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Portobello Rd, London, W11 1AN

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As markets go, this is a good one, being around for 150 years as the banners across the street itself tell the customers, however it has more and more become a place where tourists take selfies and not fill the coffers.
It is expanding northbound and is offering plenty of unusual goods - aside from and in addition to the antiques that it is famous for. But folks, especially the American tourists are far more interested in the film Notting Hill and THAT bookshop or the door to the house where the film was set.
It needs an impetus to bring it back to the interesting shopping area it once was and for the traders to start charging for photographs. Then and only then will it be a place with a strong market retail presence, and not just somewhere to visit and buy food from whilst visiting.

3 by Gail Spencer Review source

I grew up nearby and learned to walk on Portobello Road, so my history with is long and sweet. It can be hit and miss on certain days, and the prices are very much geared towards tourists these days. The quality of the stalls has waned but there are up and coming businesses. Like most gentrified areas, it's becoming a foodie destination, which is great but I think the council and community need to work harder to find a better balance. They need to stop catering towards tourists so much, and cater towards the people who have flocked there for generations. But, the charm and culture is there for the most part, and I find that invaluable. I advise all visitors to engage with their surroundings, not just take photos. Really get to know the place.

4 by Leah Devlin Review source

Not a bad place for shoppers. Can spend hours there. Got a good collection of shops for all sort of things. Went into one designer shop where the shoes cost over £3000. For a second hand paid and ones youd never wear. But there are loads of shops on all scales of pricing. Make sure you look around before you buy as some charge 4 times the price as other shops. And theres loads of food places as well which comes in quite handy, coffees, and also silly priced nibbles. Look round before you spend. Also wear trainers or flats. And make sure its sunny as its all outdoors. People tend to run into shops to keep warm. And theres no toilets unless you goto the coffee shop. Sundays are a better day to go, as there are less queues and easier to shop.

4 by BlueShay VisualCreations Review source

I've always had a love of Portobello partly because it is my 'local' flea Market, but also because it is unpretentious and more hippy than hipster (Camden Market - I'm looking at you!) It has a great mix of delicious street food and eclectic brick-a-brack. Beyond the market stalls there are beautiful antique shops and relaxed cafes where you can sit and people watch to your heart's content.
Two tips: firstly get there early because it is chaos from about 11-11:30am. Also, if you start at the top end don't get put off by the dodgy stalls selling junk, the further down you go the better and more interesting the wares!

5 by Olivia B Review source

I love this place so much. Everything from the nice antiques to the hipster shops where you can come across unique finds. Make sure to walk all the way to the end because it's all worth it. You can get great street food from around the world as well which is always a reason to make me excited when I go there. My personal favourite is the popcorn chicken. So delicious...
Don't forget to bargain at the many stalls because often the prices go down or you get some sort of deal. Do reserve a couple of hours for it because if you want to look around at your own pace you will find that it takes longer than expected. Have fun!

5 by Andra Maciuca Review source

hit like if u find review helpful

1. can be reached via underground station Ladbrook Grove. Easy stroll from there.
2. Mix of street market and shops and street food and restaurant.
3. Grab a coffee and a hotdog as u stroll.
4. beer is awesome at pubs here
5. street shops selling all items including cloths to artifacts to food to antiques to mementos etc
6. the street has a POUNDLAND store and SAINSBURY store too.

5 by mukul khare Review source

A real London gem and one of the best market in London. It's a vibrant place with excellent bars lining the road and boutique stores and vendors selling all manner of things from vintage goods to artisanal produce. A great place to find unique gifts. The colourful house on the sidestreets were made for instagramming and there's a good street food market at one end of the road. It's a long road so expect to spend an hour or two here. Well worth making a trip to visit. Go on a Saturday for the best atmosphere.

5 by Kritt Normsaskul Review source

Portobello Market used to be so much better - or perhaps I have changed - but I think it is now quite overrated. It's always crowded, you can't have access to any of the shops, and anyway all of them now sell the exact same products for very varied - often overpriced - prices. The food stalls are the highlights, as their food is always very nice and tasty, and you discover food from all over the world. I would recommend to go once, as a tourist, but once you've been, you probably do not have to go back !

