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I came here as a child and was completely mesmerised by the place. Nestled in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, Brimham Rocks was formed by natural forces of weather, nature and time. The gritstone formations look a little like blobs of clay thrown from the sky. They're great fun to climb on and there are also a few classic climbing routes on a few columns. Kids will love it but you'll need to keep a sharp eye on them, as the rock can be tricky to climb on and it's very easy to get lost if you're not familiar with the park.

Photographers will love it. Climbing to a vantage point will make the horizon open up, with excellent views above the trees. There are toilets and a gift shop up by the big house at the top of the park. There was also a refreshment area when I last visited but that's the first time I've seen it. The park is administered by the National Trust, so parking is free if you're a member. When the weather is good and the schools are on holiday it's probably best to get there early because it can get very, very busy.

4 by Craig Sparks Review source

Brimham Rocks is a beautiful gem hidden the vast countryside expanse of Yorkshire. With easy access firm York and leads, it is a perfect spot to spend your day hiking with family or walking your dog. I was vacationing in York for a week of Christmas break and on Christmas day everything was closed. Me and my wife wanted to go out from our bnb stay place in whixley to do some activity. We found brimham rocks on Google maps and went there with no expectation. To our surprise, it was a beautiful scenic Panorama with mushroom like rock formations dotted over the landscape. We spent a few hours there exploring shapes of rock and hiking. To our surprise there were around 25 more cars parked in the parking lot and a sizeable crowd was there ejoying and 'active' Christmas.

5 by n sharm Review source

This is a great place to go and only gets 4 stars because you have to pay ridiculous amounts to park!!!

National Trust care for this area and considering the amount of people that visit they do a great job. Always clean and tidy.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks! You can climb, walk, amble and take the dog for a run. Great for kids but you have to keep an eye on the younger ones as there some quite high rocks and tight gullies etc. Good for exploring but worth noting. Paths are cared for and are in good condition with one in particular suitable for wheelchairs.

A small shop and cafe available at the top end of the walk which is no great distance. Fantastic views from loads of different vantage points. Great for a Sunday stroll.

4 by Allister Morgan Review source

I have visited some places but this by far has to be one of the most awesome! I can’t believe I had never heard of this place till a few weeks ago! The views and giant rocks are something else knowing the history of them made it all the more exciting climbing them. We felt like kids again climbing and jumping to different rocks. There’s a path that runs all the way round if you just want to take in the views rather than climb. Reasonable priced refreshments serving both hot or cold food, plenty of areas to take a picnic too. The car park is cash only and does not give change so be sure to take the correct amount for your planned visit. Definitely worth a trip.

5 by Melanie Jones Review source

I absolutely love this place. It's amazing. My kids (10 and 7) and Innever get bored of free climbing the breathtaking, but sometimes scary, natural rock formations. Some of the climbs can get pretty high so best to let an adult check it out first, however there are loads of lower level / easier climbs for younger / less adventurous kids. This is my boys' favourite place by a mile and apart from a small car parking charge - it's completely free. Tip....... there's only a small basic shop selling sweet treats and drinks so make a day of it and take a picnic!

5 by Claire Clarke Review source

I'll always write a review when I see a cracking spot get 1 star it doesn't deserve. Brimham rocks needs you, the visitor, to get your imagination out of slumber mode and into action! These rocks are massive, in mind blowing formations and beautiful but do not expect them to entertain you. We spotted animal shapes in the rocks, then imagined they were the final push to the summit of an unclimbable mountain! Having pushed upwards we found sustenance, and a loo, and all was well with the expedition members! Have fun folks, it is what you make it.

5 by Dave Payne Review source

Brilliant, unique sculptures of stone.

Definitely worth a visit. At £6 a day the car park is on the steep side, but I guess it does pay for the upkeep of the place which is free to crawl around.

There is a visitors centre selling gift items and a tea shop.

An upstairs area in the visitors centre does provide an activity area for kids or a place to get great views out of the rain!

