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Cambridge Rd, Fenstanton, Huntingdon PE28 9LP

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I love Burger King and this was one of the nicest ones I've had. It was a bit slow for a 'fast food' place but that's mainly because there was just one guy cooking and he made everything fresh as ordered so everything was hot and fresh when we got it. I also appreciated the station with salt, mayo and even sweet chilli sauce. Usually you have to ask and they forget anyway. I ordered the angriest whopper. Which is supposed to be super spicy. It wasn't. There was absolutely nothing spicy about it but man was it delicious. It'd be my new regular order if it were to become part of the menu. The only two things that kept me from giving it five stars are, the portions of fries were very small and my girlfriend got five chilli cheese bites instead of the six we ordered.

4 by Nox Orion Review source

Since Little Chef left the premises they have gone downhill. The men's toilets are full of cobwebs withat least a months worth of dust stuck to them, there are tiles broken and lying on the floor. In the ladies one of the toilets has the seat missing and they are generally very dirty. The Burger King itself only cooks good to order so there is always a queue of people waiting for food. When we finally got to the front of the line was told that it was cash only. Ended up going a bit further down the road to Cambridge Services which is much cleaner and had a lot more choice. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

1 by Review source

I love burger king however the service was terrible. We ordered the food it was wrong with a lot of items missing from the burger. So we took it back..The 2 young girls just laughed and stuck the missing bits on the burger and did not even wrap it back up...I asked a returned all my food and asked for a refund. The 2 girls at this point stopped laughing and got a manager from the back who refunded me but no apology given. Numerous other customers witnessed this and told me they were appalled with the attached of the staff. Come on burger king i love the food get a grip with your staff\\u200b.

1 by John B Review source

It's fine. Dont listen to any1 else, some people will complain over anything... its life, mistakes happen, sometimes throughout a year toilets will be out of order? OMG... who'd have thought it? I'm the 99.9% that don't leave comments or reviews lmao

I've been to this BK about 6 times in total in the past year? Never had one issue. The 1% would leave a bad music video comment... a bad review for anything... they'd do it regardless, even if it was perfect they'd complain. Where as we the 99.9% don't give a flying duck.

5 by Review source

Called in on Friday night 3/11/2017 to have a drink which was a colo and found this was flat, no gas in drink, then I decided to use the toilet found the men's out of order so used the disable toilet these was dirty with toilet paper and a used nappy was on the floor even the toilet pan needed a good scrub don't looked it had been cleaned properly for months. On the door was a notice saying these toilets was inspected on a regular bases apparently not. If I've got to go that way again defiantly will drive past. Burger King needs to up there game.

1 by Review source

We have stopped at this services for years now. Last week was the last time we will stop there, since little chief has gone it has deteriorated. The toilets were discusting, 3 toilets in the ladies, 1 had no toilet seat, one wouldn't flush and they didn't have toilet paper, hand washing was a joke, cold water dirty sinks, hand blowers were cold. Filthy floors through out restaurants and hygiene is not in the staffs vocabulary. Needs closing down!

1 by Sara Corden Review source

Worst services I have ever been too. 15 minutes to get served 23 minutes for food ...pop was flat changed it twice then gave up ....staff to busy laughing than seving ..only 3 staff on at a main lunch time.... Filthy toilets .... All bins were full and overflowing even on the car park..... UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD U GO.... Only good thing to say was when we got the food it was nice

1 by Jayne Sutton Review source

This burger king needs help. The food was OK but the place looked closed and run down. All the bins were full to overflowing, maybe shouldn't have stopped there but it was a long journey and we needed a break. What a shame, because burger King is normally good. The toilets really need attention. As does the rest of the building.

2 by Nigel Thomas Review source

Filthy....rubbish everywhere...food all over floor and outside. Not even very busy. Only One toilet working in the little chef and that was filthy too. Food not as in pictures. Chicken stripper tasted like cardboard. Burger not flame grilled. Won't ever use burger king again.