2 by Marine Dominguez Review source

The most amazing array of new and old....Everything! So much to look at and buy from clothes to shoes to food and drink. The international food area is a great idea. The stall holders are happy to tell you about their dishes and give you a little sample. The vintage area is a good place to bag a bargain on your vintage additions. It's a fun,friendly place to visit. And considering the numbers of people who fill the roads and pavements it's so clean and tidy, so well done to the street staff

5 by Jo Hinchcliffe Review source

Antiques, fascinating with a touch of ethnic. In my opinion these are the 3 keywords for the Portobello market recipe. Everything you could possibly want to get your hands on, ranging from Antiques To old clothes And knick knacks. Highly recommended if you decided to spend the whole day looking to buy something unusual in a magical atmosphere. The place is usually crowded but believe you me: it is definitely worth it. There are several food stalls near the end where you can eat delicious food.

5 by Giulio Gini Review source

A perfect Saturday morning to get a break from your routine , to feell like a tourist in your city.
Enjoy street musicians like the river music.
A huge variety of cuisines ranging from Thai to Hot dogs.
If you are a vintage items collector, this is the location for you with a lot of items at cheap costs and 1st editions of the Famous Harry potter.
How could we forget the famous Travel bookshop from notting hill
Overall, don't miss this location.

4 by Naina Bajaj Review source

The market on Saturday is a very lively place. The street is full of people perusing everything, early editions and collections of work of famous authors, old cameras, stacks and stacks of original vinyl records and decorations from all over the world. Every c couple of stalls mouthwatering smells of street food, snacks, exotic drinks and garden grown vegetables are attracting you closer. Portobello road market is a great choice for a day out with your family or friends!

4 by Peter Kőváry Review source

You can find the most amusing and interesting things you can imagine here! Didn't do much of shopping around here but tried a lot of food stalls. The olive stall was brilliant! We also tried a 100% Falafel stall. Do give it a try! Worth every penny.

It's a long walk down Portobello so be sure to wear comfortable footwear! The market is crowded but not unreasonably so. There are lots of pretty houses down the road which make for good photos ops.

5 by Review source

If you love antiques, you won't find better than Portobello Market. Saturday is the main market day, but on Friday you can also visit, but there will be less fewer sellers. The market is very colourful, you can pop into one of the shops or just look at the merchandise on display at the stalls. Great food to be tasted, from afro Caribbean, to Indian, German, Asian, you will surely find something to your taste. An experience not to be missed on a trip to London.

5 by Cristian I Review source

Best London market for small antiques to suit all budgets and tastes. Good sources of gifts and trinkets aimed at tourists, not to mention a good food market for fruit, veg, and artisan bakery for the locals. Well worth a visit if only in London for a short time or every week if you are a devotee like myself. The atmosphere is enhanced by buskers and welcoming stall holders and market traders. Good variety of interests for all generations.

5 by Brendan Smith Review source

A very nice market for the antiques' lovers and those you like street markets. There are also many stalls with second hand clothes if you are into them. Have an empty stomach as you will have amazing street food options!

The best day to visit the market is on Saturday when all the stalls are open, or on Friday if only interested in the antiques.

The only bad thing is that it can get very crowded on Saturday.

4 by Makis V Chamizidis Review source

Well the name itself is very well known in London now. Not a prime tourist attraction but one visit would change that perception. Super live and upbeat place with almost a mile long walk with stores and cafes and bars and pubs. And yeah a hell lot of street food options. Best and most convinient way to get here is via underground tube. Closest station Ladbroke Grove. Choose a Sunny day to visit and you can make a good day out of it.

5 by Jasbirsingh Virdi Review source

I went to the portobello road store this morning as I wanted to buy a new vape machine & I was servered by Muhammad who set up everything on my new vape machine, I brought the blue Ravage230, it is an amazing kit, Muhammad was brilliant, his customer service was 11/10, i highly recommended you go the Portobello road store, thank you Muhammad for everything you did for me today.

