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602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS

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My wife booked us in as a family for a bowling session.

For some reason they only had us down as a 2, not a 3.....

We asked kindly to have another person put on our lane, there was a member of staff there who was particularly rude, very young and inexperienced, clearly, then asked the manager CALLUM AT MILTON KEYNES if she could add an extra player onto the lane - me, my wife and our 4 year old daughter. The manager (with zero interpersonal skills) plainly said there is nothing he can do...

He will not put an extra player on to our lane. When we mentioned that we have travelled up with a party booking of 20 or so children and spent a lot of money, and driven for an hour to get there, we would really like to bowl as a family.

Again, we were met with a No we cannot do anything to help. upset, my wife asked me to ask for a refund, to which we were told by manager Callum that we cannot get a refund from them as booked over the main telephone call centre number...

Please understand that this is all whilst we have an empty lane next to us that has not been used for over 20 mins

This is aweful customer service and I will not recommend this to anyone, if you are going to go..... make sure you make the right booking, as there is clearly zero tolerance for booking mistakes made, even though clearly a mistake made by the telephone booking team!!!!

Very very bad experience for us and we will not be visiting here as a family again...

Very dissapointed considering the amount spent by the visiting party

We were then ushered out if the lane booth with extreme haste and total rudeness...,

People can be very short sighted in the way they speak with returning customers - disgraceful management and aweful customer service

1 by Review source

Went for my girlfriends birthday, was really busy and there was no where near enough staff to cope.

We arrived early as we wanted to get some food and play on the arcade with out little girl. The food arrived pretty quickly, we were not offered any condiments or napkins, just put on the table and that’s it. The order was wrong, I am sure it’s not hard to not put mayo in a burger also would like to know where my onion rings are, the food was average at best. My girlfriend then wanted a Chocolate milkshake, she went to the bar at 3pm, waited 30 minutes ignored by the one member of staff at the bar, her served 3 other customers that appeared at the bar after her. As I have said was a busy day that was understaffed.

We then went to sign in so we could start bowling, service was much better on reception, our lane wasn’t ready so was asked to wait, which was fine. My partner went to change our daughter before we started our game. While she was in there a member of staff decided to open the door, surely if the door is closed and locked your first thought would be there is someone in there, not at Hollywood Bowl MK.

The bowling was good, we had to call for help once for a technical fault on the lane. No one came over so we had to get a member of staff to fix the lane, was a major easy fix.

Overall the bowling was good the arcade is good, time crisis 5 is always a good play.

Unfortunately for the sheer lack of service it deserves a 1 star, if the service improves to complement the other facilities will be worth another review.

1 by Daniel Shiel Review source

Went on a busy Friday evening for my daughter's 6th Birthday. Seemed to be short staffed with the staff on duty being extremely busy juggling many tasks. On enquiring about my booking, the staff member told me I had actually booked for the day before (Thursday). This was an honest mistake on my part using the mobile phone to book. Explaining my mistake to the counter staff (Cara), and that it was my daughter's birthday, she was very helpful and managed to accommodate us into a lane, with the caveat that we would need to bowl at a good pace. We were fine with this.

This is what customer service is about. Cara's professionalism and manner in which she dealt with this was fantastic. Many other places the staff are complete jobsworths and would have told me they cannot do anything about my mistake, but not Cara at Hollywood Bowl. Staff like Cara can make or break an establishment and she is a credit to Hollywood Bowl and especially for ensuring my daughter's birthday did not get spoiled by my mistake.

I kept my eye on Cara as she was the only person on the main reception and with the pressure of long queues, change machines running out of money and constant queries from people about the games machines not printing tickets etc, she kept a smile on her face and dealt with people in a great way.

Fantastic customer service. Well done Hollywood Bowl and well done Cara.

5 by Hitesh Sharma Review source

Very poor!! Arranged for one game - arrived early but were advised they were running about 10-15mins behind. No problem we thought, so ordered food to arrive to us at the bowling lane. Started playing - had to call for assistance 4 times before seven of us had completed 3 rounds of bowling due to mechanical failings etc. Food finally arrived - disappointingly the food was either cold or inedible due to being ‘rock hard’. Called for assistance to voice our discontent. Despite repeated attempts by intermediary staff to soft-soap us with offers of replacing food or free drinks we ended our stay with a refund for the bowling & free game vouchers to make up for the poor food. Very disappointing experience - one I am loathed to repeat in a hurry!!

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Had my daughters birthday party here today. Has to be one of the best and easiest venues to have a kids party. The hosts were Rebecca for the bowling and Emma for the food. Both girls did a fab job but special thanks to Rebecca. She's very good with children and went out of her way to include my shy youngest child with the bowling. Would recommend this place and will no doubt use again for a party. I think the only small negative comment I would make is a few of the children said they were hungry after the meal and could they have more. These were growing 10yr olds!lol So not sure if bigger portions needed for older children or maybe an option to order extra veggies and chips.

5 by Review source

Sad and rude- You would expect a city like Milton Keynes to have a proper bowling place, but this place is full of people who cannot spell the word of customer service properly. Extremely bad layout - the arcade games are cluttered, the bar has too much queue, not enough change machines, unfriendly staff, poor food, outrageous prices, my teenage son were bullied by older guys on the pool table and someone took the £1 coin he placed and the most rubbish stuff was the lack of proper facilities, even the toilets were not straight forward. Extremely unfriendly place overall

1 by Review source

We went for a team event. Although we had a great time it was to no thanks of the staff that work there! Unfortunately the details of our event were not explained to us properly. This included missing out on winning a bottle of prosecco for the pink pin, having no trophies at the end and having no plates for our food to go on until we'd virtually eaten it all. On complaining I received a reply after my 3rd complaint approximately 1 month after my original complaint! Awful customer service but bowling great fun.

