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Over the years the Arnison Centre has become a very good shopping centre. The variety of shops has certainly got better and bigger. When I first started shopping the biggest shop was Sainsburys now M&S,Next, Boots, and Laura Ashley are just as big. There are plenty of places to have a decent meal and nice coffee stops. I enjoy shopping there. Car parking is excellent and the centre appears to be having its final face lift. It is well maintained

4 by Alice Hogg Review source

Love this shopping centre as it's great to get anything you need. They have a large Sainsbury's (including an Argos), the works, EE, McDonalds, Costa, Frankies and Benny's, Greggs, M&S, New Look, Next , Wilkinsons, River Island, Asda Living, Smyth's , Halfords, Pets at home, Laura Ashley, majestic, KFC and many more! Thoroughly recommend for any type of shopping; grocery, clothes or just to get a meal.

5 by Crimson Teal Review source

Nice little shopping centre just off the A167 outside of Durham and you have a few restaurants and a good lot of shop's to go to and it has everything you need to do your house with and you can even get your shopping there and you have a few shops that sell toy's for the kids and the parking there is free so you don't have to worry and there is a good bus service to and from it as well

5 by craig jordison Review source

Excellent shopping centre/industrial estate. Sainsbury's, Asda Living & Lidl for groceries. M&S for clothes & foodhall. Wide variety of clothes shops including a large Next, sportswear shops, mobile phone/electronics shop. Greggs & a good selection of eateries & fast-food restaurants. Smyths, Halfords & Pets at Home

5 by Julia Dawn Willis Review source

I love the Arnison Retail Park, there's Marks and Spencer, Next, Sainsbury's, Home Bargains Pet's at Home and Coffee shops and Frankie and Benny's and McDonald's too even Aldi and a Sainsbury's petrol station. There's three car sales places just a short walk from the retail park.

5 by Margaret Beck Review source

Plenty of choice Asda Living has everything from household goods, technology, clothing. Wilko for everything - decorating, diy, lighting, bedding, towels, etc. M & S. Maplin. Costa. Something for everyone and Smythe toys too. Plenty of parking, outdoor stuff at Mountain Warehouse and Argos in Sainsbury's.

4 by Laurence Petch Review source

Great place with a different range of shops. You can get your food shop, buy clothes for yourself or your kids (clothing shops for all ages), plenty of places to get a cup of coffee, furniture shops and beauty shops, and a few restaurants/fast food places. Very convenient for a quick look out.

5 by Rebecca Coates Review source

This shopping centre has really improved recently with many more places added lately such as Next and River Island. Parking can be a bit difficult here though. There is a good range of shops and some nice restaurants, especially Frankie and Benny's.

5 by Stephen Tate Review source

Wide range of shops for daily grocery shopping to wanting some warm clothes for holidays to tech and toys for kids, kfc and McDonalds for a nice quick bite to eat plenty of parking so no having to waste a lot of time looking for a spot to park your car

5 by Review source

PARKING EYE killed it Was a good place to go and do a weekly shop especially if you were waiting for someone on a hospital visit but now you can’t shop and have a coffee to relax after spending all you money only to be thanked by getting a parking FINE

2 by Review source

A very pleasant surprise just outside Durham city centre. All the usual shops including Argos, Sainsbury's, Maplin, Costa, Next and more.

We shopped at Maplin and the staff were really helpful and went out of their way to help us.

5 by Sean J Connolly Review source

Plenty of parking and a good range of shops with a couple of food places. The Sainsbury's is a nice size and there is also a petrol station. Parking is free and nothing is ridiculously far away from wherever you park so you'll be grand.

5 by Stephen Quinn Review source

Very good shopping precinct lots of shops for all your needs plenty of places to get coffee and snacks plenty of places to eat in and around the arnison centre and plenty of wheel chair access and free parking with plenty of places to park

4 by JAMES BATE Review source

Convenient but much too crowded especially for driving. Also, not a safe area for walking from store-to-store especially if you have to traverse the car park. I try to avoid going there on Saturdays because of the congestion!

2 by James Fowler Review source

Good place to shop ,food, clothing, outdoors,car shop ,pet stores and fish and take a ways MacDonalds, K F C , WINE shop ,Nike shop shoe shops, and plenty of parking and disabled and petrol station and chemists

5 by Review source

It's a lot nicer than it used to be, but shopping options are still fairly limited. It's also a fairly long trek from one side of the car park to the other, and the car park isn't set out too well.

4 by Clare B Review source

There's a nice mix of food places here now. Used the cafe in Sainsbury's this time, but there's a McDonalds, subway, costa, Greggs, Frankie and Benny's, M&S... probably some others too!

4 by David Emmerson Review source

Varied shops parking was alright but the down side was there is only one way out .. so when cars are queing to go to M acDonalds it cause chaos qeues to leave .. not good i wont be going on a saturday

4 by Irene Carrahar Review source

The Arnison Retail Park is an excellent shopping centre, the parking facilities are hugh. However this is a very busy place but Offers nearly all shoppers every type of shop to satisfy their needs.

4 by douglas hutley Review source

Great place for a shopping trip. Car park is relatively busy. And can take a good 15 minutes to park some days.
More food options available now Which the place was lacking a few years ago.

4 by Natalie Louise Styles Review source

Went for an egg sandwich and it was proper lush as out .didn't enjoy getting out of a head lock of the old lady behind me who wanted the egg sandwich that I bought ! Ha I got it doris!

5 by Review source

This shopping location is not closed. Plenty of shops.Lidle, M & S. Sainsbury's & Asda living only a few of the big stores there. A canny outing for wandering around shops.

5 by Maria Hall Review source

From food shopping to clothes for all the family. Home furnishings the lot. Good place to shop for a mixture of things. Plus lively cafes and we all like a bite to eat

5 by Zotan Strikes Review source

Much better than last visit now the expansion is done it has more choice for clothes. One way system to get out gets a bit congested at peak times near Greggs but otherwise no probs.

4 by John Colclough Review source

Has been a good few years since i've been here, and was extremely impressed by how much it has improved. Better than Retail Park on Team Valley, with a better range of shops.

5 by Craig Donnelly Review source

Very busy popular shopping centre. Car parking and good bus routes. Food chains and also store restaurants. Clothing, toys, DIY, and food are a selection of available GOODIES..

5 by John REAY Review source

Limited. There are public toilets in the multistorey car park. Convenient for the Cathedral (as long as you're able to walk up the hill OK), local shops and restaurants .

3 by Review source

very surprised how much it has changed since I visited years ago very impressed lots of shops and food outlets coffee shops etc good clean big carpark at every shop

5 by Robert Williams Review source

Beware of the parking limits. You will be fined if you stay more than 4 hours so obviously Sainsbury's, Next and M&S don't want you staying too long!

2 by David Alexander Review source

Shops good but layout and parking arrangement difficult to navigate. Entrances and exits unclear and not enough spaces make for a stressful arrival and departure!

4 by Webbo Red5 Review source

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