Isabella Plantation - Kingston upon Thames

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Richmond Park, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7NA

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Just to make it clear why I gave 5 stars and not 3 or 4 is simply because when in full bloom or even half bloom, the Isabella Plantation is very beautiful and it will be hard to find anywhere else like it in London , if not the country.

It’s full of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Camillias, Bluebells, Roses in all the colours of the rainbow.

The colour during roughly mid April to the start of June (depending on the year) is spectacular.

However, if you come here any other time of the year, from mid June to mid March , the place is still very pleasant and a nice place to visit BUT nothing so special.

There are plenty of places in london outside the blossoming times which will be just as nice and probably less crowded.

Outside blossoming time , I’d give the Isabella Plantation around 3 to 3.5 stars

5 by Carlos Burman Review source

This little area within Richmond Park is simply beautiful. Lots of plants, lots of colors, a few ponds with ducks and geese, and plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by.

It's not actually very big, when you see it on the map it's remarkably small given how large it feels when you're walking around it. It feels big enough to get lost but you can walk end-to-end in just a few minutes.

Around April the bluebells are out in force, and around the end of May the reflecting pool is simply stunning. It's worth a visit at just about any time of year. Even the time I got caught there in a rainstorm it didn't feel overly troublesome.

5 by John Baker Review source

Utterly spell binding. The Azaleas are so beautiful , as is the artistic planting, the Rhododendrons are magnificent and in fullflower;and are the size of pineapples! We loved the darkbark of the Oak trees . The stream running through the middle was enchanting, with hints of Tolkein everywhere! The blue bells are out too. Glorious peacefulness.
Add to this a peppering of lime green Parrots and Mandarin Ducks and a Heron to complete the scene. Lovely easy pathways snake their way through, dotted with benches and a lovely wooden arbour. We had a lovely time , wish we lived closer.

5 by Review source

This is a stunningly beautiful place, particularly in spring and early summer when the rhododendrons and azaleas are in flower, but it is worth visiting at any time of year. Oak woodland is underplanted with shrubs on a gently sloping site, with several ponds linked by small streams. It can get busy on sunny summer weekends, but most of the time it is wonderfully quiet.

There's disabled parking at the bottom gate, and (slightly uneven) wheelchair access throughout - though someone will be pushing uphill some of the time! And there are toilets near the top.

5 by Stephen Cole Review source

One of the best plantations that I have ever been in the UK. If you are in west London this is a must go place. The area is filled with large to small trees, landscapes, bushes, ponds, birds to name a few. I would advice you to be prepare to spend at least 3-4 hours if you don't want to miss a single thing this beautiful plantation has to offer. It is truly a hidden gem within the boundaries of Richmond Park. Plenty of free Car parking available inside the park (outside the plantation, obviously). Thank you.

5 by Anjana Silva Review source

This garden has loads of beautiful blooming trees and they all bloom at once! All colours of flowers here: red, white, blue, violet, pink, magenta, green, black etc. There is a small pond and some fancy ducks there which I have never seen in Britain. They are definitely brought from abroad. Worth visiting, however avoid their bio-toilet if you don't want to spoil the impression from blooming flower scents.

5 by Leonid Ge Review source

Simply stunning natural beauty!!! Just another gem of London that you want to visit over and over. The only word of advice - don't forget to bring some snack with you or better a picnic, as there's no cafe or place to eat inside Isabella plantation. There's a hotdog selling place on the way to the plantation from the car park, but it's not the best and really overpriced for what it is. :)

5 by Review source

The Isabella Plantation, right in the heart of Richmond Park, is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit, especially at this time of year when the azaleas , rhododendrons and many other plants are in bloom. Well worth visiting if you want to experience some peace and tranquillity after the hubbub of normal London life. Plentiful free parking is available nearby, within the park itself. Treat yourself!

5 by David Newman Review source

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Richmond Park. Peaceful and wonderfully scented from the amazing flowers that are everywhere, especially in Spring. Well looked after, with many different species of plants. Can be busy with families during warm weekends, but come at a quieter time to appreciate it properly. Parking near the entrance or walk across the park.

5 by Mark Harper Review source

Lots to look at and you can wander around at your own speed. Best to pick up a guide as it is easy to get lost. When asking for directions be specific as some people park in different places so be sure just where you parked. But don't let that put you off. You must remember that you are not lost, you are just somewhere where you have not been to before.

4 by Victor Howarth Review source

Such a beautiful place, especially in May when all of the flowers come out. The amount of colour is amazing! There are also a couple of lovely ponds with ducks, so a great place to take kids to. It's quite big so you can spend quite a long time wandering around, and there are toilets at one of the entrances and signposts in various locations.

