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3 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1BQ

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Waverley Shopping Centre, and Princes Mall) is a shopping centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It is located at the east end of Princes Street in the City Centre, next to Edinburgh Waverley railway station. Once home to independent retailers, it now houses mainly high street chain stores, as well as a large food court.

Designed in the early 1980s, it was built with its roof at the street level of Princes Street, with a landscaped plaza at that level, in order to preserve the view from Princes Street across to Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town. It opened as Waverley Market in November 1984, the name referencing the food market that once occupied the site. An official opening by Queen Elizabeth II took place on 25 July 1985.[1]

5 by Iain y Review source

Post office here sells stamps for collectors by full year etc plus other collectables on the stamp and coin side and the standard post office use
There's a whiskey shop dedicated to whiskeys but is very pricy some bottles almost double the supermarket prices
Superdry have a good shop and there's a costa coffee shop up the top floor on the bottom floor (3 floors) there's a variety of eateries serving hot beef sarnies a Kentucky, McDonald's Chinese, sushi and other stuff plus entrance to the rail station in all a pretty good centre

5 by Graham Farnell Review source

Nice clean tidy place I done AN inside contract from 2am till 7am 7 days a week without going in to details for secuty of the entire Waverly station and all the centre shops.its the same place below decks and behind everything just new shops modernised slightly great for a good few ours out in the central piazza in waverly market regardless off weather for all the family regardless of weather give it a visit plan your day and look up the Waverly so you no all under the roof now and you won't be disapointed

5 by Colin Greene Review source

It's pretty much a dead shopping centre apart from a surprisingly great superdry store and game. The rest is either closed or shops you most likely would go out your way to visit. The food court below is good yet always busy, as most people have mentioned the toilets there are absolutely filthy.

The one shop that shocked me the most was the whisky shop, prices were so high I needed a drink just looking found a bottle £25 more expensive than in a nearby tourist shop!

3 by Colin Holder Review source

We originally went into the mall to mail some postcards at the post office located in the mall.
It's not easy to see because it's below street level.
The post office is pretty good and we felt better mailing from there instead of a drop off point.
The mall has the usual type of stores found in a mall.
Its basically connected to the train station and the visitor center so it's a good place to stop in and grab something you need.

4 by Greg Hughes Review source

Great range of shops, has a bit of everything, right at the start of princes street so it's easy to find also.
I don't go there often, I used to always go to the st James centre but now that's gone so if I wanted to go to a mall in the city centre I'd quite happily go to Waverley mall.
Also it's right next to the Waverley station so it's handy to pass time wandering round the shops if you're waiting for a train.

4 by Review source

Getting better, was a miserable place a couple years ago but it's been transformed. With help from the modification of Waverley Steps to make what is pretty much a rail station food court and waiting area and the utilisation of the 'roof' and probably helped by the demolition of nearby St James' Centre it's actually picked up. Certainly a bit more touristy/generic mall-y but not the sad dying place of old.

3 by James Bamkin Review source

This is a great big shopping mall above Waverley Train Station. It has shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and a food court.

The only thing is that you have to walk an awful long way through all manner of twists and turns and up and down stairs and steps just to find a toilet.

Some areas are not wheelchair accessible as the mall is on so many levels but most of it is wheelchair accessible.

4 by Vikki Thomson Review source

On Every occasion I visit Edinburgh,the.meeting place for my family and friends is always the Waverley Mall.
The main reason being,you have such a variety of Food options.
An example being,when I meet my grandson Euan,or my niece Jodie,they will purchase food from McDonald's and I will enjoy a relaxing coffee.
When you visit Princess Street in our Capital City,THE MALL Is worth a visit.

3 by Brian Murphy Review source

There is not many shops but there is quite a few reasonably priced places to eat.

The toliets cost 30p but were clean and kept to a good standard.

I visited mcdonalds a couple of times during my trip to Edinburgh. One day there was no fizzy drinks!!

The shopping centre closes around 7/8 but mcdonalds and sainsburys keeps open with access from a different entry point.

4 by Amy Bentley Review source

I cant say its amazing, its fairly small, but it has nice shops, like superdry, and the one that is comic oriented but i dont remember the name, sorry. Most of the times i went there for the place sushi stop, i havent been there for a long time so i hope they are still there, but it was my fave. In general, it's quite good if you need to pass some time somehow, or you just want to take a brake

4 by Review source

I only visted here for the day and found the mall to be nice. Good selection of shops. Reasonable food court. Only problem was there is only one lift in operation to service 3 floors and our party had 2 wheel chairs. There also should be a disabled access to the station via the food mall of which there was none. Overall a good experience and I would recommend a visit.

