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This restaurant is new, but lacks the basic warmth and ambiance that's is required to create a warm and inviting place to eat.
There is nothing cosy about this place, a real shame as it has the potential to be amazing, I like the concept.
As I walked in there, I felt like walking out... However I didn't... Thought I would give the place a chance since it is new and the food might blow me away...
Once I received the menu this made matters far worse, I could not understand the menu, or the food options. The menu options are limited and confusing. I am very familiar with Indian food and did not recognise anything on the menu... The menu lacks a proper description of what will be served.
I spoke with the staff and ordered what they advised, it took a long time for the food to come out, which felt like an absolute age, especially since there was no atmosphere in the restaurant and the dining area was freezing, also the menu is very limited, so not sure what took so long?
Once the food arrived, I was quite disappointed...
While it was generally tasty, and well flavoured, the food wasn't piping hot, the chips came out cold, the overall dining experience was quite poor. My children also did not enjoy the experience. They managed to get a basic mango lassi wrong, while this was rectified quickly, there are some bigger issues they need to get right, including the menu. I think the place has an identity crisis, it can't quite make its mind up on what it wants to be. The menu options are definitely confusing.
Is this place somewhere I go for food or is it simply a waffle and ice cream place?
Feels like the owners are only willing to half dip their toe in the water on this venture...
Seriously if the owners had any sense they would replicate what already works really successfully, think 'Vijays Chawalla' on Green St, if I am honest, given the name of this place I genuinely thought the food options would be similar. If they tweaked the menu options, sorted out the dining room and employed experience and knowledgeable staff, the owners could be on to a winner. Only difference being is they serve veg and non veg...
But what do I know? I'm just a lay customer...

2 by Dal Tailor Review source

I've been to this establishment twice and both times I walked away highly unsatisfied. The service is appalling, one of the worst I've ever received. The staff seem to not care/don't know what to do on all occasions.

The restaurant decor is simple and nice but always messy. Food is left on the tables from the customers that have left and staff only clear when another customer needs the table. Highly inefficient and doesn't look appealing walking into a messy restaurant.

Menu is decent with a good selection of desi / normal breakfasts. However, when ordering, don't expect to have your order taken in interest. The girl looked like it was a burden to take my order.

Be prepared to spend a long time for food. Both times the food took forever to come. Granted, the first time the place was busy but second time, everyone else had got their food and it still took 40 mins to get the food. And once we did get the food, no cutlery to eat the food! And when looking to call someone, everyone was hiding at the back in the kitchen and when they did come out, they seemed shocked when I asked them for a knife and fork. The tea came right at the end of the meal which was even more annoying. However! The food is nice and is the only redeeming factor for this place.

Overall, it's obvious that the owners/staff need a lesson on customer service because it's frustraiting through the whole experience. The food is good but waiting an hour for breakfast and the bad service would mean that this will be my last time going there. A good service doesn't cost anything and will help them a long way. It's a shame as they had a huge potential but the lack of decent service really puts me off this place.

1 by Review source

Let's start with the positives. The food is excellent! We had the traditional nashta breakfast which has a few different variations but we went for the lamb keema, masala beans, 5 pouris and a masala tea. Keema was packed with flavour and the masala beans were lovely.

The restaurant itself is your average, run-of-the-mill fare. It is fairly large & light and airy but very bland and like one of the other reviewers said it's not very warm. The service was mixed. We had a feeling that we wouldn't get served quickly so we ran to the front counter and ordered straight away and the food did arrive very quickly. The young chap on the front wasn't very attentive but the lady who served our food (who I'm sure was also the chef/cook) served us with a smile.

All in all very good. I just think the young boy should acknowledge his customers and least greet them and seat them. Maybe he was really busy??? But not the end of the world. Just a bit of constructive criticism. I have told all my family and friends and they all will be going very soon!

5 by StarScream7ZZ Review source

We eat out quite often and don't really ever leave reviews but I HAD TO make time to leave a few notes for this place

The guys here acknowledge you AS SOON AS they're able to and make you feel very welcome
They're attentive and will adapt/alter to your needs where requested

Atmosphere basically feels like home in an uptown cafe
The busy-ness (I know what I wrote lol) all tables are occupied but the noise levels aren't as loud to reflect
Everyone just enjoying themselves on a calm note

The food was awesome
English breakfasts for the Mrs and kids..and I went full on Deshi Nashta
The masala coffee is different yo! A nice different that is just so nice and different
Next time it's going to be a Sweet visit

It was very lovely and we'll definitely be going back
Family really enjoyed themselves which always makes you smile
Definitely recommend a visit to this place you won't be disappointed

#firstvisit #loveforthat

5 by Review source

We popped in here for their highly 'acclaimed' desi breakfast and in hindsight, I doubt we'll ever visit again. Overall and in summary: below average food, unclean cutlery and very appalling customer service.

