Grand Arcade - Wigan

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23 Crompton St, Wigan, WN1 1BH

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Another faceless shopping centre taking over the world. Fine for buying the same old stuff you can buy anywhere else but very little in the way of independent shops. There is a nice cafe in the too level but the Costa is weirdly always more popular despite being worse and with biggwr queues. This place has pulled the crowd away from the galleries and the market, which now need a refurbishment ( which could again pull the crowd in the opposite direction and leave the grand arcade with the same problem). BRING BACK WIGAN CASINO.

3 by Matthew Sharples Review source

All similar type of shops ...chemists cafes and clothes. Wigan needs\\u200b somewhere with chain convenience stores for food eg Tesco..sainsbury..premier..etc..we have no choice bar Marks andSpencer!! Also the noise echoes in there when it's busy... unlike the now redundant galleries....very sad. We lost a fully functional spacious much more aesthetically pleasing building for one far less superior.

2 by Review source

First time visit last weekend. As shopping centres go its pretty good. Nice shops and easy to navigate. The only downside was the car park which was very confusing. We had to park, walk down a flight of stairs, then walk across the car park to go down further. When we came to leave, we followed the car park signs from Debenhams but this took us somewhere completely different.

4 by Ian Westlake Review source

I always expect more when I come here and every time i’m left disappointed. Don’t get me wrong its nice and pleasant and great to do some shopping and have a coffee it just feels like it’s lacking in something. Building this also destroyed the Galleries shopping centre as most of the shops that was in the Galleries moved in here.

3 by Christopher Marshall-Smart Review source

Nice and clean, nice design, (although why would you not incorporate roman ruins into the design of it?). Very very expensive parking for about 10 shops and half of wigan is closed shops.
Bit disappointing to be totally honest. You thinks it's going to go on for ages, full of shops and eating places but it just stops.

2 by daryll nezmo . Review source

shoping centre good
BUT PARKING for 5 minutes £3,50 ?????
happy i didnt stay longer
parking sistem complicated i am IT and i didnt understand
i spend in line 15 minutes for parking pay cos people in front dont know how to use these coplicated machines
so parking is reason why ppl never back again

1 by Review source

Exactly what you'd expect from a small to medium sized, modern shopping mall. Spacious and well lit with parking facilities and easy wheelchair access to all levels. The choices in the food court are a little limited and a touch on the pricey side and the whole arcade can be a little busy, particularly at weekends.

3 by Nidge . Review source

The cost of the parking takes the edge off the shopping experience. Not in the same market as the Trafford Centre but a good centre to shop and refresh and not as far for me to travel. The negative side for Wigan is that the Grande Arcade has turned the other arcades into GHOST TOWNS!

4 by Stephen Merrill Review source

The mobile phone reception is ridiculous. Why in this day and age you cannot get a signal I don't know. Star rating should be zero. I was in Sports Direct and couldn't get a signal and had to go outside to get the info needed and then go back to pick up the ordered goods.

1 by Christine Ramsdale Review source

Good range of shops and eateries. Put off visiting often by cost of parking. Month ago had phone call from Wigan Infirmary to go to collect husband as I was driving up the ramp to access car park. Cost me £3.10 to get out for total of 6 minutes. Beware no free time allowed!

3 by Susan Gaskell Review source

Nice little shopping centre, all stores feel big. Good access for wheelchair users etc and bright and spacious enough to keep a good eye on children etc (some other centres are that busy that taking children would be a nightmare!)
Nice and relaxed with good variety.

4 by Kelly Denmade Review source

Don't park your car there if you do keep hold of your ticket the company that runs it said I did not pay one time but I payed by card and had to send a copy of my bank account to prove it if no proof you have to pay 40 to 80 pounds Park some where else

1 by Review source

Security staff have been impolite and inept on numerous occasions. Otherwise, it's a nice enough shopping arcade but lacks a lot of variety. There are plenty of other equally good places to shop around town but this is probably the most convenient.

3 by Brandon Ward-Mann Review source

Bland, generic shopping experience, with the usual suspects Next, Debenhams, Carphone Warehouse etc. Same experience in pretty much any town that who's council looks for quick wins and isn't culturally brave.
Clean though. Yay.

1 by Review source

Love shopping but this place is a dull grind. Expensive parking, walk in, down to Debenhams and then back the same way. Go if you actually need one of the OK selection of shops. The Galleries once upon a time where much much better.

2 by newleafdecor Review source

A good selection of shops and places to eat. I like petite fours and the Debenhams restaurant. The only reason I have given such a low score is that the parking is expensive. I often visit st Helens as they have free parking.

3 by Jeff Green Review source

It has some shops and an expensive car park. A dirty hipster walked in front of my car when I was trying to get in here and gave me the finger. Not the Grand Arcades' fault but worth a mention because he was a w*****

3 by Barry Seddon Review source

Plenty to see and do here from shopping to eating and everyones got somewhere they like here. I like the bargains at tk max and thats there as the misses shops in hnm or topshop. Probably our no.1 shopping spot locally

5 by Stephen Owen Review source

Great stores, good facilities, easy to park and access the centre
Very disappointed on return to car at the price of parking £11 .Will return to shop but will find alternative car park in future.

3 by Katie Reynolds Review source

Don't go very often to Wigan, but plenty of shops and Wigan seem to be going through a regeneration at the moment so lots of new house builds, shop's and 2 train stations. Very Impressed.

4 by Lorraine Worrall Review source

Incredible hot beverages upstairs and magnificent cakes.
Lovely shopping center, average shops however look great. Highly recommend going for a short visit!
I am 12 and it's great

5 by Review source

Security staff very friendly. Plenty of choice to get shopping. A very enjoyable experience. Warrior's World is possibly the best outlet in the grand arcade as the staff are very helpful.

5 by Catherine Day Review source

Not a bad place, but parking is a rip off and you have to pay cash because the machines that take card don't work. Wasn't fixed in the two times I went over the span of a month.

2 by Review source

Good, varied shops. In this weather it's great to have the option of staying under shelter but a few of them have outside access too. Positive, parking is darned expensive though!!!

5 by Sara Pimblett Review source

Nice shopping arcade in centre of town. Seems to have taken over from the galleries arcade. Not the biggest I ve been to buy enough stores to suit most needs. Some nice cafes also.

4 by Mark Mcloughlin Review source

Shopping but not at it's best - expensive parking and not the best selection of shops. The vodafone shop and their excellent customer service the stand out feature for me

3 by Dave Haines Review source

Pointless place. Shops closing down every month, very limited choice and if you're driving? Extortionate parking charges!! Go Middlebrook instead, much better.

1 by James Mulqueeney Review source

Great shopping Mall, lots of shops, M&S, Top Man, etc etc and if it's not in the Grand Arcade, you'll find it on the High St. Nice one Wigan. Go look

4 by Perry Simpson Review source

The shopping centre is good and big enough for buying your Christmas presents . Maybe some areas needs updating and the parking could be cheaper...... £3.10/2hr.

4 by Pavel Subert Review source

Well maintained, modern shopping centre. It's a bit small (not masses of shops) but still feels spacious. The cafes upstairs are nice and reasonably priced.

4 by Anj Colquitt Review source

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