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The V&A has some wonderful exhibits. I will state this early on as I have had an issue with it: if you want to see an exhibition that requires a ticket purchase this a week before your trip, or phone up to find out what the process is for on the day tickets.
The website doesn't let you know if events are getting full, so you could be disappointed.
The cafes serve lovely food, inspiring hot and cold meals, snacks and cakes. The decor is lovely and a welcome break from walking around. Service is generally good, though a little slow at busy times. It isn't cheap, but not extortionate either.
The bathrooms are always clean (I've visited several times in the past 3 years and never seen them messy).
The museum is well laid out, with distinct areas for different themes/periods/countries etc. so you can easily find things that will interest you. They have a good number of visiting exhibitions too, so even if you've been five times you'll find something new to see. You could happily spend hours here, but I would give at least 2 hours to go and have a proper wander around one section. It's in a great location and it a lovely building. Good for the whole family.

5 by Ava Podgorski Review source

A free to enter museum, which also hosts exhibitions requiring paid admission.

It's worth visiting just to see the building itself. Combining large airy spaces, with natural light coming from the rooftop domes. Balconies running around, providing a different perspective and sympathetic modern additions gives you plenty to look at.

The huge variety of the free exhibits also means that everyone will find something that catches their eye, even those with no special reason for going here.

And as it's free, it's your choice how long you stay, because you can always come back again and see more.

Each exhibit has a brief written description. There are also curators in each area who can answer any questions. In addition there's computer terminals to use, where you can access the museum's website and search exhibits using the items code number.

The museum is fully accessible, with lifts to all floors and gentle ramps up to the entrance.

Toilet facilities and a good café are on site to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

5 by Mark Pearce Review source

There's a lot of museums in London, I think this has to be one of the better ones. It's a beautifully architected building and is so rich and full of artifacts from history, with pieces and exhibits from all over the world. I'd say about 90% of the museum is free to the public, with a couple of paid exhibitions that I'm surprised people find time for. This museum doesn't have too many singularly famous pieces, but it gives you an incredible well rounded history lesson on all kinds of cultures from different eras from around the world.

I loved the jewelry exhibit, as well as the section where they re-created famous marble/stone pieces (it was kind of off to the side and hard to find). Although they're replicas, seeing so many pieces of that size and detail in one room is still jaw-dropping. I also love how open the museum is, in terms of holding classes, allowing you to request personal study time with some of the items, and encouraging artists to come, sit, and draw for hours in the museum.

This museum should be on the top of your list if you're coming to visit London.

5 by Katie Yamada Review source

One of my favourite museums in London. Definitely, on the must - do list. There is a huge collection of sculptures, paintings and manuscripts. You need to be prepared to spend the whole day if you want to see everything. But there are also quite a lot of sitting space, so don't worry if you get too tired. A lot of volunteers in the museum so if you have any questions just ask, they are really helpful in general. It's normally busy every day, but weekends would be quite packed. Quite convenient if you take tube or bus. I bought the membership this year, so can have unlimited access to the special exhibitions, also a member's room and 4 magazines. I feel it's worth to get one if you live nearby and really into art. The garden is cute. It's fantastic sitting here if it is sunny. The cafe's decoration is very classic, food is with the decent price, too. With the membership card, you can get 10% off. The museum shop is full of surprise. I bought earrings, scarfs, tea towels and cards here. They are all very arty, creative, and affordable. And you can get something for your friends, too.

5 by Yang Liu Review source

It's amazing but huge. I mean, if you have the time and energy go for it. Otherwise make a selection of what you really want to see and go see only those exhibitions. Trust me, your feet will thank you later. We saw the fashion exhibition and it was great and then the sculptures, jewelry, miniature portraits and paintings. They were all impressive and I highly recommend checking them out if you are into this sort of things. To be noted that I found great similarities with the British Museum plus some extras so if your time is limited I would say skip the British Museum and go through this one more thoroughly. You can also grab a scrumptious lunch at the restaurant of the museum and it's relatively cheap. We paid £12.50 for a warm meal that included meat, baked potatoes and vegetables. So quite a good deal I would say, and there were other options as well to choose from. The location is great as you can see this and the Natural History Museum in the same day.

5 by Andra Maciuca Review source

This museum is a great destination for a day out. There is tonnes of design object of exhibition. I really enjoyed the Tree photographic exhibition and the Magdala collection.