There is no acknowledgement from staff when you enter their premises nor are they bothered to see to your seat or attend to you with a smile. Very disappointing customer service.

Food is below average:
Desi omelette and scrambled eggs are the *exact* same thing! Also, too much turmeric - please vary the spices to suit customer preferences (hint - some people have gastrointestinal problems and can't have too much spice).

'Masala beans' should be rewritten on the menu as 'Masala baked beans' to prevent confusion. Lamb keema is lacking depth and flavour.

Roti and paratha, on the other hand, are done well and taste good. Masala chai is good but not that impressive - I prefer karak from Edgware Road.

2 by Haajar . Review source

I have now dined at this place on two occasions during the weekend. This is a family run business and I can see the guys are really trying hard to make it work.

On the first occasion we enjoyed the food but the service was incredibly slow. We waited 40 minutes to receive our food.

On the second visit we waited again 40 minutes for the food and when the food arrived our hot drinks didn't. I waited about 15 mins then asked for my hot drinks the waiters said it was on its way but didn't arrive and I had to ask again.

The food was ok ish nothing special lacks taste but paratha was very good.

We was approached and asked if we could give up the baby seat my daughter was using for another family which I thought was a wee bit disrespectful. This made us hurry our food and leave.

I won't be returning in a hurry.

This is not a criticism but constructive feedback which should be treated as s gift.

2 by Review source

Chai Nashta was pretty easy to find. The restaurant is on the main road and parking on a weekend was not a challenge.

The place itself looks very warm and welcoming, well decorated and up to date. The staff were great and very friendly.

The food here is exactly what you want for an Asian breakfast. Me and my wife were pleasantly surprised by how good the food was and impressed by the Asian plates they were served on.

My personal favourite was the masala coffee. I have visited a few times when passing to pick up a coffee on the go.

The prices were reasonably cheap for what we had. Compared to your high street coffee-shop/cafe, it's a steal.

I would love for you guys to open another Chai Nashta in Tower Hamlets so we can visit more often.

5 by Najmul Hoque Review source

A great concept for Indian street food, although there are similar ones out there. Masala Chai nashta offers a nice variety in its Desi breakfast allowing to change up different items such as the paratha and a choice of lamb or chicken keema. The breakfast is filling and comes at about £8. They also have an English breakfast along a mish mash of all sorts of things including milkshakes. The food was good and its halal (HMC). However, the service wasn't great, it didn't seem that they paid much attention to the customers being there and I saw some people leave after not being served. Good service is important and that's something they'd want to improve on. Parking isn't great but public transport links are available. Cash only, but plenty of cash points close by.

3 by Sadrul Alom Review source

I tell you their service is so rude and such misserible two guys. It was the most horrific experience I've ever had in a eat out place and too make it worse the server is arguing with me with his boss sitting with another customer.
I thought if I don't put my head down he may have all of us kicked out.

Just because the owner isn't bothered.

Just because they're selling cheap.

Just because they're are in the forest gate area.

Just because the owner is hiring low wage stuff so then at least train them properly.

Mr owner I really, really hope you're reading this for your sake and do not assume oh that just one customer complaint.

2 by Abu Choudhury Review source

Poor experience. Went in to a restaurant full of hungry people all sitting and waiting. Out of all the tables only one had been served with food. Sat down ordered waited half hour and still no food, to make matters worse the tea had not even arrived. After a good 40 mins only one other table was getting there order. The staff bringing out items one by one with a 5mins gap. Disorganised and a bit chaotic. Some staff don't know whether to play on there phone Or take orders. It's a shame didn't even try the good.

2 by Review source

Having tired of the typical English breakfasts, me and the wife were pleased to find out about Chai Nashta. It's food is warming and always hits the spot.

Parking on weekends is easy and the place is decorated well.

I haven't got tired of the breakfast yet to try anything else but know this is a regular haunt for us now. Even as I type This, I've been able to bring my mum out to eat which is great because she's 60 and not into fry ups. Great idea by the guys and I wish them well.

5 by Review source

I am so happy to have been introduced to Chai Nashta! This deffinitely is going to be somewhere I go on a regular basis. The food was really lovely, especially the Grilled Chicken Wrap. The Mumbai Sandwhich and the Lamb Keema were my favourite too & the Nutella and Strawberries Waffle as well as the Coffee Milkshake were my favourite from the dessert menu.
I would certainly recommend this to anyone and everyone who genuinely enjoys delicious food. Hope to visit again soon. Thank you!

5 by Review source

My wife visited this place with her works friends and had raved about the food so I took a chance.
I'm delighted to report that the food was amazing and the tea transported me back to my roots in Lahore.
The best breakfast I've had in a very long time and I will be a regular customer from now on ...
Highly recommended get your masala chai Nashta here won't regret it ......

