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Ive been to this place on 5 occasions, each time has been amazing apart from the last time I went which was AWFUL!

I want my review to be fair and to not sound like I am being overly critical.

I also dont normally leave reviews but I felt as though the owners of this place need to really to step up their game.

I would be extremely embarrassed to have brought a friend here on this occasion, I would have felt even more embarrassed if I had recommended the place to somebody and not only that but other family members of mine have criticised Proper Burger and I have defended it all the way! but... now I know what they are talking about...

So I had been to an exhibition that weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, drove back to london on the Sunday and did not eat ANYTHING all day except to look forward to munching at Proper Burger with the misses (who also loves the place, well loved the place).

Arrived to Proper, ordered the tony montana, whatever my misses ordered which I cant remember, the proper fries, oreo milkshake (which is stupidly big but looks amazing) and a strawberry daiquiri thing or mojito.

The burgers were terrible, both of them and the proper fries came after the burgers arrived. I am not talking 2 or 3 minutes a good 5 minutes which was strange. They should have come with the burgers or before being an appetiser. I normally love the proper fries with the meat and everything on their but they just tasted bland and not tasty at all.

The milkshake I got was just milk, I swear to you I left 3/4 of the milkshake it was that bad, finding a waiter to complain was a mission and there all foreign anyway so its hard to communicate.

My wifes drink only filled half of the glass they gave and that came a good 5 minutes after my milkhshake which came 5 minutes after the fries... the drinks should have been the first things on the table!!! I genuinely thought they forgot about my wifes drink it took that long to come out after the whole thing.

So were eating and not enjoying the meal, its not cheap, staff look so de-motivated.

My burger had gone into a mush and half of it fell out, so I asked the waiter to get me another 'plain bun' which i though was pretty self explanatory, which took 15 minutes to come! NOT ONLY THAT he brought me a plain beef patty burger!!! when all i wanted was a burger bun to put all bits of burger which fell out of my original burger bun... I then had enough and took 2 bites of this bun he brought and got the bill and left.

they even said would you like to takeaway your milkshake and left it because it was terrible. I didnt bother explaining because I didnt want to make a scene and not only that but they didnt seem to care so whats the point... I was just so upset because I had looked forward to eating there after travelling from Birmingham too and being at an exhibition... never ate anything too and then was soooo dissapponted.

I tried to be as patient as possible and give the benefit of the doubt, and being muslim we make an excuse on behalf of another muslim but paying £20 a head is not cheap, living in london is hard as it is and being charged these prices. The thing is though EVERYTHING was bad... and thats not an exaggeration... If management and the owners would like to speak to me in person then please reply to this message... I really like the place and have only spoken good up until this point... but if they do not get their act together you will lose a lot of customers.

And a lot of people I know, friends and family have had similar experiences which is a shame because when they told me I was honestly arguing back with them thinking they are just lying or exaggerating but I honestly had the worst experience ever there...

I was sat at Table 1 (i think table1, table closest to the kitchen), Sunday 4th Feb 2018, roughly between 4:30pm 5:30pm check your cameras. It was pretty quiet too when we arrived which was mor

1 by HII Review source

We visited Proper Burgers for the first time on Saturday 4 March. From the outset, the staff were friendly and attentive, although I did notice they were a little bit apprehensive but having read the reviews, I can understand why. They've either had rave reviews or really disappointing ones. So they were probably wondering what we would make of it. I found the layout of the restaurant very appealing; it's open and spacious, and the facilities are very good. I read a review where someone said the food processor / blender was a bit loud but the way I see it, at least you know the food they're making is from scratch. I liked that the waiter seated us quickly and gave colouring books and pencils to entertain our 4 year old son.

I had the Tony Montana burger- beef pattie, monterey jack, bacon, jalapenos, grilled peppers, mushrooms and chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato in a brioche bun. Husband had the Brisket 4 burger - beef pattie, baby gem lettuce, gherkins, tomato, mushrooms and beef brisket and potato crisps in brioche bun served with proper slaw on the side. I thought mine was tasty - the meat was well-seasoned, the various components were good. Husband didn't enjoy his - he thought the combinations didn't work - the brisket was dry. He thought perhaps he would have done better to go with the short-rib. The slaw on the side was average, not bad, but nothing special. I enjoyed the Proper Chips, which were chips, with jalapenos, cheese, pulled beef. We ordered the beef burger for our son, which he didn't eat so we had it to go. Husband had it later in the evening and he said it was actually nicer than the Brisket 4 burger he had had.

