Broadway Shopping Centre - Hammersmith, London

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1A Beadon Rd, Hammersmith, London, W6 8AB

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Small size shopping mall with the convenience of an underground station within it.
You can find a cinema, gym, supermarket, chemist, clothe shops, coffee shops, a pub and restaurants, a few phone shops, a cobbler, a bank and a shop that sells a good variety of goods for the house and stationary.
You don't need to spend the whole day walking around searching, all is at a very short distance. There are public toilets. And the mall has escalators and a lift if you need it. It also has a parking below and it's just a few minutes away from the Chelsea football ground to one side and a great variety of shops and restaurants/pubs.
The connections with public transport are excellent as you also have buses taking you all over London.
In all a very handy shopping mall!

4 by Miren Lopez Review source

Over the last year, even six months, it has radical changes in the range of food outlets available, from sweet to savoury, sandwiches, take a away or sit in, gift foods or your normal shopping list at Tesco the choice is varied, convenient and affordable. You don't have to venture into King St at all if you want to meet a friend or even organise an entire Meetup in the one and only pleasant pub. Other shops include Paperchase, tailors, bookshop, shoe repair, jewelry kiosk, vaping kiosk, hairdressers, Oliver Bonas. The statue at the entrance is quite a conversation piece as you can see. It's a busy travel interchange with the Piccadilly and District lines at ground level and the main bus station above.

4 by Suzanne Iwai Review source

This is not a place you'll plan to go for a shopping. There is a bus station above and behind the shopping center and below there is a tube station. Commuters stop there to grab quickly something to eat on the way to work or from work. There are a few places you can have a lunch but all these places serve fast food only. The most popular shop is Tesco Metro. The most popular restaurant is McDonald and Wasabi. There are nice pub inside, Costa and Starbucks coffee, hairdresser, money exchange, The Body Shop, small Boots, The Carphone Warehous, Accessorize and a few other little shops.

2 by Rafal Matelak Review source

Within the last few years, Broadway Shopping Centre has transformed into a trendy destination for food and retail. There is a Tesco Metro that stocks a wide selection of products for locals and travellers. Food retailers have more than doubled there presence over the last 18 months and now include Bar Burrito, Ben's Cookies, Costa, Hasty Tasty Pizza, Hotel Chocolat, Leon, McDonald's, Pret, Snax, two Starbucks Coffee bars, and Wasabi. Other stores such as Oliver Bonas, Paperchase, Scribbler, Superdrug and The Body Shop all offer brilliant products for all ages.

5 by Morgan Tanawa-Bamba Review source

In recent years the Broadway centre has lost a lot of stores but they are being replaced with stores which have a greater potential to last. This is not really a shopping destination as it's part of a major bus and underground transit hub it's a place you pass through.
As a result the current shops tend to be mainly fast food and coffee shops with a few essentials like Tesco local, wh Smith and boots pharmacy

4 by Chrisd Maskell Review source

I used to work in Hammersmith and I have been in the Broadway Shopping Center for years.
I like the Superdrug there,the shop is small but they have a great range and the Manager is extremely friendly.
There's a Pret, which is my favourite ever, a Tesco Metro and a few other shops, mostly Restaurants nowadays.
The bus station is upstairs and there is a large waiting area with indoors seating.

4 by Sasha F. Review source

I love the Broadway and the many different shops and services that I can use without trekking to King Street. Yesterday, after church, which is inbetween the hairdressers and Tesco, I went to Boots to collect my monthly medication. Then I just had to go up the escalator to my bus stop. Every time I use this branch I stop by the clearance section. I have come across good bargains.

5 by San B Review source

I would like to spend whole day at this centre. I had an amazing afternoon with my family, but we weren't able to visit all shops. I finally found the dress that I've been looking for. I was so surprised. Ideal place for shopping and you can find everything you need. So many and various stores in one location - it isn't necessary to wander the streets in the town.

4 by Review source

I commute through here everyday. Great place to pick up stuff you need. Have to pay for the toilet which I object to as they are often disgusting. Leon has a toilet though for free. Lots of options. 2 shop areas are constantly rotating as they go out of business. A Five Guys would go down well. Shouldn't be anything people don't recognise as they won't last long.

4 by Emma Sareen Review source

Transport hub on the distric and Piccadilly lines with circle & Hammersmith and city lines across the road. They also have many bus routes available here. Hammersmith Broadway offers many places to grab a quick bite as well as a Tesco metro and a foreign exchange (bureau de change). Hammersmith Broadway can get quite busy during rush hour and much periods

4 by Yohance Jordan Review source

A nice enough place to stop when waiting for a bus or tube connection. Good Tesco for a sandwich or your regular grocery shopping, McDonald's, Starbucks, several other places to grab a quick bite, Boots, Paperchase, etc. There are toilets, but you have to pay for them. Not really anywhere to sit unless you buy something from a place that has seating.

