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41 Craven Rd, London, W2 3BX

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Tried this last night while staying in London with the family. We asked the staff to suggest something for the children, and they proposed the 'egg omelette'. Looked nice... until my six year old son started choking and crying. It turns out that, unmentioned on the menu, the 'plain omelette' contains large slices of raw chilli that make it one of the hottest options on the menu. Still, they probably had a good giggle.

They also add a mandatory 12.5% surcharge if you have too many children. The bottled water was served luke-warm. 'Sprite' is actually '7-Up' if you care about those things. No wine or beer, maybe for religious reasons? Also, I think the chef out the back paused for a cigarette and stunk out the restaurant for five minutes.

But to be fair, the food was pretty tasty and the prices were very reasonable. Shame about the other stuff.

2 by Jonathan Couper Review source

Been here about four times now and each is as good as the last. Their level of consistency is brilliant for a small restaurant. Each dish was flavourful and spices were distinctly different between them.

Favourites are the beef rendang, prawn curry with green beans, chicken curry and the stewed aubergine. All rich, tasteful, and pungently robust. The coconut rice is great too - no added sugar as denoted by 'kosong'

Recently tried their Teh Tarik (pulled tea) - sweet, rich, creamy and a decent strength. Probably one of the closest matches to the ones I've had in Singapore.

Portion sizes are reasonable too - not huge, but a welcome size for the price.

Certainly one of the better Malay restaurants I have been to, and better than their very well-known local competition a few streets away

5 by Robert Chohan Review source

My family and I went to this place for dinner hoping to satisfy our cravings for Malaysian food only to leave the restaurant bittersweet.

We ordered their famous Nasi Lemak Tukdin and a couple of curry puffs as appetisers. The curry puffs were no where near what we were expecting and below par to say the least. The pastry was floury and there was barely any chicken inside even though we ordered the chicken filled one. The nasi lemak was a letdown as the rice was mushy. However, the chicken was alright and so was the sambal.

The lady who served us was really friendly which was a plus.

3 by John Tan Review source

Eaten here twice. Once one a Saturday evening and once on a weekday afternoon. Neither times disappointed. Highly recommended for the food but I'd suggest to pre-book during evening times due to the size of the place.

I ordered the prawn in chilli paste the first time and it was delicious. Second time round I ordered the garlic fried chicken which was nice but a little dry to have without any sauce. I didn't ask for any sauce but I'm sure they may have accommodated. Their selection of rice is great and tastes great too

Highly recommended.

5 by Abdul Kayum Kalim Review source

A bit disappointing. Interior looks like bought at Ikea 30 years ago. Tables pretty close together and people sitting next to the entrance need to move if someone arrives or wants to leave. I ordered the chicken with peanut sauce as a starter and found it too sweet like drowned in honey marinade. My main was beef in chili paste, and pilau rice. The beef itself was okay but the paste at the same time dry and oily. Spicy but I missed some taste, felt a bit boring besides the heat. Based on that I didn't try the dessert. Don't expect wine or any alcohol of course.

2 by Sascha Giese Review source

Amazing place !
The staff is super friendly and more than helpful when it comes to ordering.
In terms of dinner, the food tasted like genuine malaysian food.
We took #17 and #40 which were delicious! In comparison 30 (beef kurma) was a bit plain.
Even though we couldn't finish our plates ( 2 satay as starters, 4 mains and 3 rice for 4... I'd recommend only 3 mains) we still ordered two desserts to share. Those were super good as Well, which is surprising for that type of cuisine .
Would defo go back and recommend !

