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1 Green Bank, St Katharine's \\u0026 Wapping, London, E1W 2PA

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I came into the cafe on a Tuesday with my mother. After seating we sat for 20 minutes with the previous customers dirty cups and plates, they served our food and the dirty plates remained until we were half way through our meal.

I ordered the TH burger and chips, when it arrived the burger was served on a roll that had been purchased from the local bakery, as someone that has lived in the area for 25 years I am accustomed to the bakery and know their buns. When I order a burger I expect it to be in an actual burger bun, not a roll that is used for sandwiches. The burger itself was under cooked and very dry, the chips were clearly the budget ones that can be purchased from the local best one shop on wapping Lane. The only thing that tasted fresh was the pickles. I made the mistake of asking the waitress for vinegar that was served to me in a bowl. I find it ridiculous that they feel it is acceptable to charge £9.00 for a meal that would cost £2.50 if you walked through to the local shops.

I visited this place before in December last year, I was treated with contempt as I have a strong East London accent and was not seated for over an hour, I also ordered their parma ham roll and asked them not to put aubergine in as I do not like it. They served me a dry roll with a slither of parma ham and then charged me £6.00 for this.

The menu is limited and I will definitely not be visiting here again. As someone from the local community I will advise anyone to stay away. The cafe tries to be pretentious and markets itself as high end, but the food, service and menu shows a different story.

1 by Alex Dobson Review source

The 'new' Turks Head has got a much improved design in the main dining room. Sadly, there are serious issues that needs to be sorted:

1) The £8 English breakfast, was mainly bread (4 large pieces) with a few smaller side items such as bacon, sausage, egg etc - however, the amount of bread gave a false impression of value.

2) Not sure how a hash brown should look like? But a tiny slice of something, that I guess was mashed potato in its original form, and pan fried into a state of being lukewarm, did not impress.

3) Sauces (ketchup & brown) was not offered - had to ask for it, and none of the tables had salt & pepper on them, at that point I was already disappointed and it would have made no difference to my taste-buds.

4) The male toilet have no working locks on either door...

We loved the 'old' Turks Head, and would have had no issue of the changes to menu and pricing for the 'new' Turks Head. But there needs to be value attached for paying a premium for an English Breakfast - if the product is lessor quality and more expensive than what previously was, then this place will not stay open for long. Higher prices will not work in the long run unless the food is of a high quality too.

2 by Review source

If you are looking for a quirky cafe in the Wapping or St Katharine Docks area, I really love this place.

It is inside an old pub, which is the reason I went to look at, finding out later that it was in the Morrissey video - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful. Which is kind of cool.

Only stayed for a coffee which was perfect, it was one of those cafes that you would take your family to if they were visiting the area.

The food they served seemed nice too, I think the name Turks Head meant they were serving mezze platters which is not a bad thing!

I'm not sure if this place would suit all the coffee lovers of the world over, but this is a proper community cafe and I really liked it.

5 by David Poole Review source

so much potential, I had an omelette which cost £8.50, it was under seasoned and just plane, my wife had a sandwich which came toasted (which was not described) the sandwich wasn't bad, when she asked for salad she was told extra salad items were 75p each, i said so if i want some onion it will be .75p he said yes.. over priced for the food they deliver. Milkshake was acreage. the setting is amazing i think that's why people come. The service is very slow, almost to the point where i think they slow it down so you order more drinks. Will go back again as its a nice setting, but will not eat.. over priced and tasteless.

3 by Paul Know Review source

Brilliant place, not just a cafe but a central part of the Wapping community. As a matter of duty our team has worked it's way through the menu and has yet to find a duff item. The Club Sandwich is the size of a small planet and probably the best value for money, not many people manage to finish theirs. Full English breakfast's are really yummy and the Italian chefs pasta is unsurprisingly excellent. Oh and they have a bakery downstairs so the cake range is to die for.

5 by Love Wapping Review source

Whenever I am in Wapping and need a place to hole up and work I choose the Turk's Head. Food is acceptable, coffee decent enough, it's a London cafe, you want gourmet go elsewhere. Prices are OK, £8 for a cooked brekky inc. a hot drink, s'about right for that there 'Lahn-Dahn'.

But it's a great place to grab some Wifi, get yer head down, listen to some beats and pound out some work. So it does exactly what you want it to do.

5 by Mister Metric Review source

There are very few places I like this much!
Was training in the local sports hall for the weekend and stumbled on this place on the first day!
The staff were so friendly! The food was lovely and pretty cheap for London!
The coffees and mochas were luscious!
The interior is cosy and the toilets were a surprise!
Even have a touch of alcohol if you wished.
Top it up with free WiFi!
Great place to come!!!