Our meal came to £40. I don't think this price matched the quality of the food. But what I thought was excellent was the service. Our son spilled some milkshake and the waitress, Aisha, was very nice; she quickly came over and helped clean him up. I think, also, we visited at just before 6, so they were not busy, but still, we appreciated the staff's attentiveness. I would visit again because I would like to try the rest of the menu but I would probably avoid eating here after 6.30pm; I can imagine it gets very busy. I wish Proper Burgers well and hope they will be around for some time yet; I'd say just tweak the prices a little bit.

3 by N2012 R2012 Review source

Lady that served me was very polite. Chips, although expensive for Leyton at £3.50 was a fair portion and the water came with a slice of lemon and mint and heaps of ice so thumbs up for those. Yes the place was also clean although I didn't get the 'Luscombe' glasses with their flying piglets logo in a Halal Restaurant where the main clientele seemed to be hijabi's and hairy bikers.

However, I didn't come for the chips or the waitress or the water. I came for, as the name suggests, a proper burger.

So I ordered the Runaway chicken burger which cost a whopping £8.95. I saw the price and thought yeah fine treat myself I'm seriously hungry and expected to be served with something the size of my nephews head... It was about the size of his tiny hands… I mean what's with the quantity!?
The burger had no flavours apart from some awkward bbq type sauce that was slapped on it which didn't go with the chicken at all. Then a oversized lettuce leaf and a soggy slice of tomato. I would have left hungry had I not ordered the chips and I'm not a large person.

I actually don't like comparing food joints but anyone that says 'best burger I've ever had' should at least venture beyond Walthamstow and maybe try them at Loaded or something. They do way way better burgers at much more competitive prices.

I hope this place ups it's game when it comes to food - best of luck!

1 by Fazl Buchari Review source

A friend took me here after raving about this place. My god was it worth it! Their burger selection is so immense I was struggling to choose a burger. I went with the cheesey burger with mature cheddar and two 8oz patties. The bun was soft and creamy and the patty very filling and soft. The fried onions were the icing on the cake. We went for the proper fries which come with cheese and pulled beef and they were so moreish. The service was attentive our waitress was lovely! I will definitely be back to try some of their other amazing sounding burgers!

UPDATE: Came here again within 2 days! Food was absolutely brilliant once again. The rosemary chips are hand made and have a satisfying crispiness to them. Went for the proper burger this time and it was bang on. I was really impressed with their sunday specials too which featured roast chicken and pulled beef brisket with all the bits you would expect woth a roast. I also noticed the Dalston cola which I must try next time as well as their fresh desserts. Can't wait to come back!

5 by Ryhan Choudhury Review source

The family wanted burgers so i obliged. We ended up on Lea Bridge road and decided to go inside.
Staff were not helpful, friendly or knowledgable about items on the menu, waiting times etc, Just not helpful at all, and acted as if they did not want our custom, well they have got what they wanted, we will never be back.
The Burgers tasted like they had been soaked in grease for a month before being placed in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds! The bun was literally dripping with grease. We would have been better served going to Burger King in the Mall! Even a Birdseye frozen burger would have been better than this, we should have just gone to Sainsbury's.
This establishment is Ironically named 'Proper Burgers' I would suggest an alternative name to describe this place 'Proper Nasty Burgers' maybe? Slogan: 'If you want a greasy tasteless burger come down to Proper Nasty Burgers, we aim to displease and fill you with grease!'
Have a go at your peril

1 by Teddy BearFace Review source

I am disgusted that i have to write a review. This restaurant serves all day breakfast and we arrived at 13:40pm. Our order was taken at 13:48pm and our food arrived ridiculously late at 14:30. Over 30 minutes! Our drinks arrived 20mins before the food so they were freezing cold by the time the food arrived. When i spoke to the server -Aisha. She said that 20 minutes is the normal waiting time. However this was well over 30 minutes. How long does it take to cook an egg!!? On top of that it was my brother's birthday and she was extremely rude and seemed to have a serious attitude problem. She was shouting at us until a chef came over and finally apologised as the service is slow because they were busy. There were only two other tables. Extremely poor excuse. Because we were so disgusted. She gave us a refund. I'm appalled. DO NOT VISIT THIS RESTAURANT!!!!

1 by Review source

Proper Burgers is one of the best places in Waltham Forest to eat. Period. I've bought lunchtime specials three times and today received the food takeaway. The food is on a completely different level from the usual £1 chicken fair you get on Lea Bridge road.

The decor is really cool as one wall is completely lined with audio cassettes (remember those??).

It's not cheap - but you get superb quality for what you pay. We had the Runaway burger which was very well cooked and tasty.

However, I recommend the sweet and spicy chicken! They are deliciously moorish. The sauce is amazing and they disappeared in seconds in my house. We asked for extra of this sauce in our delivery note and the restaurant were sweet enough to give us some.

The takeaway service via Just Eat is great too and the delivery person was cheery and polite.

