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35-37 New Oxford St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1BH

+44 20 7580 8208




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The food was salty and oily, some dish taste weird. I'm fine with it because I was hungry and it might be a certain style. We spent 55 pound in the end. However, when I pay the bill, the staff told me it's cash only. I was surprised for such a big restaurant in central London without card payment. Clearly they want to earn more money by avoiding tax. The RUDE staff told me I can pay on my phone through Chinese software (we chat), obviously they don't need to pay tax in this way. I asked her how much the rate will be if I pay in Chinese yuan, she said 1 to 9 (it's 1 to 8.2 at the moment), so I can only take cash through ATM outside their restaurant. The suspicious cash point charge me 2 pound for the cash... and when I bring the cash in, I asked for receipt. The staff wasn't happy and show me a weird face and asked 'where is money?' .... anyway, worst staff I've ever seen... I'm writing this comment the day after the meal because I surprisingly find that my card got fraud last night... I'm not sure if it has something to do with that suspicious cash point but I suggest anyone go their not to use that cashpoint at least. And suggest the owner spend more time teaching staff how to be polite and also get a card reader....

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Often old noodle shop, five minutes' walk of the British Museum, Oxford Street and New Oxford Street junction, WC1A1BH. By Michelin standards to be measured taste 2 stars (worth the detour), price and service 1 star (reasonable price and service in general). Mutton noodle, soup rich white, sweet Chunhou broth addition, with a slightly impoverished herbs, Chinese wolfberry, plus a lot of color as the surface. Generous patch, still chewy cooked with soup combined, complement each other moist. Fans have a little green bowl, a small piece of black fungus soup and suck the essence of the pack Gansi, as a garnish, balanced taste, while not distracting. Taste is considered a very good Chinese food in the UK, the price is reasonable. Although it can own seasoning with salt, but the first bite is too light, making the eating experience a slight discount. The biggest drawback is that only cash can be used, in front of the teller machines have 1.95 per pound fee, the restaurant provides a micro-channel, PayPal payment, but the exchange rate is not appropriate, be sure to bring their own cash. According to Google's evaluation, service serious polarization, but the dining is moderate, inadequate.

4 by Dongda Wei Review source

Yesterday I went to this establishment and I was disgusted with the service and the food. It was the first time me and my family had been, and we felt uncomfortable and unwelcome from the start, but we thought we would at least give the food a try. The lady that served the food was rolling her eyes at us and showed no enthusiasm whatsoever, making me feel so uncomfortable I didn't even want to ask for a glass of water. I work in a job that involves customer service skills and I am disgusted by the appalling behaviour I was shown by the woman serving me. Even when we asked politely for the bill she rolled her eyes at us. When we saw the price on the bill we were shocked as the food was overly salty and oily and overall bog standard. I couldn't finish my dish even though I was starving because I found it repulsive. To top it off as we left the restaurant they didn't even bother to say thank you or goodbye, they couldn't have missed us as we were the only ones there!

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I was a little apprehensive, as I wasn't sure how well my vegetarian diet would be catered for. I needn't have worried - while the majority of the menu was meat or seafood-based, there was still plenty to chose from.
I was really happy with the service - very helpful and efficient - and the price was remarkably low.
The food itself was delicious. I've traveled extensively throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other neighbouring countries, and in my opinion the food at LaoChang is pretty authentic. Be sure to order something with the hand-made / hand-pulled noodles - they are fantastic !
Sure, its not the most flashy, high-end restaurant. It's not a Hakkasan or Yauatcha, but it doesn't pretend to be. It's clean, comfortable, and delicious, and that's good enough for me.
Final word : best noodle spot in London! DO NOT MISS OUT! I'll certainly be back for more.

