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Been here a few times for various events. It's a great venue - really large and can fit plenty of whatever you're into, so it's the perfect place to browse around.

However, before you go should be aware of a couple of things...

The first is that, if you're arriving by London Underground train, the Olympia centre is situated by a station of it's own. You have to catch a new train from the nearest stop to the Olympia. These come along about once or twice an hour (even in busiest times!) which means you'll need to account for this delay in getting to the venue.

Secondly, there is the cost of food once inside the venue. Like everything in London, it's expensive. You'll get your bags searched on the way in, but the guards don't seem to mind you bringing a sandwich or two, so save yourself a bit of money and pack something to eat and drink.

Thirdly, and this only applies to *some* talks. One time there was a talk hosted in the central room. The actors were on stage speaking into microphones, but the room was so large that, even with the giant speakers, their voices were muffled and virtually impossible to hear. You had to be right next to the speakers to make out what they were saying. However, this was only the once and other times talks are normally help upstairs in smaller rooms where the acoustics are better.

Overall, nothing wrong with the venue - just allow for extra travelling time, plus cost of food.

4 by John Conway Review source

Great Venue. Centrally located. Attended BETT exhibiiton here. Neat and clean. Good crowd management. Nice eating joints outside.

In response to your question:
I was the Senior Manager - International Business for Designmate upto Jan 2015. I have attended BETT from 2010 up to 2015 in London. Till 2013, It was held at Olympia and then the venue was shifted to ADNEC exhibition centre. My experience at the Olympia was very good and I used to look forward to the exhibition every year. My company generated a lot of business and partners through the BETT exhibition and I personally made some good distributors for my territories. All in all it was a great experience attending BETT and getting to meet so many ed tech companies face to face under one roof. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

4 by Rajat Basavaraj Review source

The Christmas home show was really good. Great atmosphere, good reduced prices and helpful staff at the doors. However the Ideal Home shows are getting more expensive instead of exclusive prices and less and less stalls available. This is probably to do with the fact the prices of the stalls to the sellers are way too expensive which causes everyone from buyers and sellers to lose out. Plus the fact the past 3 shows there has been more and more stalls selling Fur is absolutely Disgusting. After 10 years of going with family and friends, because of the numerous stalls being allowed in the show to sell disgusting Fur, we will no longer be going.

3 by eli saedinia Review source

A medium size single exhibition hall in West London. My wife and myself went to the Destination travel exhibition.
The place itself seems to have permanent refreshment outlets selling both hot and cold food and drink. The exhibition also offered additional outlets. It also has toilets which we used as the exhibition closed for the day. At this time the facilities were very clean and pleasant.
The hall has its own tube branch from Earls Court tube station to Olympia but when we went it was not running and thus getting there by public transport was overly prolonged hence the 3 stars.

3 by Graham Ro Review source

Went here for the Ideal home exhibition plus the food and wine festival. Very busy here with lots of stalls, stands and activities. Some very aggressive selling techniques were employed by some of the sellers making it very uncomfortable to stop and actually look at the goods in your own time. A huge variety of food and drink stalls, with plenty of free samples (being abused by some very selfish, greedy people). Quite pricey for everything here but all in all, not too bad. This is all set in the wonderful building at Olympia and makes the day a whole lot better.

3 by dave pelton Review source

We attended the PC Gamers weekend and the kids seem to enjoy the experience even though they did not get quite as much out of the visit as they would have hoped. The food seemed pretty expensive and basic, (burgers and hot dogs), and we couldn't help but think that the service team could do with a can of WD 40 in order to lubricate the wheels on the rubbish collection truck being pushed around the floor all of the time as the noise from the wheels was screaching in our ears.
Suffice to say, it is a massive venue and fairly easy to get lost in.

3 by Darryl Heaton Review source

Over the years I have been to many exhibitions and events at Olympia London in Olympia Grand, Conference Centre, and Olympia West. Most recently I visited the Just V Show which was great. Lots of vegetarian and vegan foods and products including body care and options for those with allergies. As usual the layout of the exhibition was attractive and easy to manoeuvre. Olympia London always has a good range of quality snacks and meals for visitors. The venue is easily accessible by public transport and its always easy to get you badge when you prepay.