5 by marycaroline carlin Review source

very good value for money especially when you consider its location in central London. I had satay goreng (fried chicken breast fillet with peanut sauce), rojak (boiled/steamed assorted veggies with peanut sauce) and mee goreng mamak (fried egg noodles with sweet soy sauce).. as an Indonesian, i love the flavour, remind me of home. their peanut sauce for satay goreng is reaallly good, although i cant say the same for their peanut sauce in the rojak as it kind a have fishy taste to it..
all in all will definetely visit there again

5 by Lukman Hakim Review source

good food small restaurant not acessible at all as toilets are down a flight of steep steps and we had difficulty manouvering a childs wheelchair. the food is an acquired taste especially for kids as our 7yr old struggled with everything except the egg fried rice...the chicken satay and sea bass with chilli was very good as was the prawn in tomatoes dish..rose drink with lime was also refreshing...a bit pricy as service charge of 12.5% is mandatory...would think twice before returning..

2 by Siraj Siddiqui Review source

Hello to everyone who loves great food. I ate at Tukdin last night and was blown away by the friendly service, mood and food. From Shrimp fried rice, Seabass Curry to a dish called Mammak, please excuse my spelling, this dish is a noodle and be able curd ensemble that I could have, just, kept on eating. I believe that this is a family run business and it shows in the care, quality and service. Thank you, I will recommend you to friends and I shall be back to enjoy more of your menu.

5 by PURPLE VEGAN Review source

As soon as my group and I arrived for its opening time that day, a whole other bunch of groups started entering as well right on time. Definitely a hot spot. The service was good but the food was excellent.

Presentation wise and flavour wise, beautiful and to its standard of the restaurant. The restaurant was a bit crowded but it was elegant, and comfortable nevertheless. Definitely would recommend trying especially if you're a lover of Malaysian food!

4 by Fay Ayunie Review source

Good service despite it taking awhile to get the waiter's attention to make our order.
The Rendang we ordered was inconsistent, flavour was not up to standard. (Spicy)
Kangkung belacan tasted odd, it is more sour than usual. (Spicy)
Oxtail soup (sup ekor) was good but too much fat instead of lean meat was used in our pot.
Coconut rice was good and flavourful.
Teh tarik was good.
Price was not too expensive.

2 by Macaroni Reviews Review source

This is absolutely one of the best restaurants in London. They bring Malaysian diplomats here when they visit. Most people in here appear to be Malaysian.

Doesn't serve alcohol but who cares, go for a pint after at The Mitre.

I would say just don't order the 'chicken curry' or 'beef curry' - everything else is awesome though.

The satay starter is not to be missed.

5 by Steven Falconer Review source

We had gone here twice, and the star rating posted here is our general consensus. Our meals had some spots of great flavour, though other dishes we ordered were lacklustre. I will suggest my favourites, but choose whatever you like. Order the #1, #32 (if you like beef) and the fried banana for dessert. Coconut rice is a good option since things are spicy; that is how this type of cuisine is. Would recommend.

3 by L Angelini Review source

Love this restaurant. Beautiful spicy food served by warm and lovely staff. They know me well now and I’ve been a regular for 3 years. They are also good for takeaway. The spicy oxtail soup is possibly the best soup you’ll eat in your life. Please note this establishment does not serve alcohol... yet the food is worth going to alone. It’s packed every night and for a reason! Just go.

5 by Simon Hinton Review source

it's extremely difficult to find a restaurant serving cuisine from the far east in London that serves a full Halal menu and no alcohol. Really pretty little restaurant, the food was amazingly fragrant and flavoursome. possibly the chicken satay I have tasted. we ordered a beef rendang and the meat was so tender it literally melted in your mouth! very good value for money also.

5 by Kiran Fazil Review source

The food was very good. The staff very friendly.
The restaurant is small but very cozy. I liked the decoration.
Maybe I've been in London for too long, but now I don't think it is as expensive as I did at the time (I was there a couple of months ago). In comparison with London prices, this one is reasonable and at least you won't feel disappointed.

4 by João Vargem Review source

I have not been to Malaysia, but judging by the other customers this is the real thing. Fantastic food and super friendly if rather haphazard service. The Chicken Satay was insanely good and nothing like the usual goopy paste. Nasi Goreng Mamak was delicious - noodle, bean curd, prawn fritters and other stuff. And I loved the bright pink rose syrup milk drinks.

