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Great for kids of all ages, the Discovery Centre tailors activities for the very young, water play and gigantic Lego building to name just a few, to adults with the attached Go Ape Centre and cycle hire. The main building itself presents learning in a fun and interactive way meaning even parents and teachers can't help but have a go. When the weather's nice children can play on the various outdoor playgrounds, each built around a specific age range to challenge and keep safe the young explorers. The facilities are well thought out with a cafe and toilet/baby change within the main building. There are also areas for picnics and a well stocked gift shop. The only thing that let's the centre down is that it's popularity often means the car park is full and finding a space can be difficult.

4 by Amy Dickman Review source

The discovery centre is based in a. Woods and next to a play park.
The internal parts are outdated broken and haven't been updated for years.
The water play room and building area are packed with kids who enjoy the entertainment.

There is café for parents and is fairly reasonable in costs and a large gated paly areas for the children which is well provisioned.

There is ample parking shared and a number of disabled parking bays.
The area outside is muddy as is the car park.
Bring wellies in wet weather.
(Discount on entry when paying for parking).

Desperate need of 'exhibits' and changes to keep people interested. It isn't shabby, but .

Great day out for the children.

3 by Review source

A great family day out. The discovery centre is set in the heart of Swinlet forest. It's a stunning location with the Centre, bike trials, go ape, an outdoor play area for all age ranges (even a specific place for children with disabilities) and a picnic area. The centre itself is ok. Good value for kids but charging adults more for entry seems off, especially when we have to go in to supervise the kids. Well played bracknell council! However, the highlight has to be the forest and the outdoor play area, which are both fantastic. Parking can be a challenge. You can get there easily by bus, the number 4 and 171, get off at hillberry and follow the walking sign to The Look Out. All in All, a great way for a family to spend the day out.

4 by Peter Cotton Review source

Went in March during Easter hols. It was relatively busy, but enough activities for all children to engage in. My children loved it. I think it is ideal for 10 years and under. Variety of activities to get through inside, we spent about 3 hours inside working our way through the various challenges. There were activities for my four year old to do too. Cafe was quiet, prices you'd expect to find at these types of visitor attractions.
We loved the outdoor play area. So pleased we took wellies, it was wet and muddy but a lot of fun! The play areas are assigned according to age groups. My children loved building their own den too.

5 by S KA Review source

Great place for kids and parents. Took my boy who is 3 years old and loved it. You can easily spend a whole day here. He especially liked setting off the indoor hot air balloon and the building site. Facilities include:

Large outdoor park
Go ape
Indoor kids interactive science area and building site. (Extra cost)
Large woodland for dog walking.
Toy shop

Also worth a mention is that it is literally 2 minute walk to coral reef. An indoor swimming activity pool with shoots.

You have to pay for parking but as nearly all facilities are free you can't complain.

5 by Lee West Review source

This is a nice hands on science place for children to visit. There are plenty of exhibits covering a variety of science topics, plus a lovely play area outside. My sons have fun here and they learn without realising. There are often interesting shows on during the school holidays too - my sons particularly enjoyed one called 'bubbles, balloons and bangs'. There is also a fun construction area, and a water play area too.

The light and sound room could do with being updated as it is looking a little tired, and the cafe is a bit small for the number of people, but otherwise this is a lovely place for a day out.

4 by Jenny Stewart Review source

A great day out with lots to do. Great prices and parking is reimbursed with entry ticket. Lots of well planned out areas, little boats with water,a construction area where they can climb and build. Lots of scientific activities which the children love. There is an amazing outdoor wooden play area with areas suitable for each age group, and den building opportunities. So much for the children to do and would easily fill a day. The cafe could be improved but plenty of areas to take your own picnic. Reasonably priced gift shop. A place you can revisit lots without getting bored would definitely recommend.

4 by Nicholas King Review source

Some many things to see and learn about for the little and not so little ones inside the Discovery centre.

If you're feeling fit, climb the tower here from where this place gets it's name.

The playground has plenty to offer for all ages and no visit is complete without heading into the trees and making dens with the logs.

The Swinley forest bike trails start here and there is 3 different graded courses to cater for different abilities. Half-way through the experienced rider 'red' trail there is a huge hill to climb but the view is very rewarding.

5 by Brendan Gibbons Review source

Nice, spacious outdoor play area which is perfect for toddlers, and with a pretty impressive castle for slightly older ones.

We tried the indoor area this weekend. Initially our nearly 3 year old made a bee line for the construction area and spent a happy hour. When he ventured into the other areas he was initially a little unsure what to make of all the different exhibits, but he soon started to enjoy it.

Price wise it’ll add up with several kids, but we thought it was very reasonable considering we were there for half a day.

5 by Richard Mines Review source

Great day out regardless of weather. Parking is £2 for 4 hour or £4 for the day. You can access outside play area, trails etc for free. Use toilets in the center and cafe on site. The science center is great for younger children (under 11) including toddlers. It can be busy at times, but they manage the school visits so well we have never been over crowded. A yearly pass is so cheap! Well worth it as we go often. Age 3 and under are free. Great gift shop for educational and fun gifties.

5 by Linda Knoll Review source

Great place for indoor & outdoor activities. Lots of fun scientific activities for toddlers & older children. A superb pretend building site complete with hard hats, hi viz jackets, large bricks and sit & ride toys. A water channel with boats that kept our 3 year old grandson occupied for ages. A light & sound area. I imagine it gets crowded on rainy days & weekends. Definitely worth a visit. Indoor seated area for bring your own picnic & café to buy snacks.