4 by Malieka Robinson Review source

A very good event venue with historical ceilings and well kept grounds. The halls can be dressed accordingly and offer a charming alternative to the more clinical looking, modern Venues that have sprung up across London. Recently visited an expo and was pleased, plus great transport links via the linked station. Food options were good but would have liked to see more variety, seemed sandwiches and soup were pretty much the only options. Would be great to set up an outlet that serves more robust meals.

5 by Review source

Great location as easy to get to from Kensington Olympia overground services or Tube and bus services from nearby tube stations like Shepherd's Bush, Hammersmith, Earl's Court. Good and spacious conference venue with various options. ATM on site. Cloakroom facilities available. Security arrangements are good. Limited in restroom facilities compared to the size of venue and the number of conference attendees it can host. Restroom cubicles also frequently run out of washroom stationary.

3 by Chirag Roy Review source

For Ideal Home Show and London and Film Comic Con - Venue a bit of a walk from nearest tube stations (except Olympia on weekends) Cafes in venue a bit pricey for what they are, Crussh is the most reasonable, with Pizza Express attached at one of the exits.Can get a sandwich meal deal from the Tesco on the main road if budgets are tight. Venue is nice an airy with enough normal and accessible toilets for the crowds. It can get a bit confusing with the number of halls, crowds and stalls though.

4 by greta c Review source

Reasonable venue (although not as good as the sadly demolished Earl's Court.
Aspects of its style are similar to the Business Design Centre, altough it lacks the intimacy of that site.
Far smaller than Excel - although more convenient when apporaching London from the west.
Awkward to get to by public transport though, as not that close to any underground stations (there is a dedicated tube station, but it is only opperational during weekend events at the site.

4 by Matthew Taylor Review source

This was my second visit to the Olympia. The place is easy to find but once you go inside be prepared to climb stairs and walk around a lot (I believe they have lifts but I didn't see any special assistance if you require help moving about). I got lost at the venue I was attending because I didn't have a lot of reference points, but that could have been me. Despite it being very cold outside, the inside was warm and cozy. Not a bad place to attend a venue.

4 by Leonor Felt Buddies Review source

Quite a nice place when filled up, like at he Ideal Home. Large number of areas, it can be a bit of a maze but it fills out well. Have been to other events which aren't as full and then Olympia really looses something. Didn't see any lifts available when I went, which was a shame but plenty of stairs that weren't too small, so good for slow use whilst holding on (family member was on it) with space on side for people going other way.

4 by Sarah G Review source

The venue is quite big and was perfect for the ideal home show exhibition. However it was very crowded as a result. It was also very helpful that the station was situated only 2 minutes away from venue. All in all it is a great venue. The food hall wasn't so great though it was cramped and there wasn't anywhere to sit as people were already occupying tables, I had to eat standing up which wasn't practical but wasn't bad either.

4 by Shamik Shah Review source

Great day out at the ideal home exhibition. Public transport including bus tube and train stops right by the complex. Plenty of toilets which were clean, food and drink can be purchased inside with seating areas. Need a whole day for the big shows to get around it all, be prepared for a lot of walking so sensible shoes. Seems good for those that use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Check their website out for all the other events held there.

5 by Paul Brooke Review source

Good venue. Spacious, light and not plagued by the crappy air con that makes the majority of modern buildings a misery to be in. Good connections for London Overground, but check tube services as District line only runs at weekends. Plenty of places to stay and drink nearby, good location. Downside? Car parking is mega expensive, so only park there if your company is picking up the bill. 10 minute easy walk from Barons Court/Earls Court.

5 by 2112jonr Review source

Came here for the Business Travel Show. It's a standard venue with nothing special about it and as was expected the food and drink were overpriced (£2.35 for a 500ml bottle of water and £4.50 for a Caesar Chicken Wrap).

Olympia is a pain to get to as the nearest tube station is a 10 minute walk away (if you ignore the weekend only stop), if you can get on the Overground though they do have an Overground station near by.

