ChannelPorts (Stop 24) Truck Park - Junction 11, M20

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Folkestone Services, Junction 11, M20, Hythe CT21 4BL

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Let's face it... it's a motorway service station (and massive truck stop) just before Dover port and near to the Channel tunnel.
You would think it would be busy, but it's surprisingly dead!
Probably as most the units are empty or closed, which is strange given the Chunnel and ports with it also propped up by Coach tour pick-ups and drop-offs.
I have have literally only been forced to stop here on many occasions, simply for the relief stop, prior to heading north or before getting into the queue at Dover Port.
That's all I would recommend this for, but then even the toilets are that clean either. Sorry... but that's the cut and dry of it.

2 by Darren Dowd Review source

I was really VERY impressed on arrival on to the site as this has to be the first motorway services that can recall where the signposting is fit for purpose - excellent.However, I was so disappointed to find that almost all of the retail/catering offer was closed at 8pm; rather strange given the site is called 'Stop 24' - or does the name imply they are trying to stop the 24 hour offer! I wanted a decent cup of strong, quality coffee, & all that was available was KFC & Subway - not exacly the same! So I headed back to my car, in the well signposted car park, & continued my journey to the next services where quality coffee was available.

1 by Andrew Smart Review source

Appalling that showers indoors are only available for drivers paying overnight stay, Why in the UK are British drivers being discriminated by how much you spend ! Free showers outside in the truck park, I was told, Wow, the state of all 3 of the 4 available were disgusting, Shite not flushed, on the floor and generally filthy, won't be pulling in here again ! Kent really don't want trucks do they, yet look at the revenue they bring to the county...avoid, avoid, avoid is my reccomendation !

1 by Review source

God if only I could give MINUS points it would get more than 5! So it calls itself STOP 24, and the cafe inside also calls itself CAFE 24.... but at 5am ALL the stores, eateries were closed. So it was a walk to the local SHE'LL petrol station to be fleeced for £6 for a stale sandwich, pack of small crisps and a child size orange juice, then another £9 for 2 hot chocolates (both lukewarm and lacking chocolate) and a Sunday paper... disgraceful to say the least.... #ripoffbritain

1 by Review source

The second time I've been here. For the 2nd time ATMs out of order AGAIN. Shower facilities ONLY for truck drivers who pay to stay overnight. No one else, period. Rip off £20 to stay overnight (not that we would) for campervans. Only kfc, subway, noodles, some other carvery, WHS and 99p shop open. I got 2x kfc original burger and all they had on it was a cold chicken fillet. No sauce or lettuce, just a lazy fillet on a dry bun. Atrocious on all services. Never again!!

1 by Wild Traveller Review source

Allwats empty and the staff at most of the outlets are so mind numbing bored their brains have literally melted and service is atrocious, the KFC staff don't speak English which isnt a help, the subway staff have no idea what they are doing and often havnt even bothered to put the fillings out on display and seem to panic when a Customer aproaches, some serious improvement is needed and possibly reposition the TV for the staff of the outlets to relieve their boredom.

2 by Jb Bostock Review source

It's called 24 so you are under impression it has shops open 24/7 but it doesn't. The toilets are open but we arrived at 4am and could only use toilets rather than have access to any shop. The men's toilets were pretty awful. Taps leaking...dryers not working. A bit like going back in time for public toilets. During the day may be different but our of usual hours I would try and avoid if you can

2 by Mike John Review source

Always stop here before going to the chunnel. Because it's always so quiet
Not all of the shops are occupied but there is a boorish selection of eateries catering for most tastes
Huge care park which gives a clue of hours for free and long term parking if required at a reasonable cost.
Only 5 minutes from the tunnel terminal and far more relaxed that when using the terminal facilities

3 by Peter Harvey Review source

Huge modern services with lots of facilities and large clean restroom facilities. No idea if enough to cope with large volumes of coach traffic as there were none here when I arrived. Very limited parking for vans and caravans as majority of car park has a 2.1m height restriction.
Oddly the place seemed fairly litter free, except for the dog 'mess' bin...

3 by Rupert Wood Review source

Unlike so many other motorway stops this was actually friendly and the food prices are absolutely non-rip off. We got an English breakfast for under a fiver, delivered to our table (Tea/Coffee, toast, extra...but still good). All in our party agreed that this was a brilliant choice, much more what we needed than eating at the terminal on the French side!

