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Love this place so much . This is the real castle should looks like .
If you come to visit it don't forget to get a audio guide.
The best visit time is in the morning (highly recommend come visit when the castle just open , otherwise this place will full of the tourism group )
The outside It's not like the versailles palace or new swan castle looks luxurious and beautiful.
Conversely, I think this is a ugly castle . (Compares to other famous castle ) .And this castle is located at really good area which can resist enemy in the ancient times .
But the inside of castle is really
luxurious and magnificent. If you come in the morning , you can visit the queen Mary's doll's house first and then go to the entry which next to the doll's house . ( I don't really the name of it ,' Maybe ' is state apartment ), then around 10:40 come out and go to st. George's chapel that way to see change the guard . (it starts at 11 am .)
If you follow the Audio guide and see the change of the guard , usually it takes you 3~4 hrs to see all of the rooms and chapel .

5 by Shih-Hsin Yen Review source

A really great day out. The castle and grounds are impressive with a mix of architecture from the last millennium. There's plenty to see and do while you're there. The pomp and pageantry of the changing guard is a must see. Make sure you don't miss the Queen Anne dolls house and the amazing state rooms. On your way out, pop into Saint George's chapel, venue for the royal wedding, and marvel at the tombs of kings and queens from throughout the ages. Entry lines can be long at peak times and at £21 for an adult and £12 for children it's a bit pricey for what is essentially a big stately home. There's a family ticket for £56. If you like your history, it's all there and any fan of the recent films and minidramas about the royal family will get a thrill round every corner. Enough to do to fill 4 hours.

4 by Mark Hodgkinson Review source

If you are using the London Pass, and you are taking the train to get to Windsor, make sure you leave from PADDINGTON station. The instructions for this weren’t exactly clear. You will have to switch trains, but it’s a really short switch. The castle is beautiful! I definitely suggest making this a day trip. Get there early in the morning and explore the town and all its little shops and restaurants, then head into the castle itself in the last two hours before it closes (It will be warmer and less crowded). Visit the chapel first, because it closes before other parts of the castle. Tell the Beef-Eaters thank you for their service, even the “on-guard” ones; they will be very thankful. Windsor is definitely a must see while you are around London!

5 by Susan Pitman Review source

Absolutely would recommend a visit if you've never been it's fantastic wasn't allowed to take pictures in the castle but I spent most of the time walking around with my mouth open because everything was just so jaw droppingly beautiful & just like you'd see in fairy tales. Well worth the £21.50 if your going to take the headphone/headset guided tour please give yourself a good few hours and I would definitely recommend you did take that option of moving around the castle the headsets really give you alot of information that you just wouldn't know if you just walked around with out one (hope that makes sense) definitely a 5* visit

5 by K B Review source

I was very excited to visit this beautiful Castle, especially before Harry & Meghan's royal wedding. When I get back to the States, I can't wait to tell everyone that I visited the castle that Harry and Meghan will be married in next month and that I actually walked down the same aisle and stood where they will be saying there vows. I even got to visit the great hall and banquet area, where they will be holding their reception after the wedding. This Castle is one of the oldest castles in the world, filled with beautiful paintings, furnishings and amazing architecture throughout. It was truly a sight to behold.

5 by Robin P Review source

Did I feel a little patriotic? Yes. Proud to be British? Yes. Did I have a fun day out with friends? Yes. Was it good value for money? No. Was there as much to see and do as you'd hoped? No. Would you recommend it? No.

Great to see changing of the guard, walk the grounds and see some of the castle interiors but I came out of the dolls house and various bedrooms etc thinking 'was that it?'

True to British weather it rained throughout our visit, perhaps a nicer day would allow more time to be spent enjoying the surrounding grounds? We had our picnic in the car...

3 by Henry Spurgeon Review source

We arrived on a rainy day so it automatically loses a star, not Windsor castles fault I know but it's my review so I get to remove a . Now then I didn't go in the castle it's self but we did have a walk around the outside (Al why are you writing this review) WELL if you get to Windsor castle and don't go in you could do what we did and have a mooch around the shops outside the castle and have a nice brew in one of the many coffee shops. It's a pretty little place, parking was £4 for an hour, my coffee was nice. What else you want to know ?