5 by Macra Bill Review source

Funny enough, I have never had a burger here and have now stopped eating meat so I may never taste the Proper Burgers.

I have, however had their plain chips, cheesy chips and then their Rosemary fries which turned out to be my favourite. Today I had the opportunity to sample an oreo milk shake which I never would have thought I would enjoy.. it was actually really nice.

The service I have had has always been polite and very welcoming. I have always been treated as if I eat there on a regular basis. I am in love with the cassette wall. Made me wish I had sell my old cassettes so I could do something along the same lines.

Anyhow, back to the review. It's a lovely place with a lovely team and the toilets are clean

5 by Cassandra Delisser Review source

The food is amazing here, there are no doubts about that - I've had their burgers, theie sides, their wings, their breakfasts, their starters, their mocktails, their shakes, and even their special Sunday offerings!

The only qualm I have about them is that their prices feel steep because of their no-card policy (wasn't there during the early days of the restaurant) and because they have nearly a dozen staff members usually all doubling and tripling on the same work. (It really should not take 3 people coming simultaneously to bring food to one person...)

Again, nothing beats the quality of their food.

4 by Taneem Salim Review source

Absolutely enjoyed the Morris Burger with the Rosemary Flavour Infused and Italian Hard Cheese Chips and a Salted Caramel Shake to go with it. My husband equally enjoyed his Tony Montana Burger and Cheesy Chips. His Mango Daiquiri was ok, slightly more on the side of Mango Sorbet as a drink. 4 Stars only because they don’t take Card Payment. He had to walk quite a bit to get to a Cash Machine in this freezing cold weather in Feb. Someone wasn’t very happy lol. So take plenty of cash with you. Retro decor, not the cosiest of places to eat in but definitely worth trying for the delicious burgers. Lives up to it’s name ;).

4 by Mrs S Review source

Went there for the 1st time with my meat loving partner and wasn't disappointed.
The staff are lovely, friendly, helpful and very polite and courteous..
The surroundings, although
The food was exceptional. Great tasting. Looked appetizing. Good variety. It ticked all the boxes. Plus it's right on our doorstep.

Will definitely be visiting here again.
Now I've just found out the do delivery too! They've just made my day.

Great place to go with the kids, with friends, with lovers. Or order for yourself for a lazy night in front of the tv.

5 by Maria Galley Review source

Not value for money! Burgers are nothing special at all very expensive for a basic gourmet burger place, salted caramel shake has no salted caramel in it instead they use caramel syrup which is bizarre and cheap tasting. Buffalo wings were tiny at £1 per wing you get more sauce then wings for that price. Customer service is very poor with waiters not knowing what there doing. Overall amateurish feel to the place and very expensive for the type of food. If you want gourmet burgers your better off going somewhere else because your not going to get anything extra or special for the amount you pay here.

1 by jabir hussain Review source

This is nothing like any burger shop that Lea Bridge Road has previously known. And that's good. It isn't a fast food take-away, but you can take the food away. It isn't lit by strip lighting, or furnished with greasy tables and plastic bucket seats smeared in ketchup, but instead is nicely lit, really comfortable, and a pleasant place to eat in. And the food is delicious. Granted, the burgers aren't 99p each. But you get a big burger for your money, the portions are generous, and the food is delicious. The milkshakes are pretty good as well. I'd go again.

5 by Chris Fitch Review source

One of the best burger joints in East London!

We ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wings, Cheesy Fries, Cheesy 4oz, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger, The Cosmo, Mango Daiquiri and the Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream.

The Cheesy Fries we're AMAZING! Freshly cut and fried chips.

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken burger was HUGE! The combination of the items and the chicken with the creamy sauce was really good! However I wouldn't recommend this if your stomach cannot handle dairy or rich creamy food!

I would definitely go back to try something else!

5 by Aniqa Kabiri Review source

I have been to the restaurant to eat in and ordered takeaway quite a few times, the food is always excellent and I cannot complain about quality. However I feel that they have become quite popular (which is a good thing), and sometimes I've been told the wait is over an hour for takeaway, or the phone is not answered at all. And on more then one occasion I've gone to the restaurant to find it closed for some reason or other. There may be a need for the owners to transition forwards from this successful family business before customers seek alternatives.

4 by Tanvir Ahmed Review source

Place was fantastic. From the moment you enter the restaurant you get a nice chic vibe from around the place. Very unique setting with cassettes stuck on one side of the wall. Greeting by waiter was fantastic. Service was immaculate with water with lemon and peppermint provided. They further adapted to our need by bringing two tables together. Food came quick with waiter allowing myself to make changes to the burger. Burger was full of flavour and had all the right things for a gourmet burger. Fantastic experience

5 by Uzii - Review source

Absolutely appauling service.
Ordered food and was informed as it is quite busy will be delievered in about an hour.
Called up to check where the order was and informed as they are busy it will be a further half an hour.
Thats one and a half hours to wait for 2 burgers, some buffalo wings and chips to be delivered!
Cancelled order and all we got over the phone was sorry we are busy.
First and last time I will be ordering from this place.!