4 by Ingvild Oset Review source

Nice place, very clean and with plenty of options to drink and eat.
I have also found that McDonald's do not have mcmuffins anymore, needless to say I have not visited McDonald's for a few years.
They have costa coffee, pret a manger and one or two other coffee shops so it is perfect to stay around and have a read.

4 by Nazareno . Review source

Be careful in the rain! When that floor gets wet it is worse than an ice rink! The foreign exchange place gives the best rates. Tesco is always busy but seems to stay well stocked. McDonald's is usually busy with a good amount of tables and chairs to sit down on. A few other shops and food outlets but I most just pass through.

4 by Janine Boucher Review source

Display stays on a very busy roundabout in Hammersmith there's many shops to buy food and small stores in the middle of the shopping centre best places for a drink eating and buying bits and pieces is also a main bus garage upstairs what's heads to many destinations of London so it's very easy to get to and get from

4 by Kevin De freitas Review source

Lots of choice for food to take away. But if you want to buy food from Tesco on your way home i'd recommend you don't. This place is packed, understaffed and the staff are totally stressed because of the pressure put on them by management. Brook Green Tesco is only 10mins away is bigger and much more relaxed.

3 by David Laporta Review source

This is a central hub on the way to the Hammersmith underground station (picadilly and district lines).

There are a number of food places and general shops in here including a tescos, ben's cookies, starbuck's and pret. It does have that shopping mall feel and is always busy during the day.

5 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

It has it all in a really small area ! Shopping centre with restaurants, quick take always, my fav wasaby. Also bus and tube stations there ! Pub , tesco, more restaurant! hairdressers !! Lovely area surrounded by more pub restaurant and a lovely little park! Man I could live there !

5 by Jenny Rojas Review source

I only go through to change buses but think it's ridiculous that with so many places to eat and drink none of them have toilets, even the places you can sit and eat like McDonald's and costas. I don't think it's right that the to use the toilet is 50p per person.

2 by Viva Lansiquot Review source

This place has always struck me as little oppressive and limited in its options. The Tesco in here is cramped and always massively crowded while there's not much here in terms of actual shopping. However, this remains a massively convenient place to get food on the way home.

3 by Phil Rich Review source

Once a run down mall you only passed through on the way to the tube, there is now a great range of food outlets including McDonald's, Leon, Wasabi, Barburrito, Pret, and Costa. Throw in a Tesco, supercuts, and a couple of bars, and it's a reasonable mini mall

4 by Bill Burman Review source

A bright and airy small metropolitan shopping centre which also doubles as a District Line Tube station with a smallish Sainsburys anchor food and drink store Vue Cinema and a raft of chain restaurants and coffee shops best avoided when Chelsea FC are playing at home

4 by David Fergie Review source

Quite a busy Broadway full of helpful shops such as Tesco, Cards Galore and a few places to stop for some food like McDonald's, Starbucks and a few more places. There is also, conveniently, a train station on the ground floor and a bus stop at the top floor.

4 by タミア Aimat Review source

No staff in newly refurbished toilets so disabled toilets were not available when forgotten radar key.
No one in first aid unit
50p for a normal use of loo but would rather see staff I waited 25 mins and never saw anyone!!!

1 by Review source

Hammersmith Broadway is a major transport node and shopping centre in west London. It is located on Hammersmith Road, in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. There are 12 restaurants and 20 shops in Hammersmith.

5 by Angela Sobers Review source

Pretty much all the basics you need can be found here. Restaurants, supermarket, drycleaning, hairdresser, pub, coffee, buses (9, 10 and others), and the tube on piccadilly, district and hammersmith (pink) lines.

5 by Alexandros Kenich Review source

Very nice coffee shop's on the ground floor. No restrooms so had to access the pubs toilet which isn't helpful if your waiting for a coach to come in OR depart. Refreshments are everywhere though.

3 by Omeresan Omadelienje Review source

Helpful for basics and the Tiger shop is always worth a look for the unexpected. The Sainsbury's buried within is the handiest supermarket for central Hammersmith. Persistent problem with empty units.

3 by Scott Fletcher Review source

A fair selection of the typical London restaurants, in a particularly uninspiring setting. The Tesco's uses similar technology to a TARDIS however, if you are in need of essentials it is a good call.

3 by Maxim Gamble Review source

Good value and good selection of shops for the area, having such a busy Tube station and bus station it keeps up without significant delays or crowds in the Mall, would need an update.

4 by J Von Andion Review source

Very helpful when in transit and not only. A variety of places to eat for all pockets, 50 pence for a clean generous size public toilet and underground/bus connections to all London

5 by Review source

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