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Sent my scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and sourdough bread back to the kitchen twice because the eggs were gooey and runny. After the 2nd try (same soggy scrambled eggs came back) I gave up and attempted to eat the turkey bacon which was dry as a bone and the bread which was also dry and had no butter on. It's very alarming that the chef doesn't know how to make fluffy, light scrambled eggs. That's a basic element of any good breakfast...

Whilst I appreciate they don't serve pork, the breakfast menu is too limited. They state in their menu that they don't do 'bespoke orders or substitutions' at weekends, but had I felt welcome to assemble my own breakfast, the outcome could've been more positive.

1 by Review source

Terrible service!

Ordered 'The Omelette' which I assumed came with the things listed (mushrooms, cheese & spinach) but it turned up plain. Maybe I wrongly assumed but the waiter should have asked what fillings I wanted, who orders a plain omelette?!

Then my food came out BEFORE my drink which I hate!

Finally when I went to pay I ordered a brownie to take away and the lady took my payment but then went off and served another table before coming back to the counter for mine.

I think I will stick with the greasy spoon down the road in future!

1 by Review source

A pleasant experience for the just open Affogato coffee, ice cream, restaurant just what Norbury needed. the staff were friendly and efficient the coffee was great, i didn't try any of their ice cream but the space inside the restaurant was lovely and welcoming,and with wifi connection a great place to chill for 20 minutes or so.
I can't give the restaurant 5 stars yet because i haven't tried everything,i would like to see what the service is like, if they're busy and under pressure but so far well impressed.

4 by Vernon Hamilton Review source

I love this place and its vintage decor. We usually always go for the full english breakfast which is delicious. I have a gluten allergy and the lady offered mushrooms instead of the bread, however I assumed that the ice cream labelled with 'coconut' would be just that however I could taste something crunchy. Later I realised that the milkshake had the chocolate 'rafaello' in it which isn't gluten free. All the ingredients should be listed on the label rather than just stating 'coconut'.

3 by Review source

I had a delicious cardamom latte here. The salad with salmon was delicious as well, loaded with lots of chunky veg and minimal iceberg lettuce. Very laid back and friendly, they let me hang out for a couple hours while I worked online. Seems very family friendly, several family groups came in for a relaxed lunch. They have gluten free bread but were out, and a bit unsure of what else was gluten free on their menu, bit were very willing to check for me.

4 by Diana CarsonWalker Review source

Delicious food, we tried the burgers and they were to die for (one the recommendation of the diners seated next to us). Havent tried their fry ups but they look so good! The portions look meagre at first but we were stuffed by the time we finished. Would love to come here agin.

The place is very busy however so expect to be sat in the midst of a bustling dining area! Very good quality food for great price AND fully halal!

5 by Ari S Review source

Been here a few times now- truly impressed with the quality of service, the relaxed atmosphere and décor, and more importantly all the things I've tried so far have been a delightful treat.. the panini, the salted caramel waffle and the affogato which this cafe is named after. It is an ideal place to go to for a good book and a good quality cup of coffee, or for just a catchup with friends. Would definitely recommend!!

5 by Review source

This place look quite modern especially with the decor unexpected from a place in Norbury. Being Lunchtime is was very busy and as a result of that the service wasn't very great the food took quite a long time to come out and the waiters had to say numerous times 'it's coming'. The food finally came and it tasted good and for the price I couldn't complain. The fresh orange juice was very good.

3 by Shamik Shah Review source

food took a long time to arrive even though the place wasnt busy. i wasnt greeted for at least a few minutes whislt she cleaned the tables and swept the floor! i had to ask for her attention. that member of staff seemed to not be bothered really. a real let down as previously i would have rated it 4 stars!

1 by J S Review source

I really love go to Affogato!! That's the best caffe in Norbury . They have very lovely and frieandly stuff working there. Food is amazing ,always fresh and tasty!!!!!. I am working as a Chef for last 12 years and I know Affogato has quality of very good caffe and small size restaurant !!

5 by Review source

I’ve been here twice already this week! The food/breakfast is fantastic and the customer service equally brilliant. I wish I had visited Affogato earlier!!! I will most definitely be recommending you to friends and family in the area and will also make a point to visit you more frequently :).