4 by Leanne Murray Review source

Pretty good and if you are early to the station, very convenient to kill time/shop. Quite a few restaurants too. Entrance to the station is close by. Not much of options for shopping but depends on what you are there for.. try pastries in the shop on ground floor(forgot the name of the shop but opposite to the Indian restaurant in the food court)

3 by Balasubramanian K Review source

A good size shopping centre in Edinburgh. Good choice of shops and eating options. I think you will be able to find almost everything you'll need here. Also, it's located next to the train station so if you have a wait then you will have no problem killing some time here. Highly recommend visiting if your in Edinburgh.

5 by Rich Warych Review source

A collection of fairly decent shops and a few really good places to eat downstairs. Handy for passing time before boarding a train as Waverley Station in next door. Also for those last minute prezzies that you forgot about! Here youll find the Superdry store, Body Shop, Whiskey Store and some other more unique places.

4 by Euan Wakenshaw Review source

Small shopping mall in the city centre, not many choices of shops, food court with all the usual fast food meals, toilets only on the ground floor - it has 3 floors. Big spacious costa at the very top, plenty of seating, great service. No parking spaces I'm aware of. General cleanliness very good.

3 by Klaudia Jaros Review source

Great food court and shops. Ideal as soon as you have been on the train all day to stretch your legs and have a shop and then food for afterwards, plenty of food and drink places to pick from aswell making it good for everyone and seemed to be renovating the place too so more to see on our next visit.

5 by James Hinchliffe Review source

Right in the centre of the city, with Edinburgh's Waverley Railway Station on one side, Prince's Street Garden on the other, and a magnificent view of the ramparts of the Edinburgh Castle and the surrounding ancient architecture, Waverley Bridge is a great draw for the hordes of tourists.

5 by Arnab Ganguli Review source

Lots of useful shops for the traveller. Food court has a good selection on offer. There are clothes shops, book and magazine shops. There is are electrical shops if you need data cards or batteries. The is also a selection of tourist shops where you can buy tee shirts, shortbread or other souvenirs.

5 by Sean Murphy Review source

Had a nice cuppa in the Costa here. The glass roof was cool, and let us enjoy some October sunshine in Edinburgh. Felt quite peaceful, despite being busy. A shame that the toilets are charged for though- this seems pretty poor for, although I appreciate that it's right next to a train station.

3 by Heather B Review source

Canny little mall but it does have a few selection of goods to sell eating out part is very vibrant and yoj do have a good choice of food outlets to choose from ie McDonalds ...kfc .....subway... Spud....and more ..theres even a Sainsburys that is still excessible. After the mall is closed ....

5 by Chris Usher Review source

Tons of shops that feature almost anything you could want. The food court is awesome. There is even a money exchange and of course...if you need transportation the cabs, buses and trains are readily available at this location. It is also surrounded by bars and eateries.

5 by Robert Clark Review source

Great shopping centre right beside the train station in the centre of Edinburgh. Mainly good for clothes shopping and also for lunch as downstairs there is loads of fast food restaurants. Also a starbucks and there is also a small sainsburys outlet for some essentials.

4 by Niki P Review source

People come here to have chats with their children friends over coffee snacks at peaceful quiet atmosphere but this loud annoying music and singers have destroyed the atmosphere, u have turned it into nightclub, how cheap and disrespectful unthoughtful!

1 by Review source

Really convenient for Waverley railway station, but it's actually quite small and in need of a makeover. The food court has a good selection of the usual fast food restaurants and the tourist information centre is just outside on Princes Street.

4 by Philip Mear Review source

A game of two halves really. The usual tourist shops but then you find a very cheerful post office with friendly helpful staff, and a Gregg's with great cakes next to Tiger. Quirky but lovely...And there seems to be a popular food hall.

4 by Chris Smith Review source

A good happening place with nice food court and lots of shopping opportunities. An added advantage is that it is adjacent to Edinburgh Waverley station so u could reach early & spend it time at the mall before starting ur journey

4 by Najeeb Review source

This place has become a bit of a pit. No shops really worth looking at. The building has been getting upgraded in some way for years and whole sections if it have looked constantly unfinished. Shame, it really use to be quite nice.

2 by David Allan Review source

It is near Waverley Station in case you need somewhere to hang out while waiting for your train. But there's a park nearby so it is nicer to go there instead. Went for a quick lunch but was pretty disappointed by the choices.

3 by Nuraiemy Ahmad Review source

The mall has a small sample of high street and tourist shops, some of which are found in the rest of Prince's street, minus the walk. The highlight of the mall is the basement food court and quick access to the train station

3 by Ama C Review source

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