Well with stopping for, great for kids, old and young alike to clamber over and up rocks!

5 by Paul D Review source

Great to wander through to marvel at the rock formations, and take photos. If you're agile enough many of them can be climbed up (sensibly). There are spectacular views west across the vale. To the east you can go on longer walks over the moorland.
No facilities in the car park (there may have been an ice cream van but I didn't have much cash so didn't really pay attention) but there's a cafe and picnic tables at the other end of the walk. Loos are here.

5 by Marie Dolby Review source

Brimham rocks are a yorkshire gem,hidden away above Pately bridge they are Well worth a drive out to visit,run by the national trust it is a large area of gritstone outcrops and a wonderful array of rock formations in a wooded valley and heartland,children and adults alike will love exploring the paths and nooks and crannies.wonderful for photography with far reaching views.and one of the nicest hot chocolates I've ever had from the snack cabin

4 by Christian Rawson Review source

I would love to put photos up but thay will not do the place justice. There are loads on google to look at any way. I could of stayed a lot longer than 4 hours. I went on the 5 of February and had the place to my self, witch was nice. Talk to the lad who was with the trust looking after things around the park and didn't get to thank him for all the work he does to look after the place and the trust for keeping the place open for all to see.

5 by Steven David Tate Review source

Brilliant place to visit for all the family and dogs. Great views and vantage points. Many rock formations to scramble and climb, plus there is plenty of heathland around for nesting birds. Much larger area to explore then you may think. NT amenities are on sight. Parking is expensive if not an NT member but there are surrounding smaller parking slots on the small roads leading to the main entrance. Worth a visit when in that area.

5 by William Bisson Review source

Absolutely stunning place, used to visit as a child myself and now I can bring my own son! It's just as magical and so much fun now as it was then! There's a cafe and visitors shop but most importantly the rock formations themselves! However be aware if your not a member of the national trust it will cost you £6 In parking so take some change with you! But that's a small price for what you will see, love it.

5 by Review source

Truly one of the best things Yorkshire has to offer. The rock formations are each unique and navigating around them is a lot of fun for people of all ages. If you manage to climb some of the rocks you are treated to a phenomenal view of God's country. I've heard people say the parking is a bit pricy but it's a small fee to pay to enjoy this natural marvel. Don't leave Yorkshire without seeing this! A+

5 by Mo Abid Review source

A stunning National Trust location and a great day out for all the family.

If you are feeling adventurous and want toet your inner child out there are plenty of 'easy climb' rock formations and some are accompanied with a rewarding and breathtaking view.

Brilliant outdoor adventure through the woodlands and an excellent location for relaxing whilst there is such lush weather.

5 by Darrell Mitchell Review source

Really fun family day out , reminded me of my childhood climbing up and down rocks with the kids , fantastic to get a change from paying for rides or old buildings, great scenery, wonderful rock formations and a lovely cafe , all national trust so the parking was free for members. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves (only thing I could say is , there is no health and safety, climbing is at your own risk)

5 by mark huntington Review source

Lots of large stones to clamber about on, just like in my childhood, long before everything was covered in soft foam and health and safety.
There are some beautiful views too.
The paths are accessible for an afternoon stroll, and at the other end is a snacks kiosk, toilets and shop.
The car park gets busy but it's free to members, and there is an overflow which is normally blocked off.

4 by Michael Dalton Review source

Absolutely adored this place as a kid. Went back as an adult and still loved it just as much. I've no doubt that this was in part due to nostalgia but there are also elements which I could appreciate more as an adult, particularly the views. This is a great outdoor playground for kids and adults. Just indulge your inner child and climb a few rocks, it's the best way to take in the landscapes.

5 by David Hubbard Review source

Fantastic place to visit. Great fun for all ages. Beautiful views of north yorkshire landscapes. Climbing the rocks is entertaining and can be done with no equipment but there is harder climbs which will require some. The only drawback and downfall is that you cannot barbeque here at all regardless if its a raised up gas one or not. Prettt disappointing really but its still a good place to visit.