Also on site are all the facilities you would expect in a first rate museum including a very good restaurant. There is outdoor seating in the courtyard to eat and share drinks with family and friends. The museum has a library and a large museum shop with lots of beautiful products. There is also a separate bookshop for bookworms looking for design themed books.

Fully accessible with lifts, one of the best museums in an Art Deco building. Staff are friendly and helpful. Free to enter but there may be a cost for some exhibitions. Library membership is open to anyone with ID and proof of address.
Just a short walk from South Kensington station or longer walk from Knightsbridge underground. Buses stop outside of museum.

5 by Malieka Robinson Review source

My favourite London museum and it's free. Suggested donation is £5 , but there is very little pressure to make a donation. The building is amazing and for anyone interested in history and the Arts there is loads to see. I particularly enjoyed the Fashion Gallery and and the British History after 1900 Galleries.There are numerous staff and volunteers around that will give help and information. There are also a number of free one hour guided tours. The food on offer is excellent, but pricey and on the day of my recent visit the queues in the cafe were lengthy. I've been to two of the paid for exhibitions recently, the Pink Floyd was brilliant, but the Opera exhibition was not so good, mainly because the sound coming through my headphones was disjointed and often didn't relate to the display I was looking at. Everything else about the museum is fantastic.

5 by Sarah Guthrie Review source

Of you are interested in art and design pertaining to European history as well as some other continents this is the place for you. Excellent in that respect. You really have to know what you are looking for and at least have an interest to spend any length of time here. They have a lot of objects. The V&A is however not my thing. It was interesting to see the change in design and art over the centuries as well as the astounding opulence wealthy Europeans of history enshrined themselves within. It was clear were the poor-rich divide originated but that is another story. Definitely thought provoking but for people like me there was far too much of the same thing to look at. For other people like my partner apparently some good ideas for the house to which my reply was 'I don't think so'.

3 by Eshan Baurhoo Review source

Spent most of the day at the V&A on my birthday two weeks ago. I think we went into virtually every room there. It was truly an amazing experience. I have been in London for a few years and I can't believe I've never been before. On the outside it seems like a normal museum, but there is just so many things there (almost too much to see) and a significant majority of them are simply beautiful. It was definitely my first encounter with wooden pictures of such detail. Every room was so well curated that the theme or period was very apparent. Very informative but through the unique media of fine art, in every form. Such a beautiful museum and collection, it was almost overwhelming sometimes (especially the ceramics rooms). I hope to visit again very soon.

5 by Natasha Christy Review source

First of all, the building alone is beautiful and worth a visit. They have a huge array of free exhibits, permanent collections, rotating displays, and additional exhibits for an additional fee. I spent several hours on the free exhibits and still didn't see everything. Their website and pamphlets on-site are really helpful for figuring out what exactly you want to see and plan for. I can't attest to the quality of the paid galleries, but the free portion of the museum was high-quality, interesting, and varied. I particularly enjoyed the miniature portrait and gem collections. While I didn't try their on-site cafeteria or cafe, it looked like it was bustling with a variety of food and seating to choose from.

5 by ashley harman Review source

Pleasant few hours, gift shop lovely, food area really nice but WAY OVERPRICED NEARLY £3 FOR A CAN OF COKE. however the food was lovely but not a big choice. The museum has so much 'stuff' you can't see the wood for the trees. It's more like a library of items, brilliant if your studying ceramics etc, but not great for a family outing, the kids will be bored. It's free and nice to look around for a few hours, you won't get to see everything as it's too overwhelming with the vast amount of items that are a bit samey. Pay for the special exhibitions, cafe, gift shop, they're the best bits. There's also a free guided tour of the whole place. The staff are very helpful and lovely.

4 by David Marsh Review source

Me and my husband went to this museum on our latest visit to London. We throughly enjoyed it, so many exhibits to look at you need a full day to look round and I would advise taking some water with you as you can get really tired and thirsty walking round. The staff are really helpful as we were looking for a particular exhibit and they showed us on the map where it was and pointed us in the right direction. All the rooms are well signposted and there are lots of staff about to help you find things if necessary. Security is reassuring as they check everyone’s bags on the way in. Even though the day we attended the weather was very wet. The floors and general cleanliness was exemplary.