3 by Al Houghton Review source

A piece of British history, the castle is well worth a visit for fans of royalty, history or art. Apart from the obvious architectural interest, the castle has on display a variety of paintings by famous artists e.g. Rubens and Van Dyke, a stunning collection of fine tableware, period furniture and some examples of intricately decorated suits of armour.
Expect to spend 2 to 3 hours to visit. If you are a UK taxpayer and agree to 'Gift aid' your entrance fee, you get a ticket enabling you to visit as often as you like in the following 12 months.

4 by Les Smith Review source

Windsor castle is nice. Parking can be a challenge and is quite pricey. Tickets for Windsor Castle costs around £20* for adults which is quite high. Tour takes approx 90 minutes to 2 hours in the Castle, although the official Windsor Castle website suggest 3 hours or more. Unfortunately no photography is allowed :(
Security is great on the inside, but very poor on the outside due to homeless people being aggressive begging and pickpocketing. Anyone who wishes to visit Windsor, keep extra vigilant when shopping in the town.

3 by Joel Hazeldene Review source

It was a wonderful day today, witnessing the preparations for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Thursday, May 17th, 2018.
Regular schedule for public visitation can be found online for the opening times, part of the English Heritage foundation of castles & landmarks.

The Royal Windsor Castle is the royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. It is notable for its long association with the English and later British royal family and for its architecture.

5 by Shauny Walker Review source

Wow..what a fabulous day out. Ok the weather was good but what a spectacle. Makes one proud to be English.Highlights were the attentive guides, the overwhelming historical artifacts maintained to perfection, remarkable recovery from the fire and deliberately low key marketing of the Royal wedding. (in 2 weeks) which enabled you to focus on 1000 years of our heritage. Our international friends were equally bowled over. Entry was fairly priced given you can enter for free for up to 1year after your first visit.

5 by Phil PhilipB Review source

Wonderful, beautiful, packed with history. Staff were amazing with my husband who is in a wheelchair,they were so helpful, accommodating and lovely to discuss history with, it's all accessible and a small lift takes you to the state apartments. Only downside was at the last minute a royal was arriving so it suddenly was shutting early so only had half an hour around the apartments but the ticket lasts for a year if you get it stamped so you can always return. A definite must visit if your in London.

5 by Tara Rogers Review source

It's an really amazing and big castle in a great city. The statue of Queen Victoria is pointing you in the right direction. The castle is definitely not to be missed because it's so prominent and is been seen from all around!

The prices to enter the castle is a bit on the extreme because you have to pay over 20 pounds to enter. I've seen a lot of Amazing places around England that were just a fraction of the costs and just as amazing! But than again it's probably worth it.

4 by Erik B Review source

Make sure to check the schedule online before you go, and please book ahead. If you don't, one of the spaces may be closed (like the cathedral for example) and you may be stuck in line for a very long time. Buying ahead also gives you the opportunity to mark your ticket as a charity donation and allows reentry for a year.
The grounds are picturesque, you could spend hours here if you wanted. Be prepared for some queueing up though if you want to see the estate apartments / doll room.

5 by Craig McRae Review source

Windsor Castle, the favourite residence of QE II, is part of tourist circuits of the UK and within easy road and train distance from London. We visited as part of a package tour, so got a bit hurried but otherwise a good visit. Would recommend at least half a day to see the place properly, may be even a full day for history buffs. Audio Guides are part of the ticket, which is great. I have docked a point because unlike Chateau Versailles, photography is not permitted inside the buildings.

4 by Kapil Ranade Review source

It’s a beautiful castle indeed! Love to stroll around the garden and enjoy the view as well as the complex itself. It’s huge so better be prepared to walk a lot.

Take the tour inside and for sure we have to pay for around £20 for adults. If you’re lucky and the time is right, you can see the changing of the guards as well. Inside the palace is beautiful and the details are incredible.

It’s accessible for strollers as well.
Don’t miss it!

5 by indah nuria Savitri Review source

Such a wonderful place to go. Staff was helpful in answering all my questions. They also showed extra pictures of inside of things that weren't open. Would love to lay on the carpet in and stare at the ceiling in the state apartments. The audio they give you works well telling all about the things you are seeing. Going into the chapel where Harry and Meghan got married was cool. Didn't think I cared about all that royal stuff but it was a great tour.

5 by Amanda C Review source

Entry was included in our travel package with London Pass. There was no fast track, but the queue was reasonable. The architecture and collections are exquisite and worth viewing. Be prepared to be on your feet throughout most of the castle. There are few sitting areas for the public and restrooms are limited. The audio tour descriptions are interesting and well introduced. The attendants greeted, observed and guided guests in a kind and respectful manner.

