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How can you not love Camden Market? The hustle and bustle, the infinite tiny shops full of friendly storekeeps willing to consider a haggle.

I went with my cousin this trip, looking for an epic curry. The curry place was closed, but we did find an Indonesian stall that offered rice, noodles, and various chicken dishes that we're quite satisfying. Strange disco was playing on their radio, and the noodle man sang to me in his raspy froggy voice, and I joined in during a chorus that I recognized. So fun. Then my cousin and I ate crispy curry chicken and rice while standing in the rain.\\u003c3

Th inner depths of Camden Market is definitely not wheelchair accessible. It's loaded with cobblestones, potholes, and winding narrow alleyways. It used to be a horse hospital according to my cousin. But you can still get a sense of it if you feel like wheeling along the sidewalk-facing market stalls.

Camden is somewhat of a trendy location, so you will see street art and grafiti, smell food and week wafting on the air, and feel that distinctive grit that comes with places like these. Berkeley in California also has this crunchy kind of feeling. It's definitely an individual taste, but I love it. Check it out if this is also your kind of aesthetic.

4 by Review source

Camden town and Market is a great place to shop and explore. Unfortunately it has shrunk over the last few years but still very interesting none the less. Easiest way to get there is to take the Northern line on the London underground to Camden Town. As you exit the station take a right and head towards the bridge in front of you which has Camden Lock written on it. To the left and right you will see the usual open front shops with London tat ( tat: term for stuff aimed at the travellers wanting all things London Mugs, T-shirts, bags, hats, toy London buses and the british flag). In between these are the more desired shops, with unusual art that stands out from the walls above. As you continue down, on the right is all things Tops and T-shirts Market. On the left by the Canal is a market part indoors and part outside for the smaller artists, painters, clothing, bags and Jewellery. As you get closer to the bridge the smells of food will hit you, as you aim towards Food Alley or Fodder Alley on the right which you can sample many foods from across the world. Keep walking and it opens up into more delights from the strange to the mundane of market delights.

5 by Rick Knight Review source

Loved the market in camden. There are some more claustrophobic markets that are before the main area which are not overly great that mainly sell jumpers t-shirts and popular clothing items but once you pass those and into the main event it's a pretty cool place and you could spend ages walking around.
When myself and wife were there it was raining a fair bit and that didn't deter us from walking about and seeing everything. There are a lot of in door aspects too in case of bad weather so it is still worth a look either way.
I would recommend anyone visiting London to check out the market as it does have something for everyone. With the poor weather it may not have been as busy as normal so getting around was fine. I can see this place being quite off putting if was busy.
The food court was pretty cool and had a variety of different options on offer most being Street food style places or a spin on traditional and street food. If you want anything sweet there are plenty of places to grab snacks or have coffees and cakes etc.
It's a pretty cool place all in all and definitely worth a trip if in London.

5 by Kris Mason Review source

I grew up in London but avoided coming here for the 'hipster' vibe this gave off. Having recently moved back we finally decided to brave it and I'm so glad we did!
It was like a dream come true for my camera - from the shop fronts to the stalls to the food everything is cool and quirky almost to a fault.
The food places are unique and creative and there are plenty of options for veggies and vegans. I can personally recommend the vegan pie shop and the haloumi fries.
It's somewhere you will want to spend a good few hours or even most of the day, as it is like a maze. You are constantly finding hidden treasures round every corner. Having said that it gets insanely busy, both with tourists and locals, so go as early as possible and then you can have some food and people watch at lunch time when it gets so manic you can barely move. Finish with a riverboat ride to Little Venice - perfect.

5 by Olivia B Review source

Me and my husband came across this market accidentally while looking for a bus stop and we weren’t disappointed. We bought several items including a coat, male grooming accessories, sunglasses, a fridge magnet and a few other bits and pieces. All sold by independent retailers. A large portion of the market is inside so it’s still fun to look around even when the weather isn’t so good. There was a wide range of cuisines on offer and we had Chinese which was delicious. There is also stalls selling food to takeaway if you want to save some for later or take some home for friends. I throughly enjoyed looking round all the stalls. There is something for everyone. Another big advantage is that most of the stalls take card payment which is great if you have forgotten to get cash out. Spent a good couple of hours there. Definitely worth a visit there is something for everyone.