5 by Alicia Brown Review source

It’s free!! A beautiful museum I recommend visiting. Went here with my class years ago and again today. Always fascinated by the beautiful garments and how much they've changed over centuries. perfect for anyone interested in fashion and design, also history. They have many beautiful statues and their current exhibition is on Christianity mainly. You can try recreating them with small sketches and take pictures to finish those off later. I wanted to stay even longer to just appreciate the art. it is also clean and really well decorated, it has artistic lighting and the staff is nice too. You can sit outside as well, there is a caffee in the middle in an open garden.

5 by S Ahmad Review source

You can reach this museum thru a tunnel directly from South Kensington station on the Piccadilly line. This is a massive, gorgeous, totally confusing museum. We got lost going anywhere and everywhere. Asked directions and still got lost over and over again. A map didn't help. But every room is full of treasures. Just take the time to look at them because you will never find your way back to them again. The cafe is gorgeous. The food is delicious. The scone is huge, enough for 2 people. Just take 2 clotted cream and 2 jams. We were completely surprised by the incredible variety of objects on display. We'd planned to spend an hour but spent the day.

5 by Elise Moore Review source

Free to the public. A great place for adults. I didn't see anything for kids but I could be wrong. Does happen once or twice a year. So I've been told. I saw fashion through history and the cast room. Was wonderful and educational. They have a cafe for anything from coffee to a full meal. Pricey but that's what you get. They had an area outside with like a wading pool. There was a few kids in it looking like they were having too much fun. The only thing I would like is benches. I've had 5 knee surgery's and do need to sit. Also the bathroom were small and not all handicapped accessible. But I had a good time and plan to go back

4 by Amanda C Review source

Went to the Pink Floyd exhibition which was great. I bought an annual membership which allows free admission (plus guest) so we didn't have to book or queue to get in. Could come and go as we pleased and see as many exhibitions as we liked over a 12 month period (which we did).
Has a gorgeous William Morris designed restaurant, (amongst others) coffee shops (indoor and outdoor) and a members- only area if you want to get away from the crowds. Many floors of widely varying exhibits, with a range of guest and permanent displays. I have been many times and still only scratched the surface of what the V&A has to offer.

5 by Pauline Lowrey Review source

One of the must-see places in London. Whatever your tastes and interests are you’ll find something to enjoy st the V&A. European antiquities? Check. Asian decorative arts? Check. Africa? Check. Sculpture? Art? Photography? Check. Check. Check.

Entry is free, but do please consider making the modest donation asked for. At £5 it represents excellent value. The V&A is, after all, one of the largest museums in the world.

There’s a permanent collection of over 2.3 million objects at the museum - presumably not all on display at once! But enough certainly to keep a person amused and enthralled for hours.

5 by Martyn Davies Review source

Certainly the premiere museum of its kind featuring a fabulous courtyard for relaxing, splashing and eating, although the three rooms built to serve patrons of the first cafe as part of a museum are not to be missed! Their chocolate brownies are exceptional.

As a theatre person I always check out the theatre and performance rooms because they seem to get updated fairly often with new and interesting material but also, as a sound designer, it is baffling why the one single small system that has been provided to demonstrate the element of sound as used in performance has not been repaired in over a decade.

5 by Charlie Richmond Review source

The place is just excellent! Outstanding for children, parents, artist, is just for anyone. All welcome! Spotless, clean, sophisticated and really nice. TOP 10 to visit in the UK.
Clean Toilets, Buggy Parking, Children Changing Room, Disable Toilets, excellent food but really expensive £10 - 15 per person, but Food and Hygiene is on 5***** rating. Every single events is just well organized. It could not be better in terms of the location. This is at the the heart of the action, at Kensington which is next to Science Museum, close to the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park Corner and Excellent Restaurants.

5 by Javier P. Review source

Always a fabulous place to visit. Something different to see each time you go. I recommend the British galleries, the glass gallery, the fashion gallery etc. Last time I went I had a wander through the Islamic gallery which has some beautiful stuff. I also discovered a gallery with the whole frontage of a house which I'd never found before in my many previous visits! They also regularly have special exhibitions which cost to get in but are usually worth it.
One downside - the new restaurant isn't great, didn't have a good range and seemed overpriced. We went elsewhere.