5 by Review source

We came here on a Sunday evening around 6pm before the mad rush. Having read the good review on Timeout magazine, I thought we should try it out. We both opted for what we thought was la mian, but it seemed more like ho fun to us! Nevertheless, we both enjoyed our main meal. For sides, we ordered a plate of dumplings (delicious) which had about 20 on the plate! Was sufficiently full after this. The bill came to around £23 for the two of us which was great. The decor itself isn't anything amazing, but who cares when the food is so cheap! The staff do not have great English and aren't particularly friendly, but this didn't bother me too much. We managed to sit for a long time (we thought we might get kicked out once it got busy) but despite the fact that a queue was forming we were never asked to vacate the table! Definitely recommend trying it, the Chinese food is more authentic than your local chinese take away.

4 by Karmen C Review source

I have visited this place a couple of times with my friends for lunch and always left full and satisfied. The restaurant has an authentic feel, both in terms of the food and the interior.

The menu features some dishes that you wouldn't find in most take-away places as they are more authentic. The service has always been quick and the staff friendly, despite it being busy some times. The waiters have also been helpful at making recommendations as to how much to order. Some of the dishes do come in rather generous portions. The interior is sort of 'no frills' but it is nice and clean.

I like this restaurant because it is relatively cheap and quick for a lunch but I wouldn't come here for a nice dinner.

4 by Jay Theis Review source

We were quite warmly welcomed, though informally, to take a seat away from the draft, when we arrived for dinner on a weekday night. They seemed rushed, and their English and manners were not quite to scratch. But this could be overlooked as a cultural phenomenon. The wrong dishes were brought to us, however they brought extra oriental mushrooms to add to it, though actually we'd ordered oriental mushroom pac Choi . The presentation was abysmal, it looks disgusting, especially the Singapore noodles. It put me right off. The taste was not much better, the noodles tasted like cheap supermarket bought ready noodles, and weren't properly cooked. Inattentive staff and inexpensive food. Moderate portions.

1 by Russell Hall Review source

Awful food. Ordered spicy clams and sweet and sour pork. They looked good on the menu but don't be fooled! Half of the clams were empty or closed. Too oily as well which made me feel disgusted. The sauce of the sweet sour pork was ok but the meat was over cooked and hard. Both dishes looked like overnight leftovers. Nobody gave us the menu until we asked for it twice but all the waitresses were free and chatting behind the bar. Horrible service and they never smiled nor said anything like hi thank you or please. Where are your manners ladies? BTW they don't take card payments at all which is very suspicious! Will never go again.

1 by Cherry Zeng Review source

Food tastes authentic, and the price is average for this part of town, but they have no clue what the word 'service' means even though they add a service charge. All the waiters were glum and unwelcoming as if they have been forced to work for no pay. Not suitable for family either. There is a single high chair and should there be more than one child in the party they treat the group with the greatest disdain and impatience. Would not come again if I had another choice with better service and attitude.

3 by Review source

Down-to-earth Chinese food with flavoursome and mostly spicy dishes. Not a lot of money has been invested on the decor but the food is just everything I wanted - served hot, full of flavour came very quickly, priced at a very affordable price point. If you're happy to pay a bit more there are two very nice VIP rooms downstairs with a lot more space and your own TV for karaoke. Cash only.

5 by Lewina Siu Review source

Chang's lamb noodle soup is so good that I've been coming back for years and although each time I promise myself to try something else from their menu, usually I end up eating the soup yet again. It's just that good! I tried their other dishes and like all of them, especially their aubergine ones, but the soup is something special and it will keep you coming back for it

5 by Agnieszka Osiadacz Review source

This is by far the worst restaurant I have ever been. The service is just horrendous, extremely unprofessional and rude waitresses. Had to wait for an hour for a bow of noodles, and on top of that they didn't even put all the ingredients inside, so I had to return it...
Furthermore, their toilets are just disgusting. Stay away from this restaurant!

1 by Review source

Because two years ago I came to be regarded returns to visit it, feeling no problem ah. Huimian component is greater, and more delicious Hamburger, Fuqifeipian not stop to eat, Xinjiang brace is very general, came back only to find received a 10% tip, but the one so you can understand, after all, is London, two came to their home vegetable prices affordable

4 by JUE WANG Review source

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London, though staff are very unaccommodating. You can't modify your orders at all - for example, a dish that comes spicy or not spicy, you can't say 'medium spicy', and ask them to just put less of the spicy ingredient. The servers will just say 'no, spicy or not spicy'.