4 by Jonathan Hallyburton Review source

Great day out, there's often events for kids, there's a cafe and who doesn't like climbing rocks. Only thing that annoys me is that dog walkers often let their dogs run wild, although there are signs that say they should keep their dogs on a lead. One of my kids is a bit scared of big dogs and it can be a bit over whelming around the cafe area.

4 by Nick Fisher Review source

Great place to explore, different from other national trust sites as it's so unique. Great for climbers, if only I knew before the weekend! You do need to pay for parking unless you have NT membership or there are parking spaces near the road I reckon you could use, although I highly support NT it was extremely busy about midday when we needed to leave.

4 by Molly Thompson Review source

Fantastic place!! Just park up (pay, if not a NT member) a go for a wander. Children young and old will love to scramble around and explore the rock outcrops. Do everyone a favour though and keep an eye on them - it’s easy to get lost and or fall off a rock!
There are some lovely grassy clearings for a picnic, or the benches up by the cafe and toilets.

5 by Duncan Kendrick Review source

Amazing scenery and the fact you can take the kids and dogs and let them climb on the rocks is brilliant.
Expect to spend 3-4 hours there just walking round even longer if you stop to climb the boulders.
Its free entry with a £6 per car parking fee so a bargain too. Take a picnic if the weather is nice you'll be there all day.

5 by Paul Paszek Review source

Amazing rock formations! You can go for a walk or for proper rock climbing. It is family friendly. The car park costs 8 pound for a full day and I think it is well worth as it also help to keep the place well maintained. There is also a cafeteria and public toilets. If you like bouldering there is a guide that can be found in any outdoor shop

5 by Mauro Mucci Review source

Lots of fun, on a sunny day you'll have to park in the overflow carpark which is a good 10-15 minute walk with little kids. Parking for non national trust members is a bit high at £6, plus by mid afternoon the shop had ran out of all ice cream and cans, but the scenery and climbing is fantastic. Not for people with a faint hearr

4 by Review source

:antastic natural landscape where you can roam endlessly among the weathered rocks. Parking is £6 for non NT members but we'll worth it. There is a wheelchair accessible path although it is steep in places and a cafe to aim for at the top. Dogs are welcomed. Take a walking stick even if not disabled. Will be going again.

5 by David Horton Review source

Good day out! Great on a nice day to have a walk around and climb the many rocks. Lots of places to have a picnic and there are toilet facilities next to a cafe/shop. Would guess at an average 3/4 hour stay.

Parking prices were a little steep at £6 for up to 4 hours and £8 all day.

Overall a good day out.

4 by Elliott Frodsham Review source

Great place to explore , get there early to avoid the crowds and get a place to park , we were there at about 10 by 12 the car parks were full and they were queuing cars and letting one in as one left . Kids loved climbing the rocks , plenty of places to eat a picnic great little cafe for drinks and the views are amazing

5 by Jaz Colbrook Review source

Unique place to explore! Place of natural beauty and well maintained. Reasonably priced parking at £6 for 4hrs or £8 for all day. Cafe sells coffee, pork pies, sausage rolls and ice creams at fair prices, we sampled all of the above. The rocks are fab to explore and even my 2 year old spent 4 hours climbing up and down.

5 by Michael Goldney Review source

Love Brimham rocks. It's a lovely place. There's heaps of big rocks to climb on and around. The paths are good for the less able. And there's a lovely cafe at further end to the car park. The litter is becoming a bit of an issue up there but sort from that it's a lovely day out for the whole family.

5 by Samuel Davy Review source

A wonderful natural outdoor playground of gritstone rocks and boulders. Impressive rock formations and stunning views. Run by the National Trust which provides large car parking, take away cafe, toilets and shop. This place is a mecca for climbers and boulderers as well as families. Great at any time of year.

5 by M Smith Review source

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