5 by Review source

When my family and I went to Masala Chai Nashta, the meal that most of us wanted was out of stock. This was a little weird seeing as we visited in the morning. Near enough all things on the menu that incorporated potato was out of stock, which meant the only option left was to order English breakfasts or random side orders. Would definitely like to visit again, but when the whole menu is available.

2 by Zele Saur Review source

Excellent looking place inside decor was pleasant. Staff were polite and service was good.

Slightly dissapointed with the food there was five of us and when the food was plated it was slightly cold and that ruined the experience abit. Overall it was a good breakfast and will be visiting again. Slight room for improvement with the mentioned above and it would be a 5 star from us.

3 by Review source

Poor service and very slow. The food was great and the desi breakfast was lovely but the muscle man breakfast is a little dry and they messed up my order by giving me friend eggs and white toast which was meant to be boiled eggs and wholemeal toast. If you do go here remember it is busy and they are slow with the service, but they food is great. The tea is traditional and amazing.

4 by Raf Mo Review source

Overly priced, under performing. Ordered a burger from here and well ... the quantity of everything including chips was nothing. The burger took a while to cook so its certainly not fast food - it was also three times higher than any other place - and I was left feeling unimpressed and hungry - so much so that I ordered another meal from a different restaurant.

2 by Yasin Abbas Review source

The main nastha was fantastic so hands down, just slightly let down by the Mumbai sandwich as it sounds like a authentic Indian flavoured sandwich but all it was was just a few veggies and and an extra piece of bread in between, I really hope they can work on the sandwich and probably add something more indianish to it, other than that really good

5 by Review source

I am picky with my hot drinks. This place makes the best tasting desi tea and ordering a whole pot to myself next time I go ☺. Nice family owned place, friendly service, if I'm being super picky perhaps service could be a tad quicker.. Otherwise great 1st visit sure to go back for loads more desi tea n coffee with family and friends.

5 by Mohammed Zaman Review source

food so delicious but service to slow. need extra staff

food 5 star
service 0 star
hope you happy now but take it as positive comment. it was my 6th visit in your resturant and every time we waited long and once i left due to delay. you really need more staff in shop to provide better customer service.

1 by Review source

Was looking for some desi tea around London and heard about this place. It was packed when we arrived so had to wait for some 5-10 minutes for a table. Service was a bit slow aside from the young brother at the till. Food was excellent, except for the pizza. Chai wasn't too bad, but can't better chaiwala.

4 by Sufyan Saleh Review source

My first experience at chai nashta was exceptional. I was offered a variety with explanation as to what each food product was. Not only did they customise my order to my needs such as non masala tea and tea that was without sugar for diabetic person. I would give this place a five star for my first experience.

5 by Review source

I think one time visit of this place will become a regular visit for food in town...☕☕☕ place for family...For youngsters to elders, for all they have quite few types of food varieties...try...fall in love...unique and good idea....In sha Allah it will work...definitely...good luck...

5 by Review source

Ma shaa Allah amazing food. I had the lamb burger and Masala chips..... great flavours and perfectly cooked. The chilli sauce is fresh and complimented the burger very well. Fast service in a friendly respectful atmosphere.
Defo recommend anyone who likes fresh, home cooked style food to try it out.

5 by Review source

The food is very good but the service is very very slow. The staffs are struggling. (Today is my second visit and its the same as before)
Only one person is serving 12 Tables and the till!!!
If your are in a hurry I wouldnt recommend you to go there as it would spoil ur whole plan!!!

3 by Review source

Great quality food, nice atmosphere and very friendly staff. It did take long to receive our meal, 30 mins + wait, but it was worth it in the end, definitely hand made and fresh. I had the indian breakfast, with masala tea, my brother had the full english with masala coffee. No complaints!

4 by Jeba M Review source

Most pathetic service. I was there today and there was no food on table for 45mins. Complained to the staff and they said I have an option to leave. How rude !! Only two staff, bad attitude, not ready to take any customer feedback. Will Never come again. Please think twice before coming !!

1 by Review source

Decor and atmosphere nice and cosy.
Service - friendly, helpful, on point service
Food- Desi breakfast delicious, flavoursome..
loved it. Will definitely make it my regular.
Thank you guys and hats off to the chef
Well done and keep it up
Musa Yaseen Ali**

5 by Review source

I had the desi chota nashta, masala omelette, paratha and masala coffee. It was all really tasty, loved the coffee.
My husband went for full English, again everything was great, sunny side up egg, all cooked well. Food takes a little while to come out, but worth it when it does.

5 by Aisha Qureshi Review source

Had to get my car washed and requested to leave car parked as timing to park local to the shop is a hassle and trouble due to time restriction and is permit holder in every road. Tea, food and portion is ok, but however not somewhere i would highly request to visit numerous of time.

3 by Samiyah Ahmed Review source

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