5 by Alicia Brown Review source

Brilliant market - go to the right part

Camden market sprawls from Camden station to just before Chalk Farm station along Camden High Street. However, only 2 parts of the market are really worth a visit, the 2 ORIGINAL sections. Walking up Camden High street passing some excellent shops, pubs and restaurants, ignore the markets until you cross over the canal and reach Camden Lock Market on your LEFT. This was the original art and craft market, and unlike the other markets selling mostly mass made or imported products, the inside section of this market is genuine handy crafts made by artisans in the UK. Lots of unique products and well worth a visit.Linking onto this is The Stables Market which used to be a junk market with a few artisans in the cellars and arches. It has now been refurbished, has excellent foods, and is fascinating to wander around

4 by Fabian C Review source

Camden Lock Market is just that. A market. Not a mall. If coming via the canal you get the best view and are under awe from the minute you start. Encouraging small businesses this market has numerous eateries and street dining options. The one we tried was very reasonably priced. The weather of London allows for eating out in summers so it was lovely. Am sure even rainy days the turnout would not dampen. Then lines(actually circular) of small shops selling various things from art and artefacts to retail daily wear to quirky accessories this market can be quite a handful. Tourists do throng this place. Safe and clean. Has public utilities,though that could surely use a dose of improvement. Its a 15min walk from London Zoo and can be covered as a combination along with the canal ride. Pretty good for the budget traveller. Go For It.

5 by Mandeep Duggal Review source

A must visit if you're in the area or looking for things to do in London. A disclaimer, please be careful in this area as it may not be the safest, but don't let that deter you as there are plenty of people around, just be vigilant. The shops on show are great, each on in the Camden Market buildings show off each owner's personality and interests immensely, even down to the decoration of each shop. Prices of most were quite reasonable. The food area shows off the diversity of the market and of London as a whole, not many of the stalls have the same food on show and all looked and smelled amazing, the Vietnamese stall we settled on had a limited menu, but it was absolutely amazing. The gent on the stall was very friendly and funny.

5 by Ben Hurst Review source

Very eccletic place. The diversity it's immense! In Summer time you can spend all day in Camden, as you wil find quirky , rich different ambiances to choose from. There are some nice cafes everywhere, the canal it's a beautiful place to chill and enjoy the views, the boats up and down , you can do a pic-nic ....many shops to visit inside and outside the stables, bars and pubs ...

All atmosphere it's so rich and exciting hat makes Camden a vibrant and very cool, relaxed place to visit.

If you are up to something more sophisticated..try Gilgamesh Camden! Stunning Ancient Decor , refine cuisine, very exquisite rooms to choose from!

5 by paula tavares Review source

Fantastic place to visit, on a sunny or rainy day! Plenty of sights to see as well as a wide variety of stalls including craft, lighting, clothing, jewellery, gifts and a large food and drink area with every cuisine you can think of. The main food area is situated right on the lock which gives you a great view of boats moving around while you take in the rest of the atmosphere. Music is very much a part of Camden Lock too with almost all stalls playing music - during our latest visit there was a live DJ situated undercover. We always come away with something. Situated close to 2 major tube stations within a few minutes walk Camden Lock really is a great place to be.

5 by Andrew Courtney Review source

Depends what's your thing. I've been going to this market for 30 years so have seen the changes. And what with being an old git (!) I suppose I would say it was better int olden days! One large section next to lock is being developed into affordable housing, cough, sorry, unaffordable for most 'luxury apartments' (small overpriced flats). Seriously though, Camden Market is a good day out, just expect to be fleeced for your cash paying for food, drinks and tat for sale. Good for people watching and street photography. Lots of tourists in summer which is nice. Best place for food and drink. Weatherspoons next to the lock. Your welcome. Chin chin.

