good, so on the last visit I had to confirm it.!! Drinks were very good as well as food which was well presented. Our waitress Megan, was absolutely amazing and service couldn't be better.!! A big well done to the whole team..!!

5 by Review source

What a shame.!!!!! I was refused to order lunch menu at 11:55. I could leave and come back 5 min later. Seriously ? High chair for my child was sticky and disgusting dirty. What all this staff doing there? Plus the waiter wanted to keep rest of the change as he did not have coins. Wow. Never again.

1 by Izabela Sura Review source

Met a girlfriend for dinner here on a Friday night, 7:30 reservation. I had the (something vegetarian) Wellington; she had the half lobster. Great food, good service.

Appreciate the no-charge club soda at the bar while I waited.

Service was attentive and prompt.

5 by Karen Tiede Review source

The staff were lovely, and attentive. My partner and I got the three courses for around £15 each, which was well worth it for the taste. The portions may be smaller than some people expect, but they filled me up more than I expected. Plus, being by the river while eating was fab.

5 by Hamelton Notlemah Review source

Although the food was delicious, the service didn't match. I was asked for ID and denied alcohol despite my age. I asked for a coke about 5 times before it arrived, soon before the bill - very useful. If you want some delicious food but below par service, this is the place.

2 by Review source

Bang average. Service good, food ok just pub food really. Bit on the lively side for a restaurant if that's your thing or not. It wasn't a bad visit but Kingston has a vast amount of places to eat and there is nothing to draw me back here again out of all these places.

3 by Thomas Vince Review source

Eat there today with my family, two of the waiters stunk of alcohol, my meal was grainy with crab shell,no chilly and the lime was as dry as a sun dried tomato. I've been eating at Brown's for years but it has definitely gone down hill won't be going back

1 by Marisa Cole Review source

☆ top secrets: piano sessions on Saturday evenings and Sunday middays and lobsters served after midday ☆

Good Browns restaurant on the river with excellent view. Good place for birthday lunches and dinners. Kids are welcome. There is a selection of smoothies.

5 by I Local Guide Review source

Lazy, unhelpful & rude.

We had the temerity to turn up at just after 9pm to be told the kitchen was closed even though the restaurant was half full

Let me give you a tip here, if you regularly close early people will not turn up

1 by Robert Daley Review source

A great spot by the river Thames. Not the cheapest but still good value due to the high quality of the food and service. The staff make our kids feel like royalty and make us feel comfortable and well looked after.
Really lovely place any time of the day.

5 by Torquay Mark Review source

Nice river view, friendly staff, acceptable afternoon tea which was good value for the price (£14). I'd eat there again for a relaxed catch up with friends but only if noise wasn't an issue - it can be a bit hard to hear people some times.

3 by I Gough Review source

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