Nice N Sleazy - Glasgow

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421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G2 3LG

+44 141 333 0900




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Was a bit worried when I looked at the menu and saw that they don't serve burgers any more. But then I had a pulled pork burrito and it was maybe the best burrito I've ever had, so everything's fine.
It was also a really nice place to hang out and drink. Good music, at chat-friendly volume. I'm impatient when I'm at a bar, so I like that they stop serving some of the awkward drinks at 9pm when it gets busy.

5 by Review source

Great selection of beers. Downstairs for the gigs is a perfectly intimate venue that I'm glad I found by chance. The food is amazing, I was expecting re heated pub food but the standard was unbelievable. It is an essential stop for anyone visiting Glasgow. As a side note, the plastic cups being made from bio degradable material is a beautiful touch especially if you are conscious of single use plastics.

5 by Leeroy Henson Review source

Went to sleazys last night with some uni friends from home, the music was God awful and the dj didn't even mix the songs. The only good part of the night was how funny we found the dj at how bad he was. Been before to sleazys and had one of the best nights ever but definitely won't be back if that's how it's run. Drinks were ok priced and staff were nice otherwise.

1 by Review source

Nice and sleazy is the pinnacle of Glasgow nightlife. We all have mix feelings about it at sometime. Some day u love it, next time you're there you ask yourself why do you always get dragged there by yer pals? And also do you need new and better pals ? In any case you know it is a reliable place where you will know at least 1 person in side to nick a pint of

5 by Julian Trejo Pascual Review source

Was only there for the open mic night. That was fun. Can't say anything about the bar upstairs, but the downstairs venue is cool. Dark but romantic in a rough way - but I like that. The bar manager seemed very nice as he was sharing pop corn with everyone in the place. Seemed like the manager, or at least the host organizer :) feels very welcoming.

5 by daša Pogačnik Review source

As great as it has always been. I took a star off because i loved it when Meat Hammer were doing the kitchen. Nothing against Squid and Whale - I just thought the Meat Hammer offerings were THAT good! Not the place to go to impress anyone...but then do you want to be out with the sort of people who need impressed?!

4 by Ian Logendra Review source

Went to the pub with some friends in a weekday. It was quiet and empty.. The service was quick, and it is student-friendly. They also serve food.

They seem to have embraced the dark, dingy interiors and the graffiti as a USP. We quite liked it, and would definitely go again.

4 by Deepthi Mohan Review source

In this day and age where bouncers can and will ruin nights out sleazys has maintained the same door policy for the last three decades if you want a laugh with a good mixture of people and late drinking and dancing you could do far worse than sleazys

4 by BORIS KARLOF Review source

Everything was brilliant except how long we had to wait for our drinks. Staff wasn't incompetent they were just lacking. 3 staff members for a crowded bar didn't feel like enough. Bar is huge and the environment downstairs was great

4 by Samuel Moreno Review source

Good atmosphere, excellent music and a decent selection of drinks to choose from. Prices ar more than reasonable and if you still feel like partying at closing time, there's a club downstairs.
A good destination in the town

5 by Dave Lyall Review source

Are you in anyway alternative? Sleazys is probably for you then.
Smelly loos. Great gigs! Late night dancing in the basement and good fairly priced drinks!
My go to if I'm on sauchihall street. Well worth a visit

5 by Clem Mackriell Review source

Kinda divey in the best way. Burgers have sadly gone but it seems yr now fed by the excellent Babu Bombay Street kitchen. Greatest jukebox in any bar. Anywhere. White Russians. And a sticky wee hell cellar downstairs for gigs.

5 by cowsarejustfood Review source

Used to be Good, guy in door biting nails and very rude, dont want to feel like I'm not welcome as I enter the bar. What is this Franco's facist Spain? Nice n sleazy more like nice and you're not welcome here.

1 by Hihola Review source

Glasgow institution. If you are here visiting make your way to this bar if you want to experience the good part of sauchiehall street. Also a good chance of running shoulders with some of the wonderful Glasgow music scene.

4 by Donald Stephenson Review source

Used to be a better bar, full of hipsters now you can still get a glass of Bucky, which unfortunately is now a novelty rather than a drinking option

4 by Review source

Great place to hang out with your mates and have all the pints you'd fancy no matter is raining or not. Good music and great atmosphere.

5 by Ricardo Cubillos Peña Review source

Not been for anything other than lunch but for the price of a burger and a drink, especially with the quality of food here, it is a must go!

4 by MrPaulJH Review source

Glasgow's CBGB. It's a little gross, a little dirty but packed full of character and ideal for a few drinks before a night out

5 by Colin Armstrong Review source

The music is interesting and the atmosphere is fun for the club nights. Gigs are always great here too. Only disappointment is the food.

3 by Review source

I was rather disappointed with this place, it did not live up to its reviews and was a bit run down. It used to be good years ago...

3 by Doreen Muir Review source

I found this bar/nightclub to be ok. Cheap entry price. An average nightclub. Nothing overly special. A good place to dance.

3 by Jamesy Mc Review source

Nice little place. I only saw the downstairs for a gig but the sound was good, which is what you're after at a show.

4 by Iain Purdie Review source

Been going here since it opened many moons ago. Still not changed too much either. The genuine article this place.

5 by STREET VIEW TRUSTED-glasimage Review source

Haven't been to the bar but the concert venue sound was very unpleasant. Could not stay through the concert.

4 by Gabrielė Gikytė Review source

Great spot - try the White Russians, really good food too, and pitchers of beer. Love the grunge decor and music.

5 by Dan Marrable Review source

Simply the best pub in Glasgow. Great beer selection, great food, great music, and awesome wee venue downstairs.

5 by Carlo Acosta Review source

A home from sleazy home. The fact that I've been coming here nigh on 23 years should tell you something.

5 by whythe longface Review source

Great atmosphere and music. I've watched some really cool concerts downstairs. Good vibe! Recommended :)

5 by Ana Xambre Pereira Review source

An old favourite from my student days. Can't help drop in when passing by. Good live events downstairs.

4 by purpleronsta . Review source

Nice place with a room down stairs when we find a band playing. At this moment is the best place in Glasgow

5 by Maria Gutierrez Bañez Review source

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