5 by Dawn Patrick Review source

The V&A is simply the best place in the universe. If you have small children go in the summer. They can splash about in their knickers in the huge shallow garden pool while you have a cappuccino and admire the ornate arts and crafts carvings all along the building's walls. If you have a sketch book, bring it. If you want some new earrings, a mug with an insane print or a one-off piece of clothing, visit the shop. If you like peace and quiet go and explore upstairs past the Victorian paintings till you find the secret library full of wonderful books. Yes, I quite like the V&A.

5 by Elizabeth West London Review source

I decided to visit the museum specifically because it has the largest collection of items from East Asian countries in Europe. I can confirm that this statement matched the reality and all exhibitions from China, Japan and Korea were very well presented and full of detailed information. I also visited some of the other departments of the museum and almost spent a full day walking around and reading about so many different things. I found especially interesting the fashion exhibition. It captures well the way fashion has changed over the years. Same goes for the jewelry exhibition.

5 by Diana Trifonova Review source

The building in which the museum is housed is a beautiful marvel in and of itself. The collection on the other hand is very extensive, however the theme of the museum is unclear and somewhat lacking in focus. It ranges from human history to cultural artifacts to arts and crafts. The layout is somewhat confusing and you can easily get lost, however this is not uncommon amongst museums and is only a problem if you want to cover all bases instead of just wandering around aimlessly. The shop offers a great selection of souvenirs to take home and also sells amazing prints.

4 by Anne N Review source

Fascinating collection of decorative arts crafted around the world and from many materials. If you like wandering through museums, plan to spend much of the day here, and have lunch or a snack in the cafe, the world's first museum cafe. Special exhibits require tickets which should be purchased in advance, because popular exhibits sell out. General admission to the museum collections is free, but a £5 donation is suggested. Check the web site for special exhibits and information about the galleries and collections. The jewelry gallery is amazing.

5 by Dave Hogue Review source

Wonderful and expansive and definitely worth a visit during any visit to London. Saw some cool things on the museum catalog that weren’t currently on display and contacted the museum to see if we could get a private viewing. We were able to do so (for free) and it was a super helpful and educational experience! It was wonderful to really talk to museum staff and understand that small things that make up the grand collections at this museum. They have a YouTube channel that goes more in depth or shows the work of some of the significant pieces here.

5 by Nikita Deshpande Review source

This place is massive, definitely larger than three science and natural history museum right across the street.

It showcases to scale casts of items such as Michelangelo's David, super large paintings by Raphael, incredible works of art in many forms, paintings, construction, decoration, etc. from all over the world from over half a dozen hundred years back to stuff from the last century, it has so much of everything, it's insane.

You need to come with about 6-8 hours of time to see most of what it has to offer.

5 by Review source

Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the great fantastic London museums that you must visit when visiting London. There's really something for everybody here. Whether you're interested in Furniture, paintings, ceramics, Arabic, asian. Or you want to visit one of the rotating exhibitions. I cannot recommend this Museum enough. It also has wonderful cafes to eat food when you want a break from all the wonderful art. Keep in mind this place is also huge. 6 floors and three eating areas are intermixed between a lot of Art.

5 by Chris Biddle Review source

Fantastic! Lunch in the beautiful suntrap square at the heart of the building was surreal, like being on a Mediterranean holiday and or in another period of time... honestly felt blissful. The food absolutely worth paying for, because it IS as good as it looks.... the shop actually has things that are relevant, fascinating, beautiful and reasonably priced (unlike the usual expensive tat found in 'galleries, museums & attractions'). Then there is the museum.... amazing, all free and almost worth moving to London for

5 by Mintman 12 Review source

Amazing Museum and admission is free. I've been here multiple times and it's always a different experience. I'm an Advertising and PR student and the V&A is a great place for inspiration. Highly recommend any creatives to visit. The building itself is an amazing piece of work. I would suggest not having bags with you as there's a lot to see. Alternatively you can use the cloakroom. If you've still got energy after your visit head across the road and check out the natural history museum.

5 by Zubeir Bheekharry Review source

As a traveller, it is wonderful to find special places to visit that don't charge entry fees. London is Paradise in this regard, with so many world class musuems and galleries open free of charge. The v and a is full of gems, and when I last visited had a particularly good temporary exhibit (with small charge). The Pooh exhibition is not to be missed, and features a wealth of original illustrations from the books, and all sorts of interactive and artistic installations to keep viewers of all ages entertained.

5 by Tamsin Robb Review source

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