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Non-existent service. Shortly after I joined, I got sent a message saying my subscription was suspended until I could send through my new license details. While my new license was being posted to me I am still allowed to drive (I had proof of this and even rented from AVIS, all above board and legal).

BlueCity took so long to get back to me, that I had my license a week later and sent proof of the new license to them, before they ever got round to my query.

...And then, after I sent the new license to them? Still no response for 2 weeks! End result: I've been a subscriber for a month now, have not been able to use the service a single time yet, and e-mails (and messages in my BlueCity account) have gone unanswered for WEEKS, not days.

This has all the hallmarks of a service that looks good on someone's business plan they show a VC, until literally anything at all goes wrong. This is a SERVICE industry, and it's clear BlueCity have set their priorities horribly wrong at a very fundamental level. A sad way for them to begin.

1 by John Sargent Review source

Londonese version of the most successful Parisian 'autolib'. But like with Santander ex-Boris bikes as compared to Paris Velib, the system will be a real success if and only if there is a real massive implementation, which, sadly, is far for being the case : suffice to see how many cityblue apps have been installed on android smartphones : a mere 100 (!!!!) as compared to the 10.000s of the autolib one. And how many of those 'bus red' 'blue' cars? How many stations? Who knows even the system exists? Ask around and you'll be surprised. Many friends of mine who live and work in London carry on telling me 'how lucky yuou are to have autolib in Paris. Wish we'd have the same'. The system opened in June 2015. Anyway, in June 2017, two years later, the number of available cars and charging stations remains under what it was on the day of the Paris opening, in September 2011. Doesn't seem Bollore got much help from the London City Council...

4 by Jean Bonnefoy Review source

When it works is great!
Expensive but useful..
I have been using for 1year now, but lots of time u will find yourself at the charging point trying to put the passowrd down and the system just failing on you.. with msgs system down or worst. Having a screen digital problem.
Well not so great to spend 10-20 minutes in the cold weather trying to pay to get in the car.
So i had enough tried to can cancel my subscription and they have told me to send a letter??? Asking to cancel my subscription, hold on a second what? A letter? Yes thats right 2018 eletronic car 'revolution' however if u want to cancel lets go back to 1995. Oh please not even a email? No.
Well so after all I quite enjoy the car but too much to give and not enough support for the members.

2 by Review source

Works like the Parisian 'Autolib' (same owner), although it does not work as well as in France as there aren't enough charging points which are close enough from one another. The service is way too expensive as there is always traffic in London, you spend £10 for being stuck in traffic for 2 hours. I only use it when late at night due to less traffic. The cars are only mostly available in SW London. All I can say is that these cars have been here for 3 years and no one uses them. Bluecity should lower their prices, make special deals for students and elaborate their marketing plan.

3 by Review source

I'd like to give this 5 stars - but for the moment I can't. Hopefully the charge-point that could not communicate with the outside world, which delayed me by 30 minutes was a one-off teething problem - and the charge-point which didn't let me enter my PIN another. So far 20% of the journeys I have made have had problems of this nature. But the biggest issue is the simple lack of numbers - not enough car, and not nearly enough charge-points in Central London. Other than that - I hope it will be as good as it promises - that way I can sell the car and just use this instead.

4 by Review source

Customer service is very poor. You cant report a problem. You cant cancel your subscription. You cant get help. So when something went wrong you are in trouble. I booked a charging point. Parking space by that point wasnt marked in anyway so it was used by a parked normal car. Thats it! You are all by your own and must find another charging point. They dont care if its far. They dont care about the fee you paid. Its all your problems. And you can't complain!

2 by Review source

A brilliant service! I was given free membership for a year with 20 hours of free driving. I got in the car for the first time yesterday having never driven in London or in an automatic car and was amazed at how easy the car was to drive and how simple the service was overall. I've had lots of hassle with car hire companies in the past and this was the opposite, so simple! This is the future!

5 by Review source

Having asked them several times to remove their cars they keep the only two electric bays occupied 24/7 with their cars, and nobody using them, leaving no space for my car. Very inconsiderate to other users and inconvenience local residents and businesses who reply on these charge points.

1 by Review source

Very disappointed my years subscription was changed after 9 months with no notice. I only found out when I went to book a car found I couldn't make use of an offer, customer service had no idea. Having to make hasty rearrangements. Cheers!!

1 by Review source

I have been using their service for about 3 months now and I can't complain, great idea, similar to santander bike scheme, but with electric cars instead. I got free hours of driving when I joined too, they had an early bird deal at a time.

5 by Review source

Nice cars, join through an offer and not really using so trying to cancel. Would be better if you could park anywhere, like Drive Now, instead of always returning it to a charging post. No flexi membership available. Cancellation by post.

4 by Sarah Sharman Review source

blue city cars are parked in electric charging point which doesn't allow local residence who are owning electric cars to use charging point. hope local council can sort out this problem... as company can't be bothered.

1 by Review source

great idea. I'm 2 journeys in and so far it's working out well! I can fix the child seats in the back so with kids it's easier than taking a taxi

5 by Review source

Not very transparent and very hard to cancel membership, beware.

1 by Gareth Thomas Review source