1 by Review source

Great place to spend time with your friends, family, second half. Bowling section is up to standard. Shoes for bowling are comfy too!
Even if you're not a big fan of bowling, they have other entertainment on the spot)
The Food is decent enough, if you're hungry and there is a bar with good selection of beers/ciders/spirits.
Great place that's worth visiting.

5 by Andrei Kiršner Review source

Recently had a childrens party there. All inclusive £15pp. Included food, drinks and 1 hour unlimited play. All the children really enjoyed themselves and we paid extra £1pp for VIP area which had 2 bowling lanes. The place is clean and the food portions are very decent. One of the better childrens parties ive had with good organisation and your own host who takes care of everything for you.

4 by Choi-San Alison Choi Review source

Pretty good bowling, fun setup and often good music. Decent if small arcade with several pool tables. One criticism is it can take an age (and several rounds of bowling) to get served at the understaffed bar. To the management: I would've spent enough extra on drinks to cover another member of bar staff myself, but chose to head downstairs where I can actually get served, instead.

4 by Stu Johnson Review source

we went here just to play the arcade games which cost £1 each. there's a change machine with makes it easy. all the arcade games are more modern and in good condition. we played time crisis 5 and mario kart which were a lot of fun. bit disappointed that when we played mario kart that even though we came first and second it was only one circuit so it was quite quick.

4 by Kristy Robinson Review source

Really nice experience! I recommend you to book your visit online. Is easy, you can get a discount and it helps if you don't want to wait. I think most people book the bowling lines like that and if you just go there and ask to play because you see that the lines are empty, you can't because they are already taken. :) Book your visit online. Easy and fast :)

5 by Review source

Good place to bowl or play arcade games, or billiard. they have a bar which is usually under staffed and they serve food, which personally they have taken a ridiculous of amount of time to serve and then gave me the wrong food. but some of the staff there are amazing and I go back for the bowling. it can be busy sometimes

3 by Catherine Fox Review source

Absolutely disgusting food which is way over priced. Serving a plain burger and charging a £1 for extra cheese was outrageous. I will never ever get food from there again. Bread was hard and flakey and you hardly get any chips as portion sizes are very small. Even the kids wanted to leave as soon as possible.

1 by Review source

Had an enjoyable evening out with the children here. The staff were very keen to help and throughout the evening would come over and talk and hand out stickers if they got strikes or won the game. Only downside is that it is quite pricey (£45 before drinks for a family of 4 for 2 games)

5 by Tony Moore Review source

Food was good but service was quite bad, asked and charged for crispy onion on the burgers but despite being out of it I had to complain to get a refund, they forgot to bring cutlery with the salad and took ages to get it when we asked for them and ketchup.

3 by Javier Anllo Review source

Bowling was fun and nothing serious went wrong with the lane, just had to rest it twice, the glow bowling is fun but the service was terrible, waited over ten minutes to order our first drinks, not enough members of staff eye working for a busy period

3 by Lewis Bourke Review source

Good place for bowling in milton keynes. Went with office collegues for chirsmas night out. Staffs are really helpful and nice service for customers, Well maintained. Available with bar includes alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

5 by Prakash Selvaraj Review source

Expensive as they have no competition but this can't justify the pricing and no offers are available 'because we don't need to' according to one team member. I look forward to them getting some competition!!

1 by Ben Jamin Review source

Been here twice in the last 2 months once for my little boys birthday which was a really good experience and on the 11/11 for a work do , again good experience although the lane did break and the drinks took an age

4 by gemma rowden Review source

Expensive but hey, if your kid likes bowling there's no alternative. The arcade is OK, limited, and awful prizes for their tickets, but they're trying. Overall a great experience, can't complain.

5 by Richard Evans Review source

Lanes are very right and the run up for bowlers is very short. Had a few problems with the pin setter not working properly but were given a free game for all the players so handled well by the staff.

3 by Barry Tosh Review source

A good place with a huge variety of arcade machines in addition to bowling lines. No matter if it's for a family night out, or for spending time with adult friend, it's the perfect choice.

5 by Jumy Elerossë Review source

Great for a family get-together. Food and drinks available. You don't have to wear bowling shoes. Great system to control the lanes and scoring e.g. raising the bumpers for children

5 by Chris Hevey Review source

Nice venue and really great staff!! First time I've bowled with zero technical problems!! It all works!!

Plus...I won our staff event so it's even better!!

4 by benny hawes Review source

Excellent service from friendly and professional staff. Excellent value for money and quality facilities. Would fully recommend this company for a night out.

5 by David Hayman Review source

The service was good and bowling was fine but the place just wasn't clean enough. Food debris, sticky surfaces and menus and fruit flies.

2 by Katie Jones Review source

Terrible customer service very rude, obviously don't care about their customers because they get so many perhaps that needs to change...

1 by Review source

Standard bowling. Everything seemed up to date and worked. We didn't eat there but there are plenty of places to eat just a short walk.

4 by Bryan Rees Review source

Lanes poorly maintained and 30 mins waiting at the bar everytime you want a drink even though it's not busy, staff don't care.

1 by Thomas Wilson Review source

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