5 by Review source

Nice cafe and good food. The service was a little haphazard but other than that I was pleased. I had the full English which I was disappointed to read on the menu that it came with turkey bacon (though I ordered anyway) and the turkey bacon was not too bad actually. Everything else was yummy.

4 by Alice Florence Review source

Great tasting coffee, but not always hot when served! Breakfast, ambience, service, decor all good but can be a bit of a wait for food once ordered. Ample space and cater for toddlers/kids brilliantly too. Avoid ordering chicken salad- let down. Have also sampled evening menu- two thumbs up!

4 by H Chowdhury Review source

The breakfast menu here is seriously five star. I have been here on numerous occasions since moving to Norbury this summer. The food and service is spot on and I really enjoy coming here with my friends and family. I can highly recommend the eggs royale and the fruit smoothies are amazing!

5 by Review source

Went for the first time and was a little disappointed to be honest. It's light and airy, but I ordered the Eggs Benedict- it came with a glaze (literally!) of hollandaise sause. Eggs Benedict is served with a decent amount of this sauce. Quite likely I won't go back again.

3 by Jay Singh Review source

Great food, Great atmosphere. Let down by very bitter coffe. If you like your lattes and cappuccino's you won't notice it at all, in fact it'll probably add to the taste, but if you like it short and black then you'll definitely notice.

4 by Ibn Amr Review source

Love this great cafe in Norbury. Liked it before the refurb but now it's even better. Great food and coffee, very stylish but not annoying-hipster-trendy, and really friendly staff. Definitely check it out if you're in the area.

5 by Review source

Well I tried the ice cream absolutely amazing found out they make it them selves very impressive, as for the coffee, top marks, food really is delicious, service was not bad either, very happy customer, will certainly return :)

5 by Review source

I ordered a burger. I couldn't really taste any of the ingredients. Small serving, over cooked meat, flat atmosphere ( no music) slow service. Just a new place/building but thats all that is attractive about it

2 by Michael Ma Review source

The best looking place on Norbury high street and with a refreshing atmosphere. Superb breakfast and coffee (flat white for me). Highly recommend their Egg Benedict and ice cream (to be eaten separately).

5 by Review source

I have been here several times for breakfast with family and on my own. They always have a good choice and I love the fresh tea they serve. Service is good and staff are friendly. Family orientated.

5 by Monica Binns Review source

Great service from Karim and all the team at Affagato, I work in one of the local businesses in the area and have been hear many years and would recommend them to any visitors, friends and family.

5 by Anton Harvey Review source

A very pleasant place with a very stylish interior. Food’s very nice and prepared with meticulous care. Though they could increase the portions slightly .
The coffee is nice and strong.

5 by Daniel Review source

Went for breakfast. Breakfast was good. Staff could have been friendlier but maybe just because busy. Agreed to share table with others.. didn't feel comfortable. Food was good.

4 by Sultan Ali Review source

Had the lamb grill, with fondent potato and lamb sauce. Worth the wait for good tasting food, best bit: it was fresh and pipping hot! Well done affogato keep up the great work.

5 by Review source

Absolutely ridiculous, my cousin and I ordered a waffle and a cocktail we did not get it for about 40 minutes, everyone else got their orders. I do not recommend coming here.

1 by Review source

A friendly modern place with good food. Smoothies are delicious and served in a quirky milk bottle. Could become my local coffee brunch place ! Coffee is fantastic as well !

5 by Anika Duenbostell Review source

Amazing customer service, staff are so friendly and caring. Really cosy place for a catch up with friends or a cute date. Moderately priced. Love that it's fully halal.

5 by Sara Brown Review source

Welcomed by friendly staff. Food was delicious and reasonably priced. Coffee was tasty, but the flat white I ordered was more of a latte.

Will definitely be back!

4 by Sean Egan Review source

After a recent refurb Affogato is looking better than ever. The coffee is excellent and the food is delicious. So happy to have this fantastic venue on Norbury high street.

5 by Craig MacGregor Review source

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