5 by Richard M Marshall Review source

This is my favourite Malaysian restaurant in London. The food is consistent and authentic, and I will keep coming back. The interior may feel dated, but is cosy and personally invokes some nostalgia for me while dining. My only comment is that the staff could be a bit more attentive... But otherwise they are sweet and are real Malaysians. Highly recommended!

5 by F P Review source

The restaurant was cosy and had a homely atmosphere.

The service was excellent and the food was authentic. Every dish tasted like you were having Malaysian home food, it did not feel like I was eating at a restaurant.

I would highly recommend this restaurant! But I'd suggest booking a table as it is relatively small.

5 by Aniqa Kabiri Review source

The resturant is cozy, service is very good and quick. Food was nice and good. Serve Malaysian dishes. All waiters are Malaysians. A lot of Malaysians customers, that in my opinion is a testament that it is a genuine good place for traditional dishes. Value for money is very good. As a matter of fact I believe its leaning towards being cheap.

3 by Abdulmuti Asiri Review source

Excellent food and service, average prices for this part of central London. The beef curry was delicious and the black rice pudding and Malaysian tea was an excellent end to a lovely meal. The main restaurant was fairly busy and noisy but the staff made us space the the quiet secluded area at the back. Would recommend and return.

4 by Ali Hassan Review source

The food was very good, though the service was slow. While we were seated right away, we almost left after 30 min when we still hadn't seen a server nor received even water. We stuck it out and the rest of the service was better, but still pretty slow. Food was fairly priced for the quality, quantity, and neighborhood.

4 by Kelsyn Rooks Review source

Was excited to find a new Malaysian place and there were lots of Malaysians dining there, but I was disappointed with the food. My dad is from Malaysia and have visited the country multiple times, I found the food in this restaurant quite bland and uninteresting (the opposite of what I know Malaysian food to be like!)

2 by Ravi Palanisamy Review source

Came here as a large party, we had to pre-order the food because of the large number of people attending. The food came out in a pretty good time and everything was very well cooked and tasted delicious. I really liked the shrimp paste, unique and went well with the rice. Quite simple components but done well.

5 by Ly V Review source

Used to provide good size potions for take away. But today the takeaway container was a smaller size and half the portion it used to be. Worst part is when I called to inform them they just denied it and said it was the same portion and no other explanation. Definitely not getting any more takeaway from them.

1 by Review source

Chicken satay here is first rate although they though have them on skewers like how satay is usually cooked and served. The fried garlic chicken is crispy, fresh and juicy! The tofu though was well cooked but lacking any real flavour. I didn't really taste any oyster sauce. Will come back again.

4 by Ch Wo Review source

When you miss home,Tukdin makes me forget that I am in London.Original authentic Malaysian taste.In fact better than some highly rated restaurants back home.
Me and my family love it so much!
Kalau korang kat London dan tak singgah,memang rugi besar.
Great food and great service!!

5 by Review source

Food at tukdin is always excelent!

Love their nasi lemak tukdin, the ayam bawang putih that comes with it is SO good!

Also have the nasi goreng kampung and sup ekor. Always end my meal with a bubur pulut Hitam and teh tarik. Best Malaysian restaurant in London for sure !

5 by Review source

Authentic Malay (Malaysian) restaurant in Paddington at a reasonable price. Friendly service and well patronised. The reason for the 4-stars was because I had a hasty meal (but scrumptious nonetheless) due to time constraints; but will be going back to try more dishes at a more sedate-pace.

4 by LR Nadarajah Review source

We have visited this restaurant three times since we've been on holiday in london for two weeks.The food is excellent and tastes like pure local malaysian food. Reasonably priced and comfortable seating environment. Convenient walking location nearby paddington rail station.

4 by Review source

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