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I've been wanting to visit this restaurant for some months but eventually decided to give it a go...

I was extremely disappointed. I was presented with a menu with missing pages and when I advised the waiter he put the menu back on the pile which was later given to another diner.

The food is expensive which normally I don't mind but when a plate costs double the normal price I expect double the quality and quantity, unfortunately this was not the case. I ordered a chicken melt with BBQ sauce (basically a hunters chicken) for a drink I ordered a peanut butter milkshake. The milkshake had taken a while to make but the waiter apologised for this and it was due to a large cocktails order which just came through to the bar which was fair enough. The food came very quickly... Too quickly which always raises concerns to when the food was prepared, 2 gourmet burgers and a chicken melt had taken less than 10 minutes.

My onions rings were cold, cooked but cold and I only got two small ones, the portions of the entire meal was just abysmal! Normally when I order this dish I get two whole chicken breasts but this was barely one. The chicken was very dry which is probably due to the fact this meal is not made to order. The chips were not fresh from the frier but they were delicious.

I made my disappointment known to a server and he asked his manger to come. The manager we spoke to was very understanding and explained that this was a new menu and he would pass this feedback onto the head office and would also talk to his staff regarding the menu with pages missing being handed back to another diner. He also reduced our bill to around half price so clearly customer service skills are not lacking in this place.

To summarise...

Expensive for the tiny portions, some of the staff seem to be very under trained (uni students type), not dirty but I would say the place could do with a little more attention when it comes to cleaning tables and seats... Paying above the odds for small portions to have to wipe of crumbs off my seat before I sit down really annoys me.

I will try the place again in 6 months time however I will not be returning till these problems are sorted.

2 by Andrew Guy Review source

The food was terrible, my partner ordered the roadside sliders, the 'meat' looked and tasted like reformatted miscellaneous animal parts which had been mashed together to loosely resemble a burger.

I ordered the spatchcock chicken, as a result the food took a while to arrive, which isn't an issue as chickens should take a while to cook. The anaemic looking chicken arrived, which clearly hadn't seen any form of grill post life. After eating 3/4 of it, and finally cutting into the chicken breast I realised that the meat was cold, as in fridge/freezer cold.

Having never complained about food before I had a quiet word with the manager and waitress, the manager didn't seem to care and offered to half the price of the chicken meal and assumed that was fine. Given that the chicken had obviously been pre-cooked and heated in an oven or microwave, served cold, you would expect to not have to pay at all!

Needless to say we quickly left and won't be going back!

1 by Review source

Honestly, don't bother. Prices are extortionate for sub-par food in small portions. Staff were friendly, but let down badly by the menu and general quality.
Pretzels weren't pretzels, just pretzel shaped bread, tough, flavourless and dried out. Ribs were barely acceptable, wings the same- texture was wrong but flavor was ok. Potato skins were some of the worst we've ever had. Nachos were at least real tortilla chips, but way too oily.
Chicken strips were the only nice thing on the sharing platter.
Mac and Jack wasn't macaroni cheese- it was overcooked penne in a gritty cheese sauce.
Soda was so overloaded with ice it was £3 for less than 250ml, and no refills.
Overall, very disappointing, expensive lunch. Save yourself some time and go straight to TGI Friday across the way instead.

1 by Clare B Review source

Just been had to wait 30 mins to be seated sat halfe an hour before someone took our order my wife and i explained we we're both freezing could we be moved 4 other tables got moved before us we ate our starter and again asked to be moved they did send the manager over who apologised saying he didnt know what the problem was he moved us to another table that one was just as cold my wife explaind this to 1 of the girls who was working there and she looked like we had 2 heads she spoke with attitude not very understanding at all my wife was disgusted with the whole thing from going in to eating the bill didnt even come we had to go to the desk to pay needles to say we will never go back didnt even offer a reduction of any sort we were disgusted and treat terrably and the price is rediculously high for what you get .

1 by Review source

I cannot recommend this place, The staff where downright rude, and something that I have never come accross before, I burned myself on my macaroni dish which had clearly just come out of the oven, The waitress gave me no indication the dish was boiling hot so I instinctively touched it to turn it around, Her response was just 'Oh that'll be hot', I put in a complaint and that was pretty much ignored as the person I complained to went off to laugh with the waitress.