2 by Patrick Grant Review source

Been several times in the past for various conferences.
This week's Big Data LDN was a typical tech circus with multi theaters, many company stalls and 1000s of packed people.
Great free event but numbers should be limited.
Only one place in the morning serving coffee meant silly queues.
Prices for food and drinks should not be extortion because of captive audience.
Definitely place for improvement.

3 by Sam Aberman Review source

Loved the business event. Fantastic set up, massive venue. And comfortable, accessible somewhat. Only problem was, the food and drinks were over priced and the building staff were clueless. No one could tell me where each tent or room was. But the venue did provide a timetable, but not properly executed. Not in a cronological order. But the venue is fantastic for events. But take a coffee and food with you, when going there.

4 by BlueShay VisualCreations Review source

Great location, very close to the train station, good management of the event. Though, as it was quite busy and there were events at every level, we had to wait lots for the elevators to come. And, as a minus, there wasn't any place to change a nappy, or if there was such place, there weren't any signs towards it, which was a shame, because there were many people with young children, including myself.

4 by Soricutza Zambeste Review source

Good enough venue, needs modernising inside. It's very loud so makes it difficult for events with multiple stage shows. The thing that lets this place down is the difficulty in getting there in comparison to rival event locations in London this is one of the most difficult if you are coming from outside the city. It takes half hour from Waterloo on a good day. A few delays and it can take a lot longer.

3 by Paul Snelling Review source

Was here for the Asian Premium Expo. Was the first time visiting and was pleasantly surprised! The venue itself is big and inside contains a Pizza Express.

It is not the easiest place to get to if you travel on public transport as it’s around a 10 minute walk from West Kensington tube station.

Wheel chair accessible and all on one floor with clean and well kept facilities.

4 by Dan Chow Fitness Review source

Large venue for big events with good transport connections since the Overground started up, although the Tube only comes here on Saturdays.

It is one very large hall, good for trade shows but less than ideal for conferences as the acoustics are poor and there is no facility for proper breakout rooms (10ft high partitions in a huge hall don't count as meeting rooms IMO).

4 by John Asher Review source

The France Show 2018. Lovely day out celebrating euphoric qualities of beautiful France.
The food available was tasty and reasonable value.
There were lots of speakers present, some of whom had only an Americanised, sales-orientated relationship with France.
The walk from the Olympia train platform to the entrance was unexpectedly long. We caught a bus to get home.

4 by Harry Trezona Review source

Olympia is a great place to visit. It feels a bit Victorian, a bit like going back in time no matter what exhibition you are visiting.
Parking is a bit of a nightmare. It's probably better to travel by public transport, but if you do need to go by car I would recommend booking a parking spot, as we arrived later in the day and the onsite parking was completely full.

4 by Martin Farrow Review source

Great venue, obviously. Spacious, accessible, clean.
Not hitting the five stars because of the food facilities, not providing good value for money, and staff were so harassed they were barking at customers.
What a contrast with the Best of You expo we were visiting!
Note to the management: look after your people, they are the ones looking after your customers.

4 by Sarah Beesley Review source

Awesome venue for an awesome convention. My only complaint would be disabled access to the upper levels is restricted due to small lifts so there were always queues but I can't imagine they can do much to remedy that so I'm happy to give the five stars still. Plenty of toilets, which is a must at these events and some acceptable albeit slightly overpriced cafes.

5 by Zoe Smith Review source

Centrally located near the station for easy access to London Overground. Great venue for an exhibition. Helpful and friendly staff.

Just be aware that overground trains are not as frequent as tube and on one occasion the train was too full to bards. One stop away from Shepard’s Bush which has several nice hotels and the huge Westfield shopping center.

4 by Ken Metcalf Review source

We haven't been for quite a few years and the venue is really nice, we did think that the ideal home show was abit disappointing.

There were no TV's or computers, and only one stand that showed some beautiful cookers. It appeared to be more a market upstairs, although the food hall was exemplary and food we tasted was gorgeous.

3 by Rita May Review source

Overall I really enjoyed Olympia. To walk around the whole place you will need a couple of hours since there are lots of little stalls in a very big building. There are several cafes and food shops too, which makes it a good place for lunch. I didn't get the chance to see everything in there but if you do, it is definitel worth the visit.

4 by Review source

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