4 by Review source

They are a cash only restaurant so lucky we had some cash on us. Next glitch our noodles were served with a string of mop! They were happy to change for us but we concluded it all came from the same mop.. I mean pot. The egg rice, pak choi and kung po was great. The beef.... Nothing to write home about.

2 by Eunice Muihia Review source

Absolutely the worst Chinese restaurant you can find in the whole of UK. Bad overnight food, multiple strings of hair in rice, waiters act like you murdered their mothers. Would recommend never going unless you want to kill yourself but cannot make up your mind. After eating in you most definitely can.

1 by Wenkai Guo Review source

The food was decent and staff were welcoming but highly impersonal. It felt like 'eat food and go'!! We asked precisely for non-spicy food many times and the food we got by their recommendation was very spicy that we couldn't eat it. At least 3 red peppers! Make sure what you ask for.

2 by Review source

EDUCATE STAFF or REPLACE !!! 10% service charge should be actually given back.
I was not feeling well in that place because of the staff.

Food is very teasing but service is below all the standards. I ordered the noodles and a soup... Noodles arrived first and a soup 2min later..

3 by Marcin G Review source

And students come several times, each time a different taste of pasta. Noodle is really very authentic, not how noodles. Other dishes are also very good, the meat component is large, but the taste is very authentic! Waiters are very good attitude, but also, and we chat.

4 by Marcelo M Review source

Cheap and cheerful Chinese beef noodle diner.

Minimal decor, good food, great place to catch up with friends.

Seems to have upgraded from a nearby smaller location to this massive place, business must be good and must be popular with customers.

4 by Burton Li Review source

Prices are reasonable for this part of town but the quality reflects that and the service is just ridiculous. Waited more than 30 minutes for a noodle soup. If they were so busy around lunch time they could've at leat mentioned it before takin our money.

2 by Alex Pascu Review source

Sichuan food at great prices in the heart of London. There is nothing but enjoyment here. The food is spicy, so is the service and the clientele. Get lost in the experience and thank the diversity of this great city for these jewels in the tapestry of taste.

5 by Victor Valium Review source

Mutton steamed mutton and mutton noodles, exactly the same appearance. Taste is not bad. General fried vegetables, soy sauce is rich. With more seats, very spacious. The price is not expensive, a bowl of noodles baskets full of friends.

4 by Patrick Li Review source

Restaurant recommended by a friend, was surprised at London can eat quite authentic rather than improved over Chinese food, though not much point dishes, but very to taste, if you want to eat the food in London, which is good s Choice.

5 by Celia Ding Review source

Consistently good food for a reasonable price. Family style dishes. A lot of Sichuan dishes so be careful of the heat! They are known for their noodles and I highly recommend the lamb soup with noodles. (First item on the noodles page)

4 by Geoffrey Si Review source

Whilst it's not that cheap, the food is excellent and extremely authentic. Clientèle is very much biased to the Chinese, but the restaurant is also very popular amongst westerners who have discovered real Chinese cuisine.

4 by Rob Welham Review source

Order the yopo noodles and the boiled pork-chive dumplings
and if you want some veg, get the green beans too
tip for the yopo noodles: all the sauce is on the bottom, so toss it for a good 2 minutes before eating

4 by chris Buntrock Review source

Stick to noodles. I ordered a chicken dish which looked like a curry on the menu but it turned out to be a stew. I couldn't eat any of it as it had only the fat bits of the chicken. It was revolting ugh never again.

2 by Afsana Aktar Review source

Good value tasty food. Unlike a lot of places near the British Museum which are overpriced. I may have been unlucky that during my first visits I was twice offered change back from £10 despite paying with a £20 note.

4 by Review source

I ordered an egg fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. The sweet and sour chicken came in 10 minutes but the egg fried rice took too 40 minutes. This did not make any sense. On top of that waiter was rude.

1 by Review source

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