4 by Glen Vaal Review source

Standard fare for a motorway services with the exception of a 99p store! It's nice to come away from a services and not feel like you had to take out a mortgage for some snacks! The toilet facilities are plentiful and certainly not the worst I have encountered. Disabled access is no problem! 2 hours free parking.

4 by Chris Shafe Review source

Unfortunately my phone only managed a two star here but it is worth a four!!
Typical pit stop for travellers, plenty of eateries and clean toilet facilities. An excellent store selling a variety of goods at reasonable prices, I've never seen a cheap shop at a service station before,a welcome change.

2 by Sylvia Wall Review source

This is ok for a quick stop for the loos but you have to walk the entire length of the building, going past all the retail outlets first before getting to them. There is a permanent smell of burnt oil but The West Country Pasty shop has recently opened, so perhaps it's going on the right direction now!

1 by Barbara Melton Review source

Often deserted rest stop. We have stopped here thrice and every time it has been like a ghost town. It may be the time of day we picked!

It is also the last and 1st services once you arrive/leave the Channel Tunnel. Its fairly small compared to some of the others but serves its purpose.

3 by paul thomas Review source

Ok service station with the usual KFC, Subway and WH Smiths. The toilets leave a lot to be desired. There's a gamblers paradise thats quicksilver. Shell garage with the standard high price fuel. Recently a 99p has opened up which is out the norm for a service station but a welcome one.

3 by Dean Review source

Fuel overpriced as tesco fuel is 3 miles down motorway usually 10p cheaper with cafe and toilets. 24 hr. Subway staff were tight and condescending. Noodles from here were disapointing and kfc was good. Now doing full english breakfasts from here and pints of beer in pit stop.

3 by Louis WAP Review source

It is what it is! 24 inside seating and sofas for sleeping travelers
Have spent a few nights here whilst hitchhiking the Dover crossing (for charity) decent food and a 99p shop which is a great way to get cheap things, which is unusual for a service station

4 by Benjamin Wilson Review source

I got bleepers for europen tolls. So no more hanging out of Windows on the wrong side of the road. Hard work. Its called TollTickets. Very good service and I also got some sterling changed to euros. Keep up the good work. Thank You.

5 by Paul England Review source

I hate this place, poorly designed and planned. The only good thing about it is that it is airy. Being right next to the HST they should have made a feature of this. The road plan for the car park is also somewhat bizarre.

1 by Kit . Review source

Large type of travel stop, much like a motorway services, treat it as such, and you won't be disappointed. Uber large coach stop, so there will be plenty of people about, thankfully there was plenty of seating.

3 by Warren Peace Review source

I only visit this location with coach companies and it tends to be busy and hectic at these times
There is little there but you can obtain something to eat and drink typical of a motorway service area

2 by George Stimpson Review source

Good motorway services even has a 99p store who'd a thought it? you can pick up most things you would need for driving in Europe here considerably cheaper than at the ports or on the boats.

4 by Andrew Birtles Review source

Arrived at Stop 24 at 6am on way to catch Ferry at 7am expecting to at least get a cup of coffee but all shops were shut. The only place open was the toilets and a pay booth for lorry drivers.

3 by Stephen Reed Review source

The ladies toilet facilities were not up to a good enough standard - not every tap or soap dispenser or hand dryer was working. Not a the best way to welcome visitors from overseas.

3 by Lyn Felton Review source

Poor experience. All shops were closed when I arrived at 10:45pm. Only the fruit machine/arcade place was open. Toilets were not in the best condition, expect to see some graffiti.

1 by Gav A Review source

It is a motorway service area with some of the usual outlets. Odd that it also seems to be a coach holiday dispatch terminal, so frequent announcements about boarding coaches.

3 by David Lusty Review source

Stop 24 implies it's open 24/7. Believe me it's not. Nothing except the toilets are open 24/7. Don't stop for food or even a drink. It's a dead zone.

1 by Review source

Was here in the middle of the night so everything was closed but, the toilet's were clean and the place seemed to have a great selection of shops and eateries

4 by Sandy Cochrane Review source

We moved on because of proliferation of 2 hour parking warning notices and no proper space marking. Really scary placer to park these days, best to move on to towns

1 by Review source

First loo break in UK after travelling from France. I do not recommend the full English in the coffee shop, far better to find somewhere further along the motorway!

5 by Neil Benchmark Review source

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