5 by Amy McIntyre Review source

It is usually beautiful but in spring is amazing, walls of blossoms. I have never seen anything like it. Bring your own food and drinks as there isn't anywhere very close to get them. It has toilets ,though.

For little ones, you can download a trail to spot things in the plantation from the park Web page.

5 by María García Miranda Review source

Absolutely best time of year to visit Isabella Plantation, people flock from around the World to marvel at the amazing display of Azaleas band Rhodedendrons. Early May is best, but what with the Fallow Deer and Red Deer drinking at Beverly Brook, it's a 2,200 acre oasis of calm 20 mins from Chelsea. Breathtaking

5 by Review source

A relaxing place of contemplation. Good pathways means most of the areas are accessible. Small brooks and ponds keep the air cool on hot days. Separate carpark for blue badge holders makes for easy access. Flowers everywhere you look. A photographer's dream. Must visit part of Richmond park in London

5 by Suzanne C Review source

A smallish garden enclosed by Richmond Park with many windy paths and little streams running through it. Especially pretty in spring when the blossom is out. So easy to get a bit lost in the middle, as there are many bushes blocking your view. But this creates some intimate areas around the garden.

4 by Michael Chang Review source

Beautiful place full of unique plants and flowers! Visited when I was a kid and then yesterday but... One problem! The toilets are horrendous and disturbing!!! No flush, humongous hole into the ground, no soap or sink! There’s automatic doors though-doesn’t make sense! Make sure you go at home! :/

3 by Radhika Wadhwa Review source

An oasis of calm in the busy park. Amazing to think you’re actually quite close to the centre of London. A great place to visit at different times of the day and in different seasons. Quiet and mystical in the snow; and cool and peaceful in the evening summer sun. Well worth a visit

4 by Alex Petty Review source

The guided tour given by the gardener was marvellous. He was so knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. The two hours flew in, I would highly recommend this free tour to anyone. It takes place on the first and last Fridays of each month and one Sunday which varies according to the season.

5 by Review source

Divine space for wandering amongst the trees and admiring bluebells, azaleas and rhododendrons. Lots of benches for sitting and a couple of ponds. My only query is the difficulty of getting into the carpark when turning right into it. This is nearly impossible on busy days.

5 by Lizzie Vee Review source

It's a nice garden in Richmond park that contains beautifully coloured plants. Its not very big and you'll walk through it in about 10mins. It does have a stream running few it which I loved. You must visit here if you are visiting Richmond park

4 by Satpreet Kishore Review source

A beautiful garden of Azaleas and Rhododenrons ideal for a Maytime walk when they are in full bloom. Tranquil setting, lovely lake with baby ducks and geese to enjoy. Avoid weekends if possible as it gets very busy and it can be difficult to park.

5 by GeoffandLesley Holt Review source

Probably the biggest thing I'll miss about moving away from Kingston. Richmond park is beautiful anyway but the Isabella plantation is the best place to stroll around & take in the plants & the wildlife. Will be sorely missed.

5 by Matt Review source

An oasis in the middle of another oasis! As if Richmond Park isn't great enough, IP is a beautiful small, lottery funded garden in its centre. Definitely worth a visit, especially for the colours in spring and summer!

5 by Alastair Cox Review source

Best place in London - if you're looking for a park. Carefully managed by very skilled gardeners to have some colourful flower at every season, even mid winter, but from April to June it's mind blowing marvelous!

5 by Jarek Francik Review source

One of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. The rhododendrons and the small river and lake make a perfect and magical combination. Take the 85 from Putney Bridge if you don’t want to walk from Richmond station

5 by Diego León Review source

Amazing time of the year to visit such a beautiful place. The flowers together looked like a rainbow... The entrance is free but you can make a donation, which completely deserve. Strongly recommend!

5 by Catarina Brazão Review source

The most beautiful spot in Richmond Park in May/June. This place turns into a pink Paradise. Absolutely worth the walk in the middle of the park. Beware the place becomes quite busy at the weekends.

5 by Julie Jafinthebox Review source

But disappointing at the moment .came this time last year.everywhere flowers in bloom . this year very little .maybe late due to out hard winter and late snow .will just have to come back in May

3 by alan punter Review source

Great childhood memories from this place. Have been going there all my life and it's always been amazing, rain or shine, it's filled with a beauty I've not found anywhere else...

5 by King Julian Review source

This is the hidden gem in Richmond Park. The look of the garden and the way it's planned is Amazing. I recommend you to visit all the 3 ponds but the most magic is for me the Still Pond.

5 by Vadio Gitazy Review source

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