Kind Regards
Danny Bartlett

5 by Review source

It was a great surprise to find all those amazing places to look , eat and drink. Definitely you'll need a couple of visits to really find everything you need. For a moment I felt in 'Diagon Alley'. Lots of awesome places to go. Prices are good and you can find everything from a sticker to the Ginstitute ;) Fresh vegetables , street music and various artist turns the visit into a great experience !!!

5 by Roman Segura Review source

Still have something... if you can actually put the swarms of tourists aside.

Portobello market seems like one of those places that dies of success. You can still find authenticity, a nice ambient and good food, but you'll have to put up with the crowds, the stopping in the middle of the place for a picture, the queuing, the souvenirs... worth a visit but not my piece of cake for a regular hang out

3 by Anna Morgana Alabau Review source

Very interesting area in and around the Portobello Road Market, extremely busy on Friday and Saturday, but to see it in full swing these are the days to visit. Sunday is a more relaxed day with no market stalls, but like all other days its shops and restaurants are open for business. The surrounding areas are also worth walking through to experience what is very much as it was when built hundreds of years ago.

5 by Malcolm Kennedy Review source

Lovely marketplace with a mix of the usual touristy shops and local products. Street stalls offer fruits and vegetables as well as affordable stuff such as funky tees and pretty doll dresses. Shops are electic - vintage goods, toys (for children and toy aficionados), delicious taiwanese bubble tea (vanilla tea with any extra toppings is out of this world ), jelly shoes - definitely a must-visit.

5 by It Family Review source

Great selection of antiques, be prepared to buy something that you really love and bring a little more cash than you think you'll need in case you find something really special. Great range of things on sale and lots of delicious food stalls, too. Worth getting there early to walk up and down and scope out what's on offer as some stalls offer similar things at better prices.

4 by Grace Harcourt Review source

Such a colorful place! You can quench your thirst for street shoping here. Shops offering ranges from antiques to books to street side twisted potato on a stick to modern cuisine. They even have a shop for selling unique and colorful number plates. Beautiful, colorful and well maintained houses line up the road above the shops. Tour on this road is best enjoyed on foot.

5 by Tanvi Bhatia Review source

Prices are not what they used to be! So much competition with the food industry. I don't hear or read about people boasting about good food out there. Also the prices are sometimes not worth it. I walk down the Portobello Road and see uneaten foodstuffs (far from where they purchased it) strewn around, giving the road sweepers nuff work to clear up after them.

3 by Sheila Carmen Charles Review source

A little bit of everything from antiques to toot
Food stalls to clothes stalls
Second hand and new
Acklam village for world foods

But beware there r a lot of pick pockets and dippers
Keep your wallet in front pocket and handbag closed in front of you
If you do have problems notting hill police station is on Ladbroke grove

4 by Ian Matthews Review source

This is PORTOBELLO MARKET in Notting hill area in London. One of the best infrastructure in London. This market is very popular. This place is suitable for film shooting also. Here is very popular infrastructure of building and colours combinations also . That's why this is very popular place in worlds. Yesterday we visited this area. I like very much.

5 by gk Pawar Review source

It was a great Sunday, I loved Portobello Market!
There is lots of choice for Cafes, restaurants, antique and vintage stalls, shops, street food, park...
It has a great atmosphere!
We walked Portobello Road and we went to Notting Hill too. The houses and the streets are just amazing!
It is a ‘must see’ if you visit London for few days.

5 by Assunta D Review source

Huge market which has crept further than Portobello road itself over the years. A trip to London is not complete unless you have been here. The market embodies what life in London is like, with a touristy atmosphere. They have everything from typical souvineers, to antiques and collectibles, clothing, and there is no shortage of places to eat and drink.

5 by Sharon Prole Review source

One of the top places to visit in London. The market takes a long portion of the street and it has everything: food, clothes, stamps, antiques, shoes, music, vegetables, cashmere, flowers, etc. Furthermore there are several shops of different kinds (from nice clothes to used cameras and sound equipment). Definitely a nice and entertaining walk.

5 by Luca Giraudo Review source

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