Terrible staff, Mediocre food at incredibly high prices, My first 1 star review but this place really deserved it.

1 by Mulic Itskov Review source

Starter arrived quick but had an overwelming lemon flavour (Bruschetta)

30mins later the mains arived. Pizza had to go back as they forgot to put the toppings on we asked for, the burger was pathetic not american! Tasteless burger and defrosted bun that was over toasted. Pizza arrived back with toppings on it but was bland and the worst base ever more like a fajita. Waitress was nice but never asked how it was so I never bother to complain whats the point she obvioulsy new it was sh** lol

0 out of 10 would never go back.

1 by Review source

Feeling generous today so theses are very lucky to get this 1 star
Where do a start
Well a will start at the drinks
A asked for a pepsi got a ice berg in a glass with half a mouth full of Pepsi so obviously had to buy another without ice in to last the time a was in there
Basically had to chase the waiters down to ask for sour cream
My calzone was the worsted a had in my 27 years of life and have a feeling am going to be I'll later as a can feeling the s**ts coming on fastly
This place needs a shake up fast

1 by Joe Longstaff Review source

Currently sat in Coast to Coast as I write this review I'm that disappointed.
We ordered a full breakfast and a fruit salad. The breakfast came with about 7 beans, the toast we ordered came 10 minutes later and was burned. My fruit salad consisted of about 2 strawberries and a few blackberries, shoved in an ice cream glass with a little bit of mint yoghurt (consistency of water) thrown on top.
I didn't even get a spoon so had to eat with my fork.
We will not be returning - save your money or go elsewhere!

1 by Review source

Awful!!!! Staff look through you rather than see if they can help you. Food was disgusting and my burger was cold. I'm writing this review after bringing most of my meal back up again. Ordered a kids 3.95 pizza for my little one, and ment to get 25% off on certain meals on tuesdays, in a flap to get the hell out of there didn't check the bill until we got to the car, no discount and got stung 7.95 for an adults margarita!!! Will never visit again. Very poor show and feel very ill.

1 by Review source

We visited this restaurant before going to the cinema, staff was miserable table service was very poor dirty tables, onto the food I had chicken melt with brisket as an extra it was very dry and poor quality, my partner had burger that was again poor quality and to then be I'll on the night looking through the other reviews I seen a review that has had the same after experience not good, would not recommend this place to eat over priced and bad food.

1 by Review source

Sat and waited for 15 minutes for someone to take the order! It was busy but not that busy! No one came to see if there was anything we wanted after the order. Food was nice, couldn't fault it! Drinks were emptied and again no one was attentive enough to bother with us. Basically this places customer service is diabolical! If you want nice food but don't have to work to get what you want at every step go to frankie and bennys or something.

2 by Review source

Disappointment to the idea of american food. We went for the 2 for £10 brunch... No one told us what was included in the offer until we managed to get their attention and ask. Server was polite enough when facing us, but looked miserable when not directly talking to customers. More fat than meat in the dry as bone sausages. Breakfast potatoes that dripped grease. Bacon looked miserable. Egg was dry and crusty. Not worth £5 each at all!

1 by Jennifer Hodgson Review source

I read the reviews for this while ordering, needles to say I expected the worst. Food arrived fast and there was no issue with portion size, price, or variety, the meals were great and staff were fab.

Only irk I have is that the BBQ sauce provided in condiments is not very nice, but I can't justify complaining over something so petty.

Salmon was fab by the way!

5 by Beth Todd Review source

I would not even give this 1 star...service so bad they forgot a main course, starter turned up luke warm and returned, non apologetic manager who walked off after changung the bill...could not even say sorry for loaded skins which were not loaded, luke warm and could be used as tennis balls...thanks for the bad experience, just disgusted
and a ruined family outing.

1 by Review source

Pay for you get really. Alright food average quality ingredients. Nothing special reqlly, there are better quality establishments in the near area. For what it lacks in quality it does have a decent menu for those who don't like to pigeon holed into one type of food. Got to hand to the staff though they were excellent on our visit very attentive and helpful.