4 by Busyboy 42 Review source

It's a very different market as to one that existed 3-5 years ago. Though you can still get some quirky clothes it now feels more like a food market, building from there you can find one of the coolest rooftop gardens with an incredible breeze and refreshing beers and soak it all up with some of the best gourmet burgers this side of London or try something new? You can find atleast 30 international food stands/stores/seated restaurants. It's a great shame that most of the canal is now closed over but if you take a fifteen minute walk up regents canal (Google maps it) you will find yourself in picturesque Primrose Hill/Regents Park

4 by Brandon Barratt Review source

Hip Place to spend Time and Money. You can find all sorts of clothing here, also good Food and tiny Shops selling trinkets and Gifts. Plan ahead to spend hours here, and arrive in the morning. Hot Spots to See should be the Leather Wares Shop in the Stables (He is producing in Order in the Spot If you want), The Cyber Dog (yay!), The lower section of the Stables where Antiques and Vintage Nerdy Stuff is Sold (there is a tiny Store with Vintage Toys and Collector Stuff in a Corner), or the Doc Martens Store with the Museum, have something to eat in the Cereal Restaurant near Amy Winehouse' Statue....there is really a lot to see.

5 by Joachim Adomeit Review source

Absolutely wonderful place, especially on a weekend, when it's busy. I went there in the day, between 10 and 1, it was busy but not excessively. Tends to get crowded around the food stalls. Massive variety of items being sold, from clothes to vintage items to books - best place to find knick knacks for souvenirs. Loads of food options, go for the stalls rather than the restaurants. Could be a bit difficult to navigate for people in wheelchairs because of the winding streets/stalls and did not use the restrooms so don't know how good those facilities are. Definitely a place to check out at least once!

5 by Mahvesh Adil Review source

As a visiting American, I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a day in London than wandering through the sprawling shops and stalls of Camden Market. From kitschy eateries and pubs to handcrafted wares, there was literally something interesting to eat or buy around every corner.

Have an entire day to fill while you're touring the U.K.? Definitely consider making your way to Camden Market. Be prepared to spend money, though. It won't break the bank (if you're thrifty), but it isn't the kind of place you'll enjoy unless you're willing to indulge a little.

5 by Review source

Eclectic mix of trendy and vintage shops. Stables market has some unique clothes and food places. Camden lock is really fascinating to watch...must see if you have never seen one and one can take a canal boat to and from little Venice and London zoo. Amongst the smell of incense, traffic fumes and food, there is a definite smell of weed while walking around. Camden is a great place for exploring a variety of new experiences but not with young children, it's too crowded and nothing really for keeping babies and young children go but not with kids.

4 by Shweta Sharma Review source

Very busy and bustling place. Be careful of scammers and pickpockets and the works but enjoy the busy energy of it all anyway.

There is a lot of options of cheap delicious food if you look hard enough.

I spent two days straight wandering these markets and still didn't see everything, they are huge and have so many interesting things to see and buy. Sometimes there are musicians on the street too.

Don't forget to haggle because the stall holders expect it and have there prices higher because they know you will.

5 by Sabina W F Review source

The Camden Market is a bustling hub of commerce. Full of oddities, clothes, jewellery and artisan goods.

Finding a gift for my friends and family is always good fun but I do have a habit of getting lost in the vast multitude of tunnels and tightly packed shops.

The food options are vast quick and tasty and i thank my lucky stars I work nearby and can grab something different for lunch near every day.

There's something quite unique to the way it's built into old stables. Visually alone it's stunning.

5 by That Guy Review source

It’s an experience you’ll never forget, I promise. It’s different, artistic, extravagant and leaves room for individuality! Enjoy your time while you are there. Try out all different kind of foods, buy small presents for your friends and family or just have a look around. You’ll spot something you’ve never seen before. And one more thing. Taking a look inside CYBERDOG is a must have ! You may not be into the stuff they sell but it’s something everyone should have seen at least once while being in Camden. I am always having a good time there !

5 by Leah V Review source

Camden Market in my opinion has gone downhill. It is full of cheap quality clothing geared up for tourists. The prices appeared to drop very quickly from £35 for a dress to £25 or lower. Hardly anything is made from natural products eg wool or cotton. The main high street is full of tourist tat!! However I would recommend going a little further down to Camden Lock where there is an excellent variety of food for sale from Vegan to world foods. There is also an eclectic mix of craft stall featuring hand made goods of generally good quality.

3 by Martin Rix Review source

So many markets in one place ! Its insane but i also love it. There are so many food stores i don't even know where to begin There are foods from all different cultures whether it being Asian, European, African.