1 by Review source

Thank you Proper Burgers for excellent service. We pre-booked a large table for my daughters 9th birthday, turned up with 10 loud 9 year olds. We were allocated a large table at the rear of the restaurant. All diners were treated exceptionally well, food was better than expected. Kids all had kids meals which they were very happy with.

My only criticism would be that less salt should be used, I drank gallons of water afterwards.

5 by Faruk Miah Review source

Buttermilk Fried Chicken! OMG it is unique and Delicious. Pulled Beef Nachos Wings BBQ Overall this palace is a proper for eat with family or friends. Amazing Service and so clean even their toilet is perfect clean. I been lots of Burger Place but first i found a five star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ i mean from service, food quality, clean etc. I will highly recommendation this restaurant. Forgot to mention kinderbueno milkshake was ☝️

5 by Review source

i never usually write reviews but this place truely deserves the time and effort. the best burger place i have ever been. the quality of the meat was so pure you can taste the succulent beef. tasted nearly everything on the menu and everything was 10/10. a must try. beautiful decor with a retro feel but so cosey. open plan kitchen. the drinks are so unique and delicious. the pulled beef was mesmerising. cant wait to go back!

5 by Review source

(update: first year was awesome, but now each time we go we feel a little that the burgers are being mixed with other ingredients to stretch the mince out also now only accept cash) ....our first review:While not the best burger in London, it is definitely the best burger in the whole East End now and the owner is very friendly. A very nice atmosphere though a couple of the tables are a bit wobbly and feel a bit unsafe.

4 by Joy Watkins Review source

This place always impresses. The burgers are fantastic, the proper chips is a must try but is a bit on the spicy side so choose wisely if you cannot handle spicy food. The Strawberry Mojito is by far the best I have had in many places, better than those ones that are more posher than this. All in all, very good and enjoyable experience, even if you come with friends, as a couple or family.

5 by Tajul Islam Review source

Good hearty food, very good portion sizes and amazing taste. You can tell that they go to the trouble to source and use fresh ingredients. The place is spotless and has a nice retro vibe to it. Very friendly and courteous staff who went the extra mile to make sure everything was fine. Already planning my next visit to explore other interesting things on the menu. Definitely recommended.

5 by Omar Sheikh Review source

A funky feature wall that may not make sense to the younger generation immediately due to the use of audio cassettes. Lots of other funky things like a typewriter on show too. The food (all HMC certified halal) is excellent with very generous portion sizes. The staff is very friendly and there is enough room for a small group to be able to show up and grab a table.

5 by Adil Mahboob Review source

I rarely leave reviews for eating out, but wanted to leave one for Proper Burgers on Lea Bridge Road. An unexpected top notch burger joint in this location. Thoroughly recommend it and will be returning for more delicious food or will order some in! Fresh ingredients, homemade burgers, generous portions, creative dishes and of course good service. See you again :).

5 by Review source

Food was standard. I had the Tony Montana a few times. I was not happy with the rack ribs they did not taste nice. Waiter was constantly watching us and cleaning up after us at every moment!!!

I have to say that once I tried delivery it was packed very nicely and the burger was quite hot still. I suppose its OK. Typical gourmet burger prices.

3 by Oz Oz Review source

Nice clean place very child friendly. Approx £20 per head for a shared starter one mains and side each and a drink. I got a brisket which tasted too salty and too beefy. Other half got the butterfly chicken which was a huge piece of nice chicken but the sauce was too much. Chips portion are big so worth sharing and are expensive for just under £4!

3 by Assif Khalid Review source

Good food, the burgers are well cooked and not over done. Ingredients all feel fresh, the chili sauce that comes with burgers/chips is the right amount of heat.
Best of all are the staff, feels like a family run place (not sure if is). First time in the home made chocolate cake was recommended, take that recommendation as well.

5 by Ben Nicholl Review source

I wish they were open at more times, because the food, interior, service is all great. I love the nachos which is a great dish if you can’t spend too much, because everything else is pretty expensive and prices have increased a lot since I first went. Also great Sunday roast and vegetarian options and I love that they are HMC!

4 by Sumayyah Review source

The Sunday Beef Roast was the best dish I’ve had. Must try!!! Chicken Roast was average.
Yorkshire puds were average and I would say Aunt Bessie’s are better.
Vegetables were good and the potatoes could have been more crisper.
The Mojito was refreshing and tasty while the Proper Blue was okay I guess.

4 by Kamal Miah Review source

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