1 by Review source

Very slow staff the food was very cold and the where no mayonnaise ,awating time 17 minutes the restaurant manager was cooking with a long que of clients ,the toilet were too dirty for me to enter as the smell was so intense that i had to run away.not a clean environment

1 by Review source

The little chef we visited don't know how to make a deluxe got chocolate, it was supposed to be hot with cream, marshmallows with a flake, I got luke warm with cream and something that looked like dog chocolate on the top, I will not be visiting that one again

1 by Review source

Eat in price is different than take out price and that price is no where shown. How weird is that? The tills were not working on exact cash and only card payments, so a bit of an inconvenience as well. No where close motorways moto services am afraid.

2 by Anshuman Sengupta Review source

Fairly horrible, neglected place. The toilets are an absolute disgrace, with cracks and holes in the walls and look like they haven't been cleaned in years. Go to Peterborough or Cambridge services instead... Much nicer and only a few miles away

2 by Paul Mann Review source

At the little chef. Dirty filthy and no table service ! 3 Olympic breakfasts 3 orange juice and a tea ! 38 pounds ! And people wonder why little chef dying ! Daylight robbery ! Staff scruffy and ignorant and all this before we get the food !!.

1 by Review source

Absolutely awefull...... 1 member of staff working doing her best to be positive the toilets were filthy urine on the seats and floor no toilet tissue....a 15 minute wait to be seated in an empty diner the whole place looked shabby and dirty

1 by jo cook Review source

Stopped for a coffee one member of staff trying her hardest but with no help sticky floor in the toilet had wait ten minutes just to pay and leave drive ten minutes down the road to Cambridge services you won't regret it

1 by Lee Cook Review source

It was a good pot of tea and the staff were good but the place was very basic and you could smell the toilets at the counter which were located behind it. The food wasn't very good but there again it was cheap

1 by Review source

1 toilet out of 3 working. The food was decent quality and arrived reasonably quickly. But one of the orders was wrong though. Tables and floor not cleaned at all. Only go here if desperate.

3 by Jon Seymour Review source

The burger king was open food passible the little chef. This was closed told that it shuts at 3oclock the toilets are filthy told one of the they said it's nothing to do with them

2 by Maureen Livesey Review source

A Pleasant young man served or coffee. The coffee was average. Toilets absolutely disgusting! I was shocked at how dirty and neglected they were. Would not go there again.

1 by Review source

No burgers!!! Hygiene left a lot to be desired in the gents. The smell of the toilets was also in the restaurant. Health and safety really need to visit this place. Disgusting.

1 by stephen gregg Review source

Worst place on earth!! Filthy toilets that I could smell whilst eating my over priced, rubber food from Burger King. Avoid unless you're absolutely desperate!!

1 by Review source

Restaurant was dirty food everywhere, tables where dirty and sticky... toilettes very dirty! Not what is expected from a restaurant business nor even burger king!

1 by Review source

Since the Cambridge (Lolworth) branch closed we have moved to this branch, same cheery assistant serving us and the food is of a consistent high standard.

5 by Andy Batey Review source

Used the little chef actually but you might want to nip to the pound shop for some buckets and mops in case kit gets busy before the plumber arrives

3 by Review source

If this is the one heading South. Worst Burger king ever. Food not bad, very unclean, toilet unhygienic. Don't think I'd stop here again.

1 by Mike Sutton Review source

Not good, not enough staff, no milk. A notice that said ' only little chef rubbish allowed in this bin'. Will try not to go there again

1 by Judith Robinson Review source

It's OK. Service can be a little slow. But it has the advantage of no fruit machines to tempt me, unlike Cambridge Extra services.

3 by John Whitworth Review source

Hard working and friendly staff. It's a Burger King, what can you say. Must stop going here as my trousers are getting tight.

4 by Paul Parker Review source

Very overpriced for the size of the burgers, food was tasty but in small portions. Had to wait a little while for our order.

2 by Rebekah Jones Review source

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