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7, Centre Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes MK9 3PD

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Pleasant restaurant for lunch, supper and dinner with a wide range of freshly prepared dishes. The menu caters for a very diverse range of dietary needs, and although some selections, like vegan dishes, are limited, the staff are very open to accommodating individual needs. The restaurant is open plan with long wide bench tables throughout. The acoustics are not great so it can become noisy very quickly whether it be because it's busy or not. The wine and drinks selection is good but basic. All tips go to the staff, who in my experience have always been very helpful and friendly. Easy parking and access for those with disabilities including a lift to toilets which are on the first floor.

4 by Ray Woodward Review source

Great as usual Wagamama experience. As with most of my other Waga visits around the country this place is of the high standard I've come to expect. Fast & friendly service, the big plus for me is they are knowledgable and accommodating when it comes to vegan options & adapting other dishes to being vegan.
Yes food can come at 'different' times, who cares, it's all good, share, laugh, enjoy. It's laid back canteen style dining at its best for a chain.

4 by Mark Ivkovic Review source

First and last time I will visit this place. On a positive the king prawn starter and sauce were faultless. The main which turned up 25 minutes after my fellow diners got theirs comprised of a few strips of duck on a luke warm watery bed of what appeared to be instant noodles ! I complained about the late arrival of my 'dish' to be told each creation is ready when its ready ! So presumably dining alone is the only option then. Popped into Greggs after leaving for some food.

1 by Mike Napthine Review source

I cant believe my eyes reading about food being very good. I bet they never tasted a proper wagamama food! It was worse than Chinese take away. I always go to wagamama in London and expected the same fresh food in this branch. The food arrived within 3 minutes ????? What do you expect from a restaurant in a shopping centre. The food was very oily, overcooked and didn't taste like standard wagamama's food which i'm used to. I will never go there again.

3 by Joan May Review source

Seating area is nicely designed. The staff are happy and cooperative. The kitchen is open to customers so you can see all the cooking process, very nice. There are toilets in there too.
The order came quite fast. The taste ia good and the prices are ok.
The toddler's chairs are very nice. Attached to the table so it is impossible for the child to stand on the chair.

4 by Mohammed Chaouk Review source

The worse service imaginable but, as always good was great. Never have I had such terrible service, waited at the door with no acknowledgement and when I asked if they had a table I got told can you wait.... seriously. Good sat there cold till one of them could be arsed to pick it up and it wasn't even busy. Even though I love the food I won't be going back

1 by Karim Al-Shammaa Review source

Excellent food, freshly cooked, hot and tasty. Very clean restaurant brilliant service, very friendly staff, disabled access is very good. Prices like all other restaurants a little over the top but no different to any other restaurants. Would definitely go back again, the only slight down side is the portions are very big but that's not always a bad thing hehe.

5 by Amelia Maskell Review source

I was just on the phone contacting Wagamamas to ge what was safe for me to eat because I am lactosintolerant. A 20 year old male named Jack was incredibaly helpful because he went through pretty much all of the dishes ,sides and drinks and said that you can have this or that, it was so helpful for me. I hope Wagamamas is going to praise Jack for how helpful he was.

5 by thomas emptage Review source

Even though they explain it to you as you sit down, I detest their attitude towards service: 'Just to let you know, your food may not come out at the same time'.

Just to let them know, I may not leave a tip.

Predeclaring bad service isn't a valid excuse. I can't believe customers are willing to succumb to this.

3 by James M Review source

What a great lunch dining experience today the staff are obviously enjoying what they do at the atmosphere was pleasant it was very busy but they coped perfectly whomever is pulling the strings in the background here deserves a pat on the back this is how you run a restaurant Thankyou for a great experience I will be back again

5 by Review source

My parents and I had an amazing time here! The food was fantastic. Furthermore, Dale, the manager, was awesome!! I'm allergic to eggs and dairy, which can be quite difficult at most restaurants, but he insured that I could eat what I ordered in a friendly and professional manner! We'll definitely come again!!

5 by Dalliah Owen Review source

Don't go there this place in nightmare employees can't speak English I had wrong food 3 times and quality of the food is well below other Wagamama restaurants. Worst experience ever. Mc donalds offers far better standard of the food

1 by P Nowakowski Review source

Good service, portion size and price does not match what is paid for. A dish of karage chicken I just under £6 and you get three small pieces.

Food tastes good but for the price and portion size I would not visit them again.

3 by Review source

Great food and great service, from a lady think she was called Lucy? She was new to service and she was so friendly and made sure we were okay and sorted out the fact we waited longer on one meal reallt well.

5 by Review source

Awful Service, waited fifteen minutes for the waitress to finish her phone call before we could order and she deliberately proceeded to serve everyone's but us as the kind hearted soul she obviously is

1 by Alex Comins Review source

Never actually tried this place before but thought 'why not'
It was a great break from a long day shopping with the mrs!! great food, nice staff, good atmosphere. Will be going back here.

4 by christopher Day Review source

Sit at back in summer and front in winter spent the while dinner in shivers as sooo cold and noting taken off the bill to make it right, they server Adam was amazing very happy and friendly

3 by Keiron Harvey Review source

Been several times & always enjoyed.
Good, fresh, healthy food & drinks.
Attentive staff. Not dirt cheap but I want quality not cheap rubbish.
They also do take out.

4 by Colin Alexander-Brown Review source

personally im a big fan of wagamama. i love the katsy curry and the multitude of sides they do. quick service. but i do think its a tad overpriced considering the type of service settup.

4 by Lewis Tyler Review source

Been to many wagamamas before but this is by far the worst. Been to this one twice and has been terrible both times. Had exactly the same meal in Coventry last week and that was fab

2 by Sam Waite Review source

Great place for a light lunch, even though it gets busy here sometimes it is a very relaxing place to sit and enjoy the free green tea with some noodles.

5 by Alex Nicholas Review source

Got to be one of my favorites. Great food, brilliant attentive staff who provide a really good service and as much green tea as you can drink.

4 by John Currie Review source

Awesome Place their Iced tea is delicious and it has a great Atmosphere.

Pretty decent food as well I loved their Sea Bream :)

5 by Matthew Edwards Review source

Off chicken and the gnarly flavoursome us on noodles dish was bland with massive spring-oinions.

Won't be returning

1 by Faith Bates Review source

The chicken katsu curry tasted authentic and the portions were huge! A very unique dining experience which I would highly recommend.

5 by Lauren Large Review source

Awesome range of Asian dishes, and one of few places my Singaporean fiancee would eat at through choice so it's gotta be good!

5 by Steve McDermott Review source

Chicken ramen was bland and was not strong at all. Food all came out at a huge difference of time. My dad had to wait a while.

3 by Vikash Chauhan Review source

I orded a chicken ramen and there was no ramen liquid in it. Personally I think this is bad food and over priced.

1 by Review source

Nice themed restaurant, normally long queues to be seated but quick attentive service. Food is very tasty.

5 by Kerry Shaw Review source

Very good quick service. There were a lot of people there; however, everyone was seated and served quickly

5 by TheZen Raider Review source

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