5 by Calm Storm Review source

I waited outside in the rain past 9am opening times but it didnt open on time amd yet the staff inside was in no urgency and even had time to eat while they casually take their time. One staff member came out only to tell us it will take another 15 mins. I can see people angry and left to go to another cafe. The staff member was not even apologetic. If you want your hot drink get it somewhere else.

1 by Review source

For some reason it annoyed me that the eggs and toast and a coffee was £9. But a full english breakfast which includes a coffee was £8. Literally double the amount of food and you play less. For some reason thats made me stop going as i like eggs on toast but everytime i order it i feel as if im stitching myself up lol.

3 by Alex Isaacs Review source

I went for the cheapest option on the menu because in my opinion £8 for a fry up is too much. I had a HUGE jacket potato with three toppings for just £3.50. I went for sausage, roasted vegetables and mozzarella. Delicious. Service is great, the decor is superb (make sure you go to the loo) and I will definitely be back.

5 by Kimberley Dennis Review source

Good local stop for breakfast. The interior is very loud, so it's more pleasant to stop here in the summer to enjoy their cute back garden. Their food is generally good, depending on what you choose (I wouldn't suggest the mexican breakfast as it's pretty greasy but amazing yoghurt / fruit bowl).

3 by marycaroline carlin Review source

Plenty of space, wonderful setting and above all delicious coffee. Wooden floors, seating and tables. Plenty of parking outside in the street. Toilets available downstairs in the basement. Very friendly staff, and clientele. Wide selection of food and drinks at reasonable prices. Cash and cards accepted.

5 by Marcus Frost Review source

The refurbishment is great and was much needed but the prices are quite steep - £8 for a breakfast that can be had for much less in much more prominent areas - nonetheless Wapping needs more businesses like this in the area and with some adjustments to the prices I'm sure it could be a success.

4 by Brad Clark Review source

a decent cafe in the middle of Wapping. omelettes are quite good.
staff are generally friendly once they recognize you.
they have a few high chairs and are pretty family friendly. popular with moms and kids after they various playgroups at the nearby childrens centre.

3 by Char L Review source

Nice space, both indoors & outdoors, decent food and drinks. I may question the staff; the girl there was rather rude and in a rush, thankfully her colleague managed to make it to us by offering a free drink. If you happen to be in the area, try it.

3 by Review source

An eye-catching building with period faience cladding but a rather ordinary interior.
Basically an upscaled cafe, tinkering with the 'formula' to good effect and with mixed results.
Unexceptional coffee though.

3 by jeff benjamin Review source

The new owner has done a great job! The place is cozy and the lovely furniture keeps that vintage atmosphere still alive!
Very good food and friendly staff, it's definitely a 5 star!

5 by Mariachiara Gallian Review source

Lovely little cafe and community hub. Word around the campfire is that this is where condemned pirates and seaborne criminal stopped for a drink on their way to the gallows at Execution Dock.

4 by Mike Stuchbery Review source

Just went to order breakfast and boy has this place change !! Looks nice but £8 for toast and a sandwich ( that had half the items missing in the sandwich ) is a joke don't do it guys !

1 by Review source

Nicely placed coffee shop - also the food and coffee are pretty good and I'd recommend it to anyone - regardless if you live in London or you're just visiting.

4 by Gabriella Watson Review source

The avocados on the club sandwich were at once unripe and rotten. The milkshake seemed to have no ice cream in it. The french fries were OK. The garden area is nice.

2 by Review source

Excellent place with fantastic brunch and breakfast, smoothies and the staff is nice. I love the decoration of the place! It is always packed since they opened!

5 by Lassla Esquivel Review source

Family run breakfast place... on the first glace it might appear a bit strange...but the breakfast is really tasty and the price / value given is simply good.

5 by Lukas Sosna Review source

Friendly café. Good food reasonably priced. Reasonably large outside seating area with views to the park.

Can get very busy on weekend lunches.

4 by Paul Kellaway Review source

This place is very charming.
The coffee is good and the porridge probably the best I have ever had.

My waiter was really cute as well ; )

5 by Review source

I still go sometimes as this is my local place for brunch, but service is very slow and food used to be better before they were taken over.

2 by Sean Mountfield Review source

Locals cafe that has nice English breakfasts and coffee. Although the interior is quite basic, the staff are quite friendly and helpful.

5 by John Noi Review source

Friendly local cafe. Decent selection of food, can recommend the apple pie. Nice seating area round the back too: a real sun-trap.

4 by Nigel Danby Review source

Lovely atmosphere inside. Lots of breakfast choices as well as coffee, smoothies, teas and cakes. Family and dogs friendly place.

5 by agnes zareba Review source

Decent food but the service is chaotic so usually arrives cold! If you arrive at a busy time be ready for pandemonium.

3 by Conal Ryan Review source

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