5 by Mandy Pike Review source

Went on the busy bank holiday Monday afternoon, had no issues finding a parking place (£2 for 4 hours at the time of writing) which was refunded on paying for entry to the centre. Inside there are several areas to explore with lots of fun things to try, they have things for all ages from toddler to adult in each area, we found the place just as fun as our 2 year old nephew. The centre was well staffed (we had a superhero hunt to do that day) and they were polite and friendly.

5 by Dave Newton Review source

This is a fantastic place to spend a bit of time and enjoy a coffee after a long dog walk or cycle ride around the look out. Have not had a chance to go in and view what is inside, but the outside area and the coffee shop are lovely. It has a great play park for the children with loads of different options, slides, roundabouts, swings, things to climb on and much more. Loads of tables to sit and relax and all within view of the play park. Will be going back.

5 by Alex Gorham Review source

I took my son to the toddler winter wonderland event today and I was thoroughly disappointed, in the fact that I really don’t think it’s suitable for toddlers at all. There was not really any hint of Christmas and as I had never been before I felt completely lost. The staff were friendly and approachable and I thought the car parking prices were really good. The entry prices for extra adults is completely unreasonable however.

2 by Sophie Barclay Review source

Science center is awesome! However, this one star is for the worst coffee serving coffee shop. I am not sure if they are actually using coffee beans at all, we had to bin it after few sips due horrible taste. With prices equal or even exceeding other populat coffee chains I would expect them to be able to afford proper coffee beans. Avoid coffee shop at all cost!!!

1 by Review source

The science bit was fun like the hands on bit at the science museum, perfect for my kids aged 3&6. Then the outside play area is very good and when we went (Feb 2017) there was a den building area adjacent to the playground. We didn't even have time to fully explore the woodland trails. Only down side was the parking...That was awful when we went.

5 by Jason Bagshaw Review source

It's ok I suppose, a little over priced and things a bit outdated. Could do with a make over. Problem is if you take a 10 year old for instance there wouldn't be enough to sustain interest, and vice versa if it was a 5 year old. I don't think I would go again. Outdoor park is v good though. When it rains the indoor part becomes v busy!

3 by Jamie Howard Review source

Amazing place to spend some time together as a family. My little 14 months old boy had some great time there playing with the exhibitions, and his 32 years old Daddy had fun too! Interesting and welcoming place. Great and welcoming staff, the Lady who served us in the cafe was amazing (and the coffee was really tasty!) I will definitely visit again.

5 by Joanna Latocha Review source

The cafe is really quite poor. As someone mentioned even the coffee. Everything else is great though. Kids play areas etc. are well maintained and clean. Toilets etc. Have always been clean. Don't go expecting a nice coffee or food because it's way poorer than a normal garage services but everything else is actually very good!

3 by Stephen Lord Review source

What a great day out! The kids (4&5) really enjoyed the hands on science exhibits. It was a miserable day weather wise when we were there but most is undercover. You could definately spend a whole day here with the adventure playground and woodland walks adding extra attraction. Would highly recommend for a family day out!

5 by Michael Jones Review source

This is great for outdoors walks and mountain biking. The children's play area is very large and something for all ages. There is also den when you finished outside the lookout children inside play area is amazing. With a water area, mini construction, play shop and interactive science area. A great day out

5 by Dave White Review source

Had a nice day out apart from the terrible café service. Go ape was very fun, but the lack of anything in the cafè was very disappointing, and we had to leave with only drinks. The drinks should of been fine, apart from the lack of lids for my pepsi! Little concerned that only a couple of months ago they had a great cafè.

3 by Sam Brown Review source

Had a wonderful walk with a group of friends and our dogs. Beautiful surroundings even in the depth of winter.

Parking was very reasonable (£2 for 4 hours) but spaces were limited.

Beware of the cyclists!!! They come flying through from every direction. Some of our dogs were keen to chase them!

4 by Rebecca Louise Review source

Great place to go for a walk, or picnic. Large picnic area and playground for kids, with plenty for different ages. Plenty of seating. Parking relatively cheap as well.

The discovery centre looks appealing for the younger age groups, and there's a junior and normal go ape for the bigger kids.

4 by Simon Moore Review source

This place has a great concept! The staff are superb and friendly. There is a great outdoor play area. The centre is set in a lovely and beautiful wooded area. They could probably do with bit more space in every zone and the cafe. Cafe food needs revamp too. Ample parking available on pay&display.

3 by J&N Mapara Review source

Great place for kids and grown ups alike. The Play area is fantastic for the little ones and there area some excellent Mountain Bike trails, with 3 graded routes. There is also a Go Ape for the vertical challenges. What more could your want if your an outdoors person.

4 by Sean Muir Review source

Great for children age 3 to 10. Lots of activities, bring a change of clothes for the little ones for the water exhibits. Can get busy with school trips. Great view from the top of the tower. A café on site but you can't take hot drinks in to the main play area.

3 by Gareth Morgan-Pugh Review source

Amazing place for mountain biking. There are a few well marked, thought out, crafted trails of varying ability. None of the trails are overly difficult although some bits are quite fast and may need to be taken slowly for less experienced riders. Parking is cheap too

5 by Tom Salmon Review source

Fantastic place for kids. It does look a bit dated but nevertheless it kept my 20 month old son entertained and occupied. There is a play park outside which is well equipped. Lots of walking trails surrounding the lookout. They also offer discount to the forces.

4 by Jody Crowley Review source

So much to do! I took my 4 year old there thinking I'd struggle to fill an afternoon and ran out of time! It's great for all ages with plenty for adults to assist, and for older children to stretch their creativity. 4 yr old's certainly love it!

5 by Steve Nixon Review source

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