5 by Daniel Day Review source

Windsor Castle is a beautiful day out for the family offering a great deal of interest and history. I arrived at the Castle at 11:30 and found the queue for the entrance to be at least 200 yards long. To avoid this I would advise to precook tickets and skip the lines. The grounds are beautiful and well looked after , after all this is a working Royal Residence. My only criticism is that no food outlets are available within the grounds and not may toilets.

5 by djf 260 Review source

If you're a resident of Windsor & Maidenhead access to the castle is free with your advantage card. If not you have to pay over 20 pounds entry fee.
You can opt to take the guided tour or simply to a self guided tour. They do provide audio guides as well.
It is great to learn about the history behind the castle and see all the still functioning rooms like the Great Hall.
It is a beautiful site and if you can please plan the visit

4 by Agnes Nyambura Review source

Again, a must go. But give yourself plenty of time. We only had about 1.5 hours and weren't able to see everything nor appreciate what was in front of us. Need at least hours to get your money's worth. Went in the winter so no queue but it has to be insane during the summer. Super close to London. When you see the castle come into view when driving on the M4, the sight is truly awe inspiring. We will be back on our own time and not on a bus.

5 by Ian Kahn Review source

Windsor Castle is a worth visiting place as the aura and grandeur of the place is something that needs to be seen and experienced. The main castle offers so many things like guns, swords, pikes, jewellery, cutlery , paintings, insignia etc. Windsor castle is located at a distance of about an hour from London. It gets really crowded on the weekends and the holidays. The place also offers audioguides that tell the history and other details of the place.

4 by Aditya Negi Review source

I had a wonderful time . Majestic by all means. One has to be very careful listening to the audio guide which was one of the best very detailed and interesting. Especially when experts are quoted. Going through the whole castle would take around 4hours but it is worth it. Lots of small shops and high end ones around the castle. Going to the castle from London's Paddington and if you have the London pass the trip to the castle is free.

5 by Yamen Halassa Review source

Well a castle is a castle. You can't get in for this one. Worth exploring is the uniqueness of the old landmarks, especially the old statues, and the leaning building.

Have a walk by the river, or by the the park Its much better, more enjoying. The touristy side of things undeniably full of people.

There is still wonderful spots for some solitude, to appreciate the historical beauty and landscape of this place.

5 by Tariq Amin Review source

I visited this place recently during term holidays with my family & friends.
We visited this place with lot of recommendation from my other friends & with recent royal wedding ceremony.
I will say if you like seeing castle & want to know history of it, you must visit this castle.
Please be prepared for long queues if you are visiting during holiday times.
Ticket booking in advance is highly recommended.

4 by tejas shah Review source

Very interesting and beautiful castle. I like it very much. It's so magical and pictoresque. The wide area with splendid gardens and parks, with wonderful medieval buildings. This royal residence belongs among the most exciting goals of tourists in the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and the Northern Ireland. The city Windsor has very nice streets with many restaurants, pubs, shops, boutiques etc. Have a nice time in Windsor!

5 by Iva Hanusova Review source

Great place. Windsor Castle is a royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. It is notable for its long association with the English and later British royal family and for its architecture.The original castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror. Since the time of Henry I, it has been used by the reigning monarch and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe.

5 by m g Review source

Went for a day out in February, there wasn’t much to do as the queen was in residence and the gardens were closed but the architecture was absolutely amazing and it was great to see inside the castle. We also attended the most beautiful church service though and listened to an amazing choir which made it completely worth going.
Parking at the castle is absolutely ridiculously priced so I’d recommend you find another car park.

4 by Kayleigh King Review source

What a fantastic experience. To walk in the footsteps of hundreds if years of British Monarchs and the history surrounding them was brilliant. Make sure you use the audio tour. Kept my 13yr old daughter entertained for ages. It was also quite something to explore the final resting place of many of our kings and queens. Would highly recommend, but make sure you buy tickets online to save you literally hours of queuing

5 by Paul Boorman Review source

I was blown over by the grandiose and the magnificence. A very neatly maintained place. Had a quick security check before entry. Very friendly staff. The castle was amazing. Queen Mary’s doll house will be every baby girl’s dream. Reflects the royal living.
The chapel was very aesthetic in its decor. The glass paintings, the ceilings, everything about it was mind blowing.
A must visit place, in my view.

5 by bhargavi ilangovan Review source

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