M&S Kilburn Simply Food - North Maida Vale, London

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66 Kilburn High Rd, North Maida Vale, London, NW6 4HJ

+44 20 7624 7322




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Agregated reviews (79) M&S Kilburn Simply Food - North Maida Vale, London

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Okay selection of food but customer service is generally quite poor, staff are slow to come to, or offer, help and not very friendly, unlike the staff in Sainsbury's Kilburn who really go out of their way to assist / welcome you. I approached one of the managers recently as I noticed a pricing error on my bill and there was no one else around. I didn't realise she was a manager until I saw her badge. She was filling shelves at the time and was not happy about being disturbed. Hardly spoke to me and had a sullen face. No apology for delaying me. Another time, a member of staff scolded me and one of her colleagues in front of other customers. Again over an error by one of her other colleagues who charged me twice for an item as she was too busy looking over her shoulder to see if the doors had been closed to stop people coming in as it was nearly closing time.

1 by kevin fahey Review source

Sad to say, this is not one of the better M&S stores. I have frequently noted that food is either on or past its 'use by' date. If It's on its use by date, and late in the day, one would expect it to be reduced in price. If It's past its use by date it shouldn't be on the shelves. Another niggle with this store are the fresh fruit shelves. The shelves are I would guess about 20 feet in length. Much of the fruit has to be placed in bags but the one and only bag stand is at the far end of the shelves. I mentioned this to the manager months ago who, and I quote; 'had been thinking about having another stand'. Perhaps it's time to stop thinking about it and install a second stand.

3 by Grant Stewart Review source

One of the truly worst ever run marks and Spencer s stores i have ever experienced. Yes some of the maturer staff are wonderful who are articulate courteous and know their work inside out. However one of the female manager s of the foods department a pretentious young flippertyjibbit more interested in looking at herself rather than supervise the foods section where you wait endlessly to be served which is simple unacceptable unprofessional in every conceivable juncture. Luckily i don't live here and frequent Hampstead and Finchley Road marks and Spencer s where service is absolutely unmatched and staff are trained properly with standards unlike this store which is more like a reject marks and Spencer s store.

1 by Graham Shoebridge Review source

still such a poorly run store ....Paige fuller a manager on the tills who keeps everybody waiting for ages and doesn't assist to sort things out effectively or efficiently.....poor standards of boxes strewn all over the place..... Hampstead swiss cottage marks and spencers managers here do things properly and are all well trained unlike miss fuller

1 by Graham Shoebridge Review source

This store should go back to just being a food store as the clothing area at the back means some food ranges are packed too closely together or not stocked at all. If M&S really want to make this a clothes store as well they should re-open the basement that was closed some 20/30 years ago, to give the space required for both.

3 by Nigel Review source

still a rubbish outlet. ...but then it's Kilburn. ..what can one expect. ..?!..like the last time I was here staff are non existent. ..stock is severely limited. ..organisational chaos. ..management haven't made any changes or updated the store. ...etc etc etc

1 by Graham Shoebridge Review source

'The store that head office forget about.'
Good for flowers and if you know exactly what your after. If not it will come across as an outdated store that doesn't have many staff on hand to help.
Much in need of bringing out of its 70s heyday

3 by Kaitehjin Review source

This is a well stocked M&S food store with some clothes at the back. There can be a limited number of staff on the tills and assisting with the self service tills at times. Staff are however very helpful

4 by Dani C Review source

Very good for produce although smaller than the usual Marks and Spencer food halls but good for a quick visit for bread fruit vegetables and other things like chicken and take away

4 by Marcia Davies Review source

Good selection of food for a small shop. The selection tends to be more on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price unlike the shop at Queen's Park Station.

4 by George Review source

Not a very big branch. No toilets. No self check out! Still fine for a little of M&S shopping. Small clothes section at the end.

2 by Giulia Zavaglia Review source

Small M&S where you can find lunch, snacks etc. Also small selection of home decor and clothes. Always good selection of flowers.

4 by Susanna Soininen Review source

Has all the food you could expect from M&S. It's not the newest store around, but everyone is friendly and helpful

4 by Michael Kossew Review source

Food hall and some household items and clothes. Could do with having more people on checkouts as it can get v busy in here.

4 by suzy el-fassi Review source

M & S a bit seedy, nothing special. Unless you go for something you particularly like M & S, would not go.

3 by aitz i Review source

Not huge but great stock. They also sell clothing and home wares at this store. Always clean and friendly.

5 by Dan Thornton Review source

They sell long lasting Resonably priced orchid flowers & delicious bread pizza meat fish etc

4 by Review source

I've used this shop on and off for over forty years. Always clean and helpful staff too.

5 by Review source

The service and the staff are lovely very helpful. Always love shopping at my local branch.

5 by Eram Babar Review source

An impressively wide selection of food and drink plus a small selection of clothes as well.

4 by Adam Harris Review source

The staff are very nice, I like the self checkout and the fresh baked goods are amazing

4 by Grace Tiller Review source

M & S, near the station, not very big, it's for shopping at the last minute

3 by Guillaume Potherat Review source

Stay clear at weekends; service is abysmal and the attitude of management the same.

1 by Review source

It was good to visit M&S Kilburn high Road. There are good quality products .

4 by Rbruno_Pederneira Pederneira Review source

As always, great selection of ready meals.Smallish store but great location.

5 by MAIRE Ni BARRA Review source

Great food, you can find many specialties of every kitchen in the world!

5 by Roberto Salvaggio Review source

Not a great selection in this store but you can the essentials.

3 by Mark Walker Review source

Great selection in the food hall and staff are very friendly.

4 by Mustafa Kasim Review source

No final jam over the weekend to the supermarket I untidy

4 by Review source

Pricey, however products’ quality is higher than average.

4 by Jarek Dawidziuk Review source

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