3 by Kris Mason Review source

The staff were lovely and very helpful unfortunately the food lets this restaurant down. The value and quality was not good and definately not worth the money. Very expensive and small portions. We ordered the fajitas costing , £16.45 each and the quantity was so small the person was still hungry afterwards. Sorry but never again.

1 by Review source

Slow slow slow service. Staff seem busy and there's enough of them but a small understaffed kitchen can't cope with the volume of meals. There's an orders dispatcher seems to act as a bottle neck to delivery of food to the tables. Food is basic for the higher price. One to avoid.. sorry but not good enough. Dreadful.

1 by Review source

We both had food from the lunch menu. My husband had the pizza with bbq chicken and blue cheese which I personally didn't like but he enjoyed. I had the bbq chicken which was basic but nice. The cookie dough sundae is amazing and the best thing on the menu. We didn't have any this time but the margaritas are really good.

5 by Kirsty Reed Review source

Read some of these reviews and totally disagree, myself and the Mrs were out together for the first time in years given work commitments and 3 kids. She chose shopping as a day out. Thought it was pricey and didn't look alot on the plate but boy was it tasty and filling! Service I thought was OK, Mrs thought it was great.

5 by Review source

Staff were friendly however food was Luke warm at best. Even the warm fudge cake was cold. There was no flavour in the mac n cheese or loaded skins. Wanted to complain but knew it would fall on deaf ears. Don't get lulled in by the 20% discount with cinema cheaper as they have a cheaper menu. Also double check bill.

2 by Kelly W Review source

Rubbish service! Went to the bar to order a drink when the restaurant and bar were both fairly quiet, stood for 10 minutes at the bar and we were completely ignored by the 3 bar staff who were stood talking. Complained to the 4 front of house staff stood talking at the entrance as we left and they weren't interested.

1 by Review source

Poor service from the beginning. We were seated at an unprepared table with no cutlery and had to wait 20 minutes for our starter. It the took a further 25 minutes for our main course. When asking for the bill it got put on our table and no one returned to take payment. Food however was nice, but not worth the wait.

2 by Andrew Wilson Review source

First of all this place is massively overpriced and massively overhyped for what it is and serves. However having said that the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Drinks and cocktails are good and they do happy our between 5-7pm and 9-11pm Sunday to friday. Decor has a real American feel to it and its comfortable.

4 by Dominic Bromley Review source

Called in tonight for an evening meal
The staff need a shake
If they think there an American dinner obviously they have not been to the USA as there service is terrible
The price of the food is over priced and poor quality
Do yourself a favour and eat elsewhere
Very poor experience

1 by Review source

Just left we ordered our drinks ...we then ordered our meal we had the same starters but they my husband's had items missing ..we then received our mains the carrots on mine were stone cold my husbands chips must had been standing a while. This is our 2nd visit definitely won't be returning.

1 by Corrina McSherry Review source

Came here for the first time and thought the food was lovely. I ordered the chicken Cajun wrap and the other half ordered a BBQ pulled pork burger. We thurrely enjoyed it however, it is far too over priced for what you get on your plate. Staff were very polite and well mannered.

3 by Jade Watson Review source

Very overpriced for the quality even with a 20% cinema discount. The salad was ok but the burger was just sad. Stale bun, a single lettuce leaf by way of salad, a small chunk of blue cheese that wasn't even crumbled/sliced/spread. Staff were friendly.

2 by Robert Lawson Review source

Went here as a family of four and left very happy food was good and filling, especially the bbq platter for starter we had and the kids really enjoyed their food staff were very friendly and service was good too!

4 by Daniel Donkin Review source

Pleasant enough, nice staff, but had to send cold burgers back - were replaced with slightly warmer, but still not hot enough to melt cheese, burgers and forgot sweet potato fries. Very pricey for what it is.

2 by Amanda Dixon Review source

Good food not to expensive for the portions. Hostess/waitresses should have there hair up made me a bit uncomfortable it flapping all over. Don't get the onion ring extra massively over priced charge

3 by Review source

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