There is an incredibly diverse amount of clothing being almost anything you can imagine. Hats , tops, hoodies, bandanas and many more!

Prices are fairly cheap but if you get carried away you can spend all your money in the blink of an eye. Definitely recommend visiting for a luxurious shopping experience!

5 by Dominik Prajzner Review source

Love going to Camden there is so much to do, so much to see and so much to buy. Most of the shops along the market sell the same things like jewellery, clothes, shoes usually the same just find the best deal for you. There are a lot of piercing and tattoo shops and offers if that interest people but not me. However, the street food there is so much to try it's insane you don't know what to eat but I went to a stall called bang bang chicken which was Asian £6 for a box of anything they have to offer filled to the top it was great!

5 by Grace K Review source

Compared with other London street markets, Camden offers greater variety at an affordable cost. There's plenty to do and see, the food comes in kinds from across Asia to the more local dishes. The clothing and footwear shops offer a wealth of labels from all manner of creative designers. After taking in the colourful Camden Lock and its numerous houseboats, make sure to take in a beer at the World's End pub opposite Camden undergound. This large historic pub, despite its vastness, offers a cosy worldly charm all of its own.

5 by Paul Rafferty Review source

A big lovely market with everything you can imagine or need. The variety of food is brilliant and there's something for everyone. It can be a bit tricky to get around since the market is almost like a maze, but my experience is that the service personnel is very polite and helpful so if you need anything - just ask whoever. The prices are everything between cheap to expensive and that's because you can find both ripoffs and some very high quality products. You haven't seen London until you've visited Camden!

5 by Linnéa Carlefred Review source

There is a massive range of food vendors on offer, including a huge amount of vegetarian and vegan options. I chose the vegan jackfruit burrito and my boyfriend enjoyed steak and chips from a nearby stall. Definitely a tourist spot, but the selection of food vendors means everyone can find something they like. I suggest walking further from Camden Town station towards The Stables market where we could find table space impossible to find in the other area of the market! We also had a bubble tea and a giant vegan donut.

4 by Meriel Willatt Review source

Camden Market is one of London's must do if you are visiting for a few days. With well known high street brands lining the main road, the market itself has an international selection of foods, with plenty of vintage shops, fashion, antique, oddities and used records, books. Cyberdog is a big feature to for the young to get some gear for clubbing. The market has a lot of unique start up designers in everything from funky clothes to unusual ideas like bags made from banana leaves. A fun day out!

4 by Brent Nicholls Review source

Really nice place if you love cheese this is the place for you! Because its small service is fast and friendly. You have to get the mozzarella sticks and if you love scotch eggs theirs are a banger just ignore that it's haggis and go for it. Plus the amount of cheese you get is petty great. For example the goats cheese salad had loads of goats cheese.

In the pic is the scotch egg, truffle fries, raclette with salted beef and goats cheese salad.

Definitely worth a visit.

5 by Naji El-Arifi Review source

Little bit of everything for everyone, if you like the unusual, creepy, strange and weird this is the place for you. Almost comparable to being in another time or land. You can find everything you've wanted and even things you never knew you wanted, it is a must for anyone visiting the area. Would highly recommend a walk through historical Camden stable yard which houses the indoor market and look out for the mad hatter having his tea party at the side of the street but dont be late for tea.

5 by Review source

# It's a huge market #
Really nice and special place to visit . Full of cool people in it . And you can find leather jacket and bag , record , metal board ( I really don't know the name of this thing , it's iron board and has all kind of picture or slogan on it . And you can hang it on the wall . Just a thing for decorate your house , I guess) , food (All kind of food from all over the world ) , clothes etc .
And it is hard to find public restroom . But I did see one .

4 by Shih-Hsin Yen Review source

Amazing place to explore.

The Stable Markets are held within horse stables from the 1850s, so there’s plenty of history here. A wide variety of stalls, stores and curiosities will keep you entertained.

There is also tonnes of food, some excellent vegan options as well. Try the Young Vegan pies or cookie dough for a treat. Be prepared to be patient in the crowds.

The Camden Lock markets are one of London’s quintessential scenes, make sure you check it out